SLIDECASTING BUG - slideshare HQ please watch !

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Audio transitions created in the custom transition tool are not posting out to the slidecast when embedded or when viewed on the new interface (Bigfoot). …

Audio transitions created in the custom transition tool are not posting out to the slidecast when embedded or when viewed on the new interface (Bigfoot).

Example of shouldn't-be-evenly-divided-audio-oh-no bug:

Please fix this as we believe this could be a breakthrough for creating quick presentations.

Also, the previews are not loading up properly in this tool beyond the first three slides, and the viewfinder functionality could probably use a fresh coat of paint.

Outside of that, I'm incredibly excited because I created this tape with exact 32nd transition so you're a tool, buggy as it is, to work. Very, very excited about this!

also your previews are never loading in this tool:

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  • 2. LISTEN TO YOUR USERS• This is a bug report• Add this to your bug pile• Prioritize fixing it• We will reshape the world
  • 3. IM SRINI. I MADE TINYVOX.• Imtalking into my iPhone right now• Imusing keynote on my iPhone to make this presentation• Audiolets me free my mind and not worry
  • 4. SLIDECASTING IS JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED• Flow images along with my audio brainstorms• Shouldbe able to very the length of the duration of each slide with the interface for audio sync you have created• Sadly, changes made in that tool are not reflecting when I embed or see it on slideshare in the new design• The changes are still there, but only on "classic slideshare"
  • 5. I JUST SYNCED MY AUDIO FOR AN HOUR…• Needs some kaizen to fix UI• Andmy transitions arent working on tumblr or the new slideshare design!• Thisis painful because I cant wait to sync up older tapes with slides !!
  • 6. WHAT THIS BUG MEANS•I need that embed to work properly• or else is going to be very tedious• to make the kind of content I need• in order to convey the value of this integration properly• to the world
  • 7. MAKES GOBBLEDYGOOK OUT OF MY PRESENTATION•Ihad to make this very carefully using my timer• Eachpoint had to be made in exactly 30 seconds• That would be the only way slideshare would get audio transitions correct• Please fix this bug!
  • 8. AUTHENTICITY SUFFERS•I want to go with the flow• Instead I must talk in thirty second chunks• At least slideshare should divide this audio correct.
  • 9. SLIDESHARE! BE THERE!• Also, thepreview thumbnails for my slides did not load into your syncing tool properly after the first three• Butmost importantly, please make the audio transition school consistently work across all platforms as soon as possible !!! Thank you!!!