Would you slap someone who was holding a bat?


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What do you if someone tries to blackmail you into a partnership as fickle as a social media connection.

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Would you slap someone who was holding a bat?

  1. 1. Free Traffic Tips | Would You Slap Someone Who Was Holding a Bat?Copyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.comhttp://www.freetraffictip.com/why-its-a-bad-idea-to-slap-someone-holding-a-bat.phpWould You Slap Someone Who Was Holding a Bat?I think I have The Plague. Or something that feels like it. But I cant sleep. And I had to tell you about the latest craziness. Twice today, Ive gotten the Social Threat.Oh, this hasnt happened to you yet?Its been happening to me a lot since I somehow made it on the top 50 of the Facebook Elite Userlist.(My thoughts about all these lists? Story for another day.) Heres how this scam works.The Laughable Add Me Or Else! Scam1- A person who assumes theyre doing you a favor by offering, sends you a friend request.2- If you dont friend them back in 0.314 seconds, they send you a "friendly" reminder.3- Then, if you dont still dont friend them immediately, they "threaten" you. page 1 / 3
  2. 2. Free Traffic Tips | Would You Slap Someone Who Was Holding a Bat?Copyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.comhttp://www.freetraffictip.com/why-its-a-bad-idea-to-slap-someone-holding-a-bat.php"Im not going to read your articles / buy your CD if you dont friend me back." or "You know youre going to drop on theFacebook Elite list if you dont keep your friend list active, and with my powerful network of 18 people, you need me!"Or, "Im going to tell such-and-such guru who Im best friends with that youre not a good person", or my favorite, "Im goingto ruin your reputation if you dont add me!"Now, what have we learned about social media, class?That the word social is the critical, pivoting point, yes?Whats social about threatening someone into responding to you?Whats worse - the two times this happened this morning on Facebook were by two people I  had intended to add during myregular weekly mass update.And what they said to me is what caused me to not just delete but BLOCK them. They made a threat to me that isthe equivalent of slapping someone holding a bat when youre otherwise unarmed.Heres the more obvious logic flaw to this tactic: Only a Desperate Loser Would Threaten Someone Into a Connection,and Anyone Whod Cave is Worthless to Your Network Anyway.Tell your friends.Thats 90% of the key to social media. Everyone thinks its harder than that.No, these are just new tools to do an old thing. And yeah, you need a pal like   Michelle Liz Rodney Mr. Joyner, Sherman , , , ,Trish or Laurato hold your hand through the details, but once you know the guiding principles, youre set. If you dont get ,what creates popularity, get a consultant who is actually popular, not just on a list that says they are, to show you.Or just remember this free tip:If youre hanging around with the in-crowd, people think youre part of the in-crowd.So how do you get into the in-crowd? Get next to a person who is part of the in-crowd.And remember that just being a part of that in-crowd persons network isnt enough. Its finding someone willing toformally introduce good people to their contacts, instead of hoarding them like stolen treasure. page 2 / 3
  3. 3. Free Traffic Tips | Would You Slap Someone Who Was Holding a Bat?Copyright Tinu Abayomi-Paul tinuabayomipaul@leveragedpromotion.comhttp://www.freetraffictip.com/why-its-a-bad-idea-to-slap-someone-holding-a-bat.phpNow, when you meet a person like this online, and you want them to do for you, this is why its important to know about them,to research them, and not to add people willy nilly from some list you find and try to bully them into adding you.You have to know who youre talking to, what they might like or be interested in. I dont need people to add me to theirnetwork of 18 friends on Facebook. Chances are that if I need to know them, or I know someone who does. You dont bait afish with a rotten old shoe.And even if you do find something to ethically bribe someone with, you have to understand that still might not get you in.This in-crowd is in BECAUSE its selective. If I know someone who is a marketing genius millionaire, and hes always helpingme out with stuff, Im not going to introduce him to the guy I know who has a reputation for having never paid a singleaffiliate. I will only link him with the best people, no matter what it costs me personally.So you want to put your best foot forward. Because when Im displeased?I have a big mouth and  a bigger audience - on demand. I can get coverage on the top online sites in 24 hours if I want, andno one will know it was me if I dont want them to.If I want 100,000 or 1 million people to know you suck - or to change their mind about a previous instance where you sucked, Ican. I have those kinds of connections, and even without them, I have that kind of influence - thats why you want someonelike me in your network.It sounds vain and self-centered. Because it is. Ive earned the right to be arrogant about this.But its also true (and relevant to knowing what the person threatened me with, shortly).Threatening people doesnt work. Because even if you were a legitimate threat, theyd rather lose their career and have tostart over than lose their connections, and not be able to start over at all.Which is why when someone says to me, "Im going to tell my 100 subscribers that youre a mean person and all thosehundreds of stories about how nice youve been arent true." I have to laugh, and I only have a powerful voice. Someone whohas actual power would not laugh at all. Theyd just crush you with their bat, just in case, like you were a roach. And keepstepping.If you know people doing this foolishness under some phony experts advice, please tell them to stop, especially if theyredoing it to you.Because I dont know about you? But I dont owe anyone anything. page 3 / 3