Monster Modeling - 3D Modeling for Kids

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April 6, 2012, Interactive Arts & Technology: Interface Design (IAT 334) …

April 6, 2012, Interactive Arts & Technology: Interface Design (IAT 334)
-3D modeling for kids
-would be great for pixar or disney

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  • 1. Monster Modeling A 3D modeling interface for beginners Karl Reifenstein | William Leung | Sammy Liu | Francesca Garfias | Tink Newman
  • 2. Goals and Concepts Our goal is to create a 3D modeling installation where children and families can work together to create their own character. The two seperate creation stations would be getting rendered together in real time in order to provide users with quick and possibly comical feedback.
  • 3. Technology for 2020 Our installation will use holograms as well as glass touch interfaces. The holograms will allow for a full 3D experience while the later will allow for other viewers to become intrigued in the modeling process.
  • 4. What is currently on the market All the 3D modeling softwares are meant for expert users or those studying 3D modeling. They provide countless tools, textures and manipulative techniques, which make them difficult to use. We want to create something that is easy and fun to use for kids and families.
  • 5. Visual Framework Iterations We tried to keep our interface simple in order to appeal to beginner modelers. This differs from our initial design as we have reduced the amount of buttons and increased their size. Our iterface moves in a linear way.
  • 6. User Study and Feedback We gave our users a task and observed as they performed it while speaking aloud. Afterwards we got them all to fill out a short, open ended question survey. Although all our users found our interface fun and easy to use, many wanted to see more; more colours, more facial features and more feedback.
  • 7. Iteration Process Welcome to the Character Creation Thing T e yp s Parts Welcome to the Character Creation Thing [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] [ ][ ]
  • 8. The Final Product We combined both screens for faster feedback as well as added an undo button and got rid of difficult to understand textures. We have kept only the most essential colours as the interface is now much thinner than before. Future iterations would include more colour control as well as many more facial options.
  • 9. References