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Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
Moon - The British Film Industry
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Moon - The British Film Industry


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. MOON Y12 Media Studies The British Film Industry
  • 2. Budget and Box Office
    • Budget: $5 million
    • (Although this may sound a lot, it really isn’t!)
    • Box Office: worldwide $7,917,854 (£1.3m UK)
    • (Very good considering it was originally going straight to DVD!)
  • 3. Awards
    • BAFTA Awards 2010
    • Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film - nominated
    • Carl Foreman award for special achievement by a British director, writer or producer in their first feature film - won
    • British Independent Film Awards 2009
    • Best British Independent Film - won
    • Douglas Hickox Award for Duncan Jones - won
    • Best Actor for Sam Rockwell - nominated
    • Best Director for Duncan Jones - nominated
    • Best Screenplay for Nathan Parker - nominated
    • Technical Achievement, Original Score for Clint Mansell - nominated
    • Technical Achievement, Production Designll for Tony Noble - nominated
    • Fantastic'Arts 2010
    • Special Prize - won
    • Critics' Prize - won
  • 4. Critical Reception
    • 89% Fresh Rating –
    • 8.0 / 10 – IMDB
    • “ one of the best performances of the year” – Empire Magazine
  • 5. Production
    • Directed by Duncan Jones (aka Zowie Bowie), UK.
    • Production Company: Liberty Films (UK, independent)
    • In association with Stage 6 Films .
    • Shot in 33 days.
    • Shepperton Studios (UK)
    Stage 6 Films is a label created by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group that acquires, produces and distributes 10-15 low budget (capped at approximately $10 million) films and direct-to-DVD releases per year. SYNERGY!!!
  • 6. Production - Cinesite (Visual Effects, UK)
      • Hunt says he turns down a lot of producers looking for free vfx in return for a stake in their films. But he is open to exploring cut-price deals on interesting indie projects, such as sci-fi drama “Moon” , the feature directing debut of David Bowie's son Duncan Jones.
      • "We're not doing it for the money, but because the script was good," Hunt says. "'Moon' is a great example of us helping a U.K. producer to use vfx for the right reasons, to open up their film”
  • 7. Distribution
    • Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group acquired distribution rights to the film for English-speaking territories. Sony was considering to send Moon to go straight-to-video; but after Moon premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival in January 2009, Sony Pictures Classics decided to handle this film's theatrical release for Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Group.
    • Sony Pictures Classics distributed the film in the United States theatrically, beginning with screenings in selected theatres in New York and Los Angeles on 12 June.
    • Certified 15
    • Independent Film Co (UK) secured the rights for all other territories.
  • 8. Exhibition
    • Opened on 57 screens (17 th July 2009)
    • The film's British premiere was held on 20 June 2009 at the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh as part of the 63rd Edinburgh International Film Festival
    • Released on both DVD and Blu-ray.
    • + OD, downloads, itunes, etc…
    What does this tell About the film’s Target audience?
  • 9. Questions…
    • Who is the Target Audience for this film? How do you know?
    • How is the production of this film an example of Synergy at work?
    • Explain how Technological Convergence and Proliferation had an impact on the production, distribution and exhibition of this film.
    Consider niche or mass market, screens, premiere, release date etc…