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Bullet Boy And Shifty
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Bullet Boy And Shifty



Published in Entertainment & Humor
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  • Shifty 140,00 in cinemas


  • 1. Media and Collective Identity Britain and Youth Culture ‘ BULLET BOY’ And ‘ SHIFTY’
  • 2. Learning Outcomes
    • Be able to…
    • Summarise the plots of ‘Bullet Boy’ and ‘Shifty’.
    • Explain how the films follow or subvert conventions in their representations of Britain, London and Youth Culture.
    • Evaluate the statements the films make about ethnicity and religion.
  • 3. So what was that all about?
    • You have five minutes, and a maximum of fifty words, to summarise each film…
    • Small man finds ring. Nasty men want it, as does weird creature. Long journey follows, many die, small man and friends somehow survive. Ring destroyed in volcano. Everyone lives happily ever after. Apart from evil people who die.
  • 4. The Detail…
    • For each film, write down…
    • Date
    • Director
    • Main cast
    • Location (be specific)
    • Companies and Funding
    • Budget / Takings
    • Certificate / Target Audience
  • 5. First Impressions
    • What genre do the two films fit into?
    • Do they offer positive or negative viewpoints?
    • Sum-up, in a sentence, what they say about Britishness.
  • 6. London
    • How is the city of London represented in ‘Bullet Boy’ and ‘Shifty’? Back up your response with specific textual examples.
  • 7. Youth Culture - +
  • 8. Youth Culture
    • Complete the table below, making reference to the texts.
    Do they meet with or challenge conventions? (of youth, race, age etc). Values Crime Language Dress ‘ Shifty’ ‘ Bullet Boy’ Element of Youth Culture
  • 9. Britishness
    • What stereotypes / conventions of Britishness do the films follow?
    • What stereotypes / conventions of Britishness do the films subvert?
  • 10. Race
    • It is clear that both films are making statements about race, ethnicity, and (to an extent) religion.
    • Write your response to this question, making reference to the texts where possible:
    • How are different ethnic groups and religions represented in the films ‘Shifty’ and ‘Bullet Boy’?