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Zing.vn Online ads intro final 2012
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Zing.vn Online ads intro final 2012



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  • 1. Zing SolutionsIntroduction Products ServicesVNG Entertainment Display bannerZing Information PR Social Social media Community Forum seeding Game Game Sponsorship
  • 2. MAKE THE INTERNET CHANGE VIETNAMESE LIVESo Founded in 2004, HQ in HCM cityo The first online game company in Vietnamo Now more than 1,600 staffo VNG is Vietnam’s leading Internet company with over 20 entertainment, social network and e-commerce products.
  • 3. “The Internet now reaches more Vietnamese people daily thannewspapers, magazines and radio. Only TV has a bigger audienceeach day.”(Kantar Media) 30 25 Millions 20 15 10 5 02003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
  • 4. use music read news sites sites discuss on play gaming forums sites use social networkseach month online… Source- comScore January 2012, Vietnam online universe based on home and office use aged 15+
  • 5. • ••••••••••• Entertainment •••••••••• ••••••••••• •••••• ••• Information •••• ••THE HEART OF •• •ONLINE LIFE IN •• VIETNAM. Each month •••WELCOME TO ••• •••• Socialize •••• of net users •••• visit Zing •••• •••••• ••••• Buy •••••• ••••• •• • Source- comScore January 2012, Vietnam online universe based on home and office use aged
  • 6. Products
  • 7. mp3http://mp3.zing.vn• Biggest online music channel. Most songs – over 3 million songs and growing.• Biggest online music community reaches 61.9% of all net users per month.• Top singers use Zing mp3 exclusively to release their albums online. Zing MP3 Advertising • Banner ads • Rich media • (Video) Reach Ads • Overlay Ads • Text-links • Balloon (CPM) • Sponsored content
  • 8. mp3 exclusive channel of leading singers Partner to Vietnam’s leading music stars.
  • 9. mp3 music awards – the tradition continues Oct 10th 2011, Nokia Zing Music Awards Jan 8th 2012, Maritime Bank Zing Music Awards Vietnam’s strongest music community nominate and vote to recognize the singers leading Vietnam music industry. Hosted on Zing Mp3 the event is now the industries most prestigious event. Gala Award Event live on shown live VTV9, VTV4, An Giang, YanTV, RealTV. In 2011… Votes: 615,759 online & 362,106 SMS 1,661,354 page views and 711,643 visits
  • 10. mp3 Highlight - Superior reach Zing mp3 not only reaches more users but amongst it also reaches over 80% of visitors to other music websites in Vietnam. Advertising on Zing mp3 can effectively reach the whole music listening audience. ZING MP3 8.41 VUI.VN 4.79 0.69 Zing visitor NCT 3.32 0.41 Non Zing visitor December 2011
  • 11. mehttp://me.zing.vn• Number 1 Vietnamese social network with over 8 million monthly active users.• Over 200 leading brands and communicate with the huge community on brand specific fan pages.• Heavily integrated Vietnamese entertainment content - games and apps Zing Me Advertising • Brand fan pages • Blog • Apps • In & out of game
  • 12. me Highlight – Brand Communities Brand communities represent not just a number, they represent a group of like minded people brands can develop ongoing relationships with through interesting and engaging communication. December 2011
  • 13. me a social connection mechanism Zing is more than a website it’s a part of the community. Zing me and Tuoi Tre, Thanh Nien, Lao Dong came together to generate awareness and support for soldiers stationed in the Truong Sa Islands. 300,000 people used supportive profile pictures on and 100,000 joined an interactive map of Vietnam representing the support of the public for the countries soldiers.
  • 14. newshttp://news.zing.vn• Online information portal for latest news, fashion, sport and entertainment.• Key music and film industry news source• Clean design layout – IAB standard Zing News Advertising • Banner ads • Rich media • PR • Sponsored content
  • 15. news Highlight –Socio Economic Class (SEC) Based on several channels of news and entertainment content Zing News attracts both a large and high SEC audience. 22% A/B C/D/E 78% Zing News readership survey Feb, 2012 n=1607 Ask us for more deeper results to help plan your campaign. December 2011
  • 16. forumhttp://forum.zing.vn• Biggest online forum in Vietnam with nearly 6M members.• Ongoing active discussion across wide ranging topics Zing Forum Advertising • Banner ads • Topic seeding • Dedicated category • Seeded links • Branded signature
  • 17. Services
  • 18. PR Conversation REACHDisplay & Game ENGAGE Email/SMS Social Media Sponsorship
  • 19. Display• IAB standard & minimal ads shown at one time• Share 3 or 4• Performance reporting accessible to client (1 hr latent)• Dynamic ad, rich media and creative services
  • 20. PR• Targeted, specific message communicated in content leading to higher ‘trust’ level• Present brand message in informative and engaging way
  • 21. Email / SMS• 1 million + and growing verified and targeted contact list• Personal and direct message to targeted clients cuts through noise of other channels• Timely deploy, measure, assess and response process
  • 22. Sponsorship• Exciting event and content sponsorship opportunities to develop brand awareness, affinity and profile• 360o on/offline integration (offline event and online viral campaign)• Stand out from the crowd• Appeal to highly targeted niche markets
  • 23. Branded Gameo Leading gaming company in Vietnamo Brand awareness driven by users high engagemento Integrated marketing – bar code entry for in game bonuso Drive traffic to brand web site Static in game: Dynamic in game: Branding in landscape Brand directly involved in play. Billboards, store Buy brand products, grow brand front, characters, more. products, receive bonuses from offline.
  • 24. VIP landing pageSocialo Brand awareness among a huge communityo Communicate with your target audience in their environmento Develop interactive discussion with current and potentialo Unmatched efficiency by earning permission and through viral amplificationo Responsive to community reactions
  • 25. Conversationo Direct seeding of campaign messageso Generates considerable word of mouth and traffic to brand siteo Build trust through personal 2 way discussion • Post blog to inform information of Create a hot topic campaign to recruit Zing community to join it. Blogs will be on Hot topic • Create a link within your forum Drive to Create members signature, redirect to campaign site signature link directly from conversation branded site • Promote, get feedback and comment Community Activities on topics • Communicate 2 ways with brand fans
  • 26. Solutions
  • 27. Close Up – In Game Branding on GunnyMay 26th-July 25th, 2011 Purpose To build awareness of Close Up’s new Lua- Bang toothpaste. Solution First in game branding campaign Download special Close Up avatars Use product bar-codes receive in game items. Outcomes 7,793,247 Close Up Avatars used 260,485 promotional bar codes used 1 million visits to campaign website
  • 28. Shop & Go’s 6th Birthday PartyMay 26th-July 25th, 2011 Purpose Promote Shop & Go’s 6th birthday andpromote purchases of Pepsi and Unilever products. SolutionPromote Pepsi and Unilever products and encourage purchase at Shop & Go.User upload photo and receipt from store. Vote for favorite user images on site. Outcomes 58,785 people registered 163,910 visits to the campaign site. 96,820 votes.
  • 29. Coca-Cola Music Academy & Music AwardsAugust 29th – November 13th Purpose Capture music fans imagination through opportunities to learn about music from their idols and compete for a spot on huge stage. Solution •Join academy by submitting video or at events. •Famous musicians provide feedback. •Enter music awards online or at auditions. •Winners perform at 2 Gala events 3,000p @ea. •Winner, Binh Anh Tuan, goes to Berlin music fest and continues to gain popularity today. Outcomes 11,699 candidates 5,886,090 visitors to campaign site
  • 30. F-idol May 26th-July 25th, 2011 Purpose Integrated on/offline event attracting young fashionable audience co-sponsored by Celano, Zing and Yan TV. Solution •Upload photos to f.idol.vn to enter •Week training for 12 finalists in HCMC•TV series produced of semi finals, training and gala finale by Yan TV (5 shows)•Offline gala finale featuring 12 finalists to find final winner Outcomes  5,000+ contestants  5 part Yan TV series  1 billion + impressions for banners
  • 31. Honda Vision Karaoke ContestSeptember 16th – October 16th 2011 Purpose Introduce the new Honda Vision in a fun way by inviting users to sing Honda’s Vui Ngay Moi song as a couple. Solution •Intro banner ads and ‘hot clip’ on Zing mp3 •Couples upload karaoke versions of the song Vui Ngay Moi to micro site on Zing MP3 •12 weekly winners » 1 overall winning couple •The final winning couple received a Honda Vision Outcomes  180 million impressions of banner ads  486 couples post 757 clips  1,880,274 minutes played of user entries
  • 32. Pond’s Livingstone Karaoke Contest May 30th – July 27th 2011 Purpose Engage females with Ponds brand by singing Pond’s song Ngay Moi Trang Hong. Solution •4 weeks of promotion of the micro site via banners, PR, hot video on Zing Video.•Upload or record Ngay Moi Trang Hong to site •Users can request Pond’s samples on site Outcomes  12,885 fans gained  3,843,143 minutes of video viewed  1,880,832 page views  10,000 samples requested
  • 33. Samsung Shoot in Style for StarsJune 10th- September 15th 2011 Purpose The Shoot in Style campaign mixed celebrity power and the fun of photography to promote the re-launch of the Samsung ST700 camera. Solution •Teams submit photos in teams of 3 •Stars chosen to be the focus of photo shoots •10 top teams have the chance to shoot with their star at Binh Quoi Outcomes  100,000 users registered on site  1,149, 016 votes  3,611,096 page views