5&10 Design Concepts


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Design Ideas for the renvation of the commercial space at the 5&10 Building done by the student at AII

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5&10 Design Concepts

  1. 1. 215 – 217 East 8th Avenue FALL 2009 HOMESTEAD U R B A N S T U D I O P R OJ E C T ON FAC E B O O K 420 B LV D OF T HE A LLIE S PIT TSBU RG H PA 15219
  3. 3. URBAN STUDIO Creative Art Studio MISSIONS -> CREATIVE ART STUDIO This art studio was designed to provide a creative safe haven for the children and teens of Homestead. -> CREATIVE ART GALLERY The art gallery provides a space where the children can exhibit and sell *NTS Creative Art Gallery their work, and proceeding income can be recycle back into the studio for sup- plies. -> YOGA STUDIO This yoga studio is a place where adults can escape from the busy city life and relax, while connecting with their inner self. peace * yoga BRITTANY ROSS ID450 ADVANCED COMMERCIAL FALL 2009 URBAN STUDIO *NTS Yoga Studio BOARD 1 of 4
  7. 7. U R B A N D E S I G Cassie Krulikowski ID450 Advanced Commercial N Design Studio Lisa Whitney Floor Plan Fall 2009 Board 1 of 4
  8. 8. Amber Grain by american clay Dining Room area U R B Venetian Plaster A maple-cocoa brown by armstrong Entry N Rectangle dining table by baker D E earth inspired products S - tiered mosaic I G Cassie Krulikowski ID450 Advanced Commercial N dining table by baker Design Studio Lisa Whitney Furniture and finishes Fall 2009 Board 2 of 4
  9. 9. grocery store fixtures and finishes U R B A N D E S I G refridgerated fixture Cassie Krulikowski ID450 Advanced Commercial N Design Studio Lisa Whitney Fall 2009 Board 4 of 4
  10. 10. window coverings lighting U Melrose wall sconce R by rejuvenation B A N perspectives barnsley pendant D by rejuvenation E S I elevations G Cassie Krulikowski ID450 Advanced Commercial N Design Studio Lisa Whitney Fall 2009 Board 3 of 4
  11. 11. Vintage Beauty Salon Furniture Plan NTS Comfort Plus Styling chairs Perspective NTS Woodridge Bar Chair Kathy Ireland Sofa Powell Dining chair Katie Kravits Riverside Table ID450 Advanced Commercial Design Powell end table Fall 2009 Board 1-1
  12. 12. Barber Shop Floorplan NTS Bar Elevation NTS Commander styling chair Pedestal Table Backless Swivel Bar stool Katie Kravi Katie Kravits a Krav rav r ID450 Advanced Commer l Design Advanced Commercial dvan Commercia ommerc rcial g Chesterfield Leather Fall 2009 all 200 armchair Boar 1- Board 1-1 oar 1-1 ard rd
  13. 13. Retro Consignment Shop 8th Avenue Furniture Plan Christian Lacroix C L Tokoyo Japan Marni London UK Storefront NTS Katie Kravits ID450 Advanced Commercial Design Fall 2009 Board 1-2
  14. 14. Retro Consignment Shop Custom Wall Units-Perspective Custom Display Shelves 3-Form Solo Swan Chair Metal Front Cash Wrap Custom Display Table Thin Set Cement-Black Katie Kravits ID450 Advanced Commercial Design Consignment Shop Pespective NTS Fall 2009 Board 2-2
  15. 15. Scale=NTS First Floor Plan Scale=NTS Ground Floor Plan Design Concept For 215 – 217 East 8th Avenue in Homestead, I wanted to create a design that would represent both the past and future of Homestead. This is why I have created two very different spaces. The first floor is a diner that resembles a diner car of the 1950’s. This was achieved by using period furniture and lighting. The ceiling is a recycled tin that brings in the feel of a metal diner car, and the mirrors placed behind the row of booths create the feel of diner car Nicole Ruber windows while making the narrow space feel more spacious. Advanced Commercial The ground level has a completely different feel. It is a contemporary karaoke bar with a motif that represents Pittsburgh’s three rivers. The rivers are represented by wavy textured walls, a water feature, and the many shades ID450 of blue used throughout. Many renewable materials were used in both the first floor and second floor, because this Fall 2009 project truly represents the renewal of Homestead to the thriving multicultural town it once was. Board 1 of 3
  16. 16. Diner Furniture Finishes Booths Tables Laminate Countertop Paint Reclaimed Wood Floor Recycled Tin Ceiling Bathroom Chairs Stools Lighiting Bathroom VCT Tile Dining Counter Elevation Bathroom Countertop Elevation of Booths Nicole Ruber Advanced Commercial ID450 Key Fall 2009 Lighting Plan Board 2 of 3
  17. 17. Karaoke Bar Furniture Finishes Bar Stools Tables Chairs Lighiting 3 Form on Bar Key Wall Paint Accent Wall Paint Polished Concrete Accent Wall Floor Texture Water Wall Elevation Example of Water Feature Bar Elevation Bathroom Nicole Ruber Advanced Commercial Wall Tile ID450 Fall 2009 Board 3 of 3 Accent Border Lighting Plan Tile Wall Base Tile
  18. 18. Candy & Pastry Shop Floor Plan- Main Entrance on 7th Avenue Not to scale urban studio jess hayes ° advance commerical design studio ° id450 ° fall 2009 ° board: 1 of 3
  19. 19. Candy & Pastry Shop Furniture & Finishes S Straight Line Custom Furniture L C F Pastry case Seating + T Table Paint by Sherwin Williams Paint by Sherwin Williams Polka Dot wallpaper Mosaic Flooring M F Tile By Armstrong urban studio jess hayes ° advance commerical design studio ° id450 ° fall 2009 ° board: 2 of 3
  20. 20. Candy & Pastry Shop Rendered Elevation Not to scale Artwork by K. Madison Moore: Painting on Canvas Artwork created by: Jesi Huerta Grade: 11th Medium: Pastels School: Middle Creek High School urban studio jess hayes ° advance commerical design studio ° id450 ° fall 2009 ° board: 3 of 3
  21. 21. ICE CREAM Parlor FLOOR PLAN- MAIN ENTRANCE 8TH AVENUE Not To Scale Jess Hayes Advanced Commercial Design Studio ID450 Fall 2009 urban studio BOARD: 1 OF 3
  22. 22. ICE CREAM FURNITURE, FINISHES, & LIGHTING Parlor Custom Pendant Lighting by Winona Lighting Repurposed Booth Seating Bench Seating Recessed Fixture by Minka Lavery Mahogany Woodwork Tile Flooring For Custom Piece Sherwin Williams Apple Bloossom Jess Hayes Booth Top Material Advanced Commercial Design Studio Pink Striped Wallpaper ID450 Fall 2009 urban studio BOARD: 2 OF 3
  23. 23. RENDERINGS ICE CREAM Parlor Jess Hayes Advanced Commercial Design Studio ID450 Fall 2009 urban studio BOARD: 3 OF 3
  24. 24. EVENT PHOTOS
  26. 26. Assignment 1: Homestead, PA Enlow, Katie Kravits, and Angela Cody
  27. 27. € 1800s ‡ Farmland was sold by local banks and laid out in lots ‡ Chartered in 1880 ‡ 1881-the first iron mill began a growth ‡ 1883- Andrew Carnegie bought the Homestead steel works ‡ Carnegie then acquired a controlling interest in Henry Clay Frick’s Coke works x Dramatic Labor clash began
  28. 28. € In 1892 violent clash ‡ Steelworkers vs. Pinkerton guards ‡ Carnegie announced skilled workers would receive lower wages x Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers refused to sign a new contract x Carnegie locked the workforce out x Declared the union would no longer be recognized at the steel works ‡ Homestead strike began
  29. 29. € Battle of the Homestead ‡ Workers and townspeople met Pinkerton at the riverbanks ‡ 11 deaths and a dozen injuries ‡ National Guard was called to restore order
  30. 30. € 1900 ‡ Turn of the century ‡ Population 12,554 people x 7,000 employed at plants ‡ Population grew to 18,713 in 1910 x Due to immigration from Eastern and Southern Europe ‡ Population grew again in 1920 to 20,452 ‡ 1940- half of the population was displaced (19,041) x US government added on to the steel mill for armor plating for ships and tanks x After WWII, there was a decline in the industry
  31. 31. € 1984- Steel mill closed ‡ Homestead works was demolished ‡ Replaced by The Waterfront shopping mall € 2000- population dwindled ‡ 2000 census- 3,569 ‡ The borough started to recover in 2002 because of the new developments ‡ July 2003- 3,620 ‡ July 2007- 3,518
  32. 32. € Homestead Strike ‡ “Battle for Homestead” € The richest man in the world? ‡ He sold his company for 480 million ‡ He spent much of that opening 2,500 libraries and supporting higher Institutions of learning ‡ Carnegie Libraries ‡ Gave away 250 million in his lifetime
  33. 33. € League of nations ‡ Palace of peace that later evolved into the World Court € Carnegie Institution ‡ Funds scientific research along with a pension fund for teachers- donation of 10 million € Carnegie Corporation ‡ 125 Million to aid schools and colleges
  34. 34. € The village & historic district ‡ Historic district is a series of residential streets x Workers houses x Mesta Mansion x Bulgarian Macedonian Club ‡ Eighth Avenue x Victorian tree-lined boulevard x Shops x 12 Churches ‡ Masculine Stone structures with small Victorian shops
  35. 35. € Bost Building ‡ Restored brick structure ‡ Strikers headquarters in 1892 ‡ Landmark in 1999 ‡ Now is a museum and visitors center € Most of the communities are on the National Registrar of Historic Places as the Homestead Historic District € Many of the historical buildings were abandoned when the steel mill closed
  36. 36. € 2000- New Lifestyle ‡ Continental Real-estate Companies opened The Waterfront ‡ Loews, small out door shopping mall, Rock Bottom, Piano Bar, Dave and Busters ‡ Michaels, Target, Giant Eagle, Dicks ‡ Pizzeria Uno, Mitchells Fish Market, Bravo € Still standing are the brick stacks of the Homestead Steel Works along with a former mill structure, the Pump House
  37. 37. € Most buildings have remnants of original heritage € Although buildings were abandoned, many are being refaced and turned into homes, cafes, community centers etc. € Homestead is rebuilding its heritage and becoming a remarkable area
  38. 38. € Wanamaker department store in the early 1900s € The building was struck by fire, later was gutted out and redone ‡ Stairs, walls, floors € The building was going to be demolished until David, Ellie, and Daniel it € Columns lay longitudinal throughout the first floor € 4 luxury lofts are on the floors above € Half of the roof is a green roof with its drainage currently running to the basement. € The 2X4 structure is the only thing on walls with cement floors
  39. 39. € The basement has been sectioned off into two spaces ‡ One is the main entrance from the street below ‡ Other is convenient entrance for stairs to loft apartments € The main entrance side currently does not have any flooring (dirt)
  40. 40. Part 2- Research & Analysis
  41. 41. 2060 Ardmore Blvd. € Tables
  42. 42. € Men and Women Restrooms € Kitchen € Waitress Station (1 large; 2 small) € Sun Rooms (2) € Dining Rooms (2) € Banquet Room € Sit down counter
  43. 43. € American € Family € Coffeehouse/Diner €
  44. 44. € Friendly atmosphere € Upper scale diner € Good use of window space € Large staff € Basic menu € Local artist
  45. 45. € 7328 Penn Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15221 € at the Bar
  46. 46. € Men and Women Restrooms € Kitchen € Dining Area € Bar Area
  47. 47. € SportsBar € Old Fashioned Tavern € Lodge €
  48. 48. € Small/Intimate € Welcoming € Diverse Clientel € Family owned € Very small staff € Typical bar food
  49. 49. DREWS RESTAURANT EVERGREEN CAFE € Food only € Food and Alcohol € Corporate € Family owned € Larger menu € Small menu € Appealing to both genders € Directed towards men € Natural lighting € Artificial lighting € Large kitchen € Small kitchen € Non smoking € Smoking permitted € Local artwork € Sports memorabilia € Successful Design € Unsuccessful Design Concepts Concepts
  50. 50. € http://search.census.gov/search?site=census&so rt=date%3AD%3AL%3Ad1&client=default_front end&entqr=0&access=p&ip= UTF- 8&btnG.y=15&btnG.x=7&q=homestead+pennsyl vania+population+in+2009&ie=UTF- 8&ud=1&proxystylesheet=default_frontend&out put=xml_no_dtd&start=0 € http://westhomesteadpa.com/ € http://www.epodunk.com/cgi- bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=14143 € http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/carnegie/ € http://www.americaslibrary.gov/aa/carnegie/aa _carnegie_phil_3_e.html
  51. 51. ID450 Advanced Commercial Fall 2009 Lisa Whitney By: Krystal Cooper, Danielle Offenberger, Nicole Ruber and Jamie Scalise
  52. 52. Architecture & Urban Development ƒ After the Mill was closed in 1980, Population dropped ƒ Houses were left ƒ Rows of commercial spaces abandoned
  53. 53. Postcard
  54. 54. Homestead Steel Works Change 1895 1925
  55. 55. Demographics and Population ƒ 1900’s ƒ 2000 ƒ 1900: 12,554 ƒ Population: 3,569 ƒ Households: 1,607 7,000 were employed in ƒ Families: 843 plants ƒ Average Family Size: 2.99 ƒ 1910: 18,713 ƒ Average Age: 39.8 ƒ 1920: 20,452 ƒ Income Rate: ƒ Males: $25,000 Yearly ƒ 1940: 19,041 ƒ Females: $21,000 Yearly ƒ As a direct result of ƒ Racial Makeup: the loss of ƒ 51.30% African American ƒ 42.64% White employment, the ƒ 2.83% Asian number of people ƒ 3.23% Other living in Homestead ƒ 26.0% of the Population was below the poverty line. dwindled.
  56. 56. Significant Developments/Events ƒ 1871 ƒ Homestead Bank & Life Insurance purchases over 123 acres of farmland. ƒ 1880 ƒ Homestead Mill is introduced. ƒ 1892 ƒ Homestead Strike occurs. ƒ 1942 ƒ Homestead Steel Works expands and the buildings are converted into small apartments for steel workers. ƒ 1980 ƒ Homestead Mill closes.
  57. 57. Maps
  58. 58. The Waterfront Sandcastle Built on the site of the former Homestead steel Sandcastle is a waterpark which features 14 mill, The Waterfront in Homestead provides 260 major waterslides, wave pool, hot tub, children's acres of shopping, entertainment and dining. attractions, and bar area, all of which are located along a river-view, old-fashioned Boardwalk.
  59. 59. 213 & 215 East 8th Avenue ƒ Prior to 1924: the building was filled with commercial spaces with small residential ones above ƒ 1924: F.W. Woolworth Company moves into the space. ƒ 1988: A fire destroys the upper floors of the property. ƒ 1999: Judith Tener and David Lewis purchase the property. ƒ 2000: Tener/Lewis receive a grant from the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation and restore the Eighth Avenue Facade. ƒ 2007: A green roof is installed in the Lewis property. ƒ 2008: “Five and Ten Lofts” is ready for occupancy in June.
  60. 60. East 8th Avenue View East 7th East 8th Avenue Elevation Avenue View
  61. 61. T.G.I. Friday’s Monroeville, PA ƒ Size of Facility: Estimated 2,200-3,000 square feet ƒ Description: T.G.I. Friday’s is an American restaurant chain focusing on casual dining with a bar area. The restaurant chain was founded in 1965 in New York City, featuring standard American cuisine, bar food and alcoholic beverages. ƒ Cost & Cost/sf: Unavailable ƒ Basic Design Concept: This particular Fridays is contemporary. It has booth seating, regular table seating, and bar seating. Above some of the seating there is a canoe boat with paddles and net, and pictures on the walls. On the upper level there is a small room that used to house a pay phone, but know it houses a juke box, and a disco ball. The space has an exposed ceiling so all duct work and beams are seen. It has some recessed lighting and a lot of pendants hanging above the tables as well. The floor is square tiling that seems to be slip resistant. The restaurant has red striped canopies on the exterior. The exterior also has stucco and the entrance doors have "F" shaped handles.
  62. 62. T.G.I. Friday’s Monroeville, PA
  63. 63. Buca di Beppo Pittsburgh, PA ƒ Size of Facility: 2 floors ƒ Description: Authentic Italian restaurantnt serving family style portions and meals, , which are meant to be shared. ƒ Cost & Cost/sf: Unavailable ƒ Basic Design Concept: The basic design n concept is eclectic Italian. The walls are e completely covered with memorabilia and pictures from Italy as well as all over er the world. Every square inch of the space ce is ornamented. Most of the influences in the design choices are Greek in nature and posses that old world charm.
  64. 64. Buca di Beppo Pit Pittsburgh, PA
  65. 65. Buca di Beppo vs. T.G.I. Friday’s Pittsburgh, PA Monroeville, PA ƒ How are they different? ƒ Buca di Beppo is a more formal restaurant where T.G.I. Friday’s looks more laid back and informal ƒ Bigger portions create a more family feeling where at T.G.I. Friday’s, individual meals are ordered ƒ How are they the same? ƒ Walls in both places are completely covered with memorabilia ƒ Both spaces are loud, yet welcoming.
  66. 66. T H E A RT I N STITU T E O F PIT TS B U RG H 4 2 0 B LV D O F T H E A L L I E S P I T T S B U R G H PA 1 5 2 1 9