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Content Marketing - Definition and Best Practices
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Content Marketing - Definition and Best Practices



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  • 1. Gazalla Gaya10/16/12
  • 2.  An umbrella term for all content that you create for your audience. Examples include:  Blogs  Landing Pages  Newsletters  Whitepapers  EBooks  Podcasts  Videos  Webcasts/Webinars  Social Media
  • 3.  Attract and retain customers and turn them into brand ambassadors Build your site into a trusted authority in your industry Keep your visitors coming back and staying longer Increase conversion rates Lead generation
  • 4. 1. Believability2. Listen first“ The new marketing isn’t about self-promotion; it’s about giving customers what theyneed to become educated consumers. This is the age of information marketing. Educationmarketing. Content marketing.”” Joe Pulizzi3. Build trust
  • 5.  Constantly talking about yourself not about the customers needs and wants Making it difficult to understand what you do or offer Poor quality, design/content. Neglected/website/blog etc. Inconsistency in providing content. Doing nothing – not engaging=no growth
  • 6.  Know who your client is (persona) - Create a client persona WIIFM ( Speak to their needs) Content Audit – Take a good look at the content and messages you are sending out Provide valuable info. Good content shares or solves; it doesn’t hawk your wares or push sales-driven messages. It provides value by positioning you as a reliable and valuable resource.
  • 7.  Answer your customers’ questions Create a sense of community Allow your content to have wings Set up a listening dashboard (Google Reader, Google Alerts, twitter.com, relevant blogs) Measurement and metrics so you know what’s working
  • 8.  Provide many different types of content Be willing to try new things – and pull the plug on anything that’s not working. Get on a schedule and stick with it.
  • 9.  Take care of your customers – giveaways, featuring them in case studies If you make a mistake apologize and move on – You don’t own your brand – your customers do
  • 10.  Think of each post in your blog as part of a larger story Don’t think so much about what YOU want to say but more about what your audience WANTS TO HEAR. Create a community Encourage dialogue and social shares Try to create shareable content, content that multiplies Spend time on other blogs in your niche
  • 11.  Never spam Always get permission (double opt-in) Segment your lists and send only app material based on readers interest and previous buying behaviors
  • 12.  Usually used only if you are a B2B business Usually a very long report that’s downloadable Always try to solve a pain in the market, give a solution to a problem your niche is facing They require a lot of time and effort, so you can always have a lead capture for whitepapers Always provide a printab,le format, easily downloable in the form of a PDF Esp good to convince lprospects to become customers
  • 13.  Usually used as an introductory guide to a subject Best if prepared in an easily scannable format such as bullet points and numbered lists Make liberal use of call-out boxes on your site Ideal for lead capture
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