Chester Co Internet & Social Media Marketing Meetup - April 2012


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Slide deck from April 2012 meeting of Chester County Internet & Social Media Marketing

Two for Tuesday: Social Media Marketing and Ads & WordPress Blogging Basics

@ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM

Presented by @JeffTincher

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  • Affinity refers to the user’s relationship with the item’s creator. For example, if you have an old acquaintance whose Facebook profile you haven’t visited in two years, they would have a very low affinity ranking. If you have a significant other whose profile you visit every day, they would have a very high affinity ranking. This is good for FacebookEdgeRank.WEIGHT combines what the item is and how it’s being interacted with. Status, Video, question, photo.As for the “what,” videos, photos, and links are generally considered to have the highest weight. In other words, if a fan views a video on your page, this will score far more points in FacebookEdgeRank than if they simply visit your page.The other component to FacebookEdgeRank is how the item is being interacted with. A “Like,” for example, gets less weight than a comment.“Time decay” refers to how recent the item is. Old news drops out of the news feed, so newer items are more likely to appear on a feed than older items. Understanding this, to increase your FacebookEdgeRank, post your links, comments, and photos at times when your users are most likely to be logged in to Facebook.
  • Target audience by Geography, Industry, Job Function, Job Title, Linkedin Groups, Gender, Age.NEW Lead Generation feature – allow targeted user to click a link to be contacted by companyCompetitive bid rates for CPC or CPMAds are placed on: Profile Page - when members view the profile of other LinkedIn members.Home Page - the page members see when they sign in to LinkedIn.Inbox - the page where members see messages and invitations to connect.Search Results Page - the page that results when you search for a member by name.Groups - when members view pages in their group..CPC (Cost-Per-Click) Ads could also be shown in a text link advertisement at the top of the home page. Images and logos in the ad may be omitted in this situation.
  • Chester Co Internet & Social Media Marketing Meetup - April 2012

    1. 1. Two for Tuesday: Social MediaMarketing & Blogging 101Tuesday, April 24, 2012 Copyright © 2011 Philly Marketing Labs. All Rights Reserved. 1 1
    2. 2. Agenda7:10 PM Welcome and Intro7:20 PM Workshop #1: Social Media Marketing Overview Facebook Insights & Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter 1017:40 PM Q&A for workshop7:45 PM Workshop #2: Blogging Basics vs WordPress.org8:20 PM Q&A8:30 PM Wrap up and good night.8:30 - 10PM after hours for those that would like to stay and continue discussion @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 2 2
    3. 3. Quick ChescoIM Housekeeping• Welcome new members and first timers• Typical Meetup starts with a 1 hr networking and business card swap Happy Hour, followed by 1-2 hours of presentations, Q&A and group discussions.• Member Intros – skip these during meeting to save time, please join the LinkedIn group to intro yourself/business. Join here• Previous Slide Decks shared on @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 3 3
    4. 4. On the table• Coreen Tossona (@ctmarcom) will discuss some cool info she learned about Google+.• Looking to have a Google Field Rep at our next Meetup to present.• June/July Mega Meetup?? @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 4 4
    5. 5. Social Media Marketing OverviewFacebook Insights & Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter 101 5
    6. 6. Who’s Using What?• How many of you have a Facebook Business Page/Timeline? – Do you know about FB Insights? – Are you using Ads?• What about Twitter for business marketing?• Finally, LinkedIn Business Pages and Ads? @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 6 6
    7. 7. Facebook EdgeRank OverviewThere are three basic components to the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm:• “Affinity” refers to the user’s relationship with the item’s creator• “Weight” combines what the item is and how it’s being interacted with. Status, Video, question, photo.• “Time Decay” refers to how recent the item is.• Without a decent EdgeRank Score, your status updates may not be seen by all of your fans. @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 7 7
    8. 8. Facebook InsightsPeople Talking About This – number ofpeople that engage with your Page and includesusers liking your Page, liked, commenting on orsharing a post from your Page, answered a Questionyou’ve asked on your Page, or tagged your Page inan update or in a photo. This also includesFacebook users who’ve responded to an event onyour Page.Friends of Fans – This is the total number offriends all your fans have.Reach – The number of people who have seencontent associated with your PageVirality – The percent of people who saw a storyfrom your Page and “talked about it”. (calculated byReach/People Talking) @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 8 8
    9. 9. Dig into the DataClick on the Export Data button to find a ton of datathat Facebook collects about user engagement withyou Page. @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 9 9
    10. 10. Facebook Advertising Facebook Ads • Text and image ads • Cost less than other Online Ads (AdWords) • Can be geo targeted, demographic and allows targeting according to profile attributions Sponsored Stories • Sponsored Stories let you promote stories about people connecting with your Page, app, event or domain to their friends. • People are 2x more likely to engage with your page when they see a friend already Likes your page • Ad size: 240 px wide / variable height. • 6 different ways to use Sponsored Stories (next slide) @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 10
    11. 11. Facebook Sponsored Stories Types @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 11
    12. 12. Tips to Optimize your Facebook Ads• Analyze your Edgerank – If your page does not have much engagement, you may be paying for ads to drive people to your Page, spending lots of money to get them there, and then have them not engaged.• Avoid Ad Saturation – FB now measures frequency of ad views by avg person, best to change ad copy/image often to avoid same people seeing same ad.• Only change ONE thing at a time – Since no true A/B testing of FB ads, best to either change ad copy, image, target audience. – Leave only for 7 days to allow analysis• Target friends of connections (only for Page ads) – Many people forget about this. This is huge! Friends sell!• Go for little and large – Try running ads to a specific demographic like 25-35y/o, or broaden an audience. – If large budget, run both types of campaigns, targeting niche and one broad. Determine which is your winner! @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 12
    13. 13. Facebook EngagementFrom Argyle Social @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 13
    14. 14. Facebook: Best Time to PostFrom Argyle Social @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 14
    15. 15. LinkedIn Ads• Target audience by Geography, Industry, Job Function, Job Title, Linkedin Groups, Gender, Age.• NEW Lead Generation feature – allow targeted user to click a link to be contacted by company• Competitive bid rates for CPC or CPM• Ads are placed on: – Profile Page, Home Page, Inbox, Search Results Page, Groups, and CPC AdsSample Job Titles & Estimated Audience @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 15
    16. 16. 3 Ways to Advertise on Twitter Promoted Accounts Promoted Tweets Promoted Trends• Growing your follower-base will • Target by search keywords, geo- • Good for large budget stimulate engagement on multiple targeting campaigns. levels. • Search on Twitter dominated by real- • $120K per day for each• More followers = Broader distribution time events, interests, and promoted trend. (I think it’s of campaign communications. conversations. more now)• Promoted Accounts are targeted by • Average engagement rates range • Only One advertiser per day. interest, interest-based keywords and 1% - 3%. • Fixed placement on the user’s geo-targeting • Cost per engagement (CPE) auction timeline homepage• Cost per follow (CPF) auction (defined as a click, favorite, retweet,• Minimum bid $0.50 or reply.) Competitive bid $1-2 • Minimum bid $0.10 Competitive bid $0.50 Twitter Requires a $15K over 3 month budget! @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 16
    17. 17. Twitter 101 - Demo Open discussion and demo of tools, tips and whatever you want to talk about. 17
    18. 18. Questions about Social Media Marketing Overview?Tweet @ChescoMarketing or @JeffTincher include hashtag #ChescoIMKeep the discussion going on the LinkedIn Group at 18
    19. 19. Blogging with WordPress 19
    20. 20. Benefits• It’s free and much easier to set up, no technical experience needed.• Everything is taken care of: setup, upgrades, spam, backups, security, etc.• Your blog is on hundreds of servers, so it’s highly unlikely it will go down due to traffic.• Your content is backed up automatically• You get extra traffic from the community — including blogs of the day and tags• Your dashboard is secure (SSL) making it even safer to log in on shared Cons• Can only use provided themes which you can modify and edit the CSS, cannot upload own or purchased theme• You can’t modify the PHP code behind your blog• You can’t upload plugins• Cannot use your own domain name like @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 20
    21. 21. BlogsWordPress (self-hosted) Benefits• Ability to upload themes & plugins• Great community of users for support• Complete control to change code if you’re technically minded or have someone that can make code changesWordPress (self-hosted) Cons• You need a good web host, which generally costs $7-12 a month• Requires more technical knowledge to set up and run• You’re responsible for stopping spam• You have to handle backups• You must upgrade the software when a new version comes out, WP does have plugins to handle this. @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 21
    22. 22. Questions about Blogging and WordPress?Tweet @ChescoMarketing or @JeffTincher include hashtag #ChescoIMKeep the discussion going on the LinkedIn Group at 22
    23. 23. Stay Informed about ChescoIM• Facebook Thank you for –• LinkedIn Group attending! –• Twitter – @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM – @JeffTincher – @WilsonVA• Meetup Page –• Social Media Infographs and Pins your friends andco-workers to join us next month! @ChescoMarketing #ChescoIM | 23