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Side by side table of contents
Side by side table of contents
Side by side table of contents
Side by side table of contents
Side by side table of contents
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Side by side table of contents


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Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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  • 1. SIDE BY SIDE 3rd Edition Table of ContentsBOOK 1LESSON 1 To Be: IntroductionLESSON 2 To Be + Location Subject PronounsLESSON 3 Present Continuous TenseLESSON 4 To Be Short Answers Possessive AdjectivesLESSON 5 To Be:Yes/No Questions Short Answers AdjectivesPossessive NounsLESSON 6 To Be:Review Present Continuous Tense Review Prepositions ofLocationLESSON 7 PrepositionsThere Is/ There Are, Singular/Plural: IntroductionLESSON 8 Singular/Plural/Adjectives,This/That/These/ThoseLESSON 9 Simple Present TenseLESSON 10 Simple Present Tense, Yes/No Questions,Negatives Short AnswersLESSON 11 Object PronounsSimple Present Tense: -s vs. non-s EndingsHave/HasLESSON 12 Contrast:Simple Present and Present Continuous TensesAdjectivesLESSON 13 Can, Have to
  • 2. LESSON 14 Future: Going to Time Expressions, Want toLESSON 15 Past tense: Regular Verbs, Introduction toIrregular VerbsLESSON 16 Past Tense: Yes/ No Questions Short Answers, WHQuestions, Short Answers, More Irregular VerbsTime ExpressionsLESSON 17 To Be: Past TenseBook 1 Listening Scripts
  • 3. BOOK 2LESSON 1 Review of Tenses: Simple Present, PresentContinuous, Simple Past, Future: Going toLike to, Time Expressions, Indirect Object, PronounsLESSON 2 Count/Non Count NounsLESSON 3 Partitives, Count/Non Count Nouns, ImperativesLESSON 4 Future Tense: Will Time Expressions, MightLESSON 5 Comparatives, Should, Possessive NounsLESSON 6 SuperlativesLESSON 7 Imperatives DirectionsLESSON 8 Adverbs, Comparative of Adverbs, Agent Nouns,If-ClausesLESSON 9 Past Continuous Tense, Reflexive Pronouns,While-ClausesLESSON 10 Could, Be Able to, Have Got to, Too + AdjectiveLESSON 11 Past Tense Review, Count/Non-Count Noun Review,Must, Mustnt vs. Dont Have To, Must vs. ShouldLESSON 12 Future Continuous Tense, Time ExpressionsLESSON 13 Some/Any, Pronoun Review, Verb Tense ReviewBook 2 Listening Scripts
  • 4. BOOK 3LESSON 1 Review:Simple Present TensePresent Continuous TenseSubject & Object PronounsPossessive AdjectivesTime ExpressionsLESSON 2 Review:Simple Past Tense (Regular and Irregular Verbs)Past Continuous VerbsLESSON 3 Review:Future: Going toFuture: WillFuture Continuous TenseTime ExpressionsPossessive PronounsLESSON 4 Present Perfect TenseLESSON 5 Present Perfect vs. Present TensePresent Perfect vs. Past TenseSince/ForLESSON 6 Present Perfect Continuous TenseLESSON 7 GerundsInfinitivesReview: Present Perfect and Present PerfectContinuous TensesLESSON 8 Past Perfect Tense, Past Perfect Continuous TenseLESSON 9 Two-Word Verbs:Separable, InseparableLESSON 10 Connectors: And . . . Too, And . . . Either So, But, EitherBook 3 Listening Scripts
  • 5. BOOK 4LESSON 1 Review:Present Perfect TensePresent Perfect Continuous TensePast Perfect TensePast Perfect Continuous TenseLESSON 2 Perfect Modals:Should HaveMight HaveMay HaveCould HaveMust HaveLESSON 3 Passive Voice, Relative PronounsLESSON 4 Embedded QuestionsLESSON 5 Conditional:Present Real (If___Will),Present Unreal (If___Would), Hope ClausesLESSON 6 Present Unreal Conditional(continued) Wish-ClausesLESSON 7 Past Unreal Conditional(If__Would Have), Wish -Clauses (continued)LESSON 8 Reported Speech Sequence of TensesLESSON 9 Tag Questions, Emphatic SentencesLESSON 10 Review:Verb TensesConditionalGerundsBook 4 Listening Scripts