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DCPS Career Academies & JAX Chamber Partnership
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DCPS Career Academies & JAX Chamber Partnership


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Details about Duval County Public Schools' plan for career academies in the district and introduction of the JAX Chamber partnership with the school district. Students will work collaboratively to …

Details about Duval County Public Schools' plan for career academies in the district and introduction of the JAX Chamber partnership with the school district. Students will work collaboratively to build a business plan to operate a food truck.

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  • 1. A New Vision for 2013-2014 Date: November 19, 2013 Time: 3:0011:00 AM
  • 2. • Vystar Credit Unions on two Campuses • Jean Ribault • Samuel Wolfson • 5 National Career Academy Coalition (NCAC) Model Career Academies • Robert E. Lee - Engineering • Frank H. Peterson • Automotive • Communications • Cosmetology • Early Childhood • 4 NCAC Certified Career Academies • • • • Andrew Jackson- Health Mandarin- Health Peterson- Culinary Sandalwood- Information Technology • Increase in students taking and passing industry certification exams
  • 3. Challenges Solutions/Next Steps Non-certified instructors (lacking industry certification) Provide Professional Development and further certification opportunities for teachers No industry certification offered Classes that can led to industry certification should culminate with test Insufficient student enrollment in career academies Require all students to enroll in a career academy (2014-2015) Inconsistent exposure to emerging industries Chamber of Commerce and WorkSource identified the emerging industries in Northeast Florida. Advanced Manufacturing, Aviation, Financial Services, Health and Life Sciences, Information Technology, and Logistics were identified. Information Technology has been added at every high school. Leads to more business partnerships. Inconsistent communication with business partners Identified a lead administrator to ensure follow up and coordination. Funding and expansion of service-based learning projects Create a tiered business partnership process that provides business partners an opportunity to fund projects, offer internships, and/or equipment for academies. Inconsistent ownership at school site by principals Inclusion of Principals in the planning and implementation phases of career academies: Inclusion of a structured Principal/CEO communication plan included in all partnership agreements.
  • 4. School Atlantic Coast Baldwin Ed White Englewood First Coast Forrest Jackson Lee Mandarin Paxon Peterson Raines Randolph Ribault Sandalwood Terry Parker Wolfson District Totals # of Certifications Attempted # of Certifications Earned 2012 2013 Change 2012 2013 Change 3 11 16 24 18 0 127 0 22 0 149 0 169 0 64 9 0 612 66 47 111 137 38 59 147 100 31 22 417 5 147 61 90 116 73 1667 63 36 95 113 20 59 20 100 9 22 268 5 -22 61 26 107 73 1055 1 10 9 9 18 0 56 0 22 0 141 0 143 0 23 9 0 441 17 55 74 77 32 44 85 68 29 14 277 0 68 49 19 116 17 1041 16 45 65 68 14 44 29 68 7 14 136 0 -75 49 -4 107 17 600
  • 5. PURPOSE: In an effort to promote collaboration among schools and to anchor the service learning projects expected from our career academies, six schools will participate in a flagship project by initiating and operating a Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) managed Food Truck Business. • This project will highlight career academies covering Culinary Arts, as well as five of the six “emerging industries” in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida as defined by the Chamber of Commerce and WorkSource • • • • • Health and Life Sciences Information Technology Advanced Manufacturing Logistics Financial Services
  • 6. School Academy Role Edward White Information Technology Develop website, food truck graphics, and marketing plan. Mandarin Health and Life Sciences Review local trends for health concerns and determine foods that are best for health, examine food recipes for calories, fat content, ingredient conflicts with health, etc. Lee, First Coast Logistics Coordinating of resources and distribution, inventory, appearances, etc. Jean Ribault Financial Services Bookkeeping; investment of profits to help students and keep the business thriving. William Raines Culinary Arts Focus on food preparation, clean up, safety in kitchen , sanitary food prep, etc.
  • 7. School/Academy Englewood Senior High School Construction Technology Englewood Senior High School Early College Engineering/Advanced Manufacturing Track Option Service Based Learning Project Students will be working with JEA and Haskell to build their school’s concession stand. (Industry Certification Exams in Carpentry, Electrical Wiring, and Plumbing.) Students will complete most of their high school courses in the 9th grade and begin paid internships on-site at Vistakon as well. An Associates of Science degree from Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) and preferred fulltime employment at Vistakon will be part of the final outcome. • Vistakon – Englewood – JDLP Program and Early
  • 8. • Andrew Jackson and Sandalwood Senior High School: • ROTC Academy students will complete three dual enrollment courses focused on unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with Embry Riddle. • A.P. Randolph Senior High School: • The Academy of Health Science has a Medical House for students interested in the health field. One program, the Gateway Program is sponsored by City College and allows students to visit hospitals, colleges, science workshops, and other science programs throughout the summer. • Jean Ribault / Samuel Wolfson Senior High School: • Academy of Finance students manage a VyStar Credit Union for two hours per day. • Terry Parker Senior High School: • Students in the Academy of Coastal and Environmental Studies can work with the Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI) to complete projects and research dedicated to the field of natural sciences and preserving the ecosystem. • Information Technology Internships: • 12th graders will have an opportunity to intern at the School District.