2011.2012 yearbook


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The yearbook I made for my class =) I usually add music and copy it to a DVD, but this class wants a paper copy, so we went black and white to save $$.

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2011.2012 yearbook

  1. 1. Clara E. Westropp 2011-2012 Mrs. KovachGrades 4 and 5
  2. 2. 4 Grade th Matthew Sascha Sir Trevion Baxter Brawner Brown Keraliz Channyn Iziah Colon Davis FilipescuShark-Attack Ken Matthew Karnell Finowski Hunt
  3. 3. 4 Grade thMykaela Serrina Jada Jones Kekic Lipscomb Jasmin Keltin Gabriella Lucas Mendoza Rios Aaliyiah Kassandra KyleRodriguez Rodriguez Saengchareun
  4. 4. 5 Grade th Mysia Elyccia EmmaArmer-Myers Bailey Benco Kumar Anthony Miranda Boulton Casto Cotto Emily Qualita JasminD’Ettorre Davis Diaz
  5. 5. 5 Grade thDemetreus Aaleah Alexander Johnson Krone RamosMarchelle Timothy LuisSpraggins Sumerall Torres Eni Matthew Leonna Veljak Wapperer Williams
  6. 6. Playhouse Square
  7. 7. Playhouse SquareSquirm Burpee and the Handsome Little Devils Our seats were way up high! CLEAR THE AISLE!
  8. 8. Dr. Kaboom! Alex and Matthew W. say “YA!” YA!Qualita and Miranda enjoying the show
  9. 9. Professor Wyldes Traveling School Show A tiny hedgehogKeraliz and Mysia check out the samples Anthony tries on the animal hide Karnell and the elephant poo
  10. 10. Most Intelligent Aaleah, Mykaela, Demetreus and KyleMost Athletic
  11. 11. Prettiest EyesKassie, Matthew W., Matthew F, and Emily.Matthew W., Gabby, Channyn and MarchelleMost Artistic
  12. 12. Most Friendly Iziah, Aaleah, Alexander and KassieKeraliz and Kyle Jasmin and Matthew Most Likely to Become Famous
  13. 13. Most Talkative Sir Trevion, Qualita, Anthony and Jada Best VoiceJasmin, Timothy, Gabby and Karnell (not pictured)
  14. 14. AR Read-InSpending the day catching up on AR after the OAAs Kassie and Marchelle reading together
  15. 15. AR Read-InKyle reading Wimpy Kid Aaliyiah, Keraliz and Jasmin Marchelle found the perfect spot!
  16. 16. Reading:Reading groups were held in thehalls and in empty rooms before we moved from 203 to 103 Of the 44,000 students in the district, our Emma ranks 29th in the number of Accelerated Reader points earned!Jasmin points out that we are #1 in AR! We even used stairwells for reading!
  17. 17. Social Studies: Chocolate Chip Cookie Mining Emma and Luis hard at work mining coal.4th Graders learning about the factors of production.
  18. 18. Science: Making Soda Demetreus and Aaleah create their formulas Emily, Emma, and Miranda Luis of Science!Jada, Keraliz, Matthew F, and Kyle tasting their formulas.
  19. 19. Veggie U 4th Graders learn about the importance of wormsEni takes around vegetable samples sent to us from Farmer Jones.
  20. 20. Science: Predator/Prey 5th graders return from hiding the insects they crested Keraliz the #1 Hunter!5th graders watch as 4th graders hunt 5th graders searching for the perfect hiding place
  21. 21. Keraliz and Matthew B. find 5th grade insects. Aaliyiah, Mykaela, and Sascha hide their insects.Luis and Alex watch the Sascha and Serrina hunting 4th graders hunt
  22. 22. Best DancerKeraliz, Timothy, Qualita and Karnell (not pictured) Best Smile Eni, Jasmin, Aaliyiah and Matthew F.
  23. 23. First in Math Champions Kyle, Mykaela, Matthew F, Emily, Eni, Leonna, Gabby, and Jada Aaleah, and ElycciaMykaela and Sir Trevion Emma and DemetreusMost Likely to Succeed
  24. 24. Twizzler Olympics Keraliz ready to go Jasmin and Leonna battle to win Alex and Matthew W5th graders cheer on Mykaela and Gabby
  25. 25. Rice Krispie SnowmenTimothy, Emma, Aaliyiah and Kumar show of their creations Sir Trevion, Mysia, Matthew F and Marchelle almost finished
  26. 26. Dances 4th graders: Jada, Jasmin L, and Channyn Our 4th and 5th Grade Girls can dance!Matthew B, Matthew F, and Kyle
  27. 27. We are OBSESSED with The Hunger Games!Elyccia and Matthew B. win a trip to the show!
  28. 28. Recess Elyccia jumps With a friend From 102.Mykaela, Keltin,Sascha, andGabriella enjoyMrs. Shaefer’sbubbles.
  29. 29. Recess103 enjoys a bonus recess for their AR participation.
  30. 30. Chalk Walk103 Sponsored a school-wide anti-bullying chalk walk as a part of a nation-wide month-long event against bullying in schools. Matthew W. with the mural he created with Luis and Alex. 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students work on the east walk.
  31. 31. Emily works On her chalk drawing Kassieworks withartists on the east walk Kyle and Matthew F. on the east walk.
  32. 32. DARE Pledge Officer Normile leads the class in the DARE pledge. Aaliyiah, Aaleah,Anthony, and Serrina 103 Students pledge to stay drug and alcohol free.
  33. 33. DARE GraduationMatthew B, Demetreus, Matthew F, Kyle, Mysia, and Aaliyiah after graduation. Jada, Keltin, Alex, Timothy and Matthew W show off their DARE SWAGMarchelle, Jasmin, and Aaleah
  34. 34. Rock HallEnsemble and Bell Choir students performed at TheRock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  35. 35. A Day at the ParkJada and Keralizenjoy the fountain.
  36. 36. A Day at the ParkMatthew F., Serrina, andAnthony enjoy the water.
  37. 37. A Day at the Park Marchelle and Elyccia enjoy the chair swing.
  38. 38. A Day at the Park Upside-down Emily^, a rare Sir Trevion smile,and Iziah soaking up the fun.
  39. 39. Egg Drop Luis prepares for his drop. M Y K A E L ALeonna has confidence in her design.
  40. 40. Demetreus and Eni both used parachutes successfully. Egg DropIziah watches his release.
  41. 41. Autographs
  42. 42. Autographs
  43. 43. Autographs
  44. 44. Happy Summer! Thanks for a GREAT year =)