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Final evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation By Tina Therese Rustadstuen
  2. 2. Question 1 In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Front cover
  4. 4. The master head Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 I wonted my masthead (Fig 1) to stand out by looking exclusive and elegant. When I started to create my master head I was inspired by figure 3 and 4 by having it across the page not just in the corner as figure 2 has. I chose my master head to be a combination of purple and pink, pink because my reader recourse told me that my target group liked pink. The pink colour is fading in to purple and This draw attention to the magazine and it looks more professional. The name of my magazine is easy To say and remember, it also give the reader an idea of what the magazine is about. The under line On left hand side make the magazine more professional and it makes it easy for my reader to see have much the magazine cost and witch issue it is, this is important because my target group is Between 16 and 24 and they want to get the information they need quick and with out to much work. My master head is also placed behind my models head (fig 6), which draw the focus on to the model, which my readers are going to be interested in. By putting the Masthead behind the models head it makes it look more Professional and was inspired by figure 5, witch was a part of my Style sheet. Fig 5Fig 6
  5. 5. Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 Main image My slash image (Fig 4) is taken in a studio, just like Figure 1,2 and 3. by shooting I a studio it looks more Professional. I have used a medium shot (fig 4) similar To figure 1, 2 and 3. it focus on the models face so the Main focus is on the models face. My model (fig 4) Make direct eye contact just like figure 1, 2 and 3, this Dowse the rider to the magazine and it makes the Rider feel more pressured to buy the magazine. I have used a young female on my front cover because it Appeals to young girls and men feels attracted to it. All my figures have used a young female on there Front cover. All the models as heavy styled, this make Them look more exclusive and important. The similarities between figure 2 and 4 Is that the magazine name is behind the models head And the models name is in front of the image, figure 1 Also have the models name in front of the image. Figure 3 have the models name in a plug, I think this is hiding the name of the main person of the magazine And I wonted the name to stand out like it dos in Figure 1 and 2.
  6. 6. The similarities between figure 2 and 4 Is that the magazine name is behind the models head and the models name is in front of the image, figure 1also have the models name in front of the image. Figure 3 have the models name in a plug, I think this is hiding the name of the main person of the magazine and I wonted the name on my magazine to stand out like it dos in figure 1 and 2. The head line
  7. 7. Cover lines My layout (fig 4) is most similar to figure 1 by having the Cover lines next to the models head. Its similar to figure 2 By not covering her body, but using the space on the side. The similarities between figure 4 and 3 is that the Cover lines are placed and left hand side. I have chosen not to have to match text on my front page Because of the elegant and tidy effect.
  8. 8. Colour scheme My main colours are pink/purple, black, white, yellow and blue. By not having to many colours on my Magazine it doesn't look messy or chaotic. This is similar to figure 2 where they have only 4 main colours. I chose to have a white background similar to figure 1, 2 and 3. by using the white background it looks more Professional and clean, it also make sure it doesn't Draw attention away from the splash image and text.
  9. 9. Barcode I have placed my barcode in the left corner of the page. Figure 1 and 3 has also Ben placed in the corner of the page, on the right hand side following the Z-reading pattern. I chose to place the barcode, not following the Z-reading pattern Because I didn't wont to cover up my model.
  10. 10. Contents page
  11. 11. Master head, headline and date Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 My headline (fig 2) says “contents” like figure 4. Both figure 1,2 and 3 are Putt on a white background an other similarity is the simple font that is Used on the headline. Compered to figure 1,3 and 4 I have mentioned the date of the magazine Under my headline (fig 2). I have also put the magazine web-page address Under the headline so the readier remember the magazine name and know That there is more to look at if they visit the magazines wed-page.
  12. 12. Images and layout I chose to put my images on left hand side, starting in the upper left corner going across to The lower right corner, this follow the fact that humans reads from left to right. My contents Page (fig 2) is most similar to figure 4, thinking about the photos, because of the tidy way to plays the photos and the amount of images. Compared to figure 1, 3 and 4 I don’t have much text on my contents page (fig 2), this is because my readers are more interested in looking at photos. Similar to figure 1 and 3 I have different models on each photo, so everyone can find something that interest them. Half of the amount of my photos are taken in a studio, and the rest is taken on the street or in a regular room. My contents page layout (fig 2) is similar to figure 3 by having photos in left upper Corner and right lower corner and the columns are mostly on right hand side.
  13. 13. Page numbers and fonts I (fig 2) placed the page numbers beside the images so the readers easily could see witch page To go to to find the articles about the images. I made them big so it was easy to spot. My magazine (fig 2) is most similar to figure 4 when it comes to the numbers on the photos, I think this is a much More tidy way to present then on figure 3. When it comes to the fonts I (fig 2) have decided to have a small headline over each category just Like figure 3 have done. This is to make it more tidy and easy for my reader to find exactly what They wont to read about. Just like figure 1 I (fig 2) have big page number in the fonts.
  14. 14. Double page spread
  15. 15. Headline Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 My (fig 4) is inspired by figure 1 by having the writing skewed and By using apostrophes and an exclamation. Figure 3 also use an Exclamation I think this make the headline stand out more and it Gives it a stronger effect. I was also inspired by figure 3 by using the main persons name in The headline to make it clear to the reads that article is about Them.
  16. 16. Layout Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 For my layout (fig 4) I wanted it to be an equal amount of text and images. On the left side page is a full photo that also can be used as a pull- out Poster witch is attractive to young readers. This is also used on figure 3. My layout (fig 4) is similar to figure 1 and 3 because of the balance Between text and images, so readers get what they pay for but don’t Get to much text to read.
  17. 17. Images Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 I (fig 4) chose to have an equal amount of images and text. I also wanted to have a big photo on one of the pages so it could Be used as a rip out poster just as figure 3. You also have a similar Photo on figure 1 except it would not be able to be used as a poster Because of the headline that go over both pages. I chose to use a medium close up and eye contact with the camera, This is so the readers feel drawn into the article.
  18. 18. Color scheme Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 Compered to figure 1, 2 and 3 figure 4 is the less colorful. I (fig4) used a Photo taken in a studio with a white background and I made the First page the same color as the background and all my text is all in black. I made it this simple to have the classical and tidy touch. Figure 1 and 2 is using the same color scheme and figure 3 is using Brighter colors .
  19. 19. Writing style Fig 1 Fig 2 Fig 3 Fig 4 I opened my (fig 4) article with a big and bold letter, just like in figure 3, and I made my questions in a thicker writing so the readers easier could spot out the questions they are interested to know the answers too. This idea was something I got from figure 1and 3.
  20. 20. Question 2 How does your media product represent particular social groups?
  21. 21. Gender My photos are mainly of girls, basically because I chose to Make my main story about a girl and that’s why I have a Female on my front cover, double page spread and on one of the images on my contents page. The women are stereotypical represented by being heavily Styled in fashionable cloths, using makeup and styled hair. They are also represented in two different dresses, they are Both thigh. The purple dress is more elegant and are more suitable for an elegant evening. The other dress is more of a “out in town” dress. The top photo is focusing on the feminine front part by wearing a reviling top and a skinny jeans, this is a Typical way to dress for a teenage girl this days. The boys are represented in a more casual way. The bottom photo Is showing of the man power by using a frog angle, this is a Stereotypical way and maybe an old fashion way to show of a man.
  22. 22. Age My models are mainly around 17-19 years old, this is my readers Main age and that’s why I chose to use the models around That age. Since my readers are between 16 and 24 I chose To add a photo of a band were the artists are between 20 and 24. The boy on the photo in the left corner are representing a Stereotypical teenage boy by wearing skinny jeans and a white Simple t-shirt. The band photo represent typical hipsters that like to go their own Way, witch many young people dos now days. The photos of the girls are showing of fashionable girls that’s like To dress up just like many teenage girls like to do.
  23. 23. Class Because social class is defined by work my readers and my models will be defined by the roles of their parents. My magazine is aiming for the working/middle class and I think These photos are representing this class in a good way by what They are wearing. The band photo is representing the working Class by standing on the street, not on a stage, playing there Music. The other photos of the girls represent more a middle class By being heavily styled, this shows us that they have enough Money to by good products and fashionable cloths.
  24. 24. Ethnicity Music genre
  25. 25. Question 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?
  26. 26. Immediate media co sell over 70 million magazines every year and reach 22 million people online every month. This is one of the reason I think immediate media co would be a good publisher for my magazine. They reach out to many readers by paper and an other important factor is that they reach out to so many people online, this is important Because teenagers now days spend most there time online. Due to the company's experience and variation of targets groups I think this would be a good match. I think immediate media co would benefit from working With my magazine, Pop mouse, because they already Know have to promote and work with retching out to A teenage market.
  27. 27. Question 4 Who would be the audience for your media product?
  28. 28. Audience This is Julia! She is a perfect Pop-mouse reader. She is 17 years old and lives in London. She is from a well off family. She likes to use her money on music, magazines, clothes, make-up and on coffees with her friends, this is also what she is most interested in. She loves to read exclusive interviews with big pop-stars. She would also like to be famous one day as well. Her favourite colours are pink, red and yellow, but she also like the standard colours, black and white. To find my audience I created some question on survey monkey, out from these questions I Made a reader profile. I also researched other types of music magazine that aimed for the same target group to Create a better and more detailed reader profile.
  29. 29. Gender The largest group of my audience will be female, but The magazine will also attract boys when using Laura Mulvey's theory of the Male Gaze. Because of my model being a young and attractive girl, girls want to look like her and boys what a girl like her. My female readers will find appearance very important and the magazine will therefore be focusing on the stereotypical girl, that find fashion, makeup and hairstyles very interesting.
  30. 30. Age I chose to have a mix between pink and purple, this Is a typical girl color and it represent teenage girls. This is because the color is bright and bold, and from A young age girls always are represented by the Color pink. The articles suggest a young Audience, first you have the Four headline to categorize So the audience easily can Find the articles they are most Interested in. the language is Also easy to understand and Informal. An other thing that suggest That the audience is young is QR code and the connection To social media. The headline suggest it’s a young audience by being short And snappy. The amount of text and the questions are in A thicker font so it is easier to read and it suggest that the article is aimed for a young reader.
  31. 31. Interests
  32. 32. Question 5 How did you attract/address your audience?
  33. 33. Have dos my magazine appeal to the audience? Since 100% of the people answering my questions on surver monkey use Facebook, I maid Facebook available on my contents page by doing this my audience get the newest information and pictures direct on there phone or laptop. For the photos I would also use Instagram since 92.31% use it, I also made sure my readers know that the magazine have an Instagram page as well on the contents page. Just over half said they use Twitter so I would create an account and post the newest information on there, this is also mention on my contest page. Because Tumbler, Myspace and Other have gotten under 40% I would not focusing on this in my magazine.
  34. 34. Since all the asked people like exclusive Interviews I was sure to have one in my magazine and it will be inn focus on the front cover, by using the headline “Exclusive Joe”. Because the asked people said they liked Pink and all the people asked are girls I choose To use pink on my headlines and master headline To attract as many girls as possible. Everything that is don whit the magazine is based On the facts I got from my audience researched.
  35. 35. Photos The photos I chose to use was chosen to appeal to Teenagers. I did this by using a young girl on my front Cover that is fashionable and styled whit makeup and Styled hair. My cover girl can inspire other girl by her Look and boys will think she is attractive. She is also looking straight in to the camera and this draw The audience attention to the magazine and draw them To buy it.
  36. 36. Question 6 What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? This is what I learned, have did you learned it and have And what have you learned about technology! Save your work and don’t forget your memorystik you Need to back up work. Easy format to work with, by using digital camera, ability To editing stuff.
  37. 37. This is some of the software and websites I used to do all my work;  Google chrome  Blogger  Slideshere  Survey Monkey  Adobe Photoshop  QR reader  Microsoft PowerPoint Her is some of the hardware I used;  Camera  MacBook pro  Memory Stick  Computer  IPhone  Lights Research;  Google chrome  Microsoft PowerPoint  Survey Monkey  Slideshare  Blogger  IPhone  MacBook pro  Computer  Memory Stick Planning;  Google chrome  Microsoft PowerPoint  Slideshare  Blogger  MacBook pro  Computer  Memory Stick Production;  Adobe Photoshop  Blogger  QR Reader  MacBook pro  Computer  Memory Stick  Camera  Lights Evaluation;  Google chrome  Blogger  Microsoft PowerPoint  Slideshere  MacBook pro  Computer  Memory Stick This is were I used the technologiesThis is what kind of technologies I used Technologies
  38. 38. I could not have done anything without my MacBook or the computer In the classroom. All my recherché, planning, production and Evaluation is don on a computer/MacBook. If there is something I could have managed without it would have Been my phone. I only used it to record my interview during my Recherché. I know if I had used my camera the quality would Have been much better. My memory stick have been a key thing in all of my work. It has Allowed me to work at college and bring my work home whit me. It has not been enough just to save all my work on the memory stick Because I have lost it a number of times and I have found myself Lucky to find it again every time. Whit out a camera I would not have a magazine, because I Wouldn't have any original photos. The lighting I used while I used the studio helped me get the best Photos I possible could get.
  39. 39. Google chrome is something I really Have had a massive use of. I have used it for my recherché to fore example find out about Different companies that publish music magazines and to find all the photos of the magazines I have analyzed. I have used Google chrome during my planning to get inspiration and I used it during my evaluation by looking up have other people have maid there evaluation. I have found photos that I have used on this PowerPoint presentation. I also needed Google chrome to get on to Blogger, the wed page I used to to post all my Work. I have never had a blog and by having one now I have learned have to upload stuff And have to do the layout on my blog. I also liked to do all my work using a computer/ MacBook first of all because it easier to keep it organized and second because it saves the Environment by not coping up paper. Because Blogger don’t support the file formats PowerPoint I had to use slideshere to manage to upload all my work. I learned have to set up an account and have to upload all the PowerPoint presentations I have maid. If it wasn't for Photo shop I wouldn't’t have any magazine to upload. I had never used Photo shop before so I feel I have learned a great deal. I first taught it was a bit difficult But I got the hang of it after using it a few times. I now know have much you can edit a Photo. I chose to present all of my recherché, planning and evaluation by using PowerPoint. I thing I comes trough in a more tidy way and it is easier to be creative because the Opportunities to do fancy things are bigger.
  40. 40. Question 7 Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  41. 41. What have I learned? This is the stages I went through to make my music magazine;  Research: Audience, market  Planning: Pitch, flat plans, style sheet, photography plans, draft layouts  Production: Image manipulation, text manipulation, layout manipulation, photography This is the four main skills that I learned whilst completing my project;  Planning  Research  “Styling”  Technical
  42. 42. Planning Planning have been very important for me to create the type Of magazine I wanted to make. By planning everything I have Saved a lot of time and because of that I have had the Opportunity to be more creative. By planning all my magazines pages I knew exactly what to do when it came to the production. Planning was the key for my magazine to look alright. Just have A look at the college magazine I made in the start proses. I did not plan any thing for it and it ended up looking really bad, An other thing that made it look unprofessional was the fact that I didn't know have to use photo shop. My photographs plans were good, because When I went in to the studio I knew exactly what To do, this saved me lots of time in the studio and I could use that time to be creative. I had planed every costume my model were going To be photographed in and this gave my photos A more professional look because the model was Not wearing normal every day cloths.
  43. 43. Research I have learned that before you start something, such as a magazine you need to do Some research to see if there is a marked for the product you wish to create. If it is a Magazine you wish to create you would have to find someone who wants to sell Your product, and to find the perfect publisher you would have to do some research. It might be that you would like a publisher that have published a similar magazine Before or you might like to take a chance on someone that haven't don a similar category before. To decide this you would need to some research! I have learned throughout my research have to create a professional and sailable Magazine. By looking at other, similar type of magazines as my own I have gotten ideas have to make my magazine to look professional. I also did some research to find and create my reader profile. I used survey monkey to Find out what my readers like and I did an interview. By looking at other pop magazines Reader profiles I manage to make my own.
  44. 44. Style When it comes to the way my magazine looks I have learned how to style photographs, writing and layout and manipulate images. I used photo shop to manipulate photos and My page layouts, because it was easy to learn and use. If you have a look to the right you can see my college Magazine and my music magazine. My music magazine Looks more appealing because of the combination Of colors and text fonts. Also the front cover girl is styled On the music magazine,