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Blogging For Business
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Blogging For Business


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How real estate professionals can use blogging to engage with the consumer and generate business.

How real estate professionals can use blogging to engage with the consumer and generate business.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology

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  • 1. Blogging for Business By: Tina Merritt Wolkia, LLC
  • 2. BLOG is a contraction of the term  WEBLOG the word blog has taken on an even  looser meaning — that of any bit of media wherein the subject expresses his opinion or simply talks about something - Wikipedia What is Blogging???
  • 3. A blog is really just a website   Posts (or articles) are arranged in reverse-chronological order  Blogs are interactive – allowing for the author and visitors to engage in a conversation  Blogs are usually updated more frequently than websites So, Really…What is a Blog?
  • 4. Blogging allows for advertising 24/7. It is  always ―ON‖. Google likes Blogs  Allows you to show your personality  Blogs are engaging for others  The only costs for blogging are time and  possibly a small charge for the domain/hosting Why Blog???
  • 5. A website is a waste of time without a  blog.  A blog will help drive traffic to your website – organically.  To achieve search engine ranking for a website can cost millions using Google Ad Words! I Already Have a Website!
  • 6. Mini Google/SEO Explanation Just the basics!
  • 7. 2 options: Free Hosting & Self Hosted  Free Hosted: FREE (except for your  time), restricted on customization, may include ads Self Hosted: Minimal cost, freedom to get  creative, more challenging, self-branded, all on you to maintain. How do I start a Blog???
  • 8. Free hosting portals:    Activerain (members only for free blog)  Trulia  Livejournal  Where do I start a Blog?
  • 9. Not for the mildly computer literate  Pay for your domain (approx. $9/year)  Pay for hosting ($60-$300/year)  Must know how to install plugins  Some are easier than others  Must have patience!  Self-Hosted Blogs
  • 10. Domain =  Subdomain =  Google likes domains better than  subdomains. Domain vs. Subdomain
  • 11. Let’s Set Up a BLOG!!!!
  • 12. Domain – what do you want to call it?  Logo/picture  Main topic  Keywords/tags  Your Profile information  Your Contact information  Uninterrupted time  What do I need to set up a Blog?
  • 13. Make a list of questions clients have asked  you and turn them into blog posts Go to Trulia voices and look at the  questions people are asking Drive around and find something  interesting…or not interesting Take a picture and talk about it  Blog about what you know  What do I blog about?
  • 14. Do NOT be self-promoting  Politics  Religion  Sex  Controversial topics  Personal transactions (unless VERY  careful) Your children (at your discretion, OK)  What NOT to Blog About
  • 15. Keep it simple. Don’t be a ―talker‖  Engage your readers  If you receive a comment, say ―thank  you‖ Try to write a post 3x per week minimum  For every post you write, comment on 10  others Commenting on other blogs drives traffic  to yours A few more Blogging rules…
  • 16. Try to find that ―secret loophole‖  Don’t use keywords, tags  Cut and paste your blog posts from other  sources (that’s copyright infringement) Buy your blog posts from someone else  Duplicate content from your other blogs  Put a bunch of links on your site for no  reason How to piss off Google…
  • 17. What have you gotten yourself into?
  • 18. Business card  License plate  ―Calling‖ cards  Signs  Postcards  Email signature  ―Real estate services‖  Social networking  Advertise your blog!
  • 19. Schedule your posts  ―Photo Friday‖  Re-blog other interesting posts with your  spin on the content Monitor traffic – what gets traffic and  what doesn’t? Stick with it – it will take a while for  anyone to ―listen‖ to what you have to say. Get into a Groove….
  • 20. Analyze your traffic  What keywords find you?  Google yourself  What posts get more traffic?  Know your audience  Offer ―tell a friend‖ and ―subscribe here‖  Link to your website  Offer instant chat  Google Analytics
  • 21. Video blogging – have webcam, will blog!  Perfect for those with less-than-perfect grammar  Pictures – Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket…a picture is worth 1,000 words in blogging!  Charts, graphs, statistics, MAPS! All are GREAT content for blogs! Blogging doesn’t have to be all about writing!
  • 22. Keyword-rich title that offers benefit to  the reader Make the first sentence keyword rich as  well Use the keywords and/or phrases 2-3  times in your post Bold your keywords – but don’t overdo it  Link to previous posts if relevant to  content How to create a post that ROCKS!
  • 23. Engage your readers! You can’t have SEO  without YEO (You, Engaging Others) Don’t write like a 6 year old – proofread  or at the very least, use spell-check Link to other relevant sites  Call to action – sign up, subscribe, tell a  friend Update the post if necessary  Rock ‘em Part Deux
  • 24. Publicize your blog posts by:  Creating a ―fan page‖ on Facebook and  feeding your posts there  Posting to Twitter  Send to a business you write about  Bookmark manually or using a site such as Want to tell the world???
  • 25. RE Bar Camp is an ad-hoc gathering born  from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.  RE Bar Camp Lynchburg will be 10/8/09. Go to to see the entire schedule of Bar Camps!!!! Come to REBarCamp!