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Palmetto Technology Hub - Skill Sharing
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Palmetto Technology Hub - Skill Sharing


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Socializing and Skill Sharing - June 28,2012For this training, attendees were asked to share a tip with theother attendees as you’ll see on the following slides. We hada small group of techies and nonprofits and are glad to say itwas a success!! Everyone had a chance to share theirknowledge and everyone walked away with something new. Ihope we do it again soon.
  • 2. Tina Arnoldi @TinaArnoldi
  • 3. Amanda Holling Business Librarian Charleston County Public Library @ccplbusiness
  • 4. How and why should I convert Presentations to PDFLisa BerryDistrict 58 PROToastmasters International
  • 5. How? Save PPT(X) as an Adobe PDF Open PDF with Adobe Acrobat Edit > Preferences > Full Screen Enable via Full Screen icon
  • 6. Why? PDF’s are smaller than a PPT(X) which means:  Less upload time  Quicker downloads Less compatibility problems You can embed movie files Secure file that helps eliminate people making changes to YOUR document!
  • 7. Paula Byers & West Jones Special Olympics pbyers1@comcast.net
  • 8. Tag – you’re it!
  • 9. Special Night for Special Olympics
  • 10. Glasspro + Special Olympics + Lowcountry Technical = Partnership! 3 Way partnership
  • 11. John Van Dalen Charleston County Public Library @ccplbusiness
  • 12. Charleston County Library is aCooperating Collection, so youhave access to the FoundationCenter Database Online (FDO).
  • 13. Back The F: Up (and the C: too)Michael Carnell - Palmetto Technology Hub @carnellm on Twitter
  • 14. Michael CarnellCo-founder of The Palmetto Technology Hub Development partner in DesignTechWeb Tech, train and British car geekCarnellm on Twitter and most everywhere else
  • 15. Your Computers ARE Your Business• All of your accounting records• Organizational history• Personal (family, organizational) photos• Passwords and account information• Almost all correspondence• Medical records• Past documentation and templates
  • 16. Some Threats You Are Up AgainstExternal Internal• Hurricane • Disgruntled Employee• Fire • Hardware Failure• Flood • Accidents such as• Power Spikes o spills• Theft o knock overs• Vandalism o heat and other elements• Confiscation • Accidental Deletion• Zombies
  • 17. The 3 - 2 - 1 Backup Strategy3 Copies of your important documents (and heres a hint: almost everything is important)2 Copies at least must be on different types of media (dont put all your eggs in one basket - or trust all your backups to one drive)1 Copy must be offsite - out of the geographical region and weather pattern
  • 18. And To Make Sure It All Works . . .The entire process must be automated - should rely on no person to make it work - like those funky sci-fi shows 500 years in the futureThe results should be regularly tested ...1. When first instituted2. Every week for four weeks thereafter3. Every month for 6 months after the weekly4. Every quarter or month - depending on comfort level
  • 19. A Simple and Typical Method1 - Your hard drive or server is the first copy. Yes, the original counts. (Always monitors drives and servers for errors.)2 - All files from server are copied to an external hard drive either constantly or daily. (This is both the second copy and second type of storage.)3 - All files are then copied out to an offsite backup solution via the Internet. (This is the third copy, another type of storage, and out of the geographic area.)
  • 20. 1 - Your Hard driveYou already have this. Just add versioning ability and regular checkupsShadow Copy is turned on per drive or in the server console depending on the operating system
  • 21. (1 cont) Turn on System Restore
  • 22. 2 - External Hard Drive• The external should be at least twice as big as the drive you are backing up• Windows Backup will work fine if installed, or better...• Use a program such as CrashPlan which can bring in other computers too
  • 23. (2 cont) Protect The Drive1. Make sure it is mounted securely - not falling off the top of machines2. Make sure it has clean power - preferably a UPS for controlled shutdown3. In case of impending Zombie Apocalypse (or hurricane) take it off site4. Best practice is to have two or more units and rotate them off-site
  • 24. 3 - Off Site BackupRequirements Some Great Ones1. Out of geographical area • Mozy2. Automated - Must!! • Carbonite3. Can restore via web or physical • Crashplan media4. Secure and encrypted Different / Sharing5. Reputable firm • DropBox6. Affordable • Google Drive7. Demo or trial version • MS SkyDrive8. System compatibility
  • 25. (3 cont) Offsite Guidelines1. Remember to go over the mountains2. Protection will cost anywhere from $5 per PC per month to $150 per server per year3. Offsite backups are disaster protection, onsite backups are for data recovery
  • 26. It is Easier to Backup than to RecoverIf you have to go to forensic recovery from a failed drive, start your estimate at $1,500 per drive - minimumFor recommendations on what to do in case of drive failure, check out a few tips from DriveSavers
  • 27. Conclusion : 3-2-1 Backup! 3 Places 2 Different Media1 Needs to be Offsite