Project Plan for Tote Bag

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This is a project plan for a tote bag.

This is a project plan for a tote bag.

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  • 1. Performance Task in HELE 6 3rd Quarter S.Y. 2013-2014 Submitted by: Mary Gabrielle “Gabbie” Santos Submitted to: Mrs. Emily Glorioso
  • 2. HELE Project Plan I. Project:Tote Bag Making Date Begun: Dec. 3,2013 Date Finished: Dec. 9, 2013 II. General Objective: The student will learn how to sew a tote bag utilizing the different hand stitches. III. Illustration
  • 3. IV.      Tools/Materials Embroidery Needle Felt Cloth Scissors Thread (color of your desire) Decorations/designs V. Procedure 1. Measure 2 inches from the side then cut it 2. Fold 1 inch from the top edge and pin it. 3. Then attach the 2 sides together then sew using back stitch 4. Measure 1 inch from the bottom of your felt cloth then sew across For the strap: 1 Sew the side (running stitch) then attach the strap to your tote bag 2. Turn it back and apply decoration.
  • 4. VI. Evaluation Score Guide: HELE Project Plan EX- Excellent (5) VS- Very Satisfactory (4) S- Satisfactory (3) F-Fair (2) NI- Needs Improvement (1) A. Materials 1. The type of cloth is appropriate for the project. 2. All the tools and materials needed are available. 3. Uses thimble when sewing. 4. The color of the thread harmonizes with the color of the cloth. B. Workmanship 1. The measurements are accurate. 2. The pattern is laid and pinned properly before cutting. 3. The cloth is cut properly with allowances for folds. 4. The hem is invisible on the outside of the garment. 5. The stitches are even and straight. 6. The threads are trimmed off. EX VS S F NI