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Presentation to SugarCon - Using SugarCRM CE as a CRM to Manage Customers in the LGMA Household Charge Project

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SugarCon Speaker tim willoughby

  1. 1. Tim Willoughby CTO, LGMA @timwillo 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. Local GovernmentTweet: #SCON12
  3. 3. 5 Business Drivers The World has to be • SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, Web 2.0 / 3.0, Peer to Peer on the Cloud • Addressing and Adapting change and to change • Instantaneous, Online Response from Inter-continental companies The World is Flat • Digital Supply Chain across Global companies / across the globe • Environmental Compliance The world is green • Reduce your own and your companies Carbon Footprint • Consumers and Workforce - always on - connected anywhere The World is Mobile • Increased demand and expectation for services The World of Low • Energy and Cost Efficient Computing and Data Centres Cost ICT • Flatter Budgets require Efficiencies CAPX and OPEXTweet: #SCON12
  4. 4. Security is changing Security has to be appropriate Security has to be measured Can have things so secure that they are unusable.Tweet: #SCON12
  5. 5. Open Source is forcing ChangeWith or Without the Owners / ShareholdersTweet: #SCON12
  6. 6. So far ICT has not fundamentallychanged government  1990s: lCT expected to make government more transparent, efficient and user oriented  2005+: disillusion as bureaucracy still in existence  Open Source will Help? Jane E. Fountain – Gov 1.0 – Just Replicating the Silos on the InternetTweet: #SCON12
  7. 7. Goverment dont always Understand What thepeople Want?
  8. 8. What governments often DeliverTweet: #SCON12
  9. 9. Why have Government not done so well? It is unfortunate that the first 3 letters of eGovernment are…
  10. 10. Development t Creativity Design InnovationHow do we spottrends?
  11. 11. TheFutureis has to be
  12. 12. The World is changing
  13. 13. Tweet: #SCON12
  14. 14. What has Open Source ever done for us? Apart from Scale, Enterprise Applications, CRM, ERP, mail, Open Standards, API’s, GIS, Office, CMS, Workflow, … … 16 Tweet: #SCON12
  15. 15. Organisational And CRM…..View of OpenSource… 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 17
  16. 16. Open Source Journey so far… 4 Open Source Workshops – across Government Well represented Open Source Tender 40 Companies, Desktop, BackOffice, GIS, CMS, CRM, Doc Mgmt Open Source Team in LGCSB Meath Alfresco Cork / Wicklow Drupal LGCSB LAMP, Sugar Limerick Zarafa, LDAP Galway Libre Office Carlow Asterisk Kildare GIS Workshops Experience – Reduce Barriers South Dublin Ushahidi, EverGreen, Drupal FixYourStreets Usahaidi / SugarTweet: #SCON12
  17. 17. Open Source.. a new form of commonsense? “Every social stratum has its own “common sense” and its own “good sense,” which are basically the most widespread conception of life and of men. Common sense is not something rigid and immobile, but is continually transforming itself, enriching itself with scientific ideas and with philosophical opinions which have entered ordinary life...” Antonio Gramsci. Selections from the Prison Notebooks (London: Lawrence and Wishart, 1971), 326Tweet: #SCON12
  18. 18. OSS Working Groups  CMS  CRM  GIS  Doc Mgmt  Email  Database  Desktop / LTSP (Virtualisation)  Telephony  Open Standards  ArchiveTweet: #SCON12
  19. 19. Why CRM Interactions with Citizens Manage unknown activity and Growth Reporting on Interactions Simple Interface WorkflowsTweet: #SCON12
  20. 20. Why Sugar Easy to use Easy to Install It’s a Platform Not just a CRM Information Management Customer Interaction – rather than Ticket Management Out of the Box Flexibility to dynamic scalability.Tweet: #SCON12
  21. 21. 8 Months ago…. Met with Clint Oram… “You’ll have a challenge” “Timeline is tight” “Delighted to help…”Tweet: #SCON12 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 23
  22. 22. Biggest Issues… Governance Timeline Resistance from the Traditionalists.. Fear of the Unknown Project Management Methodology not used to Agile / Scrum – ( or will never be used to it) SugarCRM still a “new” product in Ireland Risk of not going with “mainstream” CRM – Big Blue…Tweet: #SCON12 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 24
  23. 23. So what was the problem...Tweet: #SCON12
  24. 24. GOVERNMENT MUST CHANGE ADAPT THINK AND ACT DIFFERENTLY Tweet: #SCON12 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 26
  25. 25. SugarCRM - Counter Culture for Government?  Platform rather than Government Preferences Product • Product Driven – Silo  Customisation approach ability out of the • Use what we give you box • Silo Source, Silo  Wisdom of Crowds Customers  Ongoing Betas • Wisdom of the Centre  Many devices • Big Deliveries • PC drivenTweet: #SCON12
  26. 26. Decision Making  Household Charge Minister Delays 3 Months to build the CRM Strong Opposition Had existing ITIL Service Desk ITIL Track Issues – needed to track people Tweet: #SCON12
  27. 27. Or WizardsThanks toSUGAR….CRM is nowMainstreamTweet: #SCON12
  28. 28. Our SugarCRM in the Irish NewsTweet: #SCON12
  29. 29. More Sugar CRM in the Irish NewsTweet: #SCON12
  30. 30.  Started Jan 1st Over 280,000 Records since then Advertising CampaignsTweet: #SCON12
  31. 31. Future of Sugar in LGMA Currently Interface with email, Paper and Phones – Next Interface directly with PBX Scanning Interface to remove Paper quicker Social Media Interface - Twitter in / Out Manage Campaigns, for Future Taxation Contact Future Householders re Next Year Tax Integrated Account for Householders Online Interface directly to CRMTweet: #SCON12 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 33
  32. 32. Detail and Demo Rhoda KerinsTweet: #SCON12
  33. 33. Future Septic Tank Tax 500,000 txn Second Home Tax 300,000 txn FixYourStreet Huge growthTweet: #SCON12
  34. 34. Quality of Service - can be viewed from many perspectivesIt was OK when it left Belfast!Tweet: #SCON12
  35. 35. 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 37
  36. 36. Submit Session Feedback Select the SugarCon Mobile App: 1) Tap on this session 2) Tap on survey 3) Submit your feedback*Prizes for attendees who submit session feedback using the Mobile App 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 38
  37. 37. #SCON12 5/25/2012 ©2012 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. 39