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Late Night Comedy Meets B2B Content


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Simple and inexpensive approaches to creating more engaging content for inbound marketing

Simple and inexpensive approaches to creating more engaging content for inbound marketing

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating Engaging Content Social Brand Forum 2013 @TimWasher
    • 2. To gain attention and affinity on social channels such as Facebook and YouTube, a portion of our content mix needs to be more engaging and entertaining. Consumer brands have been successful and creating entertaining content.
    • 3. But many corporate brands think because our selling cycle is more complex, all of our content needs to be complex. We think because we sell to committees, we must communicate with committees on Facebook. But look at the data:
    • 4. “73% of people who read corporate blogs are people” @timwasher
    • 5. Storytelling Approaches
    • 6. Slideshow
    • 7. An easy way to produce video for YouTube is by creating a slideshow with still photos. Narrate a voice-over track in Windows MovieMaker or iMovie / iPhoto on Mac. Suggest a story concept to employees
    • 8. The storylines don’t need to be connected to a company initiative. Rather, ask employees to share personal interest stories, e.g. “My top 10 Favorite BBQ Places.” This helps to humanize the brand, and builds trust.
    • 9. Source for free photos: Photo Pin
    • 10. Documentary
    • 11. Research the history of your industry. Find the stories of pioneers, invention, failure. Interview interesting and influential thought leaders, authors, professors. At Cisco, instead of telling the story about our company, we produced a documentary about the impact of the telecom network.
    • 12. Reporting ROI
    • 13. Cinematography-based Stories
    • 14. If you don’t have a compelling story to tell,
    • 15. When I’m struggling to come up with story ideas, I’ll seek inspiration by thinking of scenes that are interesting to watch, and try to find a relevant story. We filmed a story about how the Norwalk Aquarium uses the mobile internet to create a better experience for it’s members.
    • 16. Customer Visit Meets The Travel Channel
    • 17. Edutainment
    • 18. For IBM’s Smarter Planet campaign, we shared small pieces of knowledge, along with some humor. And if that didn’t work, we blew up a trash can.
    • 19. Smartphone Studio
    • 20. iPhone 5 External Mic $28 Lav Mic $20
    • 21. Joby Mini Stand for Smartphones JB01279-BWW
    • 22. WonTube Free Video Converter - CNET Converts iPhone video to MP4, WMV formats
    • 23. $300 will buy an HD camcorder with external audio port for a lav mic
    • 24. Search online for refurbished, gently-used gear.
    • 25. Use a 60 Watt soft light bulb. Hang a piece of translucent shower curtain liner to reduce harsh shadows.
    • 26. Vidpro K-120 On-Camera LED Video Light Kit
    • 27. $10 buys a portable monopod. Removing the shakes from your videos make them much easier to watch.
    • 28. Humor
    • 29. Humanizing with Humor  Evokes positive emotion  Demonstrates authenticity  Redeems  Cuts through the noise
    • 30. Prepared for a Zombie Pandemic? CDC Can Help
    • 31. If you think humor isn’t appropriate for your industry, consider the CDC’s Zombie Pandemic Preparedness Kit case. Results: 1.2 million Twitter follows, 150K Facebook fans, and 2.8 million people/month visiting the CDC website. If a Federal agency in the healthcare vertical can use humor, just about any brand can.
    • 32. How to Be Hilarious  Focus on Pain, not Product  Partner: film school / improv theater  Start internal, go external
    • 33. Two weeks after a very visible, depressing YouTube failure, I ended up in Estes Park, CO. During the Ghost Tour at the Stanley Hotel, I learned how a failure led Stephen King to write one of his most successful stories, The Shining. It was a reminder that failure is a necessary part of the creative process. Every time I find myself being insecure about a project, I think of this story.
    • 34. Thank You!