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Pingwell Deck

  1. 1. Share and compare September, 2013
  2. 2. Our Mission Our mission is to help consumers save billions on their grocery shopping when they share and compare prices on their mobile devices.
  3. 3. • The grocery basket is a “big ticket” item. An average family of 5 spends $10,000 per year. • Valuable marketing stack. $600 billion market sales $100 billion spent in advertising, promotions. • Brands complain about the poor feedback loop versus web. • Nearly untouched by the mobile revolution in shopping compared to other retail verticals. • No price transparency. Consumers don’t know what they don’t know. Why Groceries?
  4. 4. Grocery Prices: Not Secret, Definitely Not Public Prices and products are compelling content Information that shoppers don’t have. Calculations that shoppers never do. Savings that shoppers don’t know about. Shopping Plans Basket identical items Store A $232 Store B $218 Store C $196 Store D $152 Shop the 2 best stores $150 Shop all 4 stores $140 Shop 2 stores and online $135 You can pay any of theses prices for an identical basket.
  5. 5. Pingwell has deep app experience "Grocery Gadget's the most fantastic app I've come across," she says. "It has absolutely changed the way I shop. I haven't written a shopping list on paper since I got it. --Judy Devaney, Ocala FL • Grocery Gadget app is a leading shopping utility. Available on iPhone, Android and other platforms. • Hundreds of thousands of active users. Millions of sessions per month. • First with live sync for list sharing. • Loyal users, great press.
  6. 6. The Next Generation: Grocery Exchange SHARE MORE EARN MORE Grocery Exchange offers convenience feature bases on years of user feedback. UPC level database. Nationwide stores. Learns store layouts. Suggests substitute items. Live syncing with houshold. Intuitive UX. But our users never stop asking for prices...
  7. 7. Grocery Exchange Offers Revolutionary Features WAYS TO EARN SMART SHOPPING PLANS SHARE MORE EARN MORE LOCAL PRICES
  8. 8. Price Collection Technology Many apps have barcode scanners, but these don’t help collect prices. Collecting prices is not easy. Prices are displayed on a variety of non-standard shelf labels as text. Pingwell has tapped computer vision experts to help us develop proprietary image parsing technology that reads these labels under the tough conditions found “in the wild”. Our cloud-based data sharing platform also hosts a proprietary geo-sensitive grocery product search engine. Combined with local prices, collection pipeline transmits the price data to our sharing platform in seconds. No other app in the space boasts these Big Data features.
  9. 9. The Mobile Channel is Uniquely Powerful Grocery Exchange • Context is King. Experiments with Grocery Gadget show that CPG ads in a shopping app are 20-50 times more productive than generic ads. And there’s room for improvement! • Targeted Messaging. Unique touches place relevant items and suggestions near the moment of decision. • Measurable Actions. A click stream with significance.
  10. 10. Anatoliy Babayev, CTO Former Soviet Current Consumerista Pingwell Leadership Team Tim Sears, PhD, CEO Former Wall Street Current Consumerista Business strategist, computer scientist, data and analytics expert. Created Pingwell’s cloud based data extraction technology. 19 years experience on Wall Street in trading, pricing and risk management. 2nd startup. Provides leadership to one of Silicon Valley’s fastest growing innovation centers, Hacker Dojo. Serial entrepreneur, original creator of the Grocery Gadget family of apps. 19 years experience in innovation, design and implementation of IT systems in the hotel space. Developed first cloud based hotel CRM. Passionate in mobile tech, agile dev, UI/UX and dev team leadership.
  11. 11. • Delaware C Corp. Founder-funded and bootstrapped to-date. • In Q4, 2012 we issued $150K convertible note (20% discount, no cap) • Currently raising up to $800K Seed Preferred round. • Uses Add more engineers, data analysts, product manager. (2/3rd) Fund rollout and user acqusition. (1/3rd) Company/Financing