Kids Ministry at The Branch


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A brief overview of the philosophy and motivation behind Kids Ministry at The Branch.

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Kids Ministry at The Branch

  1. 1. Motivation for Ministry Children’s Ministry at The Branch
  2. 2. So what’s the big deal about Kids Ministry?
  3. 3. As kids grow up, they are establishing beliefs and behaviors that will stay with them their entire life.
  4. 4. Kids grow up fast . Our time with them is limited, and valuable. We need to make the most of our time together.
  5. 5. Moral foundations are generally in place by the time kids reach age 9.
  6. 6. Spiritual beliefs are formed by the time kids are 13 years old.
  7. 7. A person’s response to Jesus Christ is usually determined before they reach 18.
  8. 8. The clock is ticking with every child in our ministry. Blink, and they’re grown and out the door. On average, we only have 40 hours a year of ‘church time’ with each child.
  9. 9. Are we doing our best with the valuable time we have?
  10. 10. Eighty-eight percent of Evangelical Christians kids who were raised going to church leave the church upon High School graduation. Southern Baptist Convention, Focus on Family Life 88% Most Christian parents do not believe they are doing a good job at facilitating the spiritual development of their children. p. 35 Revolution , George Barna
  11. 11. It’s time to sound the alarm, and act with urgency to help parents raise their kids in Jesus Christ. Parents want our help, and their kids need it. This is our burning platform: maximize the impact we have on kids, helping them build a relationship with God through belief in Jesus Christ that will grow as they grow.
  12. 12. How do we do that?
  13. 13. First…
  14. 14. We Have to Get their Attention. Kids need to grow up learning about the Big God that made them, loves them, and wants what is best for them. We want to grow the next generation of powerful Christian kids who will walk with God in knowledge and power, and be the hero servants and leaders in their families and their world. But in order to do that, we have to be relevant, and stand out amidst the barrage of messages kids receive each day. We must present the living and active Word of God to them in the language and imagery of their time, so that they will learn, experience, and incorporate the stories and truths of the Bible into their lives. And hopefully kids and parents will think we're the coolest thing. Ever.
  15. 15. Then Now The message is timeless, but the technology that carries it is constantly evolving. Want kids to listen? We have speak their language on the technology they’re using. You’ve got to be relevant.
  16. 16. So what’s relevant to kids? Disney knows. Music companies know. They’ve got your kids engaged. If the church doesn’t speak to kids in ways that are relevant, kids will tune it out, and listen to the values and messages coming from the sources they find entertaining. Do you trust popular music, television, and the movies to raise your kids?
  17. 17. We need to take what’s in here, and translate it for here, without losing the power and truth of the message.
  18. 18. “ The writers of the Bible are communicating in language their world will understand. They are using the symbols and pictures and images of the culture they are speaking to.” p. 65, Velvet Elvis , Rob Bell We should do the same.
  19. 19. Second…
  20. 20. Teach kids the Bible. In order to walk out a life that is built on an intimate relationship with God, kids need to know the God that loves them, and understand the entire grand story of how He has pursued them since the beginning of time. Kids need to know the story of God’s love for them, from Genesis through Revelation. They need to be literate in the people, places, stories, and truths of the Word of God. We’re going to teach kids the Bible.
  21. 21. Teaching kids the Bible isn’t just our idea; it’s God’s plan.
  22. 22. “ We will not hide them (your words) from our children. We will tell the next generation… so the next generation would know them, and even the children yet to be born, and they in turn would tell their children. Then They would put their trust in God and not forget his deeds but keep his commands.” Psalm 78:4,6-7
  23. 23. “ Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” Deuteronomy 11:18-19
  24. 24. Third…
  25. 25. Show kids they have a place to belong; a place to fit in and make friends.
  26. 26. Our weekend programs employ the small group model, where kids are encouraged to build lasting relationships with each other, and with our volunteer leaders. We want our kids best friends to be the kids they meet at church. And we will surround our kids with strong adult examples of what it means to walk out life with Jesus. We want each kid to feel welcomed, wanted, and loved.
  27. 27. Everyone Belongs Here.
  28. 28. And Fourth…
  29. 29. Empower and enable parents to be the spiritual leaders of their families, and to connect with other like-minded families .
  30. 30. We believe that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. Our influence over kids only extends so far. It’s nothing compared to the influence parents have for their own children.
  31. 31. Remember how churches get approximately 40 hours a year with each kid? During that same year, parents will have 3,000 hours with their kids. It’s up to parents to model a life with Jesus for their kids. We’re going to help them do that.
  32. 32. “ He who fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for his children it will be a refuge.” Proverbs 14:26
  33. 33. Find Each Other. Find Some Friends. Find the LORD. Said simply, the Kids Ministry at The Branch exists to help families:
  34. 34. We hope you’ll join us.
  35. 35. Tim Scott Director of Children’s Ministry The Branch Home Phone: (972) 488-9118 Office Phone: (972) 284-7860 Cell Phone: (972) 989-4940 Email: ‘ Friend me’ on Facebook and MyBranch