Using LinkedIN to win business - May 2013 webinar slides


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Using LinkedIn & other social media to win business - the slides from Kelso Consulting's recent webinar:

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Using LinkedIN to win business - May 2013 webinar slides

  1. 1. Using LinkedIn & other social mediato win businessWebinar - May 20131
  2. 2. Please note• These are the slides used in our recent webinar on using LinkedInand other social media to win business.• This webinar was supplemented with live demonstrations of variousLinkedIn features. These bits are not included in this slide deck –but many are covered on this presentation on SlideShare:• To view the full video webinar (which has all the missingbits), please go to www.clubkelsopr.com2
  3. 3. About Kelso Consulting– Public Relations & thought leadershipconsultancy– Award-winning thought leadership campaigns– Kelso Consulting is all about:• Headline thinking:– creating campaigns with strong ideas and powerfulcontent• Hardline results:– delivering high-impact national and business mediacoverage– Ensuring campaigns across marketing, sales and digitalto bring commercial results3
  4. 4. What we are going to cover• Social media – what is it & why important• Making it work for you• Applying this to LinkedIn• Twitter (if we have time)• Questions4
  5. 5. What is social media andwhy it is importantfor B2B businesses5
  6. 6. Why is social media important TODAY?Social media is now a fundamental part of dayto day business and social life1.Normal for a manager, professional, customer orentrepreneur to use it2.Communication via social media often preferred overemail by its users3.It is used by your clients, prospects and potential recruits4.Gets you to the top of Google
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Common elements of social media• Network element – typically the ability to:– follow: people, subjects, brands, discussions– interact: whether publicly, semi publicly( eg inforums) and/or direct private interaction– updates• Content sharing: blogs, videos, photos, catpictures, etc• Endorsement of content and views:– Share it– Comment / grade / recommend it– Popularity / visits / views 9
  10. 10. How to succeed• Build up a network (or followers)• Interact with them• Have content worth sharing and recommending• Link back the real world… how will you turn onlineinterest and “relationships” into clients• Be easy to be found10
  11. 11. LinkedIn – have a purpose & strategyWhat do you want to achieve?Who do you want to connect with to achievethis?People who you know well?People who you have met?People you want to meet?Lots of randoms?11
  12. 12. Think keywords• What search phrase will the people you arelooking to attract probably use• Make sure these are in your profile asprominently and as frequently as possible12
  13. 13. LinkedIn optimisation• Optimising your profile• Optimising your Company profile13
  14. 14. LinkedIn – making social media workWhat do you want to achieve?Who do you want to connect with to achievethis?Think key wordsThink content strategy14
  15. 15. Different content and formality15
  16. 16. Making LinkedIn work• The more contacts you have, the larger yourextended network• Have a strategy for who you connect to• Regular cultivation• Be easy to find and remember• It is a supplement to the real world, not areplacement to phone, meetings, etc• Use it actively, not passively16
  17. 17. Top 10 buzzwords on LinkedInAvoid using:1. Extensive experience2. Innovative3. Motivated4. Results-oriented5. Dynamic6. Proven track record7. Team player8. Fast-paced9. Problem solver10. Entrepreneurial17
  18. 18. Using LinkedIn proactively• Background research on people• Linking to people you want to meet• Discovering useful connections and gettingintroduced18
  19. 19. Prospects: what you can learn fromprofiles• Career background• Interests (esp from their Forums andhobbies)• What are their views (if they post comments)• Photo (usually)• Who you know that knows them)19
  20. 20. If approaching cold leadsMake the initial approach compelling & relevant tothem and not a sales pitch.Eg“I am a consultant who specialises in xxxxbusinesses and I often distribute interestingresearch and host events for senior directors –could I add you to my network”20
  21. 21. Emails to your contacts21
  22. 22. Next steps - LinkedIn• Set aside a morning for improving your profileand inviting contacts• Set aside a morning for looking at forums andjoining relevant ones• Set aside a morning for researching your“second degree” contacts and identify key ones• Identify an initial 10 and phone your contact toask “I would really like to meet X. I saw onLinkedIn that you know them. If you were me,what would you do?”22
  23. 23. 23
  24. 24. Why important• Helps you and your company be found bypotential customers & recruits• Keeps you in touch with your network• Shows you their network & communications• A direct communication channel• Great source of market intelligence• Strong viral potential• Demonstrating expertise• Putting a human face on businesses24
  25. 25. Bringing social media intoyour campaigns• Get the strategy right first• Make it easy for people. Ensure campaignsincludes:– Tweets– Facebook posting– Posting on relevant popular blogs– Your people given authored comments to post on theirLinkedIn page• Make it fun – eg quirky competitions to reward yoursocial media heroes• Find the enthusiasts - consider creating specificelements that different people and teams areresponsible for.
  26. 26. How Kelso Consulting can help26Kelso Consulting
  27. 27. How Kelso can help• Content generation (thought leadershipresearch, articles, white papers)• Sounding board for ideas and issues• LinkedIn coaching• PR campaigns that generate online impact anddebate• Coverage from highly-rated media sites todramatically improve SEO• Campaigns that bring all the elements together
  28. 28. Questions please28
  29. 29. Next seminars:Summer 2013Using thought leadership to successfully retain and win clients – 14 June 2013Autumn 2013 – dates TBCUsing LinkedIn & social media to win businessCreating the perfect proposalMaximising your law firm’s rankings in the legal directoriesCreating & launching a successful business Consulting29
  30. 30. 21 Bloomsbury WayLondonWC1A 2TH020 7242 228630Kelso Consultingwww.kelsopr.comKelso Consulting