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How virtualization can help connect educators and students to applications and information from almost any device

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Virtualization Edu

  1. 1. IBM Education Solutions How virtualization can help connect educators and students to applications and information from almost any device. Common challenges for educators In school systems, universities and colleges everywhere, IT staffs are finding it harder to maintain desk- top computers, laptops, and various other devices and infrastructures. Increasingly tight budgets limit what schools can spend on computers for students, teachers and administra- tors. Constantly evolving technology and the periodic nature of funding can result in a lack of standardization across a district, campus or system. And the geographic distribution of schools or campuses stretches the Highlights ability of technical staff to give hands-on support as they have to ■ Increases IT efficiency by ■ Improves tracking and control travel to make even simple fixes in simplifying the end-user of computer usage PCs – the configuration of which they computing environment don’t know until they arrive on site. ■ Streamlines IT transformation ■ Simplifies IT management and while using existing infrastruc- At the same time that computers reduces IT maintenance costs ture investment have proliferated, so have applica- tions and the devices storing the data ■ Enables secure access to of the institution and individuals. a virtual desktop using Managing applications and data is dispersed thin clients and more complicated than ever before. multiple mobile devices
  2. 2. Older computers have to be This virtualized environment pro- Simplified infrastructure management upgraded or replaced in order vides a single, personalized point and device support to run newer versions of software, of access for all users – teachers, Using IBM’s virtualized approach to and users have little control over administrators, government edu- thin client computing, users retain all personal and private information. cation officials, students, parents, of the PC experience, while IT gar- Further, students sharing a PC lack researchers, school accountants and ners all of the savings brought about a sense of ownership, and account- healthcare workers. through centralized PC management. ability, for that computer. Students, teachers, administrators Increased cost-efficiency and and other users enjoy a full desktop IBM is helping schools address reduced maintenance OS experience just like they have with these challenges. With IBM With centralized data and processing, a traditional desktop, while benefiting Virtualization solutions, schools educators control student access from a dramatically new and power- can provide students and authorized to applications and other resources. ful PC computing approach. With the users with single-point, consistent Software updates can be made cen- IBM Virtualization solutions, users access to applications, information, trally, and extended immediately are free to move about their physical people and processes from almost to every client computing device. surroundings and maintain secure any device with an Internet connec- With all the processing and storage access to their PC desktop from any tion. These solutions deliver the centralized, schools can continue client device at any time. same capabilities of distributed, using existing servers. Compared high-function PCs and laptops to using “thick” clients – or fully con- With IBM Virtualization solutions, IT through a centralized, server-based figured PCs or laptops – thin client gains full management control of the infrastructure. With IBM Virtualization design offers added protection from physical resource. With software solutions, all the applications, data viruses, a lower price point, and sig- and data managed centrally, IT pro- and processes a school needs are nificantly reduced risk of theft. That’s visioning, maintenance, security, on the IBM server and are no longer because thin client devices contain regulatory compliance and backup on individual PCs. Users can log fewer parts: a microprocessor capa- processes are all streamlined. As a on almost anywhere and access the ble of processing graphics, network result, many of the performance programs and information they need interface capability, a video subsys- and management tasks that now and are authorized to use. tem, and just enough memory to burden end users are able to be cen- run the software to connect to the trally managed by qualified IT staff. server. They do not require a hard drive, floppy drive, or CD-ROM drive.
  3. 3. IT has the capability to dedicate Increased control and overview What is virtualization? CPU, memory, storage and network During the assessment and planning A virtualized system presents resources to virtualized desktop phase of Virtualization solutions, IBM applications and information to machines. That means users can be consultants ensure that authorized each user in a consistent, familiar guaranteed high service levels even users can simultaneously access way regardless of the implementa- as their numbers increase. all of the applications they require. tion, geographic location or physi- Additionally, the solution includes the cal packaging of the user’s device. Extending key resources to dispersed ability to monitor all of the resources It can help improve productivity, users in a secure manner accessed by end users. The infra- enable greater mobility, and reduce IBM Virtualization solutions include structure constantly logs a database dependence on traditional PCs, an analysis-designed implementa- of all access information – real-time laptops and other client hardware tion. It supports access to server access information about when a stu- by providing secure, easy access environments that host applications dent or other user logs in, what appli- to centrally hosted applications. running on servers, or to complete cations a particular user touches, Secure, single sign-on simplifies desktop images running in virtual and what virtual machines they use. access for the end user and reduces machines. IBM Virtualization solu- It provides educators and adminis- help-desk costs because both users tions offer a comprehensive set of trators with a tremendous amount of and support personnel gain the hardware, software, networking and specific information about how their access they need from any device IT services that provide a virtual infra- school’s technology environment is on the Internet. A virtualized sys- structure for delivering secure, up- being used: certainly much more tem supports both thin clients and to-date user platforms for a diverse information than what typically exists thick clients: a network connection, and mobile school population. in today’s legacy PC environment. browser and a JavaTM runtime client are all that is needed. Virtualization key benefits The IBM solutions provide a • Simplifies maintenance consistent view of applications to • Simplifies software updates all users, are designed to support • Reduces on-site support most application types, and use requirements significantly encrypted data transmission to help • Improves security and protect access. By taking advantage asset management of IBM’s dedication to open stand- • Centralizes server and storage devices ards, schools can enable efficient • Increases student “ownership” (No delivery of user applications without matter which device they use, students adding extra layers of infrastructure always get the consistent look-and-feel that could increase complexity. of their personal computer.)
  4. 4. Leverage existing For more information infrastructure investment For more information on how IBM IBM software and hardware leverage Virtualization solutions can more your existing infrastructure, which efficiently connect educators, stu- helps streamline IT transformation dents and other authorized users to © Copyright IBM Corporation 2007 and enables a smooth, cost-effective applications and information from IBM Corporation transition from a conventional, dis- almost any device, contact your IBM New Orchard Road Armonk, NY 10504 tributed environment to a centralized, representative, or go to: U.S.A. standardized, virtual environment. Produced in the United States of America Further, we employ a phased delivery 6-07 All Rights Reserved approach to help schools manage IBM, the IBM logo and are trademarks costs and ensure a smooth transi- or registered trademarks of International tion to a virtualized IT environment. Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both. IBM has over 30 years of virtualiza- Java and all Java-based trademarks are tion experience, and currently seven trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the of the ten largest U.S. school districts United States, other countries, or both. are IBM clients. Because IBM soft- Other company, product or service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. ware runs on multiple platforms and References in this publication to IBM products supports open standards and inter- and services do not imply that IBM intends to faces, we have the skills to provide make them available in all countries in which IBM operates. integrated services regardless of your school’s existing hardware or software configurations. PUS00321-USEN-00