Savtira Corporation Awarded Contract to Develop and Deliver Cloud Commerce eStore for<br />TAMPA, Jul. 27, ...
Savtira PR 07-26-11 - eglobalmall
Savtira PR 07-26-11 - eglobalmall
Savtira PR 07-26-11 - eglobalmall
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Savtira PR 07-26-11 - eglobalmall


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Savtira Corporation Awarded Contract to Develop and Deliver Cloud Commerce eStore for

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Savtira PR 07-26-11 - eglobalmall

  1. 1. Savtira Corporation Awarded Contract to Develop and Deliver Cloud Commerce eStore for<br />TAMPA, Jul. 27, 2011 — Savtira Corporation (Savtira), a new provider of B2B Cloud Commerce solutions, today announced the company was awarded a contract to develop and deliver an eStore built on the Savtira Cloud Commerce platform for (eGloboMall). Gross transactional sales generated by this eStore over the initial three years are expected to exceed $2 million dollars.<br />eGloboMall provides USA-based e-commerce retailers with a total multi-channel solution in the Caribbean and Latin America. eGloboMall uses both mobile e-commerce and bricks and mortar stores and kiosks to sell products from multiple USA-based vendors and distributors. eGlobomall’s mobile e-commerce model is experiencing rapid growth due to the high penetration of mobile phone usage in the Caribbean and Latin America. The bricks and mortar business model operates similarly to tried and true Sears catalog stores and eGloboMall maintains stores and kiosks in shopping centers where consumers can peruse the catalog and purchase goods from multiple online USA-based retailers. eGloboMall provides clients and customers with international product fulfillment with guaranteed delivery in 72 hours to 90 countries, social networking, enhanced consumer search process using Telepresence technology, and local-based personal customer service. eGloboMall aims to provide consumers in the Caribbean and Latin America the most comprehensive catalog in the market. That’s where Savtira comes in.<br />Savtira custom designs and manages online businesses for retailers and e-tailers, device manufacturers, publishers, software & game developers, aggregators, distributors, streaming companies, netcasters, and more. The company’s B2B Cloud Commerce platform is a fully-serviced turn-key solution for e-commerce and marketing of both downloadable digital media and packaged goods. Savtira eStores are branded and custom-tailored for Savtira clients so that no two eStores are alike. Savtira maintains an enormous catalog of millions of digital titles and thousands of packaged goods. All Savtira clients have the option to sell items from the Savtira catalog within their branded eStore. <br /> will distribute digital goods from the Savtira Catalog. This instantly increases their offering without having to track royalties, prepare products for digital distribution, negotiate hundreds of agreements, and other time and resource-intensive tasks. Additionally, can contribute their own content to Savtira’s Catalog for distribution to other Savtira eStores, which will give their clients a wider audience and raise new revenue streams.<br />“We are proud to be partnering with It’s a win-win situation for both companies. The integration of Savtira’s Cloud Commerce platform will have a tremendous impact on their mobile commerce stores by instantly expanding’s catalog to include millions of digital goods, including music, e-books, audiobooks, games, software, internet radio and videos,” said Timothy Roberts, CEO of Savtira Corporation. “And will allow Savtira to extend into the Caribbean and Latin American markets. We look forward to implementing our cloud computing and e-commerce expertise for”<br />“The Caribbean and Latin America are ripe grounds for a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service e-commerce solution. Broadband adoption is expanding, however mobile telephony is the real opportunity - a dozen Latin America and Caribbean countries have a mobile penetration exceeding 100 per cent. In the Caribbean, practically all of the Anglophone island states have a mobile penetration over 100 per cent. Mobile telephony has turned one aspect of the digital divide on its head in the Americas region, with numerous developing Latin American and Caribbean nations, including Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina and Panama having achieved higher mobile penetration levels than developed Canada and the United States. This represents a significant untapped opportunity for the delivery of information and transaction services by market actors,” said Marc Baron, Director of<br />About Savtira Corporation<br />Based in Tampa, Florida, Savtira is in the business of Digital Distribution with a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) e-commerce platform that is a turnkey system for the distribution, marketing, merchandising, and selling of both digital media and physical goods in a single store and a single, unified shopping cart. Savtira’s solutions make it possible for businesses to distribute digital goods directly from a custom-tailored eStore, as well as the option to include physical goods. Savtira is also building the next Carrier-Class “Entertainment Distribution Network” (EDN) to stream all digital media from the cloud with a feature set that eclipses anything on the market. For more information on Savtira, visit: Follow us on Twitter at:<br />About<br />Based in Puerto Rico, was founded in 2010 to provide an elegant solution for retailers to not only distribute their goods in the Caribbean and Latin America, but more importantly to gain the critical awareness and attention of the local consumer. <br />The founding management team is a group of serial entrepreneurs with deep commerce and logistics experience who have worked together and currently operate a number of companies in the Caribbean and Latin America. <br /> is committed to opening the doors of the Caribbean and Latin America using the most advanced technology, focusing on virtual and mobile applications.<br />For more information on, visit:<br />Savtira is a registered trademark. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.<br />###<br />Contact: Mike Hansen<br />Savtira Corporation<br />Phone: 813-402-0123<br />Fax: 813-440-3800<br />Email:<br />Website:<br />