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Savtira Newsletter - October

  1. 1. To vie w this in a browse r, click he reOctober 2011 Follow us: A Note From Our CEO September had us settled-in, into our new office that is – which was branded earlier this month, adorning our name in bright crimson and black (check-out the image below). Our company, however, was still on the move this month. It seems every day there is exciting news to share about how Savtira’s innovation is turning heads and growing into a new realm of e-commerce – C loud C ommerce. By far, the most exciting movement we’ve experienced this month was demonstrating the launch of our live streaming capabilities! We’re also thrilled to share the news on recently appointed content acquisition partners, technological development initiatives and even new clients on board. We’ve even grown as a team and welcomed in a highly sought after C hief Financial Officer, Mr. Geoff Bicknell. We’re incredibly fortunate to have Mr. Bicknell on board and know his skills and expertise will greatly enhance Savtira’s overall progress. Savtira was also fortunate enough this month to be invited to attend and present at several engagements and conferences including the Ybor C hamber of C ommerce and the IBM Smarter C ommerce Global Summit 2011! We made many great connections, learned more about our industry and shared information about what Savtira is working on as well. As always, I extend a special thanks to our investors, our business partners, and our Savtira team who make this all possible. Sincerely,
  2. 2. Tim Roberts, C EOSavtira Emblazoned in YborThe vibrant crimson and black Savtira brand was raised thismonth on 2109 East Palm Avenue in Ybor C ity – our new officebuilding, housing our business team members.Savtira CEO, “Gazelle” Speaks toChamberSavtira’s C EO, Timothy Roberts, was invited to present at theSeptember Ybor C hamber of C ommerce luncheon at C olumbiaRestaurant. The chamber referred to the company as “Ybor’s ownGazelle,” a term used for fast growing, high-tech firms likeSavtira. The ballroom was packed with members as they listened-in on how Savtira’s new technologies are changing the face of e-commerce. CEO Invited to Speak at IBMThis month, Savtira’s executives have been traveling the nationand soon the globe sharing information about C loud C ommercetechnologies at Savtira. C EO, Timothy Roberts was invited topresent at the 2011 IBM Smarter C ommerce Global Summit.And Away We Grow...Offering a LifelineThis past month, Savtira found a way to make a difference acrossthe globe by offering a lifeline to Lifeline Outreach International, a
  3. 3. nonprofit organization that collects and delivers humanitariangoods and medical supplies across the world to those in need.Savtira chose to provide Lifeline Outreach International aninnovative way to collect donations, a way that actually empowersmultiple nonprofits simultaneously. Savtira is developing aneStore for donors to be able to make a contribution whiledownloading the organization’s videos and media. To getinvolved, click here.Working Capital from Richert FundingSavtira entered into a funding arrangement with Richert Funding,LLC . The company is providing working capital for Savtira tocontinue to achieve its ambitious growth strategy. Richert Fundingspecializes in providing growth capital and will enable Savtira tomove quickly when developing internal infrastructures. For moreinformation, click here.Internet TV & VOD Delivery to All DevicesSavtira chose thePlatform, a leading white-label video publishingcompany, to provide the video player and back-end videomanagement for integration into Savtira’s C loud C ommerceplatform. thePlatform enables Savtira to quickly create customeStore video players for delivering broadband and mobile videoto eStore consumers on a commerce video player with cloud-based controls, allowing consumers to access their cloudDVR fromany device. C lick here for more details.New Corporate Website has been revamped! The updated, refreshedwebsite was created in order to efficiently and effectively deliverinformation to those researching e-commerce solution needs. Thenew corporate website paints a clear picture to what Savtira’sproducts and services are, creating a one-stop shop for C loudC ommerce information and business solutions. C lick here formore details.
  4. 4. Live Streaming DemoSavtira is developing the next carrier-class streaming system.Savtira’s C loud C ommerce platform will offer streaming services,which allow applications like video games and business softwareto be started instantaneously with a click of a button. It will allowfor pause/resume capabilities portable to any Internet-connecteddevice. To sample Savtira’s live streaming demonstration, pleaseclick here to register.Data Centers throughout U.S. and EuropeSavtira selected Equinix as its primary data center providerthroughout the U.S. and Europe. Savtira will move its operationsinto 10 Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX®) datacenters and will leverage Platform Equinix as it expands globally.Equinix was chosen for its extensive global reach into keygeographic markets. For more information, click here.10 Petabytes of Storage Area Network SystemsNetApp and C DW will provide 10 storage area network (SANs)systems at the size of 10 petabytes to deploy globally, enhancingSavtira’s C loud C ommerce system. For perspective, one petabytecan contain five years of NASA Earth Observing System data,while two petabytes can contain the equivalent of all academicresearch libraries in the U.S. To read more, click here.E-Commerce Platform & Strategy UpgradedSavtira and One Pica, Inc., a digital commerce agency, team-upin order to provide businesses a comprehensive strategy forenhancing revenue and customer retention. One Pica is a leadingcommerce firm that specializes in innovative multi-channelcommerce solutions. For more information, click here.
  5. 5. In the News Savtira Named Daily Disruptor of the Day on September 7 Savtira was named the Disruptor of the Day on September 7 for exemplifying an evolution in the Internet and the way we do business. To read more, click here. Savtira Featured in Internet Retailer E-commerce platform provider launches mobile storefronts, by Kevin Woodward, Senior Editor for Internet Retailer, published on September 1. Welcoming Our Growing Executive Staff We would like to introduce you to one new prominent player of our growing team: Mr. Geoff Bicknell as C hief Financial Officer. Mr. Bicknell brings more than four decades of broad-based financial, commercial and operational management expertise from international remits throughout Europe and North America. Mr. Bicknell has a wealth of experience in the growth and development of businesses and will enable Savtira to successfully achieve a prominent global position in the C loud C ommerce sector. Florida Trend C heck out our new team members featured in the next issue of Florida Trend magazine.This com m unica tion is for inform a tiona l purpose s only a nd is not a n offe r to se ll or a solicita tion of a ny se curitie s tra nsa ction in a ny sta te or jurisdiction whe re such a n offe r or solicita tion is unla wful.
  6. 6. Savtira Corporation 2101 East Palm Avenue Tampa, FL 33605Office: (813) 402-0123 • Fax: (813) 440-3800 Email: •