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Events International is presenting one of the 2009 Robb Report Twnety One Ultimate Gifts - \'Monaco Grand Spree\' the ultimate Monaco Grand Prix experience.

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Robb Report Ultimate Gift Guide Monaco

  1. 1. E x t rEm E GrEE n machin E s fr om Audi , Tesla , and Koenigsegg RobbReport .com ClassiC and all-new MerCedes-benz GullwinGs ✵ Private A380 Jet and Matching Megayacht ✵ Out-Of-this-wOrld tiMepieCes frOM ulysse nardin ✵ In-Home IMAX Theater ✵ 1927 lOu GehriG bat The World’s Rarest Postage Stamp ✵ VirGin exCursiOn intO spaCe Skier’s Dream Home at Deer Valley ✵ 100-MilliOn-year-Old dinOsaur fOssil ✵ Napa Valley with Thomas Keller ✵ pre-eMbarGO DECEMBER 2009 Cuban CiGar COlleCtiOn ✵ and Much More
  2. 2. U LT I M AT E G I F T S Monaco Grand Spree The GifT A VIP exPerIence At the 2010 MonAco GrAnd PrIx. ■ round-trIP PrIVAte jet trAVel froM north AMerIcA to nIce, frAnce, And helIcoPter trAnsfer froM nIce to Monte cArlo for A PArty of four. ■ fIVe nIGhts’ AccoMModAtIons In the toP-floor suIte At the Monte-cArlo bAy hotel & resort. ■ PrIVIleGes AboArd A PrIVAte 170-foot yAcht thAt wIll ProVIde A PrIMe VAntAGe of, And tender serVIce to, four dAys of rAcInG And ActIVItIes. ■ one custoM sPyker c8 AIleron sPyder As A keePsAke. $1.5 million each may, thousands of spectators crowd racers to be one of the most demanding courses around Monte Carlo’s streets to witness the in Formula One; some may even go as far as to Monaco Grand Prix, one of the biggest racing say it is also the most dangerous, despite its rela- events of the year. With its tight turns, wide- tively low average speed. Nelson Piquet, three- ranging elevation changes, and narrow roads, the time Formula One champion, once said that two-mile track circuit is considered by many racing at Monaco is like “trying to cycle around John Brooks r o b b r eport december 2009
  3. 3. U LT I M AT E G I F T S m onaco g ran d s p re e The Monaco circuit (left) and the top-floor suite at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort (right). your living room.” He also commented that “a win One shore excursion will involve driving full laps at [the Grand Prix] is worth two anywhere else.” around the Monaco circuit, with a Spyker factory Yet the 78-lap competition is not the only thing test-driver, in the Dutch automaker’s all-new C8 that draws crowds to Monaco during the Grand Aileron as the Grand Prix crowd looks on. Prix weekend. Those who have been to the Nighttime events will include intimate din- Mediterranean port know that it has no shortage ners, including a private wine experience in the of luxury attractions and amenities. In fact, the Hôtel de Paris’ wine cellar. Other evenings can Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile calls be enjoyed in the group’s reserved area at the Monaco Grand Prix’s venue “an exceptional Jimmy’z—the famous Monte Carlo nightclub— location of glamour and prestige.” or at the reserved Jeroboam Table at Amber To ensure an experience both spectacular and Lounge, which hosts the ultimate race-weekend private, Events International Company, of West- party attended by Formula One drivers, Monte lake Village, Calif., has created a Monaco Grand Carlo royalty, and other celebrities. Prix package for one Robb Report reader. In the As a keepsake of this once-in-a-lifetime expe- spirit of the first Monaco Grand Prix—which rience, Spyker will build for the purchaser of began in 1929 as an invitation-only event—the this gift a C8 Aileron Spyder—the forthcoming five-night package includes the option of bring- ragtop version of its Aileron sports car, which ing a few friends along for the May 2010 trip. currently exists only as a pre-production model The party of four will travel by private jet (with (pictured on page 146). The vehicle will be a arrival to Nice and departure to North America), custom model—the first produced by the Dutch provided by Greystone Aviation, and by helicop- carmaker for a customer—and it will be deliv- ter to Monte Carlo, where they will stay five ered to the Robb Report reader’s desired location nights in the top-floor suite at the Monte-Carlo in the fall of 2010. —paul meyers Bay Hotel & Resort. A private 170-foot yacht, top left: Jm folette/acm 2009 provided by Edmiston, will serve as the viewing Events International Company, Tim McGrane, ground for the four-day event. A crew of 11 will 818.706.3814, cater to the guests’ needs, and a private tender will shuttle them ashore for daytime activities. The gifT musT be purchased no laTer Than January 31, 2010. This is a locked PDF from Robb Report®, a CurtCo Robb Media, LLC publication. This does not constitute an endorsement, implied or otherwise, by CurtCo Robb Media, LLC. It may not be reprinted by anyone other than CurtCo Robb Media, LLC or used in any way for any advertising purposes without prior written consent from CurtCo Robb Media, LLC. This locked PDF may not be sold by anyone other than CurtCo Robb Media, LLC or its authorized agents and no message, with the sole exception of the donor’s name, may be imprinted on it. Reproduction in whole or in part without prior written permission is prohibited. Storage in any data retrieval system or any transmission by any means therefrom beyond the range of the agreed Locked PDF terms and conditions document is strictly prohibited. Robb Report™ is the registered trademark of CurtCo Robb Media, LLC. Subscriptions and back issues (800) 947-7472.