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The Nsdap And Totalitarian Rule
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The Nsdap And Totalitarian Rule



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  • Orange is Sudetenland. October 1938 – Appeasement, “Peace in our time” – Munich Pact Cropped image of what first appeared in the Nazi party newspaper Völkischer Beobachter , ostensibly depicting a Sudeten German woman in Asch crying tears of joy when Hitler crossed the border in 1938. Allied propaganda later used the cropped image with other interpretations. What else could it mean???


  • 1. The NSDAP and Totalitarian Rule Rise of Hitler Timeline
  • 2. July 1932: NSDAP wins elections with 37% of the vote.
  • 3. Jan. 1933: President Hindenburg appoints Hitler chancellor (like the US president).
  • 4. Feb. 27, 1933: A fire destroys the Reichstag. Hitler blames the communists. Feb. 28, 1933: Hitler proclaims a national emergency. Freedoms of speech, assembly, and press are suspended.
  • 5. March 1933: Reichstag passes legislation giving Hitler the power to make laws without approval of the parliament. The Nazis influence all aspects of German life.
  • 6. Aug. 1934: President Hindenburg dies. Hitler declares himself president, chancellor, and Fuhrer of Germany.
  • 7. 1934: Hitler begins eliminating his opponents. Leader of the SPD
  • 8. 1934-1938: Hitler rejects the Versailles treaty, reoccupies the Rhineland and annexes Austria (March 1938).
  • 9. October 1, 1938: Hitler annexes the Sudetenland (parts of Czechoslovakia).
  • 10. September 30, 1938 The Munich Pact is signed by Hitler and British PM Neville Chamberlain. Hitler agrees to cease expansion. Chamberlain proclaimed, “Peace for our time!”
  • 11. September 1939: Hitler invades Poland, WWII begins.
  • 12.
    • Quick Write:
    • Patriotism: devoted love, support, and defense of one's country; national loyalty.
    • What qualities define patriotism?
    • Who are some patriotic Americans? Why are they patriotic?
    • In what ways can Americans be patriotic today?
  • 13.
    • Rate the following values from 1 to 5:
    • 1 = Strongly support
    • 2 = Support
    • 3 = Undecided
    • 4 = oppose
    • 5 = Strongly Oppose
    • No government should be allowed to endanger the life and safety of its citizens without their consent.
    • The government should ensure that a person who is willing to hard is able to acquire a secure job, a nice home, and a comfortable lifestyle.
    • A citizen has the responsibility to obey and support the legitimate leaders of his or her nation.
    • Being happy is the most important thing in life , and the government should not interfere with individual happiness.
    • An individual should place the safety and well-being of his or her family above all else.
    • God’s laws are more important than man’s laws.
    • “ I regret I have but one life to give for my country”
  • 14. 1 = Strongly support 2 = Support 3 = Undecided 4 = Oppose 5 = Strongly Oppose H. Being successful is the most important thing in life. I. Individuals should be permitted by the government to express what they believe, regardless of who disagrees with them. J. All people have a duty to care for their fellow human beings. K. Individual citizens should accept that the interests of the nation take priority over their personal interests.