Right Brain Problem Solving In A Left Brain Business World

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Download the Timothy Fowler Right Brain's American Society for Quality (ASQ) Conference presentation on the power of “Right-Brain Problem-Solving in a Left-Brain Business World” …

Download the Timothy Fowler Right Brain's American Society for Quality (ASQ) Conference presentation on the power of “Right-Brain Problem-Solving in a Left-Brain Business World”
-More at http://www.businessleadership.com/

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  • 1. "RIGHT-BRAIN PROBLEM-$OLVING IN A LEFT- BRAIN BUSINESS WORLD"Different DifferentThinking Results www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com No Right–Brain Left Behind Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 2. What is the definition of Insanity?www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 3. There’s more than one way to skin a cat!A new study led by John Kounios, professor of psychologyat Drexel University and Dr. Mark Beeman ofNorthwestern University compared the physiological brainactivity of creative versus noncreative problem solvers.The study published in the journal Neuropsychologia, John Kouniosreveals a distinct pattern of brain activity, even at rest, inpeople who tend to solve problems with sudden creativeinsights, which are commonly referred to as “Aha!Moments”, that differed distinctly from people who tendto solve problems, and think in a methodical fashion. Mark Beeman www.rightbrain.us.com Kounios, J., Fleck, J.I., Green, D.L., Payne, L., Stevenson, J.L., Bowden, M., & Jung- Beeman, M. timothyfowler@aol.com (2008). The origins of insight in resting-state brain activity. Neuropsychologia, 46, 281-291. Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 4. Larry, the Right-Brain, Cable Guy!“Everyone concentrates on the problems werehaving in our country lately: Illegal immigration,hurricane recovery, alligatorsattacking people in Florida …………Not me… I concentrate on solutions forthe problems … its a win-win situation.1) Dig a moat the length of the Mexican border.2) Send the dirt to New Orleans to raise the level of the levees.3) Put the Florida alligators in themoat along the Mexican border.” www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 5. …but seriously…Shigeo Shingo 新郷 重夫, Lean/Quality Author"Improvement usuallymeans doing somethingthat we havenever done before.”www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 6. Business looks for renewal in right-brain thinking By Janet Rae-Dupree“Im of two minds. As a matter of fact, so are you. And until recently, corporate Americawasnt doing much to take advantage of one of them. But now that were hip-deep in whathas been called both the "Creative Economy" and the "Conceptual Age," no one can affordto ignore the artist within: the right hemisphere of the brain.U.S. biologist Roger Sperry in the 1960s.Through studying "split brain" animals and human patients, whosebrain hemispheres had been disconnected (in humans, this was doneto prevent severe epileptic seizures), he found that each side of thebrain plays its own role in cognition. The left side, home of the humanlanguage center, is the outspoken logical, linear half of the equation.The right side, home to spatial perception and nonverbal concepts, is thenonlinear, high-concept source of imagination and pleasure.” www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/06/business/worldbusiness/06iht-unbox07.1.11694141.html?_r=1 Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 7. Article: Origins of Your Right and Left Brain“The division of labor by the twocerebral hemispheres—oncethought to be uniquely human—predates us by half a billion years.Speech, right-handedness, facialrecognition and the processing ofspatial relations can be traced tobrain asymmetries in earlyvertebrates”By Peter F. MacNeilage, Lesley J. Rogers and GiorgioVallortigara | June 24, 2009 Image: Photoillustration by TWIST CREATIVE; MedicalRF.com Corbis (brain); Medioimages Getty Images (calculator); Joerg Steffens Corbis (faces); Westend61 Corbis (woman smiling); Dougal Waters Getty Images (ballerina); Mike Kemp Getty Images (rattlesnake); C Squared Studios Getty Images (palette); Vladimir Godnik Getty Images (paintbrushes); Carrie Boretz Corbis (girls whispering); Robert Llewellyn Corbis (calipers)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 8. Retrain your brain from left to right to fit into new economy by Marco R. della Cava Illustration by Jerry MosemakExperts say merging left-brain, analytical traits withright-brain, creative onesmight make employees muchmore marketable in the jobmarkets of the future.www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP http://www.usatoday.com/life/lifestyle/2009-07-13-right-vs-left-brains_N.htm
  • 9. Your Assignment - Find the Man! Once you find him - its embarrassing, and you think, Why didnt I see him immediately? Doctors have concluded that if you find the man in the coffee beans in 3 seconds, the right half of your brain is better developed than most people. If you find the man between 3 seconds and 30 seconds,the right half of the brain is developed normally. If you find the man after 30 seconds, www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP then the right half of your brain is functioning slowly.
  • 10. Outline• Part 1 – The Right Perspective (the science)• Part 2 – The Right Thinking (the approach)• Part 3 – The Right Results (the evidence)• Part 4 – The Right (& Left) Stuff (the implications)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 11. Part 1 The Right Perspective (the science)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 12. Part 1 – Right Perspective(the science) Highlightswww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 13. Part 1 – Right Perspective(the science) Dr. Roger Sperry, Oberlin College 1935"The great pleasure “What it comesand feeling in my down to is thatright brain is more modern societythan my left brain discriminatescan find the words against the right hemisphere."to tell you." www.rightbrain.us.com “In general, schools tend to favor left -brain modes of thinking, timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP while downplaying the right-brain activities.” -Monte Fowler
  • 14. Part 1 – Right Perspective(the science) Dr. Linda Silverman, Founder, Visual-Spatial Center“While I have long known the differencebetween left brain and right brain stylesof learning, I have only recently begunto realize the depth of the differencebetween the two. Right brainlearners do not simply havedifferent strengths thanleft brain learners - their brainsfunction in a totally different way.” www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 15. Part 1 – Right Perspective(the science) • "When someone says they are right or left-brain its really just a The metaphor for a cognitive style", Criticism says neuropsychologist Associate Professor Michael Saling from the University Melbourne and Austin Healths Epilepsy Research Centre. "Without a doubt the popular left and right division of the brain is an over-simplification. For example, research is showing that musical, artistic and intuitive thinking cant be thought of as strictly lateralised, or exclusivelywww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com of the right hemisphere ". Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 16. Part 1 – Right Perspective(the science) The CriticismFamous collaboratorsphilosopher Karl Popper andNobel winning neuroscientistJohn Eccles, authors of TheSelf and Its Brain, describedthe brains right hemisphere asthe "minor brain". Some haveeven pondered whether theright brain is conscious at all.www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 17. “Talking about the right brain as the way of the future seems to mea step backwards to a time when intuitive impressions about thebrain were all we had. We need to inject a dose of cold hardanalytic facts about the brain into thisdiscussion so we can figure out how to bestcapitalize on the native (and remarkable)capacities for reason and passion, analysisand synthesis, detail and context, that co-existas a result of the exquisitely wired networksdistributed within and between the hemispheres of our brains.”Joseph LeDoux is a neuroscientist at NYU and a member of the rock band The Amygdaloids The Feb 12th, 2011 - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-ledoux www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Criticism Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 18. Part 1 – Right Perspective(the science)• The debate will continue…• Let’s do the “smell test” – Linear vs. Holistic Processing? – Sequential vs. Random Processing? – Symbolic vs. Concrete Processing? – Logical vs. Intuitive Processing ? – Verbal vs. Non-verbal Processing? – Reality-Based vs. Fantasy-Oriented Processing? www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 19. 1-Linear vs. Holistic ProcessingThe left side of the brain processes information in a linearmanner. It process from part to whole. It takes pieces, linesthem up, and arranges them in a logical order; then it drawsconclusions. 2? • Which • You? • Are 1? 3?The right brain, however, processes from whole to part,holistically. It starts with the answer. It sees the big picture first,not the details. If you are right-brained, you may have difficultyfollowing a lecture unless you are given the big picture firstwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Source: http://frank.mtsu.edu/~studskl/hd/LRBrain.html Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 20. 2- Sequential vs. Random ProcessingIn addition to thinking in a linear manner, theleft brain processes in sequence -- in order.If you are left-brained, you would enjoymaking a master schedule and doing dailyplanning. The left brain is also at work inthe linear and sequential processing ofmath and in following directions.By contrast, approach of the right-brainedstudent is random. If you are right-brained,you may flit from one task to another. “I think you should be moreYou will get just as much done but perhaps explicit here in step two.”without having addressed priorities. Anassignment may be late or incomplete, notbecause you werent working, but because www.rightbrain.us.comyou were working on something else. timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP Source: http://frank.mtsu.edu/~studskl/hd/LRBrain.html
  • 21. 3- Symbolic vs. Concrete Processing The left brain has no trouble processing symbols. Many academic pursuits deal with symbols such as letters, words, and mathematical notations. The left-brained person tends to be comfortable with linguistic and mathematical endeavors. Left-brained students will probably just memorize vocabulary words or formulas. The right brain wants things to be concrete. They want to see, feel, or touch the real object. Right-brained students may have had trouble learning to read using phonics. They prefer to see words in context and to see how the formula works.www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Source: http://frank.mtsu.edu/~studskl/hd/LRBrain.html Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 22. 4-Logical vs. Intuitive ProcessingThe left brain processes in a linear, sequential, logicalmanner. When you process on the left side, you useinformation piece by piece to solve a math problem or workout a science experiment...your decisions are made on logic.If you process primarily on the right side of the brain, youuse intuition. You may know the right answer to a mathproblem but not be sure how you got it. You may have tostart with the answer and work backwards. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP Source: http://frank.mtsu.edu/~studskl/hd/LRBrain.html
  • 23. 5- Verbal vs. Non-verbal Processing-Left-brained students have littletrouble expressing themselves inwords.-Right-brained students mayknow what they mean but oftenhave trouble finding the rightwords. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Source: http://frank.mtsu.edu/~studskl/hd/LRBrain.html Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 24. 6-Reality Based vs. Fantasy Oriented The left side of the brain deals with things the way they are--with reality. When left-brained students are affected by the environment, they usually adjust to it. Not so with right-brained students; they try to change the environment! Left-brained people want to know the rules and follow them. In fact, if there are no rules for situations, they will probably make up rules to follow! Right Brains often ignore the rules they feel are noise and won’t affect the end goal.www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Source: http://frank.mtsu.edu/~studskl/hd/LRBrain.html Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 25. Famous (Suspect) Right-Brainers• Jonas E. Salk was an American medical researcher and virologist, best known for his discovery and development of the first safe and effective polio vaccine.• Leonardo Da Vinci• Albert Einstein – According to Educator Patty Emerson, "Einstein had a hard time in school." He couldnt show is work in math. He would skip steps. His mind would process answers so quickly that he just couldnt slow down to show his work www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Source: Barbara Pytel Suite 101 Educator. http://www.suite101.com/profile.cfm/pytel Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 26. Other (Suspect) Right-Brainers Big concept thinkers, innovators and non-linear thinkers.Thomas Edison Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Anna RooseveltMichelangelo John Lennon Woodrow WilsonPablo Picasso Louis Pasteur King Gustav IV of SwedenRembrandt Orville and Wilber Wright Albert EinsteinWalt Disney Alexander Graham Bell Marie and Pierre CurieGeneral George Patton Ludwig Van Beethoven SocratesNelson Rockefeller Thomas Jefferson Galileo GalileiHans Christian Anderson George Washington F. Scott FitzgeraldLeonardo da Vinci Vincent Van Gogh Abraham LincolnSir Winston Churchill Agatha Christie Steven SpielbergBenjamin Franklin Ernest Hemmingway Bill GatesJohn F. Kennedy Mark Twain Bob Lutzwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP Source: Right Brain World- http://rightbrainworld.blogspot.com/2009/08/more-famous-right-brainers.html
  • 27. Part 2 The Right Thinking (the approach)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 28. Part 2 – Right Thinking (the approach) Author Dan Pink Asks in…. A Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age• Can someone overseas do it cheaper? – ASIA 3 A’s• Can a computer do it faster? – AUTOMATION• Am I offering something that satisfies the nonmaterial, transcendent desires of an abundant age? – AFFLUENCE We are shifting from the Information Age to the "Conceptual Age." Successful players in this new economy will increasingly be required to develop and use the right-brain abilities of high concept (seeing the larger picture, synthesizing information) and high touch (being www.rightbrain.us.com empathetic, creating meaning). timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 29. Dan Pink’s 6 Right-Brain SkillsA Whole New Mind: Moving from the Information Age to the Conceptual AgeWe need to realize the value of:• not just function, but also design.• not just argument, but also story.• not just focus, but also symphony.• not just logic, but also empathy.• not just seriousness, but also play.• not just accumulation, but also meaning. Oprah video interview with Author Dan Pink: http://event.oprah.com/videochannel/soulseries/oss_player_980x665.html?guest=dp&part=1 www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 30. MP3 Playerswww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Graphic: http://divergentmba.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/a-whole-new-mind.jpg Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 31. Part 2 – Right Thinking (the approach) Do all these work? Are they functional? Example/Source: A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future Author: Daniel H. Pinkwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 32. Part 2 – Right Thinking (the approach)Strong iPhone and iPod sales driveApple profits to $1.21 billion Didby Jim Dalrymple, Macworld.com Apr 22, 2009 4:37 pmApple on Wednesday reported a profit of $1.21 billion for its fiscal second quarter ending functionalityMarch 28, 2009, buoyed by strong iPod and iPhone sales. Mac sales were down threepercent for the quarter compared to last year, but sales of the iPod and iPhone were upfor the same period. do this?"We are extremely pleased to report the best non-holiday quarter revenue and earningsin our history," Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s CFO said during the conference callannouncing the results. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 33. Right Thinking (the approach) My dilemma? Slow Internet…www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 34. Tim’s AirCardwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 35. Part 2 – Right Thinking (the approach) Boondock Saints Air Card! The ole 16 ft cord, black sock, Zip-lock baggie solution!www.rightbrain.us.com  Right Brain Results = 3 bars at 3G! timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 36. Part 2 – Right Thinking (the approach) Another Co-worker said to me, “That was really left-brained of you!” Implication?www.rightbrain.us.com ‘Left-brain’ equals RESULTStimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 37. Let’s look at some real life solutions from right brain thinking…starting with the President’s Plane POTUS Part 3 The Right Results (the evidence)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 38. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Designed POTUS Air Force 1 secure refueling andinspection notification process (Symphony)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 39. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Reduced office issuance time for thegovernment’s encrypted card from 30 days to 2(Design) Current State = 24 ft Future State = 3 ft www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 40. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Con’tReduced an agency’s inventory book-keepingreconciliation from 19 to 3 days (Story)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 41. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Con’tReduced the cycle time for helpdesk ticketprocessing 00from30 daysto 5 days(Play)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 42. How does your Saturday look?www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 43. Play From a study of NFL & college games, teams execute playsfor 11 minutes Photo illustration: Jeff Mangiat, photos, Getty Images (2), Associated Press (cheerleader), NFL (replay) www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704281204575002852055561406.html Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 44. Some may argue that the entire 180 minutes of football is value-added entertainment. Consider this –If the 11 minutes of actualplay was taken away would anyone sit through the other 171 minutes? www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 45. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 46. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Con’tReduced travel distanceby 600 miles a year formanufacturer (Empathy)Received worldwide highest externalmanufacturing assessment for Ford MotorCompanys Integrated System Assessment &created the best practice Mfg Horizontal/VerticalOrganizational Structure/Template(Design-we’ll come back to this one)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 47. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Harnessing the Brain’s Right Hemisphere to Capture Many Kings By DYLAN LOEB McCLAIN Published: January 24, 2011In a study in the current issue of the journal PLoS One,showed experts & novices simple geometric objects &simple chess positions & asked subjects to identify them.Reaction times were measured and brain activitywas monitored using functional M.R.I. scans…What set the experts apart was that parts of their right brain hemispheres —which are more involved in pattern recognition — also lit up with activity. Theexperts were processing the information in two places at once.The researchers also found that when the subjects were shown the chessdiagrams, the novices looked directly at the pieces to recognize them, while theexperts looked on the middle of the boards and took everything in with theirperipheral vision. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/25/science/25chess.html?_r=1
  • 48. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) GM’s Bob Lutz "Secret Weapons" by John McElroy on Jan 25th 2011 at 11:57AM, AUTOBLOG.com He hired four automotive journalists to assess all of GMs new vehicles before they were OKd for production. And their word was law...That didnt go down well with GMs traditional engineering staff,…they didnt like thefact that four outsiders, four media critics with no product development experience,could force them to make changes on a new-car program. Lutz hired them as full-timeemployees because he wanted an independent, third party voice to evaluate GMs carsas they went through their development stages. … Since the four didnt hold anyallegiance to the design, engineering or manufacturing staffs at GM, they could feel www.rightbrain.us.comfree to critique any car just as they would when they were full-time journalists. timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 49. GM earns $4.7 billion in 2010, its first profit since 2004Published: Thursday, February 24, 2011By Robert Schoenberger, Did it help?Associated Press: General Motors Chairman and Chief Executive Dan Akersonannounced the company posted its first annual profit in seven years in 2010.The company earned $4.7 billion last year. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 50. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence)“The Mini Cooper is built by BMW,maker of arguably the best-engineeredcars in the world. The success of theMini, however, is a great example ofboth sides of the brain at work. Theplayful design, marketing, andpositioning of the Mini along with solidconstruction exemplify the type ofbalance we endorse. Think for amoment what would have happenedto the Mini if the left brainers ruledthe day.Do you think wed know it has "go-kart-like handling?" Would it have the broadappeal that it now enjoys? We thinknot.www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Source: G. Michael Maddock is chief executive officer, and Raphael Louis Cell (440) 728-HELP Vitón is president of Maddock Douglas, an innovation consultancy.
  • 51. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Con’tCreated the best practice Mfg Horizontal VerticalOrganizational Structure Approx. 100, 000 words in 10 ‘element’ books. 1000’s of Questions Managing FTPM Workgroups Mfg Eng. INSP/QOS SMF SHARP Ind. Materials FES Trainingwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 52. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Con’t Global Metrics Safety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Environmentwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 53. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence) Con’t Traditional Ford UAW Programswww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 54. Needed a Global Perspective Reported to Int. UAW Reported to VO VP Traditional Plant/UAW Programs Ford Corporate Global Metrics ETDP Safety EI Grasp/Pedestrian/JSA. Quality ISO 9001 QS 9000 Delivery 6Sigma VRT Cost R&M PPE Morale Attitude/Culture Surveys Reward & Recognition Program Environment Q1 Reported to AME VP Diversity ESSP FPS Lean Elements H&S FTPM Mfg Eng SMF Industrial Materials Training Mfg Qu Managing Workgroups ali INSP/QOS Marketing ty SHARP FES De s le sigSa n www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP “Show me how I’m measured, I’ll show you how I behave!”
  • 55. Part 3 – Right Results (the evidence)Measure Integrated Lean Tool UAW Sub ElementSAFETY SHARP NJCHS/Grasp/JSAQUALITY ISPC Job1/ISO9001/QS 9000 QOS 6Sigma, VRT’s, etc.DELIVERY FTPM OEE, R&M Manufacturing Engineering Lean Layout SMF DTD, BTS, flow/pull Industrial Materials Suppliers, PPE, etc.COST Managing Inventory, etc.MORALE Training Attitude Surveys/CIWG Workgroups Reward & Recognition Diversity/etc.ENVIRONMENTAL www.rightbrain.us.com FES ISO 14000 timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 56. ‘Drawing’ Attentionwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Visual Study Results: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLDrTECfdro&feature=player_embedded Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 57. Our organizational chart in the large conference is to be kept up to date. Accuracy in meeting times and participants are to be reviewed every week. It is important that the "go-to" people for an element be easily accessible to everyone. XYZ Assembly Plant Workgroup-Based ‘Mentoring’ Organization Element Mentor Roles/Responsibilities -Understands the current state of their element and Managing Vertical Team how it relates to the rest of the elements in the plant. -Takes time to learn the vision expectations- studies the Assessment Book/Level 1-10. Quality Human Resources MP&L Engineering -Teaches their vertical team members gap Plant Implementation Team analysis skills. PIT Team QOS Workgroups Training SHARP IM SMF ME -Strategizes a game plan to achieve intermittent Environmental FTPM goals-more points/next level. The PIT Team provides ISPC Mentors Mentors Mentors Mentors Mentors Mentors Mentors Mentors -Recognizes and communicates the ripple effect lean knowledge, behavioral Mentors of putting pressure on the system-performs a leadership and a strong ‘cause and effect’ evaluation. link from the Departmental -Facilitates weekly vertical meetings and holds the team accountable for engaged attendance. Workgroup activities -Brings element issues/roadblocks to the plant to the Plant Steering steering committee for resolution as well as Committee current status and accomplishments. Paint Sub Cmte Vertical Team Member Roles/Responsibilities -Learns the current state of the element in their department. Department Sub Committee -Studies the vision expectations -This weekly meeting is lead by the Body (Levels 1-10) and regularly attends Area Manager and PIT Team Representative… Sub Cmte Vertical meetings and Departmental Sub Committee. -Its purpose is to support the department workgroup -Teaches fellow Sub Committee activities with a holistic lean approach which includes members the application of their element and how it relates cross-SHARP, Training, SMF, IM, ISPC, FTPM, ME, Environmental functionally to the other 9and Managing. (the meeting agenda reflects these items)… elements…a Lean Production ‘System’-It’s a direct link from floor activities to the Plant Steering -Guides their department to the Committee which provide issues resolution and Final vision and works to close the gap. agreed-upon policy (standards)… Sub Cmte -Brings departmental element issues back to the Vertical Team -Finally, its geographically-based, for clarification and problem- cross-functional in nature solving. and close to the process to identify and solve problems. Support Departments (PVT, Finance, MP&L, etc.) are placed geographically as needed. Our STRUCTURE drives Mentoring BEHAVIORS resulting in a blame-free CULTURE! Vertical Team Meeting minutes are to be kept and posted in the Lean The Department Sub Committees (the above Orange oval) should meet weekly around the agenda of Strategy Room and will be reviewed by the "Managing" Vertical team SQDCM. It is recommended that the sub committee be scheduled before the area group leaders get- on Thursdays at 2:30 during their meeting. The purpose of the together so all issues of clarification be resolved by management and the local leadership in that area. A Managing Vertical Team (comprised of Operating and Bargaining www.rightbrain.us.com unified front gives our employees a level playing field to build upon with empowerment and continuous Committees and Salary & Hourly Coordinator) is to review the Current timothyfowler@aol.com improvement. (440) 728-HELP State of our implementation and do a brief gap analysis to the vision Cell articulated in the Managing Assessment Book.
  • 58. • Scorecard Purpose –To set the direction of the plant’s application of the yearly business objectives, to address system waste and organize the plant’s policy deployment based upon leadership expectations and objectives, –To set the targets in the 11 elements of the Integrated System Review Requirements…Red, Department Board Purpose: Yellow…and Green ‘Status Arrows’ -To create a sense of excitement and education –To map out the plant’s S,Q,D,C,M relative to Dept Metrics metrics and provide a place for -To provide a place for metric review and zone Presentations (management cascade and floor visual, ongoing monitoring, feedback) -To allow Area Management a Physical Forum to challenge with Best-in-class comparisons Department Board Department Board Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea Department Board Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea s lth tric Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea s lth &S s tric lth Me S tric &S afet &S Me S afet Misc y Me S afet Misc y Misc y Info M Q Info M Q CS M Q Info CS D CS D Suc D QOS Suc M C QOS c Sto ess Suc M C c Sto ess FS rie M QOS c Sto ess FS rie s FS C rie s n M s Paint n M tio M Body Final tio Ac tio n Ac Ac Zone Measurement Board Zone Measurement Board Zone Measurement Board Zone Measurement Board Zone Measurement Board Zone Measurement Board Safety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Safety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Safety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Safety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Safety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Safety Quality Delivery Cost Morale First Aid Defects Lost Units Scrap Attendance First Aid Defects Lost Units Scrap Attendance First Aid Defects Lost Units Scrap Attendance First Aid Defects Lost Units Scrap Attendance First Aid Defects Lost Units Scrap Attendance First Aid Defects Lost Units Scrap Attendance 8 Wastes 8 Wastes 8 Wastes 8 Wastes 8 Wastes 8 Wastes Audits QAS PM Inventory Surveys Spider Audits QAS PM Inventory Surveys Spider Audits QAS PM Inventory Surveys Spider Audits QAS PM Inventory Surveys Spider Audits QAS PM Inventory Surveys Spider Audits QAS PM Inventory Surveys Spider Chart Chart Chart Chart Chart Chart DROT DROT DROT DROT DROT DROT Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Actions Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F •Standardized Zone Measurement Boards –Monitor Action Plan & follow-through to Continuous Improvement –Give Supervision an “at a glance” status check. –Improve and standardize S, Q, D, C, M at a zone level Issue/Date Countermeasure Assigned Result Issue/Date Countermeasure Assigned Result Issue/Date Countermeasure Assigned Result Issue/Date Countermeasure Assigned Result• Group Leader White Boards S afety S afety S afety S afety – To track Workgroup-specific issues – Define “how” of management’s “what” Q uality Q uality Q uality Q uality – To update regularly-dynamic www.rightbrain.us.com – Recognize members at the group level D elivery D elivery D elivery D elivery timothyfowler@aol.com – A place for management review C ost C ost C ost C ost Cell (440) 728-HELP – Need to determine the process for retaining history and lessons learned. M orale M orale M orale M orale CIWG Dynamic Dry Erase Board for Group Leader’s Tracking CIWG Dynamic Dry Erase Board for Group Leader’s Tracking CIWG Dynamic Dry Erase Board for Group Leader’s Tracking CIWG Dynamic Dry Erase Board for Group Leader’s Tracking
  • 59. Policy Deployment Responsibilitieswww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 60. Lean Strategy Room Purpose-To set the direction of the plant’s application of the yearlybusiness objectives, to address system waste and organize theplant’s policy deployment based upon leadership expectationsand objectives,-To set the 10 element targets for the Integrated Systemreview…Red, Yellow…and Green ‘Status Arrows’ Green equals – Yes we have evidence to support the requirement Yellow equals – A portion of the questions are answered and a plan exists to address gaps Red equals – No steps, no plans-To map out the plant’s S,Q,D,C,M ,E metrics and providea place for visual, ongoing monitoring…and…countermeasures www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 61. Department Board Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea s l th etricS &S afet M Best y M Q in CS Class D Suc M C QOS c Sto essFS rie 6Sigma s ion M tAc Purpose: -To create a sense of excitement and education relative to Dept Metrics -To provide a place for metric review and zone Presentations (management cascade and floor feedback) -To allow Area Management a Physical Forum to challenge operations with Best-in-class comparisons www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 62. Department Board Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea i cs lth &S M etr S Misc afet y M Q Info CS D Suc M C QOS c Sto ess FS rie s n M tio Ac• Left Flap – Dated Current State Map – Dated Future State Map (Value Stream emphasis) – Dept High Level Action Plan/Status (based upon Area Sub Comt weekly progress on FSM) – Group Picture of Committeepersons and Management – SQDCM vertically plotted monthly @ Dept level • S=Monthly (First time visits, Lost time,) • Q=Dept FTT, Dept Scrap, BEST IN CLASS Challenges • D=Department BTS, FTPM 7 Steps status, Dept Downtime/Uptime, • C=Dept Operations to budget, Overline OT, Cost per unit, Trade-off status • M=Dept Attendance/One Dept Success Story Highlighted www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 63. Department Board Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea i cs lth &S M etr S Misc afet y M Q Info CS D Suc M C QOS c Sto ess FS rie s on M A cti • Middle Section – Picture of each zone employees – Key metrics under S,Q,D,C,M for each zone plotted weekly • S=First time visits, Loss Time, • Q=Heavy-hitters, action plan & scrap • D=Zone FTPM/SMF activity • C=Zone weekly direct and indirect costs • M=Zone Controllable Attendance – Dept Constraint Status (trended over time) – Area Mgr information (announcements, single point lessons, quality indicators, trading post, whatever area wants section)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 64. Center Section Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F First time visits First time visits First time visits First time visits First time visits First time visitsS Lost Time Lost Time Lost Time Lost Time Lost Time Lost Time Top concerns Top concerns Top concerns Top concerns Top concerns Top concernsQ action plan action plan action plan action plan action plan action plan & scrap & scrap & scrap & scrap & scrap & scrap FTPM 7 Step FTPM 7 Step FTPM 7 StepD SMF Actions SMF Actions FTPM 7 Step FTPM 7 Step FTPM 7 Step SMF Actions SMF Actions SMF Actions SMF Actions Weekly direct &C Weekly direct & Weekly direct & Weekly direct & Weekly direct & Weekly direct & indirect costs indirect costs indirect costs indirect costs indirect costs indirect costs Controllable Controllable Controllable Controllable Controllable ControllableM Attendance Attendance Attendance Attendance Attendance Attendance www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 65. Department Board Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea s lth tricS &S Me afet Misc y M Q Info CS D Suc M C QOS c Sto ess FS rie s n M tio Ac• Right Flap – Dept Health & Safety/Environmental Information • Plot areas of incidents/accidents-trends – Meeting Schedules • Wkly GL to foreman/Supt, Monthly to Area Mgr, Semi-annual to Plt Mgr and/or Director. – Cad-drawing with CIWG Success Stories noted (See next slide) www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 66. SAFETY Environmental Department Board Zone A Zone B Zone C Zone D Zone E Zone F Data Hea i cs lth &S M et r S Misc afet y M Q InfoCS D Suc M C QOS c Sto essFS rie s n M tioAc SAFETY (CURRENT SITUATION) SAFETY www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com (PROBLEMS ADDRESSED) Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 67. Zone Measurement Board Target TimeSafety Quality Delivery Cost MoraleFirst Aid Defects Lost Units Scrap Attendance Balance Board 8 WastesAudits QAS PM Inventory Surveys Spider Chart DROTActions Actions Actions Actions Actions www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 68. Zone Measurement BoardSafety Quality Delivery Cost MoraleFirst Aid First time visits, Lost time, plotted weeklyAudits Weekly Walk-abouts by foreman and group leaders partnering with plant H&S personnelActions Actions to Zone Safety Matrix www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 69. Zone Measurement BoardSafety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Defects Nova C, FTT, Internal and External Indicators, QAS Stop button statistics, ISPC evidence and activities, Error-proofing, etc. Actions Quality Improvement 8D’s, Problem-solving and countermeasures www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 70. Zone Measurement BoardSafety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Lost Units Zone contributions to area downtime…with corresponding pareto PM FTPM 7 Step progress by group Current PM completed % Actions Constraint ID and actions in zone to date…trended. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 71. Zone Measurement BoardSafety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Scrap Weekly zone numbers trended Inventory Levels……SMF and Indirect Material activities (wip, min/max, marketplace) Actions Overline OT Matrix actions www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 72. Zone Measurement BoardSafety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Attendance Daily attendance plotted (contributes to the weekly number on dept board.) Presenteeism/recognize perfect attendance Surveys CIWG evaluation/surveys issued, Suggestions received and implemented, Outstanding grievances with elapsed time Actions What the supervisor and group leaders are doing to improve morale www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 73. Zone Measurement Board Target TimeSafety Quality Delivery Cost Morale Visual que to work equalization, dated with current and future state defined Balance Board 8 Wastes Excess Inventory, Transportation, Waiting, Over-processing, Over- Spider Production, Motion, Conveyance, Under Utilization of Employees Chart expertise. An individual’s pay will be reviewed every day….in DROT $ placing the DROT of the zone’s communication board the hope is he/she will also see the other pertinent information and look to give input. A DROT is like honey, so to speak, that will draw the operators to the board. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 74. Workgroup Leader Boardwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 75. Vision-What will we look like grown up!www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 76. High-Level Plan – From Corporate to the plant floor graphicwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 77. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP From graphic to roles and responsibilities
  • 78. Lean ‘System’ Arrows relation to Metric Scorecardwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 79. Scorecardwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 80. Horizontal/Vertical Organization www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 81. Quality and Delivery Wallwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 82. Dry-Erase Board Sample -Continuous Improvement Workgroupswww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 83. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 84. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 85. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 86. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 87. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 88. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 89. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 90. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 91. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 92. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 93. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 94. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 95. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 96. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 97. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 98. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 99. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 100. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 101. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 102. Part 4 The Right (and Left) Stuff (the implications)www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 103. Cell (440) 728-HELPtimothyfowler@aol.comwww.rightbrain.us.com http://de.flash-screen.com/free-wallpaper/uploads/200702/imgs/1170853892_1024x768_homer-simpson-brain.jpg
  • 104. Part 4 – Right Stuff (the implications) Source: Lesley K Sword, Director, Gifted and Creative Services AustraliaVisual Thinking is Holistic. They work through materialmost thoroughly and efficiently in ‘fits and starts.’They may often feel overwhelmed with confusion for awhile, but understanding will often suddenly click.www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 105. Part 4 – Right Stuff (the implications) Source: Lesley K Sword, Director, Gifted and Creative Services Australia When the material does suddenly click in understanding, the holistic thinker not only sees the big picture, but see with a more clear and creative perspective than other thinkers. Often, holistic thinkers will take more time to understand information than other thinkers. However, their final understanding is more extensivewww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 106. Visual-Spatial Thinking: Problem Finding & Solving Source: Lesley K Sword, Director, Gifted and Creative Services Australia“If I was explaining an issue to a visual thinker,they would immediately tell me the inherentproblems they could see. A few minutes later,they would tell me how to solve these problemsor several better ways to do it. This is what ismeant by problem finding and problem solving.”www.rightbrain.us.com http://www.braintraininggames.net/images/bigstockphoto_Problem_Solving_Series_700575.jpgtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 107. Part 4 – Right Stuff (the implications) My ownFocusing on End Results: Reality TV show,Your Right Brains Gift to Goal Achievement yes! by Lynea Corson-Hadley , Sunday, 21 June 2009After competing unsuccessfully in the1974 Olympic decathlon, Gold MedalistBruce Jenner took a life-size picture of thewinner of the event and put a photo of hisown face over the winners. In addition tofollowing his usual training program, heviewed the picture of himself as the winnereach day. He won the next Olympics in 1976. Source: http://www.womensmedia.com/grow/136-focusing-o n-end-results-your-right-brains-gift-to-goal-achievement.htmlwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 108. Part 4 – Right Stuff (the implications)Right Brains are honored more in Eastern Cultures.They are seen as less smart because of the mannerin which they process information. Visual Learners Communication-When right brains talk to you, they look at you while listening and look away to the left when answering a question. This is a brain shift from one side to another. This is not a sign of fabrication. They are listening with one side and now switch over for the response.www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com http://www.suite101.com/content/right-brain-characteristics-a2607 Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 109. Part 4 – Right Stuff (the implications) Rights Are Misunderstood Right brains dont explain what they feel well and are misunderstood. They think of one thing, say another because their brain has already moved on to another thought. Unfortunately, their mouth is still moving. Rights often dont realize they have done so. See The Big Picture Right brains dont like to jump through the hoops to get something done. They also dont like to follow rules which dont make sense to them. They see the big picture quickly and what you are asking them to do in steps doesnt seem necessary because they are at the end of the process already. Trusting Rights are trusting--too trusting. Speech and Music Rock and Roll music is preferred by rights. New Ideas Right brains embrace new ideas.www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com http://www.suite101.com/content/right-brain-characteristics-a2607 Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 110. Intuitive Decision-Making and Problem-Solving. “Analytical decision making. Some professionals use this approach exclusively. They rely on such decision-making tools as data processing, algorithms, systems thinking, and decision trees….ithas been said that problem solving without creative thinking is a garden without seeds.The cognitive style of intuitive thinkers differs markedly from that ofanalysts. When analysts gather information, they are guided by plansor clues. They collect only information that relates to these startingpoints. The data processing that follows is orderly and algorithmic.Intuitive thinkers are more data receptive. They generate manyalternatives, and their search goes on even after a promising solutionis found. This process also forms the basis for the brainstormingstrategy of group problem solving.” www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Hersey Medical Center PSU: Professor William O. Umiker - Medical Laboratory Observer Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 111. Peter Fowler is chairman and co-founder of SIR Corp., the Burlington, Ont. based chain whose46 restaurants include Jack Astors Bar and Grill, Alice Fazoolis! and Canyon Creek Chop House Remarkably, Fowler says he doesnt use market research to determine strategy. “I operate on my right brain, which is all about gut and intuition. One of the central things is identifying where theres a gap in the marketplace, and then going after it. I observe the market and I ask a lot of questions so I can paint the picture of where we want to go." www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Author: rick@rickspence.ca Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 112. Balance is needed…“At the top of virtually every fashion brand is adistinctive kind of partnership. One partner, usuallycalled the creative director, is an imaginative,right-brain individual who spins out new ideasevery day and seems able to channel the futurewants and needs of the company’s target Customers.The other partner, the brand manager or brandCEO, is invariably left-brain and adept at Business.”www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Source: http://hbr.org/2009/06/innovation-in-turbulent-times/ar/1. The other partner, the brand manager or brand CEO, is invariably left-brain and adept at business, someone Cell (440) 728-HELP comfortable with decisions based on hard-nosed analysis. In keeping with this right-brain–left-brain shorthand, we refer to such companies as “both-brain.”
  • 113. Now what?• Side 1 – HONOR Standards. Standards are the only sustained foundation for improvement. Henry Ford said, “Todays standardization is the necessary foundation on which tomorrows improvement will be based. If you think of ‘standardization’ as the best you know today, but which is to be improved tomorrow, you get somewhere.” – Then later, T. Ohno reaffirmed that truth. "Where there is no Standard, there can be no improvement.” www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 114. Now what?• Side 2 – HONOR People’s Good ideas. People want to be in on things, they want to have a ‘say.’ Here’s the profitable part. Workers are less skeptical of managers when they know their business culture honors standards. In this environment, workers are more likely to give input, because they know if their opinions are right, backed by data, the organization’s culture is mature enough to implement ‘their’ good ideas. That’s motivation! www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 115. Now what?• Edge/Side 3 – HONOR the Customer. The only side that connects both sides to a coin is the edge. In the same way, the customer must be the ‘central’ reason for all standards & improvement efforts. They should touch all aspects of your business plan & execution. www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 116. Lefts + Rights = Customer-Focused Kaizen Honor Customer Honor Ideas 6 Sigma Effective Process Honor IdeasI M PR O V E M E N T Honor Standards Lean Honor Ideas Efficient Process Honor Standards Technology Faster Process Honor Ideas Entry Point www.rightbrain.us.com T I M E Best Practices timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP Create Process
  • 117. The Most Important Leadership Quality for CEOs? “___________” BY Austin Carr Tue May 18, 2010“For CEOs, _________ is now the most important CREATIVITYleadership quality for success in business,outweighing even _______and ____ _______, INTEGRITY GLOBAL THINKINGaccording to a new study by IBM. The study isthe largest known sample of one-on-one CEOinterviews, with over 1,500 corporate heads andpublic sector leaders across 60 nations and 33industries polled on what drives them in managingtheir companies in todays world.”www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 118. Article: The Most Important Leadership Quality for CEOs? Creativity Here are the Results…. = Right Brain FAIRNESS HUMILITY SUSTAINABILITY DEDICATION OPENESS INFLUENCE GLOBAL THINKING INTEGRITY CREATIVITY QUALITY www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Cell (440) 728-HELPhttp://www.fastcompany.com/1648943/creativity-the-most-important-leadership-quality-for-ceos-study?partner=homepage_newsletter
  • 119. Implications from IBM Study…www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 120. So what is missing from your organization?7 untapped VisualSpatial Right BrainSkills for Businesswww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP From: BusinessLeadership.com
  • 121. Untapped Visual-Spatial Right Brain Skills for Business#1 - Sensitivity to Milieu “It is as if picture thinkers have radar out always scanning the environment, taking in every little thing. They are alert for changes, shifts in energy, or tones of voice in everything around them. They easily notice if some little thing they saw yesterday is missing today. They scan for signals that something is going to happen as well as for the general feel of things. They absorb what’s going on, intensely immersed in that experience.” www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Silverman: (http://visualspatial.net/spatialstrengths.php) Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 122. Untapped Visual-Spatial Right Brain Skills for Business1 • Sensitivity to Milieu2 • Out-of-Box vantage point3 • Recognize scale of priority (big pic)4 • Strong Pattern Awareness (fits and transitions)5 • Recognize optimal value stream design6 • Visualize the end goal more clearly7 • Glass is half-full mentality www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP Source: BusinessLeadership.com
  • 123. Is this the infancy of ‘Conceptual Age’ Leadership? Carlton (Carly) Fiorina, Former Chairman, President, and CEO for Hewlett- Packard, undergraduate major: Medieval History and Philosophy. Michael Eisner, Former CEO, Walt Disney Corporation, undergraduate major: English Literature and Theater. Alan G. Lafley, President and CEO, Procter and Gamble Company, undergraduate major: History. Steve Case, CEO and Co-founder, America Online, undergraduate major: Political Science. Meg Whitman, CEO, E-Bay, undergraduate major: Economics. Jill Barad, CEO, Mattel Inc., undergraduate majors: Psychology and English. Brian Lamb, CEO, C-Span, undergraduate majors: Speech and Communication. www.rightbrain.us.com Steve Forbes, CEO, Forbes Inc., undergraduate major: American History. timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 124. “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.” - General Shinsekiwww.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 125. “No problem can withstand theassault of sustained thinking.”-Voltaire Read 1 R–I–G–H-T Trend BRAIN Inquire 5 2 Problem Solving Cycle Highlight Glimpse www.rightbrain.us.com 4 3 timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 126. What is the R-I-G-H-T BRAIN Problem-Solving Cycle?R = Read (observation)Read the situation holistically including the problem, environment, interactions, and symptoms.I = Inquire (question)Inquire as to the inputs, ripple effect, intangibles and root causes.G = Glimpse (depiction) ReadPicture and draw the end in mind with the issue resolved.H = Highlight (examination) Trend InquireTest tube the solution and track progress.T = Trend (application)Apply the change in real life and READ again! www.rightbrain.us.com Highlight Glimpse timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 127. Comical Right Brain “Problems” solved from ‘thereifixedit.com’www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 128. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 129. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 130. www.rightbrain.us.comtimothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 131. Conclusion/Contact InfoTimothy W. Fowler (also known as The Right Brain) is CEO ofBusinessLeadership.com. He is a University of KentuckyCertified Lean Master, a Goldratt InstituteTheory of Constraint Supply Chain Expert,an ASQ-Certified Six Sigma Black Belt,and a Licensed Social Worker with a SECRETclearance. He is a visual-spatial thinker whodesigned President Obama’s Air Force Onesecure inspection and re-fueling process andhe is also the founding Director of SuperBowl Champion Coach Joe Gibbs Youth For Tomorrow Contact him @ 440-728-HELP or timothyfowler@aol.com or on Linkedin www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
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  • 133. Back-up: Can I improve my right brain“I’m definitely a left brain. I really want to strengthen my right side of my brain. is there any exercises/techniquesI can do to achieve this?” by Legolas By Asker “Yes you can. You can tap your right side of the brain by many ways.Meditating, singing, art, chanting, creative thinking and most of all; loving, is the act of right side of brain.The more you do it, the stronger it gets.” Source: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071011192208AA8X6FFPainting or Drawing The LearningRX.com suggests painting and drawing as right-brain exercises because theyencourage you to be creative& increase visual awareness.Singing The Mayo Clinic suggests activities such as singing or developing a musical talent to improve your right hemisphere. Joininga choir also adds a group atmosphere to support the right-brain association of working together with people to express creative abilities.Playing Games LearningRX.com says that to strengthen your right brain, you can play games in which you use strategiesto play. To exercise the right side of your brain, choose games that require you to perform specific tasks and look at the whole picture.Studying Maps and Charts Diane Connell of Harvard University says that maps and charts can improveright-brain skills. Visual and space-related components of maps and charts help you see in a right-hemisphere dominant way.Art Forms Artistic pursuits that develop creativity such as knitting and other art forms are suggested by the Mayo Clinic asways to develop your right brain. The U.S. Air Force Air University website states that right brain is the artistic brain and is responsible foryour creative talents. Air University reports that teaching with right-brain activities including art, dance and drama in kindergarten classrooms www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.comincreased learning significantly. http://www.livestrong.com/article/179161-right-hemisphere-brain-exercises/#ixzz1DlZd3M7P Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 134. some of Can this be assessed? Yes…“A considerable amount of research has been devoted to assessing visual spatial abilities. Most journal articles provide extensive information on the types oftests used and on books, such as A Handbook Of Spatial Research Paradigms And Methodologies, Vol. 2: Clinical And Comparative Studies (Foreman & Gillett,1998) are available. An online search of ETS’ test Assessing Women in Engineering (AWE) Project 2005. Visual Spatial Skills. AWE Research Overviews. Retrieved>date< from http://www.aweonline.org.Visual Spatial Skills AWE Copyright © 2005 Page 6 of 8 A Product of AWE-Assessing Women in Engineering(www.aweonline.org), NSF Grant # 0120642 collection at www.ets.org using the keywords “spatial ability” and/or “visualization” will also provide assessmentinstruments.The Buros Institute’s Mental Measures Yearbook (Buros, 1938) provides test reviews to assist in choosing an instrument. As various tests measure differentcomponents of visual spacial skills and women perform differently on these different components, it is critical to choose an instrument in line with thecomponent under study. The following list developed by Voyer et al. (1995, p. 257) provides information on tests and their results by gender.• Cards Rotation Test (significant) (Ekstrom, French, & Harman, 1976)• Generic mental rotation tasks (significant) (Shepard & Metzler, 1971)• Spatial Relations subtest of the Primary Mental Abilities (significant) (Thurston, 1958)• Paper Form Board (significant) (Likert & Quasha, 1941)• Spatial Relation subtest of the DAT (homogeneous but not significant) (Bennett, Seashore, & Wesman, 1947)• Paper Folding (homogeneous but not significant) (Ekstrom et al., 1976)• Rod-and-frame test (significant for some but not other age groups) (Witkin & Asch, 1948)• Block Design subtest of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised, and the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children(significant for some but not other age groups) (Weschler, 1946, 1949, 1955, 1974)• Mental Rotations Test (scoring and testing influences magnitude of differences) (Vandenberg, Kuse, & Vogler, 1985)• Water Level Test (scoring and testing influences magnitude of differences) (Piaget & Inhelder, 1956)• Identical Blocks Test (scoring and testing influences magnitude of differences) (Stafford,1961)• Embedded Figures Test (scoring and testing influences magnitude of differences)(Witkin, 1950)Another tool that may be of interest to researchers is the Spatial Experience Inventory (SEI) developed by Deno (1995), which provides a list of spatialexperiences that may contribute to increased skill levels and test scores.” www.rightbrain.us.com SOURCE: http://www.engr.psu.edu/awe/secured/director/assessment/Literature_Overview/PDF_overviews/VisualSpatialWeb%2003_22_05.pdf timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 135. A WHOLE NEW MIND DISCUSSION GUIDE FOR BUSINESS1. In what ways does your current job involve R-directed thinking? Could your organization benefit from more R-directed thinking? Less?2. How innate are the six abilities Pink discusses (Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning)? Which of them is your strongest?Weakest? Which is most important for your current job?3. Consider the three questions Pink poses regarding your current work: Can someone overseas do it cheaper? Can a computer do it faster?Am I offering something that satisfies the nonmaterial, transcendent desires of an abundant age? Does your work pass this three-part test?4. How will the three forces Pink describes be affected by the economic recession?5. Did Pink convince you of the importance of design? In what ways could you and your colleagues instill design thinking in your organization?6. What are the implications of Pink’s argument for education? Are you yourself a product of the SAT-ocracy? If so, how did it help or hurt u?7. What role does storytelling have in your work? What role could it have? Does your organization have a story to tell? Do your clients andcustomers know that story?8. How do you use symphonic thinking in your job? How could this right-brain ability benefit your organization?9. Is empathy an important part of your work? How could empathy be used in your organization to improve your offerings? How couldempathy make your organization a better place to work?10. What role do play and humor have in your workplace? Could play or humor improve your service to clients? Do you agree with Pink that asense of humor can make someone a better manager? Why or why not?11. What do you think of Pink’s assertion that “meaning is the new money”? How does your organization create meaning for its customers?For its employees?12. Does your current job pass the Collins 20-10 test that Pink outlines in the portfolio section of Chapter 9: If you had $20 million or knewthat you had only 10 years to live, would you still be doing what you are doing now? What can your organization do to ensure that itsemployees’ experiences pass this test?13. What do you think of Pink’s suggestion that spirituality should have a place in the workplace. What is your organization’s approach tospirituality? Should it change?14. Did you do any of the exercises Pink suggests in the book? Which ones would you recommend to others in your organization? Why?15. What are some of the barriers to developing the six abilities Pink describes in your own organization?16. How do you think workers in Asia would react to this book?17. Pink talks about psychological androgyny and aligns R-directed thinking with one’s feminine side. Do women have a comparativeadvantage over men in this world? Is this true in your organization? Why or why not?18. Would you add any other abilities to Pink’s list of six senses?19. What in this book made you laugh? What made you angry. Why? www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com File: http://www.danpink.com/PDF/AWNMforeducators.pdf Cell (440) 728-HELP
  • 136. BusinessLeadership.comCEO, Timothy W. Fowler,discussing the City ofCleveland processimprovement needs withMayor Frank Jackson atthe 2011‘State of the City’ speech www.rightbrain.us.com timothyfowler@aol.com Cell (440) 728-HELP http://www.ideastream.org/cityclub/entry/38931