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Fisher baseball & Baseball Stats Overload



Published in Technology , Sports , News & Politics
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  • 1. FISHER BASEBALL & BASEBALL STATS OVERLOAD Canton Public Library Hack Day November 20, 2010
  • 2. WHO AM I? Timothy Fisher Technical Consultant Compuware @tfisher and a lifelong baseball fan...
  • 3. AGENDA • F/X Technologies • • Gameday • More baseball stat resources • Gameday API
  • 4. A FASCINATION WITH STATS “Baseball is the thinking man’s game....” George Will “Baseball fans are junkies, and their drug is the statistic” Robert S Welder “Baseball is probably the world’s best documented sport” Ford Frick Statistics are the lifeblood of baseball. In no other sport are so many available and studied so assidously by participants and fans. Leonard Koppett
  • 5. SPORTS VISION A company whose business is taking pictures of sports events. Sell enhancements for sports television in the form of graphical enhancements
  • 6. PITCH F/X • Introduced by MLB and Sports Vision in 2007 • Uses 2 cameras, along 1st and 3rd baselines • Takes about 60 pictures from pitcher release to home plate • Measures movement and speed of every pitch
  • 7. HIT F/X • Similarto PITCHf/x except used to track hit balls. • Uses the PITCHf/x cameras • Takes about 10 pictures of hit balls tracking their trajectory • Not yet in full deployment across all stadiums
  • 8. FIELD F/X • Newest of the F/X technologies from Sports Vision • Uses 2 additional cameras mounted high in the outfield • Track movement of every player on the field • Creates about 600,000 data points in a game • Currently only live at AT&T Park in SanFranciso
  • 9. Flash-based Application for “watching” live MLB games
  • 10. Flash-based Application for “watching” live MLB games
  • 11. GAMEDAY DATA • Uses Sports Vision data, freely available to anyone!! • • Play-by-play, events, pitchfx for every game as XML files • All PITCHf/x data available back to 2007 • Event data available for many more seasons
  • 12. ATBAT STATS <atbat num="1" b="1" s="0" o="1" start_tfs="130625" batter="400085" stand="L" b_height="5-11" pitcher="425827" p_throws="R" des="Ichiro Suzuki grounds out, shortstop Danny Worth to first baseman Miguel Cabrera. " event="Groundout"> <pitch des="Ball" id="3" type="B" x="164.81" y="132.97" sv_id="100704_130317" start_speed="92.3" end_speed="85.8" sz_top="3.43" sz_bot="1.54" pfx_x="-6.54" pfx_z="5.1" px="-2.115" pz="2.993" x0="-2.774" y0="50.0" z0="6.115" vx0="4.048" vy0="-135.23" vz0="-4.16" ax="-12.231" ay="26.907" az="-22.565" break_y="23.8" break_angle="26.1" break_length="5.6" pitch_type="FT" type_confidence=".903" zone="11" nasty="33" spin_dir="231.845" spin_rate="1668.685" cc=""/> <pitch des="In play, out(s)" id="4" type="X" x="144.21" y="135.56" sv_id="100704_130329" start_speed="92.1" end_speed="86.2" sz_top="3.43" sz_bot="1.54" pfx_x="-4.6" pfx_z="6.54" px="-1.51" pz="2.578" x0="-2.659" y0="50.0" z0="6.02" vx0="4.689" vy0="-134.932" vz0="-5.539" ax="-8.62" ay="24.612" az="-19.837" break_y="23.9" break_angle="20.6" break_length="4.8" pitch_type="FT" type_confidence=".902" zone="11" nasty="25" spin_dir="214.941" spin_rate="1618.181" cc=""/> </atbat>
  • 13. GAMEDAY API • Ruby library for working with Gameday XML files. • Download XML files • Parse XML files and import data into local database • Use it to build a local stat database • Open source, hosted on Github
  • 15. TECHNOLOGY • Developed in the Ruby programming language • Uses the Ruby on Rails application framework • Data stored in a MySQL Database • Hosted on Dreamhost
  • 16. Where do the stats come from? MLB Stadium
  • 17. Where do the stats come from? MLB Stadium Gameday API
  • 18. Where do the stats come from? MLB Stadium Gameday API FisherBaseball
  • 21. TEAM PAGES • See DEMO
  • 22. LAHMAN DATABASE • Sean Lahman’s Baseball Archive •A database of comprehensive annual baseball stats • Includes data from 1871 to present • Used by several baseball simulation games
  • 23. BASEBALL DATABANK • Annual season stats put together by volunteers • Includes player, managers, umpires, and team level data • Currently available 2006-2009 • Available as CSV and MySQL data files
  • 24. RETROSHEET • Maintains play-by-play accounts of baseball games • Play-by-play data available 1950 - Present • Boxscore data available back to 1871
  • 25. SUMMARY • Lots of sources of statistical data freely available • Depth of the data provides unlimited opportunties • Great resource for hackers who like to play with large datasets
  • 26. RESOURCES • Fisher Baseball • Gameday Data Files • Sport Vision • Gameday API • Lahman Database • Retrosheet • Baseball Databank