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Affirmative Action Presentation
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Affirmative Action Presentation


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A presentation that can be utilized for keeping your workforce Affirmation Action Compliant.

A presentation that can be utilized for keeping your workforce Affirmation Action Compliant.

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  • (show slide and click through cycle as you speak)
  • In order to deliver on each promise we must have a clear understanding of what each client needs. (show slide and define each promise) Owners Promise : ROI Growing Market Share Meet/Exceed Budgets Good Community Relations Continued Growth in Profitability Maintenance of Asset Decisions Made in the Best Interest of the Hotel Associates Promise: Best Place to Work Safety Environment Encouraging Ownership Timely Feedback Training/Development Future-succession planning Positive Environment Fair Pay Good Communication Tools to do the Job Job Security Creative Vision - good leadership Guests Promise : Consistent Outstanding Service Friendly place Exceed Expectations Get it Right the First Time Value for the Money Money Back Guarantee Clean Place Local Info Safe Place Flexibility
  • Transcript

    • 1. Why Affirmative Action Plans?
      • Mandated by Executive Order 11246 of 1965 for women and minorities
      • Mandated by Vietnam Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1971 for disabled veterans and Vietnam Era Veterans and Rehabilitation Act of 1973 for persons with disabilities
      • OFCCP – Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs – Division of DOL responsible for oversight of affirmative action
    • 2. Purposes of Affirmative Action Plan for Women and Minorities
      • Protect Women and Minorities from unlawful discrimination - both intentional and impactful
      • Audit HR practices
        • recruitment, selection, promotion, compensation, discipline, termination, etc.
      • Demonstrate “Good Faith Efforts”
      • Develop Actions/Timetables to resolve discrepancies
    • 3. Enforcement Methods
      • Compliance Audit (Desk)
      • Compliance Audit (On-site)
      • Beck Review (Unionized Locations)
        • Evidence of posting jobs with State
        • CBA/MOU
        • Evidence of posting required material
    • 4. Penalties for non Compliance
      • Conciliation Agreements
      • Fines
      • Debarment from Government Contracts
    • 5. Glossary
      • Adverse Impact Analysis - Analysis of personnel actions to determine the existence of impactful discrimination
      • Applicant – a person submitting an application or resume for a posted position who meets the minimum requirements for that position.
      • Availability - the percentage of minorities and females available to the contractor for employment in a given job or job group
      • Availability Factor Analysis - deriving the availability for a job or job group by considering persons available in the reasonable recruitment area and within the facility
      • Goal - A rate of recruitment, selection or promotion to remedy underutilization. Not a quota!
      • Good Faith Effort - the means by which the contractor plans to achieve a goal
      • Job Group - A family of jobs whose incumbents have similar compensation, advancement potential and levels of responsibility
      • Organizational Profile - A snapshot of the organization at a point in time consisting either of an Organizational Display or a Workforce Analysis
      • Organizational Display - A tabular or graphic representation of the workforce
      • Protected Class - Racial Minorities, Religions, Females, Persons over 40, persons with disabilities, veterans
      • Reasonable Recruitment Area - the geographical area from which the company can be expected to recruit the majority of outside applicants
      • Underutilization - having proportionally fewer women or minorities in the workforce than could reasonably be expected given the availability in the labor area
      • Underrepresentation - having proportionally fewer women or minorities in a job group or organizational unit than are present in the workforce
      • Workforce Analysis - A listing of the job titles in each organizational unit, from the lowest to the highest paid including the race and sex of all incumbents
    • 6. Affirmative Action Process Goals Adverse Impact Analysis Utilization Analysis Availability Analysis Job Group Analysis Workforce Analysis Good Faith Efforts
    • 7. Workforce Analysis
      • Listing of job titles in the organization classified into organizational units or work groups
      • may include compensation data on each job title
      • Can be done with a simple organizational chart
    • 8. Job Group Analysis
      • Lists each job title in the organization in terms of job groups
      • identifies the number of female and minority incumbents in each job group
    • 9. Availability Analysis
      • Determines the availability of women and minorities by considering two factors:
      • 1. Reasonable Recruitment Area
      • 2. Promotions possible in the organization
    • 10. Utilization Analysis
      • Compares incumbent women and minorities with available women and minorities
      • Identifies areas of underutilization
      • Common methods (contractor’s choice)
        • Any Difference
        • 80/20 Rule
        • Two Standard Deviations
        • Fisher’s Exact
    • 11. Adverse Impact Analysis
      • Determines the statistical indication of adverse (disparate) impact against a protected class
      • Analyzes the HR flow in all aspects
      • Statistical Method Used
        • 80/20
        • Two Standard Deviations
        • Fisher’s Exact
    • 12. Adverse Impact Analysis Results Promotion Selection Termination
    • 13. Good Faith Efforts
      • Affirmative Actions that will remedy underutilization/underrepresentation, adverse impact
        • sourcing/recruitment
        • selection
        • promotion
        • training
    • 14. Goals
      • Placement Goals for targeted groups
      • Avoid reverse discrimination and quotas
      • Audit progress toward goals mid-year
      • OFCCP Audits
    • 15. HR’S Role
      • Ensure fairness in hiring, promotion, compensation and termination
      • Train all supervising managers on responsibilities for harassment free workplace
      • Ensure accuracy of data
      • Identify deficiencies and take remedial action
    • 16. Is just good business!