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10 Things Web Designers tend to forget when doing SEO
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10 Things Web Designers tend to forget when doing SEO


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SMX Stockholm 2012 Speaker Timon Hartung

SMX Stockholm 2012 Speaker Timon Hartung

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. 10 Things Web Designers tend to forget when doing SEO by Timon Hartung @ SMX Stockholm 2012source: 1
  • 2. Timon Hartung • CTO at • Master of Business Informatics • 9 years SEO & online marketing experience • Former Head of Online Marketing at amiando • Consulting cooperations on international SEO • 13 years coding experience Java, PHP, MySQL • Previously spoken at SMX Munich and Social Media Economy Days 2
  • 3. Use Google Webmaster Toolssource: 3
  • 4. Google Webmaster Tools• Setting GWMT up takes 5 minutes!• GMWT gives you a lot of information on how google sees your site• Find 404 pages on your website with external links pointing to it• So use Google Webmaster Tools! Just do it! 4
  • 5. Good site mapssource: 5
  • 6. Site map•Auto generate a site map! So that it‘s allways up to date•Submit your site map to google in the GWMTs•Check your site map for broken links with Screamingfrog to find and fix the 404 errors•A good clean site map will increase your crawl rate 6
  • 7. Good site maps increase your crawl rate 7
  • 8. A good site map and a good website will have most of its content in thesite map indexed if not check the content and why (GWMT) 8
  • 9. Careful with Robots.txtsource: 9
  • 10. Robots.txt•Check your Robots.txt right now!•You probably don‘t need a robots.txt and it does more harm wrongly configured than having one•Use noindex, follow as a meta tag instead to steer the crawler 10
  • 11. Robots.txt Robots. What if your developers txt forget to take out the disallow all in the robots.txt from the development server when deploying. When do you notice!? 11
  • 12. Great website about actors 12
  • 13. SERPs for this website 13
  • 14. The robots.txt is blocking all crawler access 14
  • 15. Speaking URLssource: 15
  • 16. Speaking URLs cat70007;jsessionid=CDDF2BAD1EEE175356846240358FF160.node3 16
  • 17. Be careful with AJAX & JSsource: 17
  • 18. Ajax and Javascript•The google crawler might not see content loaded by Javascript and Ajax because it is loaded after the page has been loaded. Normal HTML Ajax can really improve Ajax loaded contentUX but check that you SEO invisible for the crawler content is not loaded via Javascript 18
  • 19. Ajax and Javascript•To check if your content is seen by the google bot go into GWMT and check your page with the function: „Fetch page as google bot“ 19
  • 20. Fetch as google bot 20
  • 21. Site speedsource: 21
  • 22. Site speed Source: 22
  • 23. Site speed•Amazon: increased revenue by 1% for every 100 milliseconds load time improvement•AOL: the top 10% in site speed viewed 50% more pages than the bottom 10%•Yahoo: increased traffic by 9% for every 400 milliseconds of load time improvement•Conclusion: Users love fast websites! 23
  • 24. Site speed Source: 24
  • 25. Site speed - what about google•Site speed is one of the over 200 signals used by google to determine search rankings.•Site speed is NOT the most critical ranking factor•But Remember: Search engines like fast sites that don‘t waste their resources. 25
  • 26. Site speed - some tips how to optimise•Check your site speed with: 26
  • 27. Site speed - Analyse your site•Analyse your site with google and yahoo • Google: • Yahoo:•Site speed optimisation guideline • Yahoo: 27
  • 28. Site speed - Bonus tip• Check your site speed in Google Analytics• Check your site speed in Google Webmaster Tools 28
  • 29. & Rel Authorsource: 29
  • 30. = Rich Snippets <div itemscope itemtype=""> <h1 itemprop="name">Avatar</h1> <span>Director: <span itemprop="director">James Cameron</span></span> <span itemprop="genre">Science fiction</span> <a href="../movies/avatar-theatrical-trailer.html" itemprop="trailer">Trailer</a> </div> 30
  • 31. More Rich Snippets Events Ratings Check out the specification and increase your snippet CTRs dramatically 31
  • 32. Rel=Author Which snippet would you click? 32
  • 33. Rel=Author• Rel=Author is huge and easy to get.• Rel=Author will dramatically increase you SERP snippet CTRs• How to: • Get a google+ profile • Get circled a lot by others • Link to your domain from your google+ profile • Link to your google+ profile from your domain with ?rel=author • Done! 33
  • 34. and Rel=author•Check your markup with googles Rich Snippet Testing Tool:• 34
  • 35. International IP Redirectssource: 35
  • 36. International IP Redirects•Sometimes you might think redirecting all of your visitors based on their IP to the dedicated country and language page might be a good idea. 36
  • 37. International IP Redirects Users get redirected correctly US DE DE Country redirection FR page FR ES 37
  • 38. International IP Redirects•But where does the google bot come from? The US!•Thats a serious problem for SEO 38
  • 39. International IP Redirects Google bot from the US will also get directed „correctly“ ALWAYS to the US version but NEVER see any other language or country version! US DE Country US redirection page FR ES 39
  • 40. International IP Redirects•Solution: • If you want IP redirects just do them on the home page nowhere else•Don‘t forget about the users: • What if a user from Germany follows a US link from a forum. That user will not get the desired and expected result and thats bad. 40
  • 41. A great way to do it is to givethe user a notification that there is a dedicated country page 41
  • 42. Mobile Strategysource: 42
  • 43. Mobile Strategy•There are a few mobile web design strategies out there 1.Subdomain strategy 2.Different domain strategy 3.Subdirectory strategy 4.Responsive design or template strategy on same URL 43
  • 44. Responsive Design • Responsive web design (often abbreviated to RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site is crafted to provide an optimal viewing experience— easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones). Source: 44
  • 45. Live example: 45
  • 46. Desktop & IPad 1024x 768source: 46
  • 47. 47
  • 48. 48
  • 49. 49
  • 50. Mobile Strategy•Best thing about responsive design for SEO • All links go to the same URL • No duplicate content•Other benefits • No problems displaying content on different devices following a mobile or not mobile link, better conversion rates • Easier to manage content 50
  • 51. Relaunch SEOsource: 51
  • 52. Relaunch SEO Tips• Don‘t change your URLs• Redirect changed URLs by 301 or canonical• Short downtimes• Check your titles and descriptions• Do a crawl before and after with Screamingfrog or XENU to find missing pages• Use GWMT to solve 404 problems 52
  • 53. Thank you! get in touch:•• @timondeluxe••• www.121watt.de53