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Developing The Web

Developing The Web



Pure hairy facts about web developing

Pure hairy facts about web developing



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    Developing The Web Developing The Web Presentation Transcript

    • Developing the web
      • Web developers, web developers, web developers, web developers...
    • Developing the web
      • Lots of technology: Perl C# ASP.NET VB.NET Python PHP ASP C Ruby Java Tcl sh Lasso ColdFusion
    • Which one to choose?
    • Which one to choose??
      • Let's make it simple! ► PHP is for normal people ► Others are for women
      • But actually it really doesn't matter, it's just a bunch of 1 's and 0 's after all (at least in some point)‏
    • Javascript?
    • Javascript?
      • Slow!
      • Patchy support for technology X
      • Data manipulation on the client-side! ->unpredictable results
      • People hates it ->www.ihatejavascript.com ->NoScript
      • Rich user interface? ->not your problem!
      • Just forget it!
    • What about CSS?!
      • Mysterious browser support!
      • Spend a day to get the layout to work using only CSS ->give up and get the job done in 30 minutes using tables!
      • Print media is for detailed typography and desing, web media is not ->have you seen a 12 year old kid publishing a news paper? ->have you seen a 10 year old kid publishing a web page (most probably, at least if you are an experienced surfer)?!
    • Back to the server-side...
      • Cool people talks about caching
      • What is it?
      • Shall I cache?
    • Server-side cache...
      • Caches can get poisoned!
      • Caches can get out sync!
      • Caches require extra effort!
      • DO NOT CACHE!! Instead.......
    • ...Client-side cache
      • Shift the problem to the client-side -> ExpiresDefault &quot;access plus 100 years&quot; -> <META HTTP-EQUIV=&quot;EXPIRES&quot; CONTENT=&quot;Mon, 13 Jul 2200 11:00:00 GMT&quot;>
      • Just make sure you don't update your page too often
    • Other hippies
      • XML
      • Json
      • Ajax
      • Unit's
      • API's
      • SOAP
      • RSS
      • EC2
    • Other hippies
      • API's break and unit's just keep growing, XML is probably invalid and Ajax is buggy, plus EC2 rudely pretends busy
      • Why you should be using them?!
    • Other hippies
      • Shush them away and be on the bright side!
    • SQL and pals
      • SQL implementations were originally average thin, but a bit goofy
      • (also has had the worst infection history ever!)‏
      • ORM to the rescue! ► SQL got big bazookas!! but also...
    • SQL and pals
      • ...a huge bottom!!
      • Servers got exhausted SQL is for sissies anyway, dont' bother with it
    • Libraries
      • Libraries may hold structured and well organized functions to get the job done
    • Libraries
      • Too bad they are always outdated
      • They introduce dependencies
      • You'll never find what you are looking for!
    • Tools
      • There are two types of interfaces in the world of development: ►user interfaces ►good interfaces
    • User interface
      • Tends to write bugs ->produces outputs that do not have the right meaning
      • Constant crashes
      • Screws up the quoting
    • Good interface
    • The most solution of them all
      • Forget server-side calculations! ->never worry about XSS again ->never worry about CSRF again ->applies to other weird short character combos also
      • Forget client-side operations!
      • Plain texturize what you have to say and let a web server serve it, keep it simple ->if you are a coolio, enhance with images
    • Thanks for your time
      • Version 0.3.2c Final Gold, timoh6@gmail.com Images: http://www.latimes.com http://mooreslore.corante.com http://www.lostateminor.com http://groundspeak.com http://60sfurther.com http://www.cooperativeindividualism.org http://www.ccm.edu http://www.sprezzatura.me.uk https://www.enerhealthbotanicals.com http://www.slax.org http://media.photobucket.com http://flickr.com