How to become a spacetweep? Social media for the space community


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Beginners guide on how to become part of the worldwide #spacetweeps community. Learn how to use twitter to find new friends that share your passion for space, while in the meantime helping the space industry excite the general public about space exploration. This version was used for a talk at the SpaceUp Unconference in Paris, on 25 May 2013

Warning: This presentation may change your life!

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How to become a spacetweep? Social media for the space community

  1. 1. How to become a spacetweep?Introduction to the use of socialmedia in the global space communityby @timmermansr - presented at SpaceUp Paris - 25 May 2013
  2. 2. Social Media are a waste of time!
  3. 3. Real versus virtual friends?
  4. 4. Real versus virtual friends?Social media are aboutSOCIAL(more than about MEDIA)Virtual friends ARE real friends!
  5. 5. Why use Social Media for Space?• To be part of a worldwide space community• To share your excitement with new friendsand• To help the space industry in your country• To help the space industry worldwide
  6. 6. Community by Twitter…or Facebook…or YouTube…or Flickr…or FourSquare…or all of the above!…or Google+Each tool has its specific purpose.Just try out what works best for you.
  7. 7. The Space Community Needs You!we need to tellthe worldabout this…
  8. 8. How to become a spacetweep?• Be social – we are real people!• Create a free Twitter account• Become active!
  9. 9. Twitter takes time…from denial:“Twitter is sooo stupid”to addiction:“I love you tweeps!”
  10. 10. How to start with Twitter?• Beginners tips – your account:– Select a good twitter name - you are a person– Fill out your real bio - you are a person– Fill out your real location - you are a person– Use a good avatar picture – look like yourself– Do not lock your account – we can be trusted
  11. 11. Your Twitter bio• Bad… • Good…
  12. 12. How to start with Twitter?• Beginners tips - tweeting:– Follow a few spacetweeps (see list below)– Just listen for a few weeks– Participate in conversation with friends– Try a few RT’s (retweets)– Try a few DM’s (direct messages)– Try a few @ replies– Be nice, just as IRL – you are a person!
  13. 13. What about community?• Once you become part of the online spacecommunity, all kinds of cool things happen…• You will find that your virtual friends are realfriends when you join spacetweeps events…• Warning: Social media may change your life!
  14. 14. #NASASocialSocial media changed my life…
  15. 15. ESA/DLR #SpaceTweetupThis is YOUR community!
  16. 16. #SpaceUp EuropeMeet us!
  17. 17. ESA/DLR #ILATweetupYou will visit places you always thought could not be visited…
  18. 18. #AlexTweetup - #SamanthaTweetupSocial media bring you to remote places!
  19. 19. #AuroraTweetupYou will stay warm by excitement and friendship
  20. 20. Use of hashtags: #• Hashtags highlight a topic, e.g. #SpaceUp• Use to find new people to follow• Use to track a topic• Use to track an event
  21. 21. Who to follow?• Your real life friends• Worldwide #spacetweeps• Space communities like • Space agencies• Space industry• Space journalists• Astronauts!
  22. 22. Famous Spacetweeps• @schierholz• @ageekmom• @andreasschepers• @danielscuka• @starlingLX• @SpaceKate• @Brigitte_Ba• @justbe74• @travelholic• @astVintageSpace• @Jane_MacArthur• @imperator_jarek• @ericarolfe• @elakdawalla• @nickastronomer• @astroN8• @libbydoodle• @flyingjenny• @badastronomer• @martincco• @rocketman528• @pillownaut
  23. 23. Agencies and industry• @NASA• @ESA• @esaoperations• @esascience• @esa_EO• @DLR_en• @CNES_France• @federalspace• @ULALaunch• @SpaceX• @oewf• @JAXA_en• @OrbitalSciences• @InsideKSC• @csa_asc• @HEspace• @ISUnet• @NEOShieldTeam
  24. 24. Communities and astronauts• @NASAsocial• @SpaceTweetup• @SpaceUnites• @SpaceUpConf• @SpaceUpEU• @TweetupSpace• @SpaceUpParis• @SGAC• @worldspaceweek• @AstroSamantha• @Astro_Luca• @Thomas_Astro• @Astro_TimPeake• @Astro_Alex• @Astro_Andreas• @Astro_Mike• @Cmdr_Hadfield• @Astro_Jfrancois
  25. 25. Thank you!See you on Twitter!@timmermansr@SpaceUpEU@WorldSpaceWeek