Lose 9 Pounds With A 11 Day Diet


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Lose 9 Pounds With A 11 Day Diet

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Weight Loss Tips Check this Outwww.lose-weight.articleweblinks.com==== ====The new calorie shifting diet is a diet of its time. Today we want things to be fun, simple and yeteffective. These attributes are rarely used in the explanation of weight loss dieting. Try to explainto anyone that a VLED (Very Low Energy Diet) is fun or simple. Tormenting is never fun, is it?Well, you know the old saying, no pain, no gain. When it comes to calorie shifting and weight lossit is completely true. No pain and you dont gain...any weight.Most popular diets are based on the exclusion of a certain dietary group, like fat or carbohydrates.I know that it seems easy to follow but have you ever tried it? I was on the infamous Atkins diet for2 months and sure I lost weight but I have never been so deprived in my entire dieting life. It feltlike I was about to kill someone for a simple apple. I was in ketosis and checked this daily throughurine samples. My husband didnt want any intimacy because he said I smelled like nail polishremover. Not fun and even more depressing. Well, I lost weight but there were a lot of paininvolved.I have tried weight-watchers and I have to say that they are great but expensive and it takesforever to lose weight. Other than that I felt great while dieting and calculating points. It is definitelya great diet to stay fit but still, it requires a lot of money and that is a shame with such a great diet.Have you ever tried low calorie diets or VLED? They really put you to the test so if you like to bechallenged this is it. Remember that you will lose weight during the first days and once yourmetabolism decides that you are starving it preserves the energy it has stored. If you aredisciplined and stay on the diet for another couple of weeks you start to lose weight again. Ourbody is greedy, ,well not greedy, but rational with its resources.It likes to have a reserve of fat and instead use lean muscle mass for energy. Losing musclemeans a decreased need for energy and less fat burning tissue. Not to smart, or what do youthink? On the other hand, if you have the discipline a defy your screaming body and do exerciseyou will lose fat. Lots of pain and only a small gain.This is some of the diets I have tested and didnt feel good with. Of course I was about to find thediet that helped lose 50 pounds (not, yet but I only have a few pounds left to go). I read an adabout the calorie shifting diet. It was explained as a minor miracle (as always...). Well, the last idiotisnt born so I was hooked after reading a short explanation to the diets principles. The diet issupposedly manipulates your metabolism. When we eat there are two hormones controlling howmuch of the dietary fats that are to be used for energy and fats meant to be burned. If we want tolose weight we want less fat to be stored and much fat to be torched. Ok, so how do we achievethis?There are a few ways, you could exercise in order to increase the need for energy, and if you
  2. 2. follow a special exercising program this could really boost the fat burning process. If you are notinterested in exercising you should go for the calorie shifting method. The method is a way to foolthe metabolism.Basically your metabolism bases its usage of dietary fats on what you ate the previous days. Thisgives us the opportunity to fool the metabolism into expecting one thing and instead we give itanother. It is as easy as that. I have been on 7 cycles and lost 35 pounds so far. I have tried tochange into a more active lifestyle and I hope that this will help me keep my new weight. Of courseI have learned a lot about physiology during my dieting and I hope that this alone will help mekeep my weight.Jennifer Olsen was a master of failing at different diets. She understood that there were more tolosing weight then just going on a diet. Today she has lost nearly 50 pounds with the calorie-shifting diet and meanwhile she has finished reading Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle and she isimplementing what she learned into daily activities.She made a mini-site that gives examples of diets, complete fast weight loss diets and reviews ofbooks that helped her stop living the unhealthy life and turning around into a more healthy life-style. If you are interested in learning more please Click Here!If you are interested in learning more about the calorie-shifting method, please Click Here!Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jennifer_Olsen==== ====For Great Weight Loss Tips Check this Outwww.lose-weight.articleweblinks.com==== ====