Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!


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A collection of articles by Dr. Jeffrey Lant, a self-made internet millionaire, who shares is thoughts and opinions on be successful online.

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Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!

  1. 1. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!
  2. 2. Table of Contents1. Want to make money online? Heres 10 Proven Ways!2. Making the right impression is key to your success. Tips from Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egyptthatll help.3. Worldprofit: A Review of Developments in 2011 and Sneak Peak at Plans for 2012.4. OMG! Youve got The Color Green Syndrome... and its killing your business, absolutely killingit!5. You SAY youre in business, but that proposition is dubious, as this article reveals in shockingdetail.6. I accuse you of doing everything you can to sabotage your online success.... and what you mustdo -- at once -- to change that and profit.7. Its time to recognize those who have failed. It may be the very best way to get them to succeed.An audacious idea.8. When champions fail... what they do that you do not.9. 100% sales. The must read for business people who want more money and want it NOW!10. Running your own business? Think youre listening to and serving your customers? You may besurprised what these customers think about that. You may be surprised what these customers think.about that.11. The two secrets to power writing -- reciting, rewriting.
  3. 3. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!Want to make money online? Heres 10 Proven Ways!In tough and uncertain economic times, people are taking charge of their economic future andturning to the Internet to earn money. The Internet is filled with legitimate ways to earn from homeif you know what to look for. This article provides realistic advise on how to earn from reputableonline sources and run your own profitable home-based business successfully.Lets get started. Heres what you need to know to make money online consistently and legitimately.1. Do set yourself up with an online place of business - get a domain address. For $10 or so per year,its worth it to book your own domain name. It makes you look more reputable, permanent and moreaccountable. Separate yourself from the sketchy programs out there by having your own domainname. Your website with a domain name is your place where you do your business and the locationfor all your programs, products, services or resume. If you have other websites from various affiliateprograms you are involved, thats fine, you can add the links to those programs on your domainbased website.2. Do book a website hosting account with a reliable hosting company. It doesnt matter if you useWordPress to create your site, or a Content Management System provided by your host, but DO getan account that gives you 100% control over your site to add content, pages, widgets, images, video,search engine optimization, stats tracking, sub-domains etc. The days of a 3 or 4 page bland staticwebsite are long gone. Today, website owners can (and should) add tools, gadgets, blogs and otherresources on their site to make it more customer friendly, search engine friendly, and social mediafriendly. Effective sites engage the visitor with live chat options, video, member areas, commentingand more. If your hosting provider doesnt include site analysis and traffic tools, Google offers a freeprogram that is very helpful for tracking important data related to your site traffic. Its called GoogleAnalytics. Website hosting will be in range of $10 - $50 per month.Now lets look at proven successful revenue sources.3. When it comes to earning from online sources here are some proven successful ways to makingmoney online:a) Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing means that you sign up with a company as an Affiliate,refer business to those companies and you collect a commission for sales. You will be amazed at thegrowing number of large brick and mortar companies that offer affiliate programs. Youve likelyheard of Amazon but what about the Affiliate programs offered by WalMart, Pay-Less Shoes,Orbitz, Old Navy, G.I. Joes, ABT Electronics and American Express to name just a few. How eachcompany pays commission and how much varies but with a high traffic website and precisionmarketing you can generate tidy income from affiliate marketing sources. Dont be afraid to lookoutside of recognizable retailers for good Affiliate Marketing ideas. for example,allows you to promote thousands of digital products. Vendors post their digital product toClickBank, you promote it, when a sale is made you collect a commission. ClickBank handlespayments and refunds so your only job is to pick the products you want to sell, promote, and collectcommission. Pick a number of solid reputable affiliate marketing programs, but only a few so youcan focus on those and only those to see success. I have to include a shameless plug here for my owncompany, Worldprofit includes in our Earn-At-Home Program a number ofAffiliate Marketing products, reseller opportunities as well as a comprehensive sales and marketingtraining program. As the economy has fumbled, affiliate marketing and work at home programssuch as what we offer at Worldprofit have exploded.b) Blogging: Dont stop at Affiliate Marketing, money can be made from popular blogging sites byadding in advertising revenue from sources like Google Ad Sense, this is called Monetizing. Food Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 3 of 33
  4. 4. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!bloggers, celebrity gossip bloggers, expert columnists and many more are generating sweetadvertising revenue by including ads on their high traffic blogs. The ads are generated from anAdvertising program such as that offered by Google and many others. They key to this revenuesource is high and ongoing traffic. You will also need really unique frequently posted niche contentto generate a following and get steady traffic.c) Sale of Products: Of course you have seller options such as E-Bay for selling products either newor used. E-Bay is not a new idea for making money online but it is a source that many people havebeen relying on for years. Wholesale items, overstock products, collectors novelties, bankruptcy saleitems, fire sale items, garage sale items - even houses - are just a few examples of what people areselling on E-Bay. Those who are reliable sellers earn status as trusted sellers and can earn significantmoney selling products.d) Site Flipping: Flippa is a website that through an auction process, allows you to buy or sellcomplete niche websites, many with an existing customer base and verifiable traffic. If you areclever and have built up a successful online property you an sell it on Flippa. Its a similar concept asbuying a home, fixing it up and selling it. In this case though you create a site for a nice market,monetize it, grow traffic, a prospect list and a customer database, then simply sell the site. Forsomeone who doesnt have the interest in creating a site and all the work of building traffic andcustomers, a ready-made website can be purchased. Take a click over to to see new forsale listings, active listings, browse, price range, sold sites and more.e) Freelancing: If you have a specialized skill or knowledge, have a look at freelancing sites such Over 1/2 a million jobs are posted every year on Elance. This is a site where you canpost your unique skills. Both companies and freelancers (called contractors) can post theirjobs/skills. Its unique in that you can access specific jobs including work for programmers, writers,designers, consultants and so forth. There are so many options, take some time to review thesementioned and keep an open-mind about what is available. Other sites offering a similar serviceinclude and By posting your profile to these sites and taking oncontact work you can earn considerable income.f) Not everyone is destined for instant success like Justin Beiber after simply postinga video to YouTube. There IS money to be made with YouTube, that fact is a certainty. YouTubespartner program allows you to post videos and earn revenue as your audience grows. Remember thescared baby video? What about the talking dog videos? Those videos and lots more are generating asteady source of income for someone due to the popularity of those videos. Initially the income canbe very small, but if your video becomes hugely popular your commission checks will grow at thesame time. Get good at it, get a following and then release videos to keep that source of incomegrowing. Visit YouTubes Partner section of their website to read success stories and how theprogram works.g) Multiple Streams of Income. Herea final thought on earning from online sources. Multiplestreams of income is the key to consistent revenue, pick a few programs or options and focus onthose to EARN something before you move on to the next. Make sure you are not spread to thin andcan devote adequate time to building those sources of revenue. You need to have the time,commitment and an advertising budget to promote on a consistent basis.4. Realize you must work your business every day to expect to see results. Dont expect overnightsuccess, or even success after a few weeks. If you are in this for a hobby fine, but if you want tobuild an online business with a steady source of full time income realize that it will take time. Its aslow build and a lot of work.5. Understand that CONSISTENT marketing and promotion is critical to your success. Ever noticethat Coke is always advertising? Coke is continually in your face reminding you they are there. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 4 of 33
  5. 5. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!that Coke is always advertising? Coke is continually in your face reminding you they are there.They sponsor events, they run TV ads, Super Bowl commercials and taste-test booths. The reason issimple. Every business, big and small must constantly promote their product or service. Your onlinebusiness is no different. Promotion is a daily task. How much you earn is directly related to howmuch time and effort you invest in marketing your product. Learn about the power of social mediaincluding FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, YouTube, and so many more. If you dont have a blogget one, and post unique content daily with rich key words related to your products/services/businessand include integrated links to social media for maximum exposure.6. Factor in that you will have to allocate and spend some of your hard earned money on advertising.Any successful business requires that you put money back into it. If you think you will build yourearnings relying exclusively on free methods of advertising you will be disappointed. Yes, you canpromote your business using free sites, and free services, but accompany that with actual paid ads atreputable sites. Dont limit yourself to the major search engines like Google and their Ad Wordsprogram. Also consider Safelist Advertising and Traffic Exchanges. Safelist advertising oncespurned as the poor mans advertising vehicle has gained popularity and is free to get started withvery low cost advertising options. Traffic exchanges work in a similar way and are worthconsideration. For best results in either Safelists or Traffic Exchanges be prepared to pay for ads tosee the best results. If you are on a tight budget combine both free and paid methods of advertising,and make sure you have an Ad Tracker software program so you know which ads are generatingclicks and from which source.7. Set goals. Are you going to make $100 today? $500 this week? How much? Once you have setyour goals, set your plans for how you will accomplish this. What are the daily, weekly, monthlytasks you will do to make your financial goals a reality? Dont allow your self to get distracted orpulled down with tasks that dont get you closer to where you want to be. If your day ends with nocommission report or sales report that says you earned SOMETHING today, rethink your plan fortomorrow. Get up early and get busy.8. Have a positive attitude, I cant stress this enough. Put a smile on your face, believe, then do. Inmy work as a trainer and consultant, I talk to people everyday who have had mixed success inbuilding an online business. The people I have watched grow and build their own successfulbusiness are those who think positive and take action. Dont be brought down by negative people,the know it alls, the ones that rain on your parade. Be mindful that while they are talking you down,you are doing something to improve your financial situation. Let that negativity slide off your backand propel you forward to work harder, and smarter.9. Accept that you will have failure. Get over it. Learn from your mistakes. Move on. If it was easyto build a successful online business everyone would be making millions.10. Find a mentor or training program that fits for you. The web is filled with software, e-books,training programs, webinars and more. You have all of this information at your fingertips. Find thebest sources and get started. Dont make the mistake of learning, study, analyzing but never actuallyDOING anything. You wont find success thinking about it, success is the results of DOINGsomething to make it happen.**** What are your thoughts on online money making programs? Submit your comments below. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 5 of 33
  6. 6. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!Making the right impression is key to your success. Tipsfrom Cleopatra VII, Queen of Egypt thatll Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. Whether you are hunting for a job or trying to make a deal with a prospect,these days of economic malaise and insistent doldrums will probably not go down in your personalhistory as the good old days... unless, that is, you heed the advice and admonitions you are about toread now... admonitions with the Royal Seal of Approval of one of historys most well known andalluring figures... the lady commonly known (like certain rock stars that followed) by her first nameand nothing else -- Cleopatra. Why am I recommending her to you? Because she was expert atgetting her way.... and such people are always useful to study.To set the stage for the recommendations that follow, put yourself in the imperial mood by playingmusic from Joseph Mankiewicz celebrated (indeed infamous) film "Cleopatra" (1963) starring RexHarrison, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. There were many reasons for its renown... it was themost expensive film ever made, the film that took the longest to make (3 years); two of its principals(Taylor and Burton) were involved (to every paparazzos delight) in an off-screen affaire that puttheir torrid on-screen affaire to shame... and the theme music (by Alex North) was superb...particularly the portion that accompanied the great Queen in her royal barge, beloved of Isis, on hercelebrated voyage up the Nile to give Marc Anthony (Burton) the chance to make a fool of himself-- and to get his army (and its captain-general) to fight for her, for Egypt, for glory. As you see, therewas much at stake... and so the presentation had to be awesome.Find this lush, evocative song now in any search engine... and as you listen to it (and listen to itagain) read the magical words of Shakespeare, for this is most assuredly where Mankiewicz andNorth got their inspiration for this scene of High Hollywood grandeur, so expensive and demandingthat it nearly bankrupt the studio. Thus, its like will never be attempted or seen again:"The barge she sat in, like a burnishd throne, Burnt on the water. The poop was beaten gold, Purplethe sails, and so perfumed that The winds were love-sick with them; the oars were silver, Which tothe tune of flutes kept stroke, and made The water which they beat fo follow faster, As amorous oftheir strokes. For her own person, It beggard all description: she did lie In her pavilion -- cloth ofgold, of tissue -- Oer picturing that Venus where we see The fancy outwork nature."Anthony and Cleopatra, Act 2, scene 2, 191-201.Now lets focus on you and the last time you needed to make a good impression.As I write the United States is stuck with a stubborn unemployment rate of about 9%; certain states,like Florida, are higher, nearly 1 3/4% higher. This is not good... especially if you dont know howto present yourself so that you beat out your competitors, each of whom needs a job (or needs tomake this crucial sale) as much as you do. So whether youre in the market for a good job... or are inbusiness to make one sale after another, this article is for you.1) Review your last presentation -- with nothing less than brutal frankness, candor and completehonesty.You are not here to extol your virtues but to improve your ability and skills so that you get what youwant. In this connection, I think of the Duchess of Windsor, a hostess of note. After every lunch ordinner party, she sat down at her desk and wrote a performance critique of her staff (andoccasionally, too, of her husband, once King Edward VIII of the empire on which the sun never set)and advised them what she disliked and what needed improvement. She was efficient, organized, Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 6 of 33
  7. 7. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!visionary and fastidious to a degree... and so, too, must you be. You are in an environment where ittakes more to get a job... and make a sale... and so acute scrutiny is the order of the day.2) Get yourself a mentor.Whos helping you get a job... make deals... and so make money? If the answer is no one then youhave a difficult row to hoe indeed. So, lets be clear on one thing. Working alone to find work is asuckers game... and Id be remiss in my duties if I didnt make this crystal clear.You need a mentor working for you... a person who can walk you through every single task youneed to accomplish... and then show you precisely what to do. This list of tasks includes (but is notlimited to)* writing persuasive cover letters that open doors, rather than slam them in your face;* crafting resumes that sizzle and persuade because they show the reader what you have done, notjust where you have been;* showing you how to get crucial information about the place(s) youll be visiting for interviews...and so crafting your approach that youll stand out from the crowd and make you the obvious choice.Now think for a minute. For your last presentation (which is a word I prefer to "interview") wereyou well and truly prepared... or did you just show up and embarrass yourself with completebumbling and ineptitude? Your honesty here is mandatory... or you will never get the job (or thesale) you want.Thus a mentor is crucial. The problem is knowing where to find one.If youre associated with an educational institution, use their guidance counseling facilities.If youre on your own, ask your most educated and successful friend to assist... particularly if theyrein the same field as you are.Or, call the appropriate office in your city or state to see what assistance they can provide. Youll bepleasantly surprised; after all, its to their interest to get you to work.... and off the dole.More sage advice."The devil," it is said, "is in the details." And so it is. Thus you must master them:* You must look as spruce and tidy as possible apropos the old adage, "Dress for others; eat foryourself".* Always be on time, never late.* Never, ever use text messaging language. That is the kiss of death 4 u.* Brainstorm a list of ways you can help the person and company considering you. Theyll beimpressed you took the time.* Never hand write your application. Take it home and type it cleanly and clearly.And NEVER have a liquid like coffee near at hand which could smudge your application; thatwould be most unfortunate and was a mistake Queen Cleopatra never made... but which others,sloppy, disorganized, inefficient so often do... Such a one was the celebrated actress TallulahBankhead. She played the role of Cleopatra in Shakespeares immortal play... but badly. "TallulahBankhead barged down the Nile last night, "said Brooks Atkinson of the New York Times," andpromptly sank." But then she didnt have the benefit of my advice, and you most assuredly do. You Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 7 of 33
  8. 8. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!lucky dog.## Your response to this article is requested. What do you think? Let us know by posting yourcomments below. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 8 of 33
  9. 9. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!Worldprofit: A Review of Developments in 2011 and SneakPeak at Plans for 2012.The year 2011 has been an exciting one for both Worldprofit Members and Management. Early in2011, we surpassed one million members who have joined the Worldprofit Home BusinessNetwork.As the year winds down we review some of the services released this past year to our valuedMembers and also provide a sneak peak at what we are working on for 2012.Over the past year our focus has been on providing Members with free and low-cost services toincrease the value of the Worldprofit Membership. We understand well that the success of ourMembers requires ongoing support, specialized training, tested tools and up-to-date resources tohelp generate traffic, sales and income sources. Feedback from our Members has been that you wanteasy-to-use automated gizmos and gadgets to build traffic and proven strategies for making sales. Inthese tough economic times, you told us you wanted more ways to earn from home from trustedreputable sources.To that end, in 2011 Worldprofit released a number of new Member services.In February 2011, was released - a new safelist for affiliate marketersaround the world.The Article Directory was built and grew to over 400 articles for the exclusive use of WorldprofitMembers for use on their sites, blogs and other promotional purposes. Dr. Lant personally pennedwell over 365 articles, all available for Worldprofit members.Creation and implementation of Article Publisher to provide Members with an automated way to addhundreds of articles to their websites saving them time and effort.A new Content Management System was released in March 2011 to provide Members with anoption for more integration of social media, more design flexibility, ability to feature products etc aswell as integration of Google Analytics, site map and RSS feed.The Credit Transfer area allowing Members to transfer their own Safelist credits to anotherAssociate or Silver or Platinum VIP memberMid summer, was overhauled for more options, user friendliness and speed.40 LIVE interactive bootcamp training sessions were held throughout the year - thats over 80 hoursof personalized instruction and assistance that our Members have enjoyed. This training is recordedfor the convenience of Members not able to participate in the live sessions. This training is all handson with desk top sharing so that members can learn by seeing as marketing expert George Koschdemonstrates step-by-step how to make money online. These sessions are popular as Members canask questions live, interact with other members of the community. We learn from our Membersduring these training sessions as Member feedback helps us plan training, support and new productdevelopment.Over the last year, Dr. Jeffrey Lant provided once weekly dealer sales training for 50 weeks to helpMembers achieve their sales goals. Dr. Lants tireless work ethic is tremendous as he worksalongside our members in the Live Business Center every day providing assistance as needed.The Worldprofit Monitor network continued to grow in 2011. Members step up to the challenge tolearn how to make sales and help all members of the Worldprofit Home Business community in our Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 9 of 33
  10. 10. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!24 Hour Live Business Center. We cannot thank each of you enough for your contributions anddedication.Continued additions were made to the PLR Store and also to the Money Makers program. Our goalis to provide members with multiple streams of income and additions are made with hot sellingproducts.The Amazon Store Front was added to list of options that Members can install on their websiteadding jus one more way to earn income from their site.CPanel hosting accounts and WordPress Blog hosting services were added to accommodate therequest by Members.Worldprofits suite of webcast services including the Instant meeting Center and Instant Seminarsystem were all overhauled to increase video and audio quality as well as speed. Also includedeasier method of loading videos to YouTube and other video sharing sites.The Live Face Chat Application was added. This tool allows Members to integrate into their site,and landing pages, a LIVE CHAT window. Site owners can then chat on video directly andimmediately to their site visitors. The tool is "easy-to use, instant, and puts a FACE on your onlinebusiness activities, literally, as YOU the site owners video image appears on the site in real time.Late in 2011, the Dealer Lounge was created for informal discussions and to facilitate assistanceamong members of our Worldprofit home business community.The Personal Live Business Center (PLBC) was released. This is a mini version of WorldprofitsLive Business Center to allow members to use the power of this technology to host their own LiveBusiness Center and promote any and all of their own affiliate marketing programs.The Home Business Bootcamp online training was expanded to over 50 lessons and still growing.Topics cover basic to advanced training on marketing, online sales, social media, software, trafficgeneration, article marketing, blogging, backlinking, Clickbank sales, affiliate marketing, and moreadvanced topics including SEO.We worked hard to expand the Member profile area to incorporate more social media links, photosetc.More landing pages were added so Members had more access to advertising aids.The Solo Email Blaster was integrated into the Member area and is proving very popular among bothpaid and free Associate Members.In December 2011, Worldprofit released the new Safelist Exchange service which allowsnon-techies to own their own Safelist Exchange and profit from online advertising revenue. A sneakpeak at our plans for 2012.Our goal continues to be one of providing as many effective and easy to use tools as possible for ourMembers. We are developing one-click solutions for traffic and lead generation.- Landing Page / Splash Page Builder is on the drawing board so that members can easily createtheir own Landing pages without being a techie.- SEO service. We are in talks with a number of companies as we seek out a reputable SEO servicefor our Members.- Development of new Design templates and enhancements to current content management system. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 10 of 33
  11. 11. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!- Continued upgrade and enhancements to the Worldprofit member area for ease of use andnavigation.- Development of an IPhone app- Creation of more articles and blog content for exclusive use of our Members.- We continue to test and integrate tools for Traffic, more SEO Tools and more automated marketingtools including Social Networking applications.- Continued commitment to speedy friendly Account and Technical Support.- Continued updates to online Bootcamp Training Course for simplicity, understanding, Membergraduation.- Continued research and development of trusted Profit Partners so Members have even moreproducts available for resale (more earning options).- Ongoing pursuit of partnerships or agreements with related companies offering products andservices that will benefit our Members, including exploration of purchase discounts.- Development of new and updated marketing materials, landing pages, capture pages, ad examples.- Continued Monitor Training and Sales Development under personalized supervision of Dr. JeffreyLant.And much more is still in the research and planning stages that we are not ready to reveal at thistime. Rest assured our daily commitment is to making your Worldprofit Membership so valuablethat you cant even think about giving it up!Since humble beginnings in 1994, Worldprofit has grown to be recognized as the Home BusinessExperts and the # 1 choice for online home business training. In 2012, we look forward to continuingto help people from around the world learn how to earn from home. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 11 of 33
  12. 12. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!OMG! Youve got The Color Green Syndrome... and its killingyour business, absolutely killing it!by Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. Are you one of the billion or so people worldwide whos been blaming therecession for all your woes, including that pimple on your back you popped... but should have leftalone? Then this article is for YOU... and not a moment too soon either. In it, were going toexamine just what you did yesterday to make money and whether you were focused on what youshould have been focused on... or whether you had succumbed to one of the greatest of businessmaladies of all time: the pernicious Color Green Syndrome.To put you in the mood to deal with this problem and to root it out of your business and life, Imcalling up Stevie Wonder, particularly his 1982 song "Do I Do". (Go find it in any search engine; usethe long -- 10 1/2 minute -- version that features Dizzy Gillespie.) Its guaranteed to get you up,breathing deep, gliding across your floor with a practised dexterity you didnt know was in you.Good! For this article and the resurrection of your business you need all the right moves... and Stevieis going to help you get them... as I am.Are you suffering from The Color Green Syndrome? I bet you are... and its killing you.What is this condition thats worse than any plague, thatll knock you for a loop faster than any flu...yea verily, that will cripple your enterprises more assuredly than the IRS or any other governmentintervention? Listen, my children, and you shall learn it here, find out how to perceive it, deal withit, eradicate it forever and so soar....The heart and soul of your business is two things, just two things you must know and do EVERYsingle day without fail, every day that is when you want to use your business for what your businessis for: making money, making money, oh yes, making money. Ou la la!Okay, lets dig in, in the spirit of medical research and solution. The two things you must doEVERY day in your business are to 1) generate prospects and 2) close those prospects. Nothing --absolutely NOTHING -- is as fundamental to your success as this. So, lets take a sustained gander atwhat you did yesterday to grow your business and reap rewards from it... and whether The ColorGreen Syndrome laid you low.How the Syndrome got its name.According to my trusty and much used dictionary, syndrome is defined as an aggregate or set ofconcurrent symptoms together indicating the presence and nature of a disease. One of the mostdestructive and insidious of these syndromes is the subject of this article. Heres how it wasdiscovered and named.A person not unlike you came to visit me one day, asserting with vehemence and vigor that hewanted to make money online. To do so he knew he needed tools, training, traffic and ongoing help,and he paid me to provide them. I got down to business with a will; I am a man who believes inaction, action now... and so in due course I presented him with a website that was 100% focused onstopping prospects in their tracks, motivating them to take notice, leave complete follow-up details(the better to have and develop those essential prospect lists) ... and move like greased lightning toget the stupendous offer I had persuaded him to make.But things, begun so auspiciously, slowed to a snails pace -- or slower -- at this moment. Why?"Because the green you selected for the background color isnt the green I want. Show me someothers." Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 12 of 33
  13. 13. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!And so began the descent into madness and the unraveling of a great enterprise with a killer websitestanding at the ready to make lucre, and a lot of it.The client didnt like the green... but wanted to show his partner... who definitely didnt like thegreen...One requested one green; the other requested another. And while they reviewed, considered anddiscussed the virtues and winning attributes of greens ranging from apple green... chartreuse...hunter green... Islamic green.... fern green... Paris green... Shamrock green and several dozen othergreens, far more greens than either you, me, or the customer even knew existed... their businessstopped. So important was getting just the precise shade that all other matters, including the prosaiclittle matter of generating prospects, closing prospects, making money fell by the wayside...prospects ungenerated, offers unmade, sales non existent... until just the right green surfaced, wasseen, discussed, selected, and shown off."So sad, but what has this to do with me?", you ask.You will recall that a syndrome is an aggregate of symptoms... and so it is here. The Color GreenSyndrome can easily morph into any of the following conditions:"I cannot generate prospects, call prospects, close prospects, until..."* I have 2 cups of coffee, not a drop more or less;* I have watched my favorite television program, never missing a minute or an episode:* My dog is walked, my newspaper read, my toast prepared just so (and oh if my favorite jam isgone)."I cannot generate prospects, call prospects, close prospects until Ive...."* called my children;* fluffed my pillows;* considered lunch and dinner menus.And several million other situations, conditions, "really important things" that (by definition andsanctified usage) are important, way more important than doing whats necessary to generateprospects... contact prospects... close and make deals with prospects.Dont say you arent subject to this malady. This is Dr. Lant youre talking to, your friend, ultimaterealist.... and we both know better, dont we? Youve got a bad case... and blaming it on the recessionjust passed -- or anything else -- just isnt good enough....So, unless youre prepared to let The Color Green Syndrome (in any of its many manifestations)continue to undermine your business, youve got to change your ways... today... and Ive askedStevie Wonder to assist.START with the two essential money-making activities --- generating leads,calling leads --BEFORE you do ANYTHING else. Treat the prospects youll generate like this:"When I see you on the street My whole body gets weak."In short treat that all -important prospect like the lover you cannot wait a single minute to contact...and make this kind of offer: Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 13 of 33
  14. 14. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!"Yes I got some honey suckle chocolate dripping kisses full of love for you."Go on, try it. Its the only way to eradicate The Color Green Syndrome and focus on the only greenthat matters in business... the green backs your new moves and attitude are sure to deliver. Now turnup Stevie Wonder... and dance! After all, as soon as you generate and call all those prospects, youregoing to make a whole lot of money today.... and that calls for boogie! Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 14 of 33
  15. 15. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!You SAY youre in business, but that proposition is dubious,as this article reveals in shocking Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. One of Broadways happiest and most enduring musicals is "How ToSucceed In Business Without Really Trying." Written by Frank Loesser; it was released in October,1961 to immediate acclaim -- and a Pulitzer Prize to boot. Most recently it was revived with DanielRatcliffe -- famous for his eponymous role in the Harry Potter films -- starring in the lead roleoriginally done to mischievous perfection by Robert Morse, simultaneously menace andmastermind.I have selected one of the lesser tunes from the production for the occasional music to this article.Its called simply "Coffee Break", and you should go to any search engine now to listen to it. Itsabout how the absence of coffee -- and therefore the coffee break -- raises more anxiety andlamentation than a plague of locusts and completely stops the whole company, convinced that theend of the world as they know it is at hand. Oh, my! So much grief for one missed cuppa. However,the real shock is not that the coffee was late for the company coffee break, no indeed; the real shockis that more time, trouble, energy, irritation, and anger was expended on this event than on anythingelse that entire day... including the companys business they were hired to transact...until the outrageabout the coffee break was surpassed by certain stale items on the lunch menu... thereby divertingeveryones outspoken attention to this even greater snafu.The sad part is that this kind of ludicrous "crisis" and massive waste of time does not occur solely orexclusively on Madison Avenue or in Broadway shows... it is most likely the way you are runningyour "business" and why it doesnt prosper.Thats why today, I am going to put you and your "business" under the most minute scrutiny, thebetter to help you understand that your business, as you currently organize and run it -- cannot makethe desirable profits of your imagination... until such time as you rethink everything -- absolutelyeverything -- so that the focus of your energy and action every day is NOT the coffee break... butactually doing BUSINESS. And as this analysis develops right before your very eyes, you are mostlikely to be chagrined, embarrassed, and horrified - and thats just for openers.On the acute need to perceive what you are really doing every single day.You say you are in business, correct? You say you want substantial, increasing profits, correct? Yousay you are a hard worker; indeed that the sun never sets on all the work you do, the tasks done, thechallenges confronted, correct?In short you are about as swift, intelligent, able and valuable a business person as business has everseen and that your DNA should be donated to the nation so that generations yet to come may havethe benefit of you and your unmatched business expertise and execution.You, of course, are even now nodding your head in sage agreement with this flawless description ofyou and your business acumen. Modest though you are, you cannot but admit that you are the veryparagon and model sketched above... just like Kansas City, youve gone about as far as you can go.It is this proposition swallowed hook, line and sinker by the overwhelming majority of businessowners of every kind that keeps you trapped in a business that doesnt grow, expand, prosper andthat does not make and will never make the profits you consistently and repeatedly say are the reasonyou are in business to get and enjoy.YOU and your business under our microscope. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 15 of 33
  16. 16. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!Now, its time to knuckle down to the important, sure-to-be-shocking analysis of what you do duringyour "business hours"... for you cannot improve your business until you know precisely what you doand precisely when you do it.Business is about two things and two things only...Quick! Can you guess what they are? The correct answer is 1) the generation of qualified prospectsand 2) contacting these prospects, making them the most lavish, persuasive offer ever, then closingthe deal forthwith. This is the two- step dance that keeps you in business, expands your business,and leads to money, money, money... yours, all yours.Now lets see just what percentage of your average day focuses on these two key points... and whatpercentage of your business day goes to anything but these two essential tasks.Youll need a pad, a watch, and total honesty.To make this crucial scrutiny work, you will need to be clear about what you do, when you do it,and how long it takes to do it. In other words, you must start by creating a detailed picture of youraverage business day... and why it either works to produce the prospect leads and orders you need...or why it doesnt. Give this essential project which can launch the most profitable epoch for yourbusiness your fullest attention. Nothing will come of this project unless you are careful, thorough,and complete.Your first task is to list all the things you do during your average business day. These will includebut will certainly not be limited to* all breaks, kind and duration;* non-business related telephone and other communications;* time spent "surfing" the Web, especially at sites unsuitable for visits during business hours;* gossip with friends and co-workers;* writing ad copy;* creating offers that make sales;* time on the telephone etc where you connect with prospects, and either upgrade them to bequalified prospects, or close them by making sales.Get the picture? What youre trying to do is this: show yourself in unanswerable detail what you doon the average day that has absolutely nothing to do with the identification and closing ofprospects... and how much time and effort you expend generating prospects and closing them.Reforms must follow identification of what you are doing wrong, over and over again.Chances are, you will be shocked and abashed by what you discover, for instance now seeing thatyou spend far more time surfing the Web and gossiping on the phone than you do on that samephone contacting prospects and closing deals. Such pernicious reality must be dealt with at once, forit is costing you money every single day.Start today.Do you care whether your business succeeds or fails? Do you care whether you make more moneythan less? Do you care whether the limited time you have on this planet is transformed into themaximum amount of coin of the realm, and so serenity, security, satisfaction? Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 16 of 33
  17. 17. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!That is why you must do this necessary exercise, and do it today. For you see, succeeding inbusiness without really trying makes a dandy theme for a witty musical... but can in no way beregarded as a truth to build your ever more prosperous business by. That truth will be vividlyapparent to you as you implement the recommendations of this important article.*** We invite you to post your comments to this article below. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 17 of 33
  18. 18. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!I accuse you of doing everything you can to sabotage youronline success.... and what you must do -- at once -- tochange that and Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. In 1894 Captain Alfred Dreyfus, artillery captain for the General Staff ofFrance, was charged with treason and espionage... thereby inaugurating one of the most outrageousand ignoble events in the entire history of France.It was a story of lies... but not by Dreyfus.It was the story of evidence made up... evidence tampered with... evidence destroyed... but not byDreyfus.It was the story of grave injustice... deliberately done and with malice... but not by Dreyfus.It was the story of a man attacked, mauled, censored, imprisoned, humiliated, villified because of hisreligion... but not by Dreyfus.And above all it is the story of how one man with brilliant, slashing language changed the entiredebate... securing at long last freedom, restitution and justice for Dreyfus.This man was celebrated novelist Emile Zola who took just two words and transformed them into themost powerful weapon on earth... two words that galvanized a nation, securing the attention andsupport of the good people of France who, because of Zola, were outraged by the terrible andenduring blot on the honor of France... and who joined their voices to his in the service of truth.Jaccuse!These are the words -- I accuse -- which by making the outrages clear -- began the healing processthat saved France from ignominy and redeemed her. Now I intend to use the great model created byZola and to save you from business ignominy... to redeem you... and enable you to profit online... foryou have been doing everything possible to fail... and little or nothing to succeed.To help you on your way I have selected the soaring 1937 score Max Steiner wrote for the BestPicture of the Year; "The Life of Emile Zola" starring Paul Muni. Such grand music must enablesuccess... so go to any search engine now and play it. We are ready to begin the transforming processthat starts with "I accuse..." and ends with "I salute...", wafted on our way by the grandeur ofSteiners composition.I accuse you of not understanding what business is... of understanding that business is now andalways will be about two things and two things only: the generation of prospect leads... andfollowing up with each and every one of these leads to make offers and close business.I accuse you of engaging in endless trivia every day, focusing on anything and everything instead ofgenerating prospects... and calling these prospects, to work with them and begin the development ofthe business relationships necessary to secure success.I accuse you of trying to run a business solely by email... trying that is to motivate people to buywithout doing the most important thing to profit: picking up the phone, calling prospects, engagingprospects, building relations with prospects.I accuse you of sloth, laziness, of sitting around and waiting for success, instead of doing what isnecessary -- everything thats necessary -- to build the business you say you want... but for which Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 18 of 33
  19. 19. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!there is absolutely no evidence that you have ever done on its behalf any meaningful thing at all.I accuse you of the sin of inertia... of waiting, waiting, waiting, for, what?, a sign from Heaven, anemail from God? I accuse you of not knowing what needs to be done, of not educating yourself sothat you know how to do it, and not doing the least thing to secure your success.I accuse you of spending more time gossiping on the phone with people who cannot make you richer(your best friend, your bowling buddies, the chick you met bar hopping last week) instead of usingthe phone to do what it does so well... connecting with the people who can buy from you, buy now,and make you money every single day.I accuse you of trying to build your online business alone, all by yourself, when all the evidence saysthis is not possible, is absolutely impossible, because there is too much to do...too many things tomaster... and insufficient time to learn them, then do them. You need a team... and you need it atonce.I accuse you of the sin of talking about success far more than doing the necessary deeds and actionsthat ensure success. You have become, thereby, a specialist in the endless rhetoric and bombasticlanguage of success, while achieving nothing. It is time, therefore, past time, to cease and censurethe flatulent babble and get on with the doing.I accuse you of not staying at your post every day until you have achieved the financial objectiveyou have set for yourself for this day, focusing, persisting until you have achieved this goal... everypenny of this goal.I accuse you of coddling yourself, of a too prompt tendency to forgive your inadequacies, overlookthe negatives, whitewash your poor performances, rationalize your failings, pooh pooh each andevery peccadillo, extol too greatly minor triumphs instead of pushing on to make the insignificantsignificant.The words used by Zola to end his famous declamation to French president Felix Faure, January 13,1898:"I have but one passion: to enlighten those who have been kept in the dark, in the name of humanitywhich has suffered too much and is entitled to happiness. My fiery protest is simply the cry of myvery soul."I couldnt say it better myself, so wont try. Zolas letter changed the world... my hope is that thischanges yours.** We invite you to post your comments to this article below. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 19 of 33
  20. 20. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!Its time to recognize those who have failed. It may be thevery best way to get them to succeed. An audacious Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. In 1962 one of the grandest American musicals hit the cinemas of the GreatRepublic. It was Meredith Wilsons "The Music Man"... and we got up and marched as we heard itseffervescent score. No high fallutin Eye-talian music you had to scratch your head about,understanding hardly a word.No, this was Iowa music, Kansas music, music every last citizen of Tennessee and Oklahoma couldunderstand, every last word. As for the star, insinuating Robert Preston; we all knew someone likehim... scamp, con man, plausible trickster redeemed by the love of a good woman.Oh, yes, "The Music Man" was something we could get our teeth into... which is why, a mere lad, Iwas set the onerous task of mastering its "76 Trombones" on the piano; for the next school recital.Anyone but a doting mother and her unctuous piano teacher, who had wife and children (and, Ialways thought, a bit of a drinking problem) to support would have looked at me on that concretepiano bench (or so it seemed) and blurted out the first words that came to mind: "He stinks!" Butthose words were not heard until...... the day of the school recital.Kids good got up and did their bit... that didnt take so long, since there werent so many of them...and it was obvious which ones had worked hard and deserved the top prizes.Then kids, carefully turned out in best bib and tucker, got up and did their mediocre bit. A largechunk of my classmates found themselves in this category; having done some work, but not enoughto reap the blue ribbons that said "First Prize". They got the red ribbons... just good enough toassuage anxious parents.Finally, there were the kids who had to be pushed -- umbrella ferule in the small of their back -- toget up and recite... or dance... or play an uncooperative instrument. And I -- and my ragged renditionof "76 Trombones" -- was in this group... stinkers all. But awarded notwithstanding an HonorableMention and a few seconds of rousing, possibly even sincere applause, lead by mothers who wouldnever admit -- much less on school recital day -- their little Hannah, Billie and Mike were anythingother than paragons; "most likely to succeed" tattooed on their foreheads.Privately, however, even some of the mothers gave vent to the truth; being Midwestern they justcouldnt help themselves.... "They stink!" I heard them say... and then "Jeffrey stinks!"And so truth came to River City. Truth, embarrassment, red-faced humiliation... which could not beassuaged by any white ribbon that said Honorable Mention. It all poured out now; how I washorrid... tone deaf... rhythm challenged... note oblivious... absolutely hopeless.... hot words thatcaused my little brother (who had a lifetime of Jeffrey plaudits to work through) to dance with glee..."Ol Jeffrey stinks." On this day of days he just couldnt say it enough and knew a profoundhappiness long deferred. He talks about it to this very day.I was 15, I was humiliated, I was determined this would not be the end of the story... .... and thatswhy I won the next recital prize fair and square... because I was resolved, and fiercely too, that"Jeffrey stinks" would not be the last word on this subject...... In other words, from abashment and humiliation came triumph and reward. So it worked for meon the grave matter of the school piano recital and so it is about to work for you in your business. For Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 20 of 33
  21. 21. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!I am about to urge that all your business failures, slothful habits, egregious errors, failure to achievesignificant results; that all of these, things which have placed you well and truly amongst thestinkers... be brought out... and publicized to the world; thereby ensuring that your humiliation bethorough and detailed...Why?So that you will do everything needful, yes move heaven and earth, to ensure you are never, ever inthat shocking place again, your dunce cap retired, your name no more ridiculed but revered, honoredand extolled, which is the only way it should be.Consider how you did "business" yesterday, the day before, the day before that...Have you done the necessary to profit? Did you get up early to handle all aspects of yourprospect-generating machine? Did you generate prospects? Follow up (and especially telephone)prospects? Did you make offers, improve offers, and improve these offers again until you had a dealand the money that accompanies it? If so, you made money... and have every right to be happy withyourself... for you are a true and faithful business impresario and you deserve every penny and everycompliment you got.You did get that profit and those compliments, didnt you? Well, didnt you? If not, its time for analternative approach to the business of helping you succeed in business. Its time for the motivatingFailure Awards, a kick in the pants like no other.Imagine the following scenario. You wake up tomorrow, go to your website, and see emblazonedacross it these words"You have just been dishonored with theBIG-TIME LOSER OF THE DAY PRIZE.Trustees of the foundation have selected you because you didnt do one darn thing yesterday,absolutely nothing, to make money, generate leads, work with leads, make offers, close deals andbuild your business.Yep, you are on the bottom of the heap, no money in the till and none expected or possible, until youchange the way you do business so that you can profit from it.Then you see a picture of yourself festooned with mulish ears... with a caption that says simplyLOSER OF THE DAY... (then the date)."Your reaction?How will you feel when you see this? Ill tell you, youll fly into an unparalleled rage... condemningeveryone... everyone, that is, except the one person whose lack of constructive endeavors got youthere in the first place: that would be you!Your lack of effort got you this (boobie) prize. Its only your constructive efforts that can get youout.But will you make them?In my humble opinion you will do so faster, with more energy and determination if you publish theunpalatable truth, shining full, unyielding light on the success you didnt get, letting the world seeyour inadequacies. You will hate this situation and rightly so, for being amongst such a passel oflosers is humiliating indeed. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 21 of 33
  22. 22. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!Thats why you should award yourself this egregious and sick-making award... and spend the rest ofthis day and every day doing what is necessary to expunge it and reap the substantial benefits whichyoull get when you do.Now go to any search engine. Play "76 trombones" and get in the mood for success, joy, and manyhappy returns of the day, a day where failure is just a word in the dictionary. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 22 of 33
  23. 23. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!When champions fail... what they do that you do Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. A lady I know well, a lady accustomed not just to victory but to constantvictory, was last month handed her lunch in her companys sales contest. She lost by the thinnest ofmargins... just 1 widget. But it didnt matter; for her opponent a win was a win; knocking off thequeen was sweet indeed.Thus my friend woke up this morning no longer champ, but "former" champ... and I decided to penthese thoughts because Ive been where the lady is today... and I have a pretty good idea about howshe feels. Ive also got some thoughts I hope helpful for regaining the crown...I suspect she already knows them and has already begun regrouping, for thats what champs downon their luck do. But you probably dont...To get you in the mood for victory, I have selected Marvin Gayes 1976 hit "I want you." This isprecisely what you must say to and about success. Youll find it in any search engine. Go now. Andwhen youve got it, dance it. For theres nothing like dancing to clear your mind, put oxygen in theblood... and rouse yourself for your next great challenge -- taking back the crown youve(temporarily) lost.Congratulate the winner.Ever watched the loser of our quadrennial elections for president get up and calm his rabidfollowers, to deliver for the world a gracious speech of concession, capitulation, and class? Ofcourse you have... its as American a tradition as apple pie and selling missiles to tyrants. We like tothink that people who have been at each others throats just hours ago mean to bring good fellowshipand reconciliation to the nation. We expect these high expectations to be met... by losing presidentialcandidates and by... you. Do so at once. The quicker you make connection and say your piece, thefaster youll move up and out of this most unhappy zone. Remember, if you cant rise to actualsincerity, fake it. Either way, just do it.What went wrong?Champs either 1) win for a reason or series of reasons; or 2) lose for a reason or a series of reasons.The key is being clear on these reasons and either 1) maximizing their impact, or 2) limiting it.You must know what you did that worked and arrange to do more of it.For instance, say that you were making only ten prospect calls a day. This clearly wasnt enough;that objective needs to be increased, to 10 CONNECTS per day, not just dials. This would increaseyour competitive position at once, after just 1 or 2 days. Do the same with everything you didbefore... increasing what you do and thereby increase your likelihood of winning.Note: it is easy when you are a constant champ to take winning as an inevitable state of affairs. Butno true champ ever takes winning as anything other than a state of constant preparation, focus andhumility. The last is perhaps the most difficult factor... and the most essential.What didnt work.Equally, you must decide what you did that didnt work... and radically root it out of your brain anddaily schedule.Were you so confident of victory that you began to cut corners? For instance, instead of emailing toyour safe lists every single day (the necessary standard for champs) perhaps you emailed them only 4 Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 23 of 33
  24. 24. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!your safe lists every single day (the necessary standard for champs) perhaps you emailed them only 4or 5 times in a week. Or, maybe you didnt do your blogging daily as you should; again getting by,instead of getting ahead. If so, you need to re-read the story of the tortoise and the hare. Theres alesson there just for you.Important point: the factors discussed above are the two easiest components of the thorough reviewyou must make, the review that puts winning closer to your grasp... and lessons the probabilities offuture failure. Approach these factors as if you had never been a champ before... as if winning wereyour objective, your destiny, and you were determined to identify each factor that would helpdeliver victory. In other words, start from square one... never assume... never give it a "lick and apromise"... you need to reinvent your game to win it again.Adding potential new success factors.Okay, youve considered what you did that was successful and vowed to do more of that. And, youhave reviewed the failure factors with stern determination to expunge them from your play book anddaily success agenda. Now you need to brainstorm new things you can do which, if successful, makeyour time in the wilderness short and your restoration inevitable.For instance, say that you were trying to run your business without calling a single prospect ever. Insuch a situation the "something new" youd need to adopt would be calling so many prospects eachand every day.... and not just calling them either, but connecting with them.Equally, say you hadnt been using landing pages, blogs, safe lists, traffic exchanges, etc. Nows thetime to add them.... one at a time. The objective is to improve your game, not spread yourself toothin. Focus is key...not overwhelming yourself, making yourself tired.Now improve your offer.Business champions all know that making a superior offer, an offer that excites, motivates, enthusesis the key to business success. To become a champion you need such an offer... to stay a championyou need such an offer... and to regain your throne you need such an offer... only better.Thus brainstorm improvements you can make in your offer that will cause prospects to jump throughhoops to get it. The offer is your key to becoming champion again.Set your objectives.At my company, Worldprofit, Inc., each month we crown a sales champ, then one grand champ forthe year. To win these titles you need a daily, weekly and monthly objective.. Remember this is achamps objective... and must be appreciably better than the one you lost by. Heres a hint. Structureyour game so that you achieve at least 10% of your monthly objective in the first two days of themonth. Thatll show the folks you mean business, and makes you a cheerful competitor.Get started.Every loser has never been a champ, but every champ has been a loser. And, properly handled,losing can be a very good thing. Because losing forces you to review your methods; study yourmethods, and improve your methods...... because from such study and analysis come all future championships... won by you, because youaccept nothing less from yourself -- and never will. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 24 of 33
  25. 25. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!100% sales. The must read for business people who wantmore money and want it NOW!by Dr. Jeffrey LantAuthors program note. I have the inestimable privilege of training some of the brightest businesspeople on earth... people of wit, intelligence, good humor... and a fierce determination to besuccessful, climbing the greasy pole, making more money, and living just the way they want. I findthis work enthralling, exhilarating... and (Ill admit it) frequently frustrating... as I watch even thebest and the brightest muff it.And so, today, I am writing about the one essential thing these fine folks -- and that now includesYOU -- must do every single minute of every single day that you want more money. For, lets notkid ourselves... if you understand this crucial article and follow its directives... you are going tomake more money, lots more, and leave your lackadaisical and languid colleagues in the dust. Andwont that be sweet?To put you in the mood for my insistent message, I have selected a dance number that once madeyou gyrate and awe... "I Want Your Love" by a group named Chic. It hit the charts in 1978, and itmade its point early and often:"I want your love. I want your love. I want your love. I want your love."In other words, they kept on message, driving home the point of their endeavors until even the mostmentally challenged "got it". As a teacher with a sledgehammer, repetitive delivery, I like that... Ilike it a lot.And so to set the stage for what follows, look this tune up in any search engine now and move thatoverweight, arthritic body; because youre about to recapture your alluring youth... and be the personwho got what you wanted, oh yeah!Painful, so painful.It happened again yesterday... and it gets me, right in the solar plexus, each and every time I see thisfundamental error. The sales person I was training was operating solo. In other words, they hadprogressed sufficiently far in their instruction to where they get to fly all alone. I am there, of course;I am always there... but I try to remain as silent as the grave and unobtrusive so that I am seeing thestudent and just the student. And make no mistake about it... this situation (as every parent knows)can make you as nervous and frustrated as all get out.Lights, camera... think!Picture the scene. All parties are on the net. I am present in my video box, the student is in his... andthe "real life" prospect enters... like a bull at a corrida. Everything happens in real time.... and hasreal world implications, for good... or for ill.Ok... the student (and, remember, my students are established business people, notwet-behind-the-ears kids) goes into closing mode. This starts by greeting each and every prospect byname; then asking each prospect to watch a 20-minute video packed with the vital data that bothexcites the prospect and instructs her.These steps are crucial... and the students know I am a stickler for ensuring that they occur. In otherwords, make SURE the prospect has the critical facts before any further action can occur.The prospect is prepped... are you? Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 25 of 33
  26. 26. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!"As soon as youve finished the video, return to me for a spectacular one-time-only offer."These words usher in the next phase of the operation. We make it clear what must be done (watchvideo) and what is coming thereafter (spectacular offer). So far... so good.Close but no cigar.The first mistake the students make is to present the offer before the prospect has been adequatelyprepped. This is a critical error. Prospects must have the necessary facts... or they end up asking aton of unnecessary questions; questions which have already been answered -- and in precise, cleardetail, too -- in the video.The video, the whole video, nothing but the video.As soon as you have confirmed that the prospect has watched the ENTIRE video, proceed to the"Big rock candy mountain," your scintillating offer. It IS scintillating, isnt it? For if it doesnt snap,crackle, and pop youve just thrown away a sale. Sales occur because the offer sizzles, excites, is justtoo thrilling to decline. You ARE making such an offer, I trust. And if youre not, youd better makeits improvement "Action this day," which is what Winston Churchill did when as Prime Minister ofEngland he demanded instant attention and RESULTS.And now... the critical moment that turns you into a master... and puts another sale in your pocket:100% sales.To remain an average closer, keep doing what youre doing.But to fly high as one of the worldssales masters you must set the desired goal... then do everything possible, everything necessary toachieve it.That is... 100% sales.Is this what you do?Make your objective immediately clear to the prospect: "I want you to get the benefits of thiswidget... and Im going to do everything I can to make it happen." Dont just say these words... meanthem. Because once the prospect knows youre serious, they can be serious too, working with you forfastest, most complete mutual advantage.At this moment, the prospect may well start back peddling saying things like this:"I dont have any money.""I cant do it today.""I need to tell the little woman. Were a team."And so forth. Your job is to thrust these obstacles out of the way and CLOSE THAT DEAL.To do this, you must remind yourself AT ALL TIMES that you have a 100% closing goal... and thatyou are going to make this close. If the prospect stalls or blocks you, keep things going by asking forthe prospects undivided attention and for an all- important OPEN mind. Make sure the prospectunderstands what the offer is.... and if necessary improve it; always making it clear that this offerexpires the second the prospect leaves. In other words, there is a premium for staying, workingthings out, but irrevocable loss if they wont.Now, gun it.Keep in mind at all times, with the terrific offer you are making, the prospect will be better off... if... Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 26 of 33
  27. 27. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!and only if... they take immediate action. It is your job to drive this home NOW... making itabundantly clear that action now is the only sensible course.Do this, and do it with enthusiasm, gusto, and good humor, and you will not only want that will get it! For as Chic sang, "a better love you wont find today..." or a better offer either.*** What do you think? We invite you to post your comments below. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 27 of 33
  28. 28. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!Running your own business? Think youre listening to andserving your customers? You may be surprised what thesecustomers think about that. You may be surprised whatthese customers think. about Dr. Jeffrey LantWe live in a society where the means of connecting with each other increase and proliferate everysingle day. And yet, we are communicating with each other less well than ever; in fact, it seems tome that as the means of communicating go up, the actual communicating we do goes down. And ifthis is one of the chief ironies of our times; it is also amongst the greatest, most irritating and alwaysinfuriating aspects, not least because it should never occur at all.Irritation by phone.Every Wednesday I have occasion to see how people who are not sufficiently client-centered handletheir customers. The case in point is the team of Brazilian cleaners which comes every 7 days to helpkeep me sufficiently clean and tidy for another week so that I can do my important work for you,readers, with the complete focus required.These cleaners have worked for me for some years now. I like them and (despite my exigentstandards) they seem to like me.Lately, however, the situation, once stable and acceptable, has declined. Whats more I know whyand (if theyre paying attention) the cleaners and their fearless leader should know, too.We have, in fact, arrived at the point where I say a thing, but they do not hear that thing, much lesstake action to do that thing. And so a "problem" that should never have existed... now needs the kindof action I am no longer sure these cleaners are able and willing to take. It goes like this..."Hang that phone up."The head cleaner, not to put too fine a point on the matter, has never met a phone she doesnt like.Shes always pleasant, personable, a smile ever at the ready even when things in her life are notgoing as well as she might like... and (and this is the gravamen of my charge) shes a chatterbox whomay well have been born with a phone in her ear, and this not only annoys me; it alarms me... for myparticular lifestyle is unusual for our times...Life in a museum.Over the course of the last couple of decades or so I have focused on the acquisition of museumquality artifacts of every kind. Their care and protection is my objective... the better to give each ofthem the opportunity to be shown to utmost advantage. This means regular dusting and polishing.Heres where the problem begins.I have made it clear to the cleaners on now innumerable occasions that the way they work for othersmay not constitute the best way they should work for me. In other words, their whirling dervish styleof dust removal must be changed when the object being dusted has literally hung at Versailles. Slowand steady is the desired approach..."Dont do it all at once."Dusting and the like, lets face it, can be dull, excruciatingly dull indeed. I pride myself on an acuteawareness of this fact. And so from the very beginning, with so many facets needing regular Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 28 of 33
  29. 29. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!attention, I have advised the cleaners to do a portion of the artifacts one week; the balance the next...even extending full dusting over three visits; in other words caution and care are desirable, notnecessarily the speed on which they pride their operation. That works for them; it most assuredlydoes not work for me. And, worse, as they rush through their tasks, I literally hold my breath whilethey swing their awkward and provocative vacuum cleaner in the very limited space at theirdisposal. To say I am nervous as they work is the ultimate under statement.But no matter how often I advise them... that is the precise number of times they have not only failedto hear... but have made it perfectly clear that they regard this advice as superfluous, intrusive,completely beside the point...The phone, the whole phone, and nothing but the phone.The cleaners love to yap (a word my grandmother used to use for chatter that most assuredly did notrise to the level of more demanding and reciprocal conversation)... and they yap from the momentthey arrive... to the moment they depart. They do it LOUDLY with each other (a situation that Iusually ignore). More seriously, they do it on the phone while doing their cleaning... and this is asituation I most assuredly do NOT ignore. Whats more, I cannot ignore it... because, in my case,that would be careless and irresponsible, such is the rarity and beauty of the items herein, a fact I amnever sure they have taken in, much less understand and make clear they understand by carefullyconsidered and carefully rendered action.The situation rises to boiling point when they focus on the telephone and their jejune yapping...instead of devoting 100% of their attention to the breathtaking portrait by Sir Thomas Lawrence(1769-1830) which arrests the attention of every connoisseur who sees it. For the cleaners,philistines, it is just another burdensome object to get through, get by, get over until they can gohome -- safe from the old geezer who demands not only an earnest effort, but one that does not onany way threaten the object in question.And so the chief cleaner says this to me with complete incomprehension: "I never break anything,"her pout pronounced... her eyes smouldering. Thus, she indicates she has not heard my point, clearlydoesnt understand it, and does not perceive the benefit of attending to her customer, the customershe needs for her business but cannot be bothered to comprehend, much less conciliate and reassure.Beneficial advice. Treat it accordingly.Now let us draw what benefits we can from this situation, for it is time to resolve it, placing ourrelations on the better footing they once were.1) Listen to your customers. They are the sole reason why you have a business in the first place.2) Do not see the customer as the enemy but rather a fellow traveler with you on this planet, who hasa right to your ear as well as your labor.3) Do not casually listen to, or even ignore, what this customer says. Not only is that bad business; itis also bad human relations.4) When the customer addresses you, listen... and see what you can do, not to ignore the point, but toimplement it, as quickly and easily as possible.5) Where the customer has concerns respond to them with alacrity and with empathy. Then see whatyou can do about implementing solutions to them.6) Even where you do not entirely agree with the customer, do what you can to accommodate thatcustomer. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 29 of 33
  30. 30. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!7) Where you know that such and such a thing disturbs your customer, go the extra mile to avoidsuch disturbance.And, above all, ask yourself this fundamental and crucial question: have I done everything this dayto ameliorate the situation, hearing, doing, improving the relations and so earning the trust and evenadmiration of this all important person. For, remember, each contact you have with your customerprovides yet another occasion to earn this trust and admiration, and if you do not take it, you areyourself your own worst enemy... and that is unacceptable indeed.But lets end on the highest possible note of accommodation and joy, with "painfully fabulous"Siedah Garretts 2012 Academy Award nominated song, "Real in Rio." Find it in any search engine...and samba. Just dont do it when youre polishing the silver. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 30 of 33
  31. 31. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!The two secrets to power writing -- reciting, Dr. Jeffrey LantIve been a published writer and author for six decades now. Ive got 18 books and thousands ofarticles under my belt. As a result people are constantly asking me the "secrets" of writing thatresonates, captures readers and gets your message delivered. Alright, youve asked me quiteenough... Im ready to spill the beans...Power writing Solution #1: Recite what you write.When was the last time you needed to write something with real impact? Something that made yourpoint, hammered it home, and did so in the most clear lucid way?The correct answer is that the "last time" you did it was probably today, what with all the letters,advertisements, posters, reports, etc. youve got to write in your business.Is this how you approached the task?1) Bad attitude. You hate writing, or at least yourre doing a mighty good imitation of someone whodoes. Thus, you grumpily sit down at your computer, hold your nose, and resolve to race throughthis unwelcome task in record time.2) The writing you produce under this "system" is just about as bad as bad writing can be. As aresult its wordy, misspelled, redundant, diffuse... and that;s just for openers.3) Yuck! When you see what youve got, you gulp. Its terrible, but fortunately not so terrible thatother terrible writers and readers will ever notice. Declining standards shroud any number ofproblems...Then take a good look in the mirror. Remember when you were young, idealistic in college, and thatsmarty-pants professor said you were either part of the problem... or part of the solution. Now youfinally know what he meant: you can either keep producing the writing that has brought you so littlefame and fortune... or you can apply Solution #1 to the problem.To excite, recite.When was the last time you wrote something, then read it aloud to yourself to see how it soundedand maybe to tweak it?Answer? Well, lets just put it this way, shall we? When was the last time you read anything youdwritten aloud? Wasnt it that time in Third Grade where you been forced by Mrs. Noroski, thepersonification of evil, to read a poem she coerced you to write in the first place? Thus, recitingtakes its place just before having a root canal. And nothings going to change your mind, so there.Methinks the lady (and the gent, too) doth protest too much.Now hear this: you begged me for my secrets to power writing... and heres one of the two mostimportant. Youre just going to have move on, relegating that fiasco that constituted your one andonly poetry reading to the recycle bin where it will surely find the oblivion which it so dearly merits.The absolute necessity to read your prose... if you care that it gets read.Its time for brutal honesty. You write to be read, to influence, to motivate readers to take action.Reading aloud, reciting, helps you achieve this objective... and youll do it (stinker though it may be)because recitation means results... and improving results is what it takes to excel and prosper in our Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 31 of 33
  32. 32. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!strenuous culture.First, BIG relief item. Theres an audience of just one to these academy award winningperformances: you! And unless youre the culprit, no one need ever know that you do this wheneveryou want the best possible content and the best possible content presentation.Heres what needs to be in your kit for this project: a printer, marking pens, and a surface on whichto spread this masterpiece in process. Now add gumption and youre ready to go...Youre looking for errors. Here are some places youll find them:1) Line length. Good writers, that is to say persuasive writers know that less is more. Thus, thelonger the sentence, the more likely the reader misses the point, and this will never do. If you findyourself taking another breath to get through the sentence in question, that sentence is too long. Theoptimum line length is 10-15 words, and you must cut sharply as a result... and so keep yourreaders.2) Do the same severe pruning with your paragraphs. Short paragraphs are the best paragraphs; theyshould run from 6 to 8 lines.3) Start as many sentences as possible with "you" (explicit or implicit). Whatever you write iswritten for just one person -- the "you" who is your present reader. That person must have yourcomplete and total focus, because if that "you" stops reading, it doesnt matter what your message is,this all-important person isnt going to do anything about it.4) Use action verbs. Heres the drill you want every reader to follow: your prose calls for action...your prose gets the reader to act. But this only happens when you take a machete to your passiveverbs. They are torpid... impenetrable... movement killers. Just the way they should be and remainforever -- that is if you want your prose cited in the "Guinness Book of Records" under the category"execrable".5) Make war on all purple passages. These you can easily spot when reading for, when uttering themyou automatically start talking like the divine Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923), which means in thesententious idiom of late 19th century France!Your language should be clean, simple, efficient -- you know, the way it isnt now.Solution # 2. Rewrite.Wow, after scrutinizing your latest effusion per Solution #1, youre surrounded by items that havebeen ruthlessly removed. What now? Simple; my next sure-fire writing insight, viz. that the mosteffective writers are the most conscientious rewriters. In other words, the ones who do not merelyspew words on the page, but who do whats necessary for maximum impact. This means you.And so today, at first light, take your latest writing project and go out into the pristine dew of day torecite it. Sure your neighbors will deduce that you have finally gone mad... but the many newprospects and customers youll derive will leave them happy... leave you a paragon of prose... andricher.; oh, yes, a very great deal richer. Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 32 of 33
  33. 33. Yes You Can Succeed On The Internet!!ResourceAbout the Author Sandi Hunter is the Director of Website Development at Worldprofit. Worldprofitprovides training, support, software, hosting, blog content, traffic, and site design for small andhome based business. Now in its 18 year, Worldprofits Home Business Bootcamp has earned statusas the #1 Earn-At-Home Training program.Republished with authors permission by Tim Ricke Copyright Tim Ricke - 2012 33 of 33