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Wine Bloggers Conference 2009 - Monetizing Presentation


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Presentation from 2009 US Wine Bloggers Conference in Santa Rosa, California. How To Monetize your Blog.

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Wine Bloggers Conference 2009 - Monetizing Presentation

  1. 1. Monetize Your Blog How-to Tips
  2. 2. Who Am I? • Tim Lemke • Wine blogger for over 2 years • Day job in Interactive marketing for Barefoot Proximity (a BBDO agency) (no relation to Barefoot wines)
  3. 3. Thanks to Our Sponsor • Wines & Vines offers a comprehensive collection of products providing news, information, marketing and research capabilities for the wine and grape industry • The flagship monthly magazine provides a wide range of solutions to give those in the industry the tools they need to be successful
  4. 4. This Session is NOT About... • Whether or not to monetize • Ethics • A secret formula to Internet millions
  5. 5. This Session IS About... • How to generate income from your blog... at least a little bit • Mostly advertising-based revenue, but we’ll discuss some other options too • Giving you actionable steps to start monetizing or improve how you’re doing it
  6. 6. Monetizing with Ads
  7. 7. Prerequisites to Monetize with Ads • You need a blog (or similar web property) • Your own root domain • Traffic... Preferably lots of it • Basic HTML knowledge, or a friend with it • Privacy Policy • Ideally, set up a LLC & get an EID
  8. 8. Lingo • CPM = Cost per mille (thousand) • CPC = Cost per click • CPA = Cost per action
  9. 9. CPM is a Good Base Measure How much can you make? 50,000 Page views x 3 Ads per page = 150,000 Ad impressions Average $1.00 CPM = $150 per month Average $2.00 CPM = $300 per month Average $3.00 CPM = $450 per month Maximize traffic, page views & CPM to maximize your profits
  10. 10. Don’t Be a Douchebag “If CPC = Cost per click, then I can just click on my ads and watch the money roll in!” - Foolish Douchebag
  11. 11. Ad Formats • Banners • Text ads • Video ads • Image ads • Contextual text ads • Sponsorships
  12. 12. Where to Find Advertisers • Google Adsense ✓ Easy to become an Adsense publisher ✓ Can be ugly and can cheapen your site ✓ Can be tuned for a better experience and effectiveness
  13. 13. Where to Find Advertisers • Affiliate Marketing ✓ Pay for performance based on conversions ✓ Subscriptions and high -commission items are most profitable ✓ Works better in some genres than others
  14. 14. Where to Find Advertisers • Ad Networks ✓ Provides scalability for advertisers ✓ Many have minimum traffic or exclusivity requirements ✓ Requires active management to get best CPMs
  15. 15. Where to Find Advertisers • Direct Sales ✓ Eliminates the middleman, making it more lucrative ✓ Can be most effective for advertisers, but can also be inefficient for advertisers ✓ Requires a lot of work
  16. 16. Revenue Opportunities Direct Sales Sponsorship > Direct Sales CPM > Ad Networks CPM > Google Adsense CPC > Affiliate Marketing CPA* *Usually
  17. 17. Optimize Banner Size/Placement • Use IAB Standard Sizes ✓ Leaderboard ✓ Medium Rectangle ✓ Wide Skyscraper • Place within 500 pixels of top
  18. 18. How to Get Ads on Your Site • Insertion Code ✓ Ad Networks & <div style="text-align: center;"> Affiliate Marketing <script type="text/javascript"><!-- adroll_width = 728; Networks provide adroll_height = 90; insertion code. adroll_a_id = "PNF5YX2YT5GV7AOYFO7T5F"; adroll_s_id = "MH3KJ42IUZEOTIBJQ5SIET"; adroll_render_link = false; //--></script> ✓ Can be JavaScript, <script type="text/javascript" src="http://c.adroll.com/j/ iFrame or just HTML rolling.js"></script> </div> ✓ Ad serving apps can generate code too
  19. 19. Ad Serving Applications • Help you to manage inventory ✓ Define spaces ✓ Define advertisers - Define campaigns - Define ads ✓ Associate advertisers with spaces ✓ Assign weighting, rotations and limits
  20. 20. Default Views • When an ad network, Google Adsense or your own ad serving application doesn’t have a paid ad available it fills the space with a default view. • Remnant inventory = lost revenue • Ad chaining helps minimize revenue loss from remnant inventory
  21. 21. Ad Chaining Direct Sale Ad (not available, default to) > Ad Network 1 (not available, default to) > Ad Network 2 (not available, default to) > Affiliate Marketing Ad
  22. 22. Ad Chaining (advanced) Direct Sale Ad (not available, default to) > Ad Network 1 (if CPM < $3.00, default to) > Ad Network 2 (not available, default to) > Affiliate Marketing Ad
  23. 23. Ad Chaining (making your head spin) Affiliate Ad Server Ad Network 1 Ad Server Program 50% NO NO Display Ad Ad Ad > $1.00 Default Ad Available CPM Rotation 50% YES YES Google Adsense Display Ad Display Ad Display Ad
  24. 24. Traffic IS Important Be Transparent about your traffic... get Quantified
  25. 25. Create a “Media Kit” Look at successful sites for examples of what you can do for a media kit Here’s a snippet from icanhascheezbuger.com You can get info like this from Quantcast & Google Analytics
  26. 26. Other Ways to Monetize
  27. 27. Text Ads • Beyond Google text ads, some advertisers just want to buy links ✓ Not CPM-based ✓ Either CPC or a flat rate per time period • Use a “nofollow” attribute in links or risk getting nerfed by Google
  28. 28. Find a Sponsor • Site sponsorships can be unobtrusive and associate your equity with a brand • This may require a custom layout for your sponsor, and/ or a site-wide ad takeover
  29. 29. Write an eBook and Sell It • If you’re really smart and think you can write something worth paying for, write an e-book • The play here is not to just write it and sell it, but get others, “affiliates” to sell it for you and pay them a cut... pay them at least 50%
  30. 30. Subscription Model • If you think your content is really good and worth paying for it, try switching to a subscription model • Appellation America recently switched to subscription • Good luck with this one
  31. 31. Promote Yourself on Your Blog • Use your blog to generate offline business opportunities ✓ Promote your wine business ✓ Offer wine consulting ✓ Speak about wine at events & parties ✓ Write about wine for others willing to pay you
  32. 32. Waterboard Your Readers • Pop-under ads and other invasive technologies can pay well • Contextual text ads can pop ads on mouse-over and send your readers running to the hills • Mouse-over ads are also available for images, but lack context
  33. 33. Become the Scourge of the Blogosphere • There are companies that will pay you to blog about their products • Typical rates are $5-10 per post • Disclosure that it’s a sponsored post is highly recommended, if not required
  34. 34. Questions?