How to-make-money-online-with-prosperity-team-part-1


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How To Make Money Online With Prosperity Team Part 1. Part one of a series teaching you how to grow a successful online business with The Prosperity Team...

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How to-make-money-online-with-prosperity-team-part-1

  1. 1. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comHow To Make Money Online With Prosperity Team Part 1Author : Tim LangenHow To Make Money Online With Prosperity Team Part 1This post begins Part One of a series teaching you how to make money online with TheProsperity Team ...The Prosperity Team is a team of savvy, goal oriented Empower Network entrepreneurs thatare ready and willing to help you reach your goals and create more income and time freedom.Not only do we provide you with some of the most down to earth hands on daily training to helpyou get real results in your business and make money online, we are also considered one of themost sought after teams within Empower Network to be a part of due to the fact that we provideso much training, content and an ever increasing variety of tools to help you grow yourEmpower Network Business .[caption id="attachment_12958" align="alignright" width="300"]How To Make Money Online[/caption]The Prosperity Team has recently become a super power team by joining forces with teamLove and Light , team Simple Freedom, team, the Evolution Alliance team, and the AIM teamof Empower Network to provide you with an incredible amount of training & support in additionto what youll get from Empower Networks products.The Prosperity Team is now a Super Team which provides live streamed daily web trainingshosted by the top leaders on our team where youll get easy to follow assignments to completeeach day, live team conference calls, a private library of audios for training and for promotion,1 / 5
  2. 2. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comrecorded over the shoulder video marketing training, online marketing tools, traffic co-ops, aswell as the opportunity to see what real SIX figure earners are doing each and every day soyou can take full advantage of their secrets!Not to mention ...we are just the most fun and motivating group to be a part of! :)Once you become a member youll be instructed to Join the prosperity team site (FREE) andthe Facebook group. Youll also be instructed to sign up for the live Daily Monday-Friday Noonwebinars where we provide daily action steps as well as done for you content for your blogs ifyou cant come up with something on your own that day. The webinars are all recorded and youcan view them in the archive and on the team blog if you happen to work a day job and cantmake it to the live broadcasts.One of the main prerequisites for complete success with Empower Network and The ProsperityTeam is following Empower Networks 8 Core Commitments.In This Post I will cover only the Blog daily Core Commitment Blog Daily. Empower Networkviral blogging platform is extremely powerful. Dont believe me? Just about any search onGoogle having anything to do with making money online or online marketing yields results fromsomeones Empower Network blog on page 1 or 2 of the results. Want an example? Do asearch for the phrase: solo ad subject lines.[caption id="attachment_12957" align="alignnone" width="656"]2 / 5
  3. 3. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comHow To Make Money Online[/caption]Yep, currently in positions 2 and 3 are my main blog, the one you are looking at now and myEmpower network blog post on the subject. The only reason my main blog post is there isbecause it got a boost from the link I made coming from the Empower Blog Post going to thepost on this blog! The empower network domain name has an Alexa Rank of 399 Globally and179 in the US. That means out of all websites in the world, Empower Network ranks in the top400 and in the US, in the top 180! Thats massive authority power and is the main reason mymain blog post got listed on page 1 for this term.So do a bit of keyword research, pick a term that you believe online marketers or strugglingonline marketers are searching for and create a 300 to 400 word blog post on your EmpowerNetwork blog. Below is the format I recommend:Title (highlight and select Heading 1 from the drop down box)Content3 / 5
  4. 4. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comImage (insert right at the end of the 1st paragraph) Put your cursor there and click onthe ADD Media button to select an image from your desktop. Align the image to the rightwith the editor that pops up. Use your keyword phrase in the image title , caption and alttag fields and click add to post.Add a video if you can. Ill cover this in a future post with a video demonstration.In the middle of your content use the keyword phrase again and highlight and select header 2from the top drop-down format box.NEXT ADD something like : If enjoyed today’s blog post please ‘like & share’ this pageso someone else can benefit from it!Under that add:(an image of you)(Your Name)(optionally: your phone or skype)Work With Me – (Link to the business you are building!)PS: Some kind of PS promoting somethingcool like a tool you use to build your business (GVO, PL, EZMN etc.)If you like this post on (subject of the day), retweet and comment please!At the Very bottom of the post I use the keyword again in Header 3 format.That does it! If you cant come up with content? The Prosperity Team provides you with aready made blog post with image and a video EVERY DAY! I just suggest you change thewording to make the blog post at least 80 to 90% unique. You can check this by entering thetext of your post at copyscape. It is a paid service but it is well worth it.You get hundreds of searches for a flat fee of 9 bucks! I also recommend choosing a differentimage. Do a search on using your keyword. Click on an image you like. Itwill show the image full size. Just right click and save to your desktop naming it with thekeyword you are writing the post about!Thats all for today! Look for more tutorials and videos on How To Make Money Online with TheProsperity team and blogging soon.Like and Share this with a friend if you found value !4 / 5
  5. 5. Empower Network | Easy Business TodayEmpower Network Easy Home Businesshttp://easybusinesstoday.comTo Your Success!Timothy Langen484-241-6497SKYPE timlangen47Look Me Up On Facebook: short bioHow To Make Money OnlinePowered by TCPDF ( / 5