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Social Media For PR


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Social media examples from brands and organizations in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and around Southeast Asia

Social media examples from brands and organizations in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and around Southeast Asia

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  • Brian Solis: the culmination of a year’s work documenting and organizing the social web by usage and conversational patterns
  • Burson-Marsteller conducted the study between November 2009 and January 2010, surveying the top 100 companies of the 2009 Fortune Global 500 companies from USA, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America.Almost 80% of the Fortune Global 100 companies are using at least one of the top social media platforms to engage with stakeholders, a Burson-Marsteller study found.About 65% of the Fortune Global 100 have active accounts on Twitter, 54% have a Facebook fan page, 50% a YouTube channel, and 33% employ corporate blogs.In Asia Pacific, companies are increasingly using social media to engage customers and are more likely to use corporate blogs than other forms of social media.The study also found that stakeholders are listening and engaging on social media platforms - corporate Twitter accounts averaged 1,489 followers, while each Facebook fan page averaged 40,884 fans.
  • What do we mean when we say “the social Web”? There are many ways to define it. Here isForrester Research’s taxonomy, which divides it into six user activities, which of course overlap.
  • Why PR pros are well-positioned with social media-Experience with EARNED MEDIA; you're all about the interaction- PR is the area of communication most experienced with advocacyYou're used to responding to issues in real-timeYou would not be here if you didn't know how to craft a message (read: create content)shift your mindset from social media to social strategy
  • Responsiveness on TwitterInvolving customers in naming their new planes
  • How does this change the PR professional’s role? Not writing the message but defining strategy, providing guidance and reviewing impact. It’s about harnessing/crowdsourcing, rather than producing.
  • Starhub activated customer engagement on Facebook through an on-going contest, “The Great Singapore Treasure Hunt” Winners announced weekly Custom tabs provide information on current challenges, winners and video produced by the brand and by fansLaunched in August 200926,000 fans to-date
  • It’s natural: Natural links (in contrast with ads) help your website be exposed to large groups of people in a spontaneous fashion.It’s defensible: Once successfully mastered, social communities can be a great source of web traffic on top of any traffic you are already receiving from search engines. It’s low-cost/high returns: The benefits will often exceed the cost. It complements other efforts: Social interactions actually help improve other methods of getting traffic to your website.
  •, only 35% of respondents said they were tracking sales conversion and other ROI metrics related to social media.Getting more website traffic, Facebook fans and comments is very good. But if you’re not sure whether that’s having an effect on lead generation or sales, many executives will ask: what’s the point?Common goals:Brand awarenessOnline reputation management and customer supportOnline traffic/visibilityGenerating both online and offline attention or media coverageAttracting inbound quality/natural links for SEO purposesIncreasing readershipDirect sales
  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media as a PR Tool
      Presented by
      Timi Siytangco
      Associate Director
      25 February 2010
    • 2. Today’s Agenda
      Part 1: The Lay of the Land
      An overview of social media tools and the new media influencers
      Part 2: Examples from Brands and Organizations
      Examples of how brands and organizations use social media for PR programs
      Part 3: Joining The Fray
      The importance of listening, ways to measure the effort, and tips for getting started
    • 3. Part 1: The Lay of the LandWherein we find that there is a natural affinity between social media and PR
    • 4. The Web is becoming more fragmented by the day
      1,000,000,000,000 unique URLs in Google’s index
      100,000,000 videos on YouTube
      Second largest search engine in the world
      200,000,000 active blogs
      54% post or tweet daily
      1,500,000 pieces of content shared on Facebook daily
      By 400,000,000 active monthly users
    • 5.
    • 6. FACT: Content is still king
    • 7. FACT: Companies are seeing the value in earned media
      80% use at least one of the top social media platforms to engage with stakeholders
      In Asia-Pacific, companies are more likely to use corporate blogs more than other forms of social media
      1,489 followers in the average corporate Twitter account
      40,884 fans on the average Facebook Page
    • 8. FACT: The new media influencers are … us!
      Source: Forrester Research
    • 9.
    • 10. Michael Roberts
      Vanity Fair
      Anna Wintour
      Sally Singer
      Suzy Menkes
      International Herald Tribune
      Source: Financial Times, November 14/15 2009
    • 11.
      215,000 visitors per day
      16k Twitter followers
      British Vogue
      200,000 copies sold per month
      19k Twitter followers
      Observations for PR:
      • The job is still media relations
      • 12. It’s not about ditching traditional media – the strong brands will always remain huge influencers
      • 13. But, the number of influencers has grown, and we need to be on top of it
    • Part 2: ExamplesWherein we view and review how other brands and businesses are socializing
    • 14.
    • 15. social
      social media
    • 16. Air Asia: Social Media Drives Online Sales
      “1 Million Free Seats”
      402,222 seats sold in the first 24 hours
      The success of the campaign is attributed to the power of our blog and social network platform.
      Kathleen Tan
      Regional Head of Commercial
      • 40% of posts are from customers and other guest bloggers
    • Ibis Hotel Singapore:
      PR was picked up by 14,000 sites, 800 blogs and tweeted 2,300 times
      Talked about on CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, WSJ, Yahoo!
      Ibis had 100% occupancy on opening day
    • 17. Lenovo Singapore: Authentic and Real-Time
      One-on-one engagement with customers
      Brand representative shares local and global brand news
    • 18. DBS Dialogues: Advocating Entrepreneurship
      Social media outposts drive traffic to DBS Dialogues, a microsite with resources for entrepreneurs
      Online activity delivered majority of leads
      Supported with targeted paid media
    • 19. Indium: Blogging for thought leadership and search engine visibility
      • Product: Soldering materials and electronics assembly equipment
      • 20. 10 employees blogging about a variety of technical topics, from interface materials to semiconductor packaging
      • 21. YouTube channel hosts corporate and educational videos
      Rick Short, Indium’s Marketing Director, says their employee blogs position them as a thought leader, reach prospective customers, and most importantly make them visible in search engines and social media
    • 22. The Great Singapore Treasure HuntWhat’s the value of a Facebook fan?
      • Singapore’s largest Facebook Page: 25,000 fans in three week
      • 23. 500,000 views
      • 24. 340 user-generated films
      • 25. 1,000 comment postings within 15 minutes of each hunt
      • 26. 800 people participated in the finale to win the grand prize
      Then what?
    • 27. Part 3: Joining The FrayWherein we discuss how to get started
    • 28. 6 Steps to Getting Started in Social Media
      Define your social media goals
      It also helps to have: A champion inside the client organization
      Find your audience
      Develop a content strategy
      Quick Win: Set existing content free!
      Don’t forget search
      Establish a digital footprint
      Be prepared for: Real-time interaction
      Measure results (see Step 1)
    • 29. Get into the Habit of Listening
      Clear benefits for traditional PR and Corp Communications
      Helps other activity that PR may also own
      • Brand equity
      • 30. Crisis communications
      • 31. Corporate responsibility
      All communications should guided by PR anyway
      Source: Brandtology
    • 32.
    • 33. What social metrics are organizations monitoring and measuring?
    • 34. Measuring Social Media Using the Action Funnel
      Action Funnel
      Channel: Corporate Blog
      Objective: Lead Generation
      Source: Social Media B2B
    • 35. Quick Win: Make Existing Content Work Harder for You
    • 36. Skill up!
    • 37. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
    • 38. About Syndacast
    • 39. Syndacast Offerings
      Social Media Press Releases
      A proprietary social media and syndication marketing platform, providing a wide range of products that include Digital PR, Video Syndication and Social Media Marketing at the press of a button.
      Online Video Marketing
      Social Media Advertising
      Blog Marketing
    • 40. Some of Our Clients
    • 41. Syndacast PR: A best-of-breed syndication solution for brands in Asia-Pacific
      Covers 107 global online newswires
      Coverage beyond US newswires:
      197 video sharing sites – including top video sites in China and Korea
      100’s of article sites
      50 podcast directories
      35 whitepaper and document-sharing sites
      Support of Asian languages in development – Thai now available!
      Syndacast actively educates and recruits online publishers in Southeast Asia to increase local exposure of your PR
      A campaign managerwith in-market experience provides planning and editorial support, setup, reporting and screenshots
      Track results with an online dashboard
      Reach both global newswires…
      …and top sites in Asia.
      Publisher road show, Southeast Asia, Nov-Dec 2009
      Online dashboard in beta now
    • 42. Contact Us
      Timi SiytangcoAssociate Director
      Syndacast  3 Phillip Street #12-04 Commerce Point Singapore 048581Phone: +65 6518 1683Mobile: +65 9699 3474Email: timi.s@syndacast.comTwitter: @timisiytangco