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Yuvee press release 2008.4 Tim Higginson of Yuvee Speaks at Ecomm Conference


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This is a March 2008 Yuvee press release announcing that its president will be a speaker at the EComm Conference in Mountain View, CA

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Yuvee press release 2008.4 Tim Higginson of Yuvee Speaks at Ecomm Conference

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Tim Higginson (847) 962-1623 info@yuvee.comTim Higginson, founder of Yuvee, speaks at the Ecomm 2008Conference in Mountain View, CA on March 12.Highland Park, Illinois. March 12, 2008.Tim Higginson, founder of Yuvee, Inc. speaks at the Ecomm 2008 Conference( The Ecomm Conference is, as its organizers state: “a brand newtelecom event for those interested in radical innovation and seizing the next opportunity wave.Skype will open day one, Google day two and Ribbit day three.”The title of his talk is “Demonstrating the NeoKeys Launcher” with a goal of showing the audiencehow a user interface can make all of what people do on their computers and mobile devices (nowand future) work beautifully for the user.In his talk, he will be demonstrating how the company’s NeoKeys interface enhances the webexperience, with direct application to substantially improving the Internet experience for mobilephones. His demonstration will be based on the company’s new NeoKeys Launcher softwareproduct. The NeoKeys Launcher integrates the user’s web and application experience into asingle, small and easy user interface. It is based around a single pattern of use across anyapplication (e.g., mobile game, texting), feature (e.g., camera, MP3 player), and service (e.g.,phone, voicemail). It allows third party application or service providers to substantially enhancethe user experience of their product, with a minimal set of rules in its software developer kit (SDK)in order to maintain the consistent use patterns for the user, and to allow users to easily integratenew applications into their user habits, as well as upgrades and new features, as they becomeavailable.The NeoKeys user interface is designed to apply across device categories - mobile phones, PCs,laptops, tablets, remotes and new mobile form factors – in order to give the user a single userinterface for all devices. If works identically as a software for touchscreen devices and as aphysical key implementation in non-touchscreen devices.More Information: For more press information, visit Now. The NeoKeys Launcher is available as a free download for Windows PCs,laptops and touchscreen tablets with either the Internet Explorer or the Firefox browser. Yuveealso licenses the rights to the NeoKeys user interface to mobile phone service providers anddevice manufacturers for both touchscreen and phsyical key implementations.About Yuvee, Inc.: Yuvee is a technology company specializing in advanced user interfacesthat make the next generation of computing, entertainment and mobile devices fast and easy foreveryone. The company holds US and international patents on the NeoKeys user interface, andhas additional patents pending worldwide. Yuvee and NeoKeys are trademarks of Yuvee, Inc.Company Address: Yuvee, Inc., 490 Hazel Ave., Highland Park, IL 60035 USA