Will apps replace the web? (or, why webhub.mobi?) - 6.8.2012


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This white paper/slide deck discusses the issue of the threat to the Web from mobile apps, and proposes a solution (www.webhub.mobi) that tilts the playing field in mobile back to the Web.

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Will apps replace the web? (or, why webhub.mobi?) - 6.8.2012

  1. 1. Will  Mobile  Apps   Replace  the  Web?    (or,  Why  WebHub.mobi?)   Image  captured  from  an  iPhone   “US  News  1”  category  in  “News  Hub”  is  acHve  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   1  
  2. 2. Without a better means of getting mobile users to surf the Web, most websites are essentially cut off from mobile users •  The  Web  is  harder  to  use  on  smartphones   •  Users  look  to  apps  for  what  they  want  to  do  on   smartphones,  including  for  Web  content   •  BUT   – apps  are  limited,  wall-­‐garden  content   experiences  (versus  the  fully  interconnected   Web)   – most  websites  cannot  afford  apps  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   2  
  3. 3. Why the Web is Harder on Smartphones •  The  tradiHonal  PC/laptop  tools  for  connecHng  users  and  websites  (search  engines,  web  ads,   bookmarking,  etc)  are  not  effecHve  on  small  screen  mobile  devices  for  connecHng  users  and   websites  for  many  reasons     1.  Typing  on  touchscreens  is  hard     •  hard  to  type  URLs  into  mobile  browsers   •  hard  to  type  queries  into  search  engines     2.  Using  search  engines  is  harder   •  hard  to  see  lists  of  results   •  hard  to  siW  through  pages  of  search  results   •  hard  to  go  back  and  forth  between  results  and  sites   •  Search  engines  (and  websites)  cannot  simultaneously  show  content  and  ads  on  mobile,  thereby  making  search  and  web  adverHsing  less  useful  for  BOTH   users  and  websites   •  search  engines  can  show  only  a  few  results  at  a  Hme  on-­‐screen     3.  MarkeHng  a  website  to  mobile  is  hard   •  people  are  trained  to  look  first  to  app  stores  for  much  of  what  they  want  to  do  on  their  smartphones   •  most  PC-­‐side  Web  markeing  and  adverHsing  does  not  work  effecHvely  on  smartphone  screens  (eg,  ads  don’t  show  at  all,  or  less  effecHvely)     4.  Bookmarking,  favorites  and  website  icons  are  ineffecHve     •  hard  to  view  and  organize  bookmarks  on  mobile   •  hard  to  sync  bookmarks  across  devices,  especially  if  when  someone  uses  one  browser  on  their  PC/laptop  and  a  different  browser  on  their  mobile   •  mobile  users  simply  cannot  and  will  not  find  an  app  for  every  website  they  might  want  to  visit  and  organize  and  use  app  icons  for  every  website  they   might  want  to  visit  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   3  
  4. 4.                  Most  Websites  Cannot  Afford  Apps  •  It  is  expensive  enough  to  develop,  market  and  support   –  a  desktop  version  of  the  website  that  works  across  all  browsers   –  mobile  version(s)  of  the  website  that  work  across  all  mobile  browsers  •  Adding  the  cost  of  developing,  markeHng  and  supporHng   a  mobile  app  version  of  the  website  is  simply  not  a  viable   opHon  for  most  websites   –  mobile  apps  need  to  work  and  be  marketed  across  mulHple  operaHng   systems  (at  least,  iOS  and  Android,  probably  Win  8  phone  and  maybe   others),  each  of  which  has  separate  development  environments  and  rules,   and  separate  app  stores   4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   4  
  5. 5.                  And,  mobile  apps  have  drawbacks   •  Mobile  apps  have  many  drawbacks  to  the  extent  they   are  replacements  of  websites     –  apps  cannot  replicate  the  richness  of  the  user  experience  of   the  fully  interconnected  Web   •  apps  are  targeted,  single-­‐purpose,  walled-­‐garden  content   environments   •  with  as  much  latency  in  the  user  experience  as  a  website  (because   they  pull  data  from  cloud  servers)   –  apps  are  parHcularly  hard  to  market   –  many  users  are  already  swamped  with  app  icons  …  adding   an  app  icon  for  each  website  a  person  wants  to  use  rapidly   becomes  overwhelming  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   5  
  6. 6.                So,  Mobile  Apps  Threaten  the  Web  •  Mobile  apps  that  primarily  pull  content  from  the   Web  are   –  bad  for  most  websites   –  consequently  bad  for  the  Web  and  users  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   6  
  7. 7.                    WebHub  is  an  effecDve  tool  for  connecDng                      users  and  websites  on  smartphones  •  www.webhub.mobi  is  “your  home  base  for  a  richer,  simpler  Web”℠     ü  Richer   •  Hubs  for  accessing  hundreds  of  websites,  expanding  your  Web  horizons  with  no  effort  at  all   •  Hubs  for  almost  every  interest:  news,  sports,  shopping,  music,  videos,  arts,  social,  business,  etc.   ü  Simpler   •  “one-­‐thumb  surfing”℠  on  touchscreen  smartphones   •  people  need  fewer  icons  on  your  phone  and  desktop   •  unifies  surfing  across  all  of  a  user’s  devices  and  browsers   •  removes  all  the  hard  steps  from  mobile  surfing,  including,  no  need  to  type  or  remember  URLs   •  stores  usernames  and  passwords  for  instant  access  from  any  device   •  stores  a  user’s  surfing  notes,  including  for  each  and  every  website  in  WebHub   ü  Provides  an  opHmal  mobile  and  cross-­‐device  brand    markeHng  and  adverHsing  channel   4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   7  
  8. 8.                          WebHub  effecDvely  brings  the  Web  to  mobile   •  In  short:  www.webhub.mobi  Hlts  the  playing  field  back  in   favor  of  the  Web  on  touchscreen  smartphones   ü  by  making  vast  areas  of  the  rich  Web  far  easier  to  access  than  Web-­‐ focused  mobile  apps  (via  “one-­‐thumb  surfing”  and  more)   ü  and  unifying  the  browsing  experience  across  a  user’s  device   •  in  the  context  of  the  “cross-­‐device”  user  lifestyle,  meaning  the   rapidly  growing  user  preference  for  surfing  the  Web  from  a  range   of  devices  during  the  day  (smartphones,  tablets,  PCs/laptops,  and,   increasingly,  TVs)  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   8  
  9. 9.                  WebHub’s  Key  Features  for  Users   •  “One-­‐thumb  surfing”  of  the  Web  removes  the  difficult  steps   from  surfing  on  mobile     •  Each  user’s  personalized  Web  experience  (websites,   usernames,  passwords,  surfing  notes)  instantly  follows  them   throughout  the  user’s  day,  regardless  of  device  or  browser     –  people  are  showing  a  global  preference  for  switching  among   mulHple  devices  (smartphone,  tablet,  laptop/pc)  during  the  day   –  WebHub’s  all-­‐device  dashboard  addresses  key  needs  to  unify  and   enhance  that  “cross-­‐device”  lifestyle   –  to  learn  more,  read  our  “What  is  WebHub”  white  paper  and/or  visit   our  tutorial/informaHonal  videos  at   hgp://www.youtube.com/user/WEBHUBdotMOBI  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   9  
  10. 10. Empowering  People   •  WebHub  gives  people  the  full  power  of  the   Web  from  their  mobile  and  across  their   devices   •  Adding  a  single  WebHub  website  icon  to  a   person’s  smartphone  essenHally  represents   adding  thousands  of  website  icons  that  are   fully  organized  and  instantly  accessible   –  Together  with  all  addiHonal  funcHonality  and  features  of   WebHub  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   10  
  11. 11. Empowering  Websites   •  Websites  get  a  single,  opHmal  channel  to  reach   users  on  mobile  and  across  users’  devices   •  Websites  do  not  need  mobile  apps  …  just  desktop   and  mobile  versions  of  their  website  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   11  
  12. 12. Empowering  Brands   •  Brands  get  a  single,  opHmal  channel  to  reach   users  on  mobile  and  across  their  devices,   throughout  the  day   –  perhaps  the  most  powerful  innovaHon  in  brand   markeHng  in  the  mobile  era  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   12  
  13. 13.        Browser-­‐based  SoluDons   •  Many  people  prefer  one  browser  on  their  PC/laptop  and   whatever  the  default  browser  is  on  their  mobile  device   –  syncing  bookmarks  across  browsers  is  problemaHc   –  organizing  and  viewing  browser-­‐based  bookmarks  on  PCs/laptops  has  a   user  interface  throwback  to  Hered  lists,  and  does  not  work  well  on  mobile   small  screen   •  Any  data  that  is  local  to  the  device  is  in  danger  if  the  device  is   lost  or  stolen   •  WebHub  solves  these  problems   –  WebHub  is  independent  of  any  specific  browser   –  WebHub  is  purely  in  the  cloud,  so  trading  a  device  in  entails  zero  effort   to  transiHon  to  a  new  device,  and  losing  a  device  has  much  less  risk  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   13  
  14. 14. Privacy   •  A  major  issue  facing  the  world  is  the  collecHon   and  use  of  personally  idenHfiable  informaHon   –  frequently  in  order  primarily  to  deliver  ad  content   that  is  deemed  highly  relevant  to  a  user  based  on  a   user’s  profile   •  WebHub  solves  this  problem  in  a  simple  and   elegant  fashion   –  WebHub  has  developed  a  system  capable  of   delivering  the  most  relevant  ads  without  using,   collecHng,  maintaining  or  accessing  any  personal   informaHon  about  its  users  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   14  
  15. 15.    More  White  Papers   •  What  is  WebHub?   •  Search  re-­‐invented  for  mobile,  or  what  is  a  ConnecHon  Engine?   •  Smartphone  Icons  –  A  System  for  Improving  OrganizaHon  and  Access   •  What  is  the  PiQ  music  app?   •  The  Importance  of  Patent-­‐Protected  DifferenHators  to  Mobile  Device  Manufacturers   •  Topics  in  innovaHon  in  mobile  technology  by  Yuvee   •  NeoKeys  –  How  it  works  and  why  it  is  criHcal  to  touchscreen  devices   •  What  is  the  NeoKeys  Mixed  Media  Keypad?   •  The  Challenge  of  Touchscreen  Cluger  (or  Making  Mobile  Screens  Big)   •  The  Non-­‐Subscriber  Revenue  ImperaHve  –  ROI  on  Telecoms  CapEx   •  Richness+Simplicity:    The  Holy  Grail  of  Mobile  UI   •  Yuvee  -­‐  Mobile  User  Experience  Conference  –  UX  Designers’  Den  Slides   •  MoneHzing  the  Keypad  Real  Estate  on  Mobile  Devices   •  The  Changing  Face  of  User  Input  on  Mobile  Devices   •  Compound  versus  Elemental  Devices  –  New  Mobile  Device  Market  Strategies   •  The  Incredible  Shrinking  Search  Results  Page   •  Dynamic  Keypads:  Terminology  4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   15  
  16. 16. Where  to  Read  the  White  Papers         www.slideshare.net/Hmhigg/      4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   16  
  17. 17. About  Yuvee   •  Yuvee –  owns a global patent portfolio in mobile and cross device UI –  runs www.webhub.mobi –  innovates in mobile and converged device design and user experiences - making the next generation mobile and converged lifestyle effortless and immersive for the Web and apps –  WebHub is “powered by NeoKeys” which is a patented user interface technology for smartphones and converged devices •  Contact –  Tim Higginson at m 847.962.1623Patents issued and pending – see lists at www.yuvee.com.Yuvee, PiQ and NeoKeys are trademarks of Yuvee, Inc. WebHub is a registered trademark of Yuvee, Inc.Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. No relationship or endorsement is intended or implied. 4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   17