What is webhub.mobi?


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"What is WebHub.mobi?" explains what the cloud app located at www.webhub.mobi is and how it works. In short, WebHub is "your home base for a richer, simpler Web" and offers "one-thumb" surfing on touchscreen smartphones.

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What is webhub.mobi?

  1. 1. What  is               WebHub.mobi?       Image  captured  from  an  iPhone   “US  News  1”  category  in  “News  Hub”  is  acIve  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   1  
  2. 2. Summary   •  www.webhub.mobi  is  “your  home  base  for  a  richer,  simpler  Web”℠     ü  Richer   •  hundreds  of  the  best  sites  of  the  Web  organized  by  Hub,  and   personalizable  by  you,  instantly  at  your  fingerIps   •  Hubs  for  search,  news,  travel,  social,  video,  music,  business,  educaIon,   etc.   ü  Simpler   •  “one  thumb  surfing”℠  on  touchscreen  smartphones   •  unifies  surfing  across  all  of  a  user’s  devices  and  browsers   ü  Provides  an  opImal  mobile  and  cross-­‐device  brand  markeIng   and  adverIsing  channel  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   2  
  3. 3.              How  does  WebHub®  simplify,  enrich  and              unify  a  user’s  Web  experience?   •  “One-­‐thumb  surfing”  on  touchscreen  smartphones   •  Removes  the  difficult  steps  from  surfing  on  mobile   –  no  remembering  or  typing  URLs  or  search  terms   –  no  bookmarking   –  no  syncing   –  no  app  to  find  in  an  app  store,  download,  update,  or  find  on  the  phone   –  no  data  local  to  a  user’s  phone   –  full  search  available  when  it  is  really  needed   –  instantly  available  in  full  with  NO  work  at  all  whenever  a  user  gets  a  new  device   –  no  local  data  to  be  concerned  about  with  devices  that  a  user  trades  in  or  loses     •  Instant  access  to  the  Web,  pre-­‐organized,  unified  and  personalized  across  a  user’s  devices   –  thousands  of  sites  organized  and  instantly  available   –  works  idenIcally  across  all  of  a  user’s  devices  and  browsers   –  stores  usernames  and  passwords  across  all  a  user’s  devices   –  stores  a  user’s  surfing  notes,  including  notes  specific  to  each  and  every  site  in  a  user’s  WebHub     –  easily  personalizable   –  free   –  no  set-­‐up  required   –  private  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   3  
  4. 4.              “Hub”  and  “Category”  system   •  Through  its  Hub/Category/Link  patented  organizaIon   system  (“powered  by  NeoKeys”),  WebHub  gives  people   access  to  a  huge  range  of  the  Web  with  almost  no  effort   •  There  are  “hubs”  for  almost  any  interest  and  any  type   of  Web  surfer   –  news  junkies,  general  surfers,  shoppers,  sports  fans,  search   fanaIcs,  etc.     –  more  than  1,600  of  the  best  sites  on  the  Web       •  Users  can  easily  create  their  own,  personalized  and   unique  Hubs  and  categories  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   4  
  5. 5.    How  “Hubs”  work   o  Scrolling  column  of  “Hubs”   o  Currently  showing  the  following  Hubs   •  Search  Hub   •  News  Hub   •  Travel  Hub   •  Shop  Hub   o  Search  Hub  is  acIve   •  The  selected  user  the  “Search  Hub”  key  from   among  the  “Hubs”  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   5  
  6. 6. How  “Categories”  work          o  Each  “Hub”  has  its  own  scrolling  column  of   “Categories”  o  “General  Search”  category  key  is  show   here  as  currently  acIve  from  among  the   column  of  “Category”  keys  of  which  the   first  4  categories  are  showing   •  General  Search   •  RT  Search   •  Meta  Search   •  App  Search   4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   6  
  7. 7. How  “Links”  Work          o  Each  combinaIon  of  Hub  key  and  Category  key   has  a  unique  set  of  9  “Link”  keys  and  an  ad  area  o  Each  link  key   1)  shows  the  name  of  a  website,  and  a  click  on   that  key  opens  a  new  tab  direct  to  that  website   2)  has  an  associated  “i”  key  that  gives  a  quick   descripIon  of  that  website   3)  in  personal  (private  user)  WebHubs,  users  can   store  their  usernames/passwords  and  notes  for   that  link    o  In  this  example,  link  keys  are  showing  a  set  of   search  links  because  the  user  has  acIvated   “General  Search”  category  in  ‘Search  Hub”   4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   7  
  8. 8. How  Brands  win     with  a  single,  unified,  cross-­‐device  channel   direct  to  users  o  Every  combinaIon  of  Hub  and  Category  has  a   unique  ad  space   •  currently  showing  user  has  selected   “Travel  Hub”  and  the  “Airline”  category    o  Users  see  these  ads  whenever  they  are  using   WebHub,  on  any  of  their  devices   •  brands  get  a  single  channel  to  reach  users   on  all  their  devices,  all  day  o  Ads  can  be  staIc  jpgs  or  dynamic  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   8  
  9. 9. Empowering  People   •  WebHub  gives  people  the  full  power  of  the  Web  from   their  mobile,  without  the  need  to  do  any  of   –  type  in,  know  or  search  for  URLs   –  sij  through  pages  of  search  results   –  sync  or  use  any  kind  of  bookmarks   –  use  the  same  browser  on  all  of  a  user’s  devices   –  manage  tens  or  hundreds  of  single-­‐purpose,  walled-­‐garden   apps  and  app  icons   –  worry  about  switching  to  a  new  device  or  losing  a  device  …   all  of  a  user’s  WebHub  is  in  the  cloud,  so  there’s  zero  to  do   to  have  100%  of  a  user’s  WebHub  on  a  new  device,  and   zero  data  on  a  user’s  device  if  it  is  stolen  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   9  
  10. 10. Empowering  Websites   •  WebHub  gives  websites  a  single,  unified   channel  to  reach  users  on  their  mobile  and   across  users’  devices   –  without  having  to  create,  market  and  support  apps   for  each  type  of  mobile  device   –  with  no  need  to  pay  for  the  mobile-­‐inefficient   system  of  search  engine  sponsored  links   –  with  the  incredible  benefit  of  the  inter-­‐linked  Web  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   10  
  11. 11. Empowering  Brands   •  WebHub  gives  brands  a  single,  unified,  opImized  channel   to  reach  users  across  their  devices,  throughout  the  day   •  This  is  perhaps  the  most  powerful  innovaIon  in  brand   markeIng  in  the  mobile  era   –  the  preferred  lifestyle  of  consumers  is  increasing  “cross-­‐device”   meaning  that  they  surf  from  mulIple  devices  during  their  day     •  Breakfast:    tablet  or  laptop   •  Commute:    tablet  or  phone   •  Work:    pc  or  laptop  or  tablet   •  Lunch:    phone   •  Work:    pc  or  laptop   •  Commute:    phone  or  tablet   •  Home:    pc,  laptop,  tablet,  TV  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   11  
  12. 12. Try  www.webhub.mobi   •  WebHub®   –  “one-­‐thumb”  Web  surfing  on  touchscreen  smartphones   –  opImizes  your  mobile  Web  lifestyle   –  unifies  your  personal,  cross-­‐device  lifestyle   –  free   –  private   •  In  other  words,  WebHub  is  your  home  base  for  a   richer,  simpler  Web  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   12  
  13. 13. Learn  more   •  WebHub  intro  and  tutorial  videos   www.youtube.com/users/webhubdotmobi     •  WebHub  has   –  many  features  not  discussed  in  this  slide  deck   –  a  full  product  roadmap  of  new  features  to  be   released  on  an  on-­‐going  basis  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   13  
  14. 14. ConnecIon  Engine   •  Tim  Higginson,  President  of  Yuvee,  explains     –  WebHub  Ilts  the  mobile  playing  field  back  in  favor   of  the  Web  over  single-­‐purpose  apps   –  by  creaIng  a  “connecIon  engine”     •  opImized  for  the  mobile  and  cross-­‐device  lifestyle   •  to  connect  users,  websites  and  brands     •  beoer  than  any  other  soluIon  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   14  
  15. 15. Group  Search  Engine   •  WebHub  also  offers  a  means  to  “search”  for   groups  of  related  websites   •  Each  Hub  contains  links  to  related  websites,   such  as  travel  sites,  business  sites,  social  sites,   music  sites,  news  sites,  etc.   •  This  provides  a  fast,  easy  way  to  find  related   groupings  of  sites  that  adds  immense  value  to   the  “single-­‐shot”  tradiIonal  search  engines  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   15  
  16. 16. Core  Design  Criteria   •  WebHub’s  core  design  criteria  are   ① re-­‐invent  mobile  search  and  surfing  to  create  the   simplest,  richest  Web  touchscreen  smartphone   experience     ② enhance  the  preferred  “cross-­‐device”  lifestyle  of   many  mobile  users  by  unifying  and  personalizing  the   Web  experience  across  all  a  user’s  devices   ③ design  for  the  most  constrained  system  (mobile),   and  then  apply  up  the  chain  of  user  devices  (tablets,   laptops,  PCs,  TVs)  because  users  are  increasingly   looking  to  do  the  same  things  across  all  their   devices,  so  the  UI  should  be  the  same  too  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   16  
  17. 17.  Extensible   The  same  patented  “powered  by  NeoKeys”   system  that  powers  WebHub  also   works  to  provide  a  beoer  system  for   organizing  and  accessing  app  icons   o  Any  and  all  types  of  icons  can  be  efficiently   organized  and  accessed  using  this  Hub  and   Category  system   §  Icons  can  be  for  any  or  all  of  apps,  websites,   documents,  media,  tv  shows,  tv  channels,  etc.   §  “powered  by  NeoKeys”   §  patents  issued  and  pending  in  US  and  overseas   o  See  our  white  paper  “Smartphone  Icons  –  A   System  for  Improving  OrganizaIon  and   Access”  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   17  
  18. 18. More  White  Papers   •  Search  re-­‐invented  for  mobile,  or  what  is  a  ConnecIon  Engine?   •  Smartphone  Icons  –  A  System  for  Improving  OrganizaIon  and  Access   •  What  is  the  PiQ  music  app?   •  The  Importance  of  Patent-­‐Protected  DifferenIators  to  Mobile  Device  Manufacturers   •  Topics  in  innovaIon  in  mobile  technology  by  Yuvee   •  NeoKeys  –  How  it  works  and  why  it  is  criIcal  to  touchscreen  devices   •  What  is  the  NeoKeys  Mixed  Media  Keypad?   •  The  Challenge  of  Touchscreen  Cluoer  (or  Making  Mobile  Screens  Big)   •  The  Non-­‐Subscriber  Revenue  ImperaIve  –  ROI  on  Telecoms  CapEx   •  Richness+Simplicity:    The  Holy  Grail  of  Mobile  UI   •  Yuvee  -­‐  Mobile  User  Experience  Conference  –  UX  Designers’  Den  Slides   •  MoneIzing  the  Keypad  Real  Estate  on  Mobile  Devices   •  The  Changing  Face  of  User  Input  on  Mobile  Devices   •  Compound  versus  Elemental  Devices  –  New  Mobile  Device  Market  Strategies   •  The  Incredible  Shrinking  Search  Results  Page   •  Dynamic  Keypads:  Terminology  4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   18  
  19. 19. Where  to  Read  the  White  Papers   • www.yuvee.com/prWhitePapers.php       • www.slideshare.net/Imhigg/    4/2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   19  
  20. 20. About  Yuvee   •  Yuvee –  owns a global patent portfolio in mobile and cross device UI –  runs www.webhub.mobi –  innovates in mobile and converged device design and user experiences - making the next generation mobile and converged lifestyle effortless and immersive for the Web and apps •  Contact –  Tim Higginson at m 847.962.1623Patents issued and pending – see lists at www.yuvee.com.Yuvee, PiQ and NeoKeys are trademarks of Yuvee, Inc. WebHub is a registered trademark of Yuvee, Inc.Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. No relationship or endorsement is intended or implied. 4.2012   ©  Yuvee,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.   20