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Integrating social with seo   internet world by Tim Grice
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Integrating social with seo internet world by Tim Grice


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Tim Grice talks about the im

Tim Grice talks about the im

Published in: Technology, Design
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  • 1. Integrating SOCIAL with SEOTim GriceHead of Search
  • 2. Unnatural Links Will Hurt You! Forum Profiles Comment Paid Links Spam Unnatural Aggressive Blog Link AnchorNetworks Profile Text
  • 3. Google Changes the Game Anchor Text?
  • 4. Over Optimisation Algorithm?
  • 5. Unnatural Links• Unnatural links to be removed• Less aggressive anchor text strategy• Greater need for link worthiness• All links should be justified
  • 6. Social Can Be Difficult to Justify….. • Links Still a major factor • Anchor text diversity • Can be difficult to justify Changes to Google Mean We Have To Justify Social Activity….
  • 7. Social Justification OutreachContent Social Relationships Ranking Signals
  • 8. Outreach
  • 9. People Link to People
  • 10. Outreach 3x More Effective
  • 11. Branded3 Tweet Test
  • 12. Tweets & Rankings
  • 13. Caveats Correlation not causation More Tweets = More LinksImpossible to isolate all factors
  • 14. Content• Understanding the customer journey Awareness After Care Consideration Purchase Recommendation
  • 15. Social Signals•• Good content always gets far fewer links than it gets social shares• Make sure that you build social shares at the same time as you get links to make your link building appear natural
  • 16. Typical Social/Link Process Social/Content Source Authority Agree on Unique Idea Publisher Content Content Create Viral Push Story to Published with Content Sourced Blogs Link Monitor Alerts for Submit to social Link sites Opportunities
  • 17. Key Points • If your site isn’t share worthy find a site that is and partner • Seek feedback on ideas before launch • Try to use commercial keywords in your title • Prime 10 – 15 bloggers before go live and provide them with a unique piece of content to publish • Develop relationships with people on Twitter, Facebook, Digg & Reddit etc….
  • 18. Link ability vs. Share ability Share Ability Link Ability
  • 19. What Works?
  • 20. Tweets as Links? • Giveaways and competitions • 1872 tweets • 10th most shared page
  • 21. Infographics • 66 links • 119 Tweets • 115 Facebook likes
  • 22. 3,500 new Twitter followers
  • 23. Social + Commercial
  • 24. Search Plus Your World• Sharing is important for long term visibility and organic traffic
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27. Tools
  • 28. More than rankings… • Organic traffic through shared referrals and brand • Increase in followers / reach • Relationship development compliments outreach • Increase in referral traffic and brand awareness • People link to people not just pages SEO is about driving traffic that converts and developing relationships that can leverage campaigns.
  • 29. Questions? • • • •