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Advanced seo strategies - Integrating PR and Social with Your SEO Strategy
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Advanced seo strategies - Integrating PR and Social with Your SEO Strategy


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Tim Grice talks about the recent changes with Googles algorithm and how link building should be structured on order to achieve long standing results in natural search.

Tim Grice talks about the recent changes with Googles algorithm and how link building should be structured on order to achieve long standing results in natural search.

Published in: Education, Business, Technology

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  • Once in Excel, filter down to pages with more than 1 link to them
  • Transcript

    • 1. Advanced SEO StrategiesAdvanced SEO StrategiesIntegrating SEO with PR & Social Media
    • 2. Advanced SEO Strategies
    • 3. Advanced SEO StrategiesSEO Turbulence
    • 4. Advanced SEO StrategiesUnnatural Links 1 2
    • 5. Advanced SEO StrategiesPenguin• The Over Optimisation Algorithm• 3% of queries affected• Aggressive anchor text• Unnatural link patterns/signals• Aggressive on page tactics • Keyword stuffing • Hidden text • Manipulative redirects • Cloaking • Manipulative Content
    • 6. Advanced SEO StrategiesCombating Unnatural Links• Look for low quality follow links in your profile that pass weight and/or anchor text• Unnatural Links 1 – All links to be removed and reconsideration to be sent via Webmaster Tools• Unnatural Links 2 – Identify spam links, remove, apply reconsideration only if you have seen negative impact
    • 7. Advanced SEO StrategiesLink Classification
    • 8. Advanced SEO StrategiesIs this link manipulative?
    • 9. Advanced SEO StrategiesUnnatural Links Hit• Rankings relying on low quality links will all drop• Most severe penalties hit with the first batch of messages• Removing links + Reconsideration is the only way to recover
    • 10. Advanced SEO StrategiesSEO Changed• Low quality content is actively being penalised• Unnatural links are been devalued and causing penalties• Anchor text manipulation is being actively penalisedGoogle are getting better at detecting quality and removing spam
    • 11. Advanced SEO StrategiesGoogle Webmaster Hangouts bmasterhelpforum/en/office- hours
    • 12. Advanced SEO StrategiesIs SEO Dead?
    • 13. Advanced SEO Strategies Comment Spam Article Content Marketing Spinning SEO Text Strategy FakeLink Ads Reviews Blog Forum Networks Profiles If this is your strategy, YES!
    • 14. Advanced SEO StrategiesThe Right Strategy
    • 15. Advanced SEO Strategies Locations Optimisation Video Optimisation Outreach Schema Content StrategyBlogging SEO Authorship Strategy Image Optimisation Technical SEO Social Google + Editorial Link Building
    • 16. Advanced SEO StrategiesYour Strategy Has To Change!
    • 17. Advanced SEO StrategiesCrafting the Perfect Link profile
    • 18. Advanced SEO StrategiesBrand Anchor Text
    • 19. Advanced SEO StrategiesVariation
    • 20. Advanced SEO Strategies
    • 21. Advanced SEO StrategiesDomain Authority Spread
    • 22. Advanced SEO StrategiesNatural Profile
    • 23. Advanced SEO StrategiesLink strategyThe only way to future-proof your link strategy is to make links a naturalby-product of your normal marketing strategyAs you might expect, this isn’t easy. How many links does your marketingstrategy deliver every month at the moment?If you sit back and wait for links to arrive you won’t get enough to rank
    • 24. Advanced SEO StrategiesRelationshipsMost agency/client link building relationships work like this Corporate Comms Linkbuilding Media Public Affairs Relations Agency Client PR Onsite Keyword SEO Strategy Optimisation Research Strategy Internal Blog Outreach Comms Other SEO Crisis Comms Social Media projects Client does some great stuff over here Agency does some other stuff over there
    • 25. Advanced SEO StrategiesIt should work something like this Marketing Media Blog Social Crisis Internal PublicCorporate Comms SEO Relations Outreach Media Comms Comms Affairs SEO Links Links Links Keywords Links Links Links Training Technical Reputation SEO Management Every marketing task can be performed by the client or the agency – usually an agile agency will fill the gaps where the client doesn’t have in-house resource
    • 26. Advanced SEO StrategiesOutreach
    • 27. Advanced SEO StrategiesBreaking Down A NicheExample – Film and movie bloggers:• Film news• Independent film• Horror• Action• Film reviews• Film makingA single generic approach simply wont cut it across all of these niches, weneed to tailor our outreach to each mini-niche
    • 28. Advanced SEO StrategiesOpen Site Explorer
    • 29. Advanced SEO StrategiesSearchMetricsThese are the top, socially visible postsGreat indication as to the content that the niche wants
    • 30. Advanced SEO StrategiesLink Building Strategies
    • 31. Advanced SEO StrategiesLink Wheel… With a Twist Guest post Guest Guest Post post Authority Publisher Target Website Guest Guest Post Post
    • 32. Advanced SEO StrategiesAdvertorials
    • 33. Advanced SEO StrategiesLeveraging Links• Interviews• Images• Translation• Commentary• Giveaways• Flattery• Sharing
    • 34. Advanced SEO StrategiesExamples• Bingo – Mummy Blogger Awards• Trailers from Cinema Chain• Expert opinion – financial spread betting• Data trends from diamond retailer• Backup Plugin for Wordpress
    • 35. Advanced SEO StrategiesOur news strategy Base content around current events Comment and react to industry changes and news Incorporate your social activities into you content
    • 36. Advanced SEO StrategiesDoesn’t matter if links are paid, it matters how they appear.
    • 37. Advanced SEO StrategiesEditorial Discretion “I would draw a little bit of daylight between paid directories that exercise no editorial discretion and those like Yahoo, who have a high editorial threshold.” Matt Cutts - Feb 2012 We need to be focusing on building links that very few people can get, links that clearly show editorial discretion has taken place.
    • 38. Advanced SEO StrategiesSharing Links• Good content always gets more shares than links• Social shares should be built at the same time as creating links• Links acquired should be shared If a piece of content doesn’t warrant a share, it doesn’t warrant a link
    • 39. Advanced SEO StrategiesTweeting
    • 40. Advanced SEO StrategiesRecommended Tools
    • 41. Advanced SEO StrategiesSummary• Bad links have to be removed• A natural link profile should be crafted• Link building should be a bi-product of wider marketing activity• Links acquired should have editorial value• Find something to leverage• Invest in the right tools
    • 42. Advanced SEO StrategiesQuestions?tim.grice@branded3.com