Clojurescript up and running
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Clojurescript up and running



My talk at Helsinki/JS. I gave short introduction to Clojurescript and how set up your first projects with demos.

My talk at Helsinki/JS. I gave short introduction to Clojurescript and how set up your first projects with demos.



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    Clojurescript up and running Clojurescript up and running Presentation Transcript

    • Clojurescript up and running Timo Sulg, @timgluz @Helsinki/JS, 27th November, 2013
    • What? And why? Was? und warum?
    • source: CoffeScript wiki has ~200 langs
    • JS as assembler for web JavaScript is an assembly language. The JavaScript + HTML generate is like a .NET assembly. The browser can execute it, but no human should really care what’s there. - Erik Meijer, author of Rx and Linq source: Scott Hansemal's blog
    • Photoproof
    • Clojure's brith
    • Clojure? 1. Functional 2. Dynamically typed 3. Lisp
    • Clojure/Script? Subset of Clojure No concurrency primitives Influences from Host
    • Inner parts source: Stuart Sierra's "Clojure - getting up and running;"
    • Best parts 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Generic data primitives Highly composable Expressinevess Extensible core.async
    • Little peak into syntax quick steptrough source: Kanaka's cheatsheet
    • Getting started ; it j cnoe ; no s osl (lgj/osl "el wrd"; .o scnoe Hlo ol!) ; it BosrRP ; no rwe EL (rnl "el wrd) pitn Hlo ol"
    • Code modularity (scj.ol.el n lswrdhlo (rqie'sassn:ssn) :eur [tr.u a u] (ue'paeserh:ny[a,ngt :serh) :s [ ol dy ih] a at])
    • Primitive collections ; ary ; ras (e a(ra) df ary) (e a(ra 123) df ary ) (gta1 ; 2 ae ) ; ; ojc ; bet (e o(soj) df j-b) (e o(soj"o"1"a"2) df j-b fo br )
    • Generic datastructures ; ls ; it (e a(it123) df ls ) (e b'123) df ( ) ; vco ; etr (e c(etr123) df vco ) (e d[ 234) df 1 ] ; st ; es (e f(e 1123) df st ) (e g#123) df {,,} ; hs-as ; ahmp (e h(ahmp:o 1:a 2:a 3) df hs-a fo br bz ) (e i{fo1 :a 2 :a 3) df :o , br , br }
    • Equality (e a[rd "le "re") df "e" bu" gen] (e b[rd "le "re") df "e" bu" gen] ( ab ; = tu = ) ; > re
    • Conditionals (f(o?(on bgnmes) i ps cut u-ubr) (rnl "o rayfrrlae) pitn Nt ed o ees" (rnl "eppsig) pitn Ke uhn") (hn( 0x1) we > 2 (t "ai tevle) sr vld i au") (od cn ( n0 "eaie < ) ngtv" ( n0 "oiie > ) pstv" :le"eo) es zr")
    • Functions #d-m %) (ost 1 (o tebn'lc'#d-m %) .n h-t cik (ost 1) (e fn(n[ (rnl "o o fn") df u f ] pitn Lt f u.)) (enfn[ df u ] (rnl "o o fn") pitn Lt f u.) (e fn df u "eei eapeo mlil aiy hr s xml f utpe rt" (]nl [ i) (_ 1 [] ) (__ 2 [ ] ) (___ 3) [ ] )
    • Destructuring ; cnawy dsrcuei bnigepeso ; a las etutr n idn xrsin ; icuig lt fnto agmns los ec ; nldn, e, ucin ruet, op, t. (e m{frt"o" df :is Bb :ide"" mdl J :at"mt") ls Sih} (e [:es[is mdl ls] m lt {ky frt ide at} ] .. .) (e clr[5 251005) df oo 25 5 0 .] (e [rg_a clr lt [ ] oo] .. .)
    • Variable arguments ; alagmnsbyn towl b pae i a ; l ruet eod w il e lcd n ; sqec budt rs ; eune on o et (enfo[ b&rs] df o a et .. .)
    • Named parameters & defaults (enfo[ {ky [a bz} .. df o & :es br a]] .) (o :a 1:a 2 fo br bz ) (enfo[ {ky [a bz df o & :es br a] :r{a "eal1, o br dfut" bz"eal2}].. a dfut"} .)
    • Iterators (oe [tm[,,] dsq ie 123] (rnl ie) pitn tm) (oie [ 5 (rnl "B") dtms i ] pitn AC) (op[ 0 lo i ] (rnl i pitn ) (eu (n i) rcr ic )) ;frmprdc;itr ;o;a;euefle
    • More Joel Martin, @bus_kanaka, has done great job. Source:
    • Demos Setting up Interop with JS Dommy in Action Core.Async
    • Setting up and getting running
    • Setting up environment Download the lein script (or on Windows lein.bat) Place it on your $PATH where your shell can find it (eg. ~/bin) Set it to be executable (chmod a+x ~/bin/lein) Check the version: $> lein version more info:
    • Starting with new project $> lein help new $> lein new ex1_intro
    • Result
    • Change into this
    • Set up project's file (epoete1ito"..-NPHT dfrjc x_nr 010SASO" :ecito "u iiilpoet" dsrpin Or nta rjc. :r "tp/eapecmFXE ul ht:/xml.o/IM" :ies {nm "cis Pbi Lcne lcne :ae Elpe ulc ies" :r "tp/wwelpeoglglelv0hm" ul ht:/w.cis.r/ea/} :eednis[;ht:/w.esoeecmjv/r.ljr:ljr/.. dpnece ;tp/wwvriny.o/aaogcouecoue151 [r.ljr/ljr ".." ogcouecoue 151] ;ht:/w.esoeecmjv/r.ljr:ljrsrp/.-00 ;tp/wwvriny.o/aaogcouecouecit0023 [r.ljr/ljrsrp ".-00] ogcouecouecit 0023" [enlgtnel".."] li-ih-rp 007] :lgn [li-lsul "..-NPHT]; mkscouecitn ese puis [encjbid 101SASO" ; ae ljrsrpig air [ensmltn".."] li-ipeo 120] :elotos{nelmdlwr [ihtbenelhnlrlgtal-p] rp-pin :rp-ideae lgtal.rp.ade/ihtbeos} ; cmrhnieeape hts/gtu.o/mzseli-lsul/lbmse/ape ; opeesv xml: tp:/ihbcmeeek/encjbidbo/atrsml :lsul { cjbid :uls[ bid { ;Tept t tetplvlCouecitsuc drcoy h ah o h o-ee ljrSrp ore ietr: :orepts[sccj" suc-ah "r/ls] :oplr{ cmie :uptt "eore/ulcj/oej" otu-o rsucspbi/scr.s :piiain :htsae;:oe :ipe :dacd otmztos wiepc nn, sml, avne :annstu wrig re :rtypittu}]) pet-rn re}}
    • ex1_intro/core.cljs (se1itocr n x-nr.oe ; uewe yuwn t rp it ti pg ; s hn o at o el no hs ae (rqie[]) :eur couebosrrp a el) (en^epr mi [ df :xot an ] ;sryaotta ;or bu ht (wiej/ouet .rt sdcmn "h sye""oo:e;">Hlo HlJ!/1" <1 tl=clrrd" el, e/S<h>) ;ti pr i rqie frcnetn it brp ;hs at s eurd o oncig no -el (elcnet"tp/lclot90/el) rp/onc ht:/oahs:00rp")
    • index.html <!<1i ="ra"Frtdm<h> h d ae1>is eo/1 <citsc"j/oej"<srp> srp r=/scr.s>/cit <cittp=tx/xml" srp ye"eteape> /cligorfrtap x_nr.oemi(; /aln u is p; <srp> /cit -> -
    • Run it $> lein deps ;; only when you changed deps $> lein cljsbuild clean ;; $> lein cljsbuild once ;; or use auto $> lein simpleton 3000 file :from resources/public $> goto
    • REPLing with Rhino $> lein trampoline cljsbuild repl-rhino $> (dotimes [i 5] (println i)) $> :cljs/quit
    • Interop with JS Leap.JS
    • Dommy a app for FirefoxOS
    • Run it $> lein repl $> (require '[foxyeye.handler] :reload-all) $> goto: ... $> (foxyeye.handler/stop-server)
    • Mainpage
    • State of project dependencies
    • Search
    • Dommy (en^epr ii [ df :xot nt ] (lgj/osl "erhapi iiilzd) .o scnoe Sac p s ntaie" (om/itn (e1:sac-t):lc o-erh dmylse! sl #erhbn cik nsac) (oe [tm(e :fct-agaeie) dsq ie sl .aeslnug-tm] (om/itn ie :lc tgl-aesie)) dmylse! tm cik ogefct-tm)
    • Templating with Hiccups (eur 'fxeevessac :ssac-iw) rqie [oyy.iw.erh a erhve] .. . (enrne [ cnet df edr & otn] (tl hm5 (nld-s "csmdr.s" icuecs /s/oencs "csmdr-epniecs /s/oenrsosv.s" "csapcs) /s/p.s" [bd.erucs :oymtois [scinapiain{cas"rdcnee" :eto#plcto :ls gi etrd :tl "a-it:30x bcgon:wie" sye mxwdh 8p; akrud ht;} cnet]) otn]) (edr(erhve sac-tm) rne sac-iw erhies) Source:
    • Little Dommy in Action ; gtalslce lnugs ; e l eetd agae (engtslce-ag [ slcos df e-eetdlns & eetr] (pl sr apy t (neps itroe , (o [eetd(e slcos] fr slce sl eetr) (om/trslce :aalnug))) dmyat eetd dt-agae)) Source:
    • Core.async the last demo
    • Links
    • THE END @timgluz