Why Your Business Needs A Website


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This presentation was done for
Central Florida Legal Nurse Consultants
I was asked to present on:
Web Design features for Legal Nurse Consultant
A. The purpose of a business website
B. Building and maintaining the website
1. Necessary features
2. Features that maximize your marketing
3. Maintaining and updating the site –importance of keeping current and responsive

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  • Http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/13639/7-Reasons-Replacing-a-Website-With-Social-Media-Is-Stupid.aspx75 years ago, the American population felt that the telephone was an expensive luxury and not crucial to business growth.
  • COMPETITIVE EDGE – finding your competitors thereDifferentiating your company from the competitionThose that are there – by having your pages optimized
  • GET CLIENTS TO TAKE ACTION VISIBILITY – don’t know where to find you
  • If your customers look for your company by name online and don’t find it, they will find you less trustworthy (studies say) and will be more likely to visit your competitor who is onlineCREDIBILITY – trustworthy believability - hire you, give you their email address, schedule appointment, hire you, bookmark our site. Come back to your pageYour website represents who you are and what you offer. When peoplesee it for the first time they’re thinking:• Is this site credible?• Is it trustworthy?• Is this a professional company?• Is this company stable?• Does this site make me feel welcome?• Am I in the right place?http://www.hubspot.com/Portals/53/docs/25-Website-Must-Haves-eBook.pdfwebsite's designwas more important than credibility indicators such having a privacy policy, awards or certifications
  • Read more: http://blog.hubspot.com/blog/tabid/6307/bid/31097/12-Critical-Elements-Every-Homepage-Must-Have-Infographic.aspx#ixzz1vWivHlJ2HOME – Clearly states what you do ABOUT - Show there’s a real organization behind siteSERVICES - Highlight expertise in services your provideTESTIMONIALS - Show that honest and trustworthy people stand behind your siteCONTACT - Make it easy to contact youmeet its purpose contain key elements that attract trafficeducate your visitorsconvert browsers into buyersgiven a specific message to take a specific actionSIGN UP FORMUSEFUL RESOURCES
  • Build It And They Will Come60% of business websites don’t have a contact number on the home page, making a person have to browse through the site for the “Contact” page.74.7% of business websites don’t even have an email link on the front page. If you are afraid of spam, many solutions exist to get rid of it.65.7% of web presences don’t include a form that would allow customers to ask about a product or request more info about the company.93.3% of business websites don’t conform to standards for mobile phone web programming, which makes it difficult to acquire customer loyalty from mobile junkies.Read more: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Smallbiztechnologycom-SmbNewsAndInsight/~3/AtpJ2YqId0I/#ixzz1vWvCxCz3MAKE IT STICKYEVERY PAGECall to ActionContact InformationLINK TO SOCIAL NETWORKING SITESCommunication HubLinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, BlogBEHIND THE SCENESAnalyticsSEO
  • WEB DESIGNERLOGO DESIGNERSEO/KEYWORDWEB COPYWRITERIf you would like to be able to update your website yourself, but you don't have someone on staff who has experience working with web pages and HTML code, you may want to consider a Content Management System (CMS). This is a system that will allow you to login with a username and password to update the text or photos in certain locations on your websiteHEADLINE – Within 3 seconds website needs to answer “What does this site offer? Clear. SimplePROPER CONTENT Text – written specifically for the webImagesVideoAudio
  • IMPORTANT – KEEP CURRENT AND RESPONSIVEAdd new serviceResource linkCompany newsHuman interest storiesNew quotations from satisfied clientsOutbound link to sitesPromote a case studies or success stories Add fresh contentResponsive – accessing from mobile site, spend more time on one pageNew trends Check your linksDomain names expirationReview your analytics Publish a newsletter offer a new reportReview – check for grammar/specillingBack up website – Check automatic backups are workingAnalyze your web copy – Maintenance plan - minor changes made by you or original designerSecurity updatesCheck email delivery of forms Check opt-in formsSearch engine optimizationRe-design page to improve look and feel Create new page or sectionWeb maintenance allows you to pinpoint which part of your website needs improvement and it also allows you to have a website that is user-friendlyGoogle will crawl through and re-index youGooglebot is Google's web crawling bot (sometimes also called a "spider"). Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google indexhttp://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=70897http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=182072Crawling is the process by which Googlebot discovers new and updated pages to be added to the Google index.We use a huge set of computers to fetch (or "crawl") billions of pages on the web. The program that does the fetching is called Googlebot (also known as a robot, bot, or spider). Googlebot uses an algorithmic process: computer programs determine which sites to crawl, how often, and how many pages to fetch from each site.mprovements in your http://www.theknowseattle.com/website-maintenance-can-spell-success-for-your-business/http://l5dg.com/website-maintenance/websites-require-maintenance/It means that you can add new features, improve the navigation system, have a fresh content, check for working links or have a totally different look. If your website is well-maintained, search engines will regularly visit your website and if you’re doing a good job and they like what you’re doing to your website, they might give you an award and rank the improvements in your site.monitor your website, do the necessary steps in fixing your website if there’s a problem and keep you informed about the recent activities, problems and solutions done to your website.Web maintenance is a continuous process. You must always have something new to offer, re-invent some features or redesign your site so that your customers will visit your website frequently. You should always have room for improvement because if issues or problems are ignored, it can have a negative impression to your customers regarding your business and it can lead to money loss. It is advisable to get a credible website maintenance company to deal with such problems and keep you ahead of your competitors.
  • Why Your Business Needs A Website

    2. 2. 75 years agoExpensive luxuryNOT crucial to business growth
    3. 3. Agenda Purpose of a Business Website Features your Website Should Have Maximize Your Marketing Maintain and update Wrap-up
    4. 4. 85% of internet usersfind websites usingsearch engine
    5. 5. 76% of those won’t dobusiness with someonewho doesn’t have awebsite
    6. 6. You could be missing importantbusiness opportunities with nowebsite or a poorly designedwebsite Visibility Competitive Advantage Credibility
    7. 7. Websitesdesign wasmoreimportant thancredibilityindicators suchhaving aprivacy policy,awards orcertifications
    8. 8. Within 3 seconds website needs to answer “What does this site offer”Home About Services Reviews Contact
    9. 9. Is your website sticky? Do they keep coming back? How long to do stay? Free reports Social Media links Sign up for updates Useful ResourcesNewsletterBlog
    10. 10. Tips Maximize Your Marketing Domain name Above the fold Every Page Contact Info Call to Action Sign up form Bullet points
    11. 11. Choose Your TeamSearch Engine Optimization Expert Web Copywriter Logo Designer Web Designer
    12. 12. ASSEMBLE YOUR TEAM Web Copywriter SEO Expert Logo Designer Web Designer5 page websiteEach page should have Call to action Contact informationMaximize Marketing - MAKE IT STICKY Offer free report/tip sheet Optimize for Search Engines Start blogging
    13. 13. Your websiteneeds regularcheck-ups, too
    14. 14. MAINTAIN & UPDATESITES REGULARLYRewarded by SearchEngines andincreased traffic toyour website
    15. 15. THE END . . . Gennia Holder 407-243-8560 www.timetogovirtual.com www.socialmediacoffeetalk.comgholder@timetogovirtual.comLinkedIn.com/in/GenniaHolderFacebook.com/SocialMediaCoffeeTalkTwitter.com/SMCoffeeTalkYouTube.com/SocialMediaCoffeeTlk