ARCHIVE - What's new in Release 4.0 of the Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections

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ARCHIVE - What's new in Release 4.0 of the Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections

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  • 1. What’s new in Release 4.0 Web Content Management Extension for IBM Connections (XCC) TIMETOACT GROUP, Cologne, Germany
  • 2. Introduction XCC is a lightweight Web CMS that integrates into IBM Connections. XCC enhances IBM Connections with classic Web Content Management capabilities and thus integrates the two antipodes of an intranet, i.e. peer-to-peer collaboration with internal (top-down) communications. XCC leverages and utilizes IBM Connections for authentication, authorization, content storage, content approval, search, notification etc. More Information is available at (incl. links to SlideShare slide decks and YouTube videos)
  • 3. What’s new in Release 4.0 Performance Improvements One Second load times for users (pages with lots of widgets and content masters must load a bit longer..) Page Layout Improvements Widget Improvements UI Improvements Widget options streamlined Page options streamlined Page Settings Page Management Mobile App Support
  • 4. Page Layout Improvements Layout Manage layouts with CSS upload Assign individual layouts / styles to business units.
  • 5. Widget Improvements Slider for News and Top News (alternative to news list) Empty Title removes Widgets title Automatic Widget Title set to community name (important for personalized widgets) New “Static Content – Wiki” Widget
  • 6. Widget UI Improvements Streamlined UI for Content Masters Display of Widget ID and Type Personalization Attributes editable Personalized Content Stream Order can be changed
  • 7. Page Settings Page Title Each landing page can be assigned an individual page title Layout Assign individual layouts / styles to business units.
  • 8. Page Management Page List List all pages with ID, Title, Last Modified, Modified By, Edit Rights Sort pages by attribute Search pages by title or ID Delete Pages Edit Rights Delegate page maintenance to individual (LOB) authors / content curators Copy Pages Quickly create landing pages for departments, locations etc. by copying pages / templates including all widgets.
  • 9. XCC Release History & Future Plan 08.2012 Release 1.0 for Connections 3.0 05.2013 Release 2.0 Beta (Limited Availability) Connections 4.0 Activity Stream on Homepage 10.2013 Release 2.0 (General Availability) Connections 4.0 & 4.5 Personalization 11.2013 Release 2.01 / 2.02 Improvements & Bug fixes Performance Increases Personalization for Custom Profile Fields 12.2013 Release 2.03 Improvements 01.2014 Release 3.0 New Widgets Mobile Grid Layout 02.2014Release 3.01 / 3.02 Improvements & Bug fixes 03.2014 Release 4.0 Extended Page Management Capabilities UI & Performance Improvements 04.2014 Release 4.1 (planned) Atom & RSS Feed Widgets CCM Widgets Q2.2014 Release 5.0 (planned) Community Landing Pages IBM Connections Next Support
  • 10. Thank you for your interest