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  • IBM Approach: Portal Accommodates anything
  • ARCHIVE - Web Content Management with IBM Connections

    1. 1. Web Content ManagementandIBM Connections, phone: +49 221 97343 0 Im Mediapark 2, 50670 Cologne, Germany
    2. 2. User Generated Content & Social SoftwareOutpace Managed Content & Web CMS Managed Content / Web CMS User Generated Content / Social Software100% 75% Information in Corporate Intranets 50% 25% 0% 1997 2002 2007 2012 2
    3. 3. Social Software outpaces Managed Content inWeb CMS, however… there will always be a need for a classic Intranet homepage with Management / Communications driven content Social Software will never be able to replace/substitute a classic Intranet homepage because… 3
    4. 4. Web Content Management andSocial Software are very different creatures! Web Content Management Social Software Top Down / 1:n Communication Bottom Up / n:n Communication Approved Content / Directives Unofficial Content Communication of (Management) Formation of Ideas and Opinions Ideas and Opinions Important Information stays on Top Popular Information stays on Top Pixel Perfect Layout Form Follows Function Dedicated Authors / Webmasters Everyone is an Author with with Intense Training no / little Training Set as default Homepage Set as default Homepage by Policy by Employee "Management’s Intranet" "Employee’s Intranet" 4
    5. 5. CMS Vendor Approach:Add some Feedback Features Web Content Management STOP No User Generated Content ! Social Software 5
    6. 6. IBM Connections 4.X Approach Social Software STOP Web Content Management not integrated ! Document Management Custom Apps (iWidget / Open Social Gaget) 6
    7. 7. IBM Portal Approach… Portal Requires Budget ! Social Software Web Content Management Document Management Custom Apps (JSR 168 / 286 & more) 7
    8. 8. IntroducingCustom Homepage& Web Content ManagementExtension for IBM Connections 8
    9. 9. TIMETOACT Custom Homepage & WebContent Management for IBM Connections Social Software Truly Integrated User Experience ! NEW Web Content Management Document Management Custom Apps (iWidget / Open Social Gadget) 9
    10. 10. IBM Connections TIMETOACT Custom Homepage & Web Content ManagementNews- Top- Event- Links Navi- Clipp- …over- News over- gation ingsviews views Leverage & Utilize IBM Connections Access Management, Approval, etc. Comments, Discussion, Recommendations, etc. Content Storage, Search, etc.Blogs WiKis Events Files Media Book- … marks 10
    11. 11. TIMETOACT Custom Homepage& Web Content Management Extension Integrates Web Content Management into IBM Connections Creates a truly integrated Intranet User Experience Utilizes IBM Connections for Web Content Management Eliminates the need for an external Web CMS not for all, but for many companies Makes Web Content Management as simple as using IBM Connections (i.e. management compatible) Can be customized by IT or Internal Communications Can be maintained by Internal Communications or Management directly 11
    12. 12. SampleCustom Homepage& Web Content ManagementScreenshots(Beta, Release 02.2013) 12
    13. 13. Sample Custom Page Screenshots Adds a new Homepage / many new Pages to IBM Connections Looks like a classic Web Content Management based Homepage Contains Content Navigation, Widgets and Gadgets13
    14. 14. Sample Custom Page Upper half of the screenshot 14
    15. 15. Sample Custom Page Lower half of the screenshot 15
    16. 16. TIMETOACT Web CMS Extension… is NOT a new Content Store utilizes IBM Connections as a Content Store, Search etc. leverages IBM Connections for Access Management, Approval, etc. leverages IBM Connections Comments, Discussion, Recommendations, etc.16
    17. 17. Sample Custom Homepage IntegrationOriginal IBM Connections Menu:NEW IBM Connections Menu: 1. Insert new menu item for classic Intranet Homepage 2. Rename the Connections Homepage to whatever you call Connections 3. Give your integrated internally Intranet a name that 17
    18. 18. Sample Custom Homepage Widgets(Beta, Release 02.2013) 18
    19. 19. Content Navigation Makes important content always easily available Multi Level Content Navigation Draws Content from Community WiKi 19
    20. 20. Corporate News Widget 1 – 4 News Channels n News per Channel News draw Content from Community Blogs Reuses first Picture in Blog Entry 20
    21. 21. Top News Widget 1 Top News Large Picture Top News draws Content from Community Blog 21
    22. 22. Content displayed as a Layer Displays Content in Layer as Embedded Experience (User stays on Custom Page, no need to switch back & forth) 22
    23. 23. Events Widget Events draw Content from Community Events List View / Calendar View Toggle 23
    24. 24. Quicklinks Widget 1 – 4 Link Lists n Links per List Quicklinks draw Content from Community Bookmarks Sorts Links alphabetically 24
    25. 25. Google Gadgets Thousands of Google Gadgets are available 25
    26. 26. Clipping / iFrame Widget iFrame draws Content from external Website Foreign content can be reformatted with own CSS (planned for Q2 2013) 26
    27. 27. Static Content Widget Display any content at a prominent position in the custom page Draws Content from Community WiKi 27
    28. 28. Multiple Custom Pages Install multiple custom pages for different Divisions Languages Purposes etc. 28
    29. 29. Integrate any 3rd Party Widgets / Gadgets Group Calendars ProjExec Project Management JIRA+ Enterprise Activity Confluence WiKi, SocialText Attendance Widget Vantage Policy Control …. Gamification / User Recognition … IBM Collaboration Solution Catalog OpenNTF 29
    30. 30. Customization the Custom Page Add new Gadgets with a click Move Gadgets with Drag & Drop Modify Gadget in top right corner 30
    31. 31. Future Ideas & Plans Personalization Personalize Custom Page Content according to Profile Properties Location specific news / events Business Unit specific news / events Custom Page for Mobile Apps (iOS, Android) Custom Page for Communities The internal development name of the custom page is XCC, which stands for “Any Custom Content Extension”. Integrating any custom content is our medium term vision. E.g. we want to integrate search results from external search engines like TRexSeite 31 31
    32. 32. Custom Page / Web CMS Extension Architecture Runs as an application on the Connections server Is easy to install Layout can be customized with HTML/CSS uploadSeite 32 32
    33. 33. Key Findings:IBM Connections & Web Content Management Many Customers have basic Web Content Management requirements No requirement for pixel perfect layout No dedicated internal Communication Department Many Customers love IBM Connections and would like to use it as their Intranet Page Have a truly integrated Intranet that combines social with manged Use rich collaboration features to (selectively) engage employees in discussions 33
    34. 34. TIMETOACTCustom Page & Web CMS Extension…allows customers to use IBM Connections as their default intranet homepage use IBM Connections as their Intranet CMS increases the benefit and value of their IBM Connections investmentutilizes IBM Connections for simple content creation and storage thru blogs, bookmarks, events, WiKis Access management, content approval comments, discussion, recommendations etc.does not require Training for authors, content masters etc. 34
    35. 35. Content Management & Custom Page Typical CMS requirements from internal communications departments Default homepage for all users Conventional multi level navigation thru content hierarchies News must stay on top - as long as internal communications pleases (i.e. news may not moved down as in the activity stream thru other posts) News overviews should be illustrated with pictures from the news Position any content according to its importance Publish Link lists prominently Simple Content creation, simple customization All typical requirements call be fulfilled with a IBM Connections and the TIMETOACT Custom Page & Web CMS extension 35
    36. 36. IBM Connections 4.X Functionality Content Management Portal Approval Cycle Check In / Out Version Management Navigation Portal Content Gadgets CollaborationManagement Widgets SSO / OAuth Portlets (JSR168, 286) Collaboration (90%) Social Software (100%) Social Software 36
    37. 37. IBM Connections 4.X Functionalitywith Custom Page / Web CMS Extentions Classic Intranet Portal homepage with custom design and managed / controlled content, including Content Multilevel Content CollaborationManagement Navigation News Overviews Top News Static Content Social Syndicated Content Software Link Lists … 37
    38. 38. IBM Connections 4.X Functionalitywith Custom Page & EPHOX EditLive! EPHOX EditLive! Portal improves Rich Text editing in IBM Connections, including templates & much more.. Content CollaborationManagement Social Software 38
    39. 39. AboutTIMETOACT GROUP 39
    40. 40. TIMETOACT provides many Asstes &Success with IBM ConnectionsServices for IBM Connections 40
    41. 41. TIMETOACT GROUP Services Analysis Content Portal Consulting Management (Content Portal, Integratio Information Architecture (Document n Portal) Management, Product Selection Web Content Management) Branding & Skinning User Centered & Visual Design Development Collaboration Social (Team Enablement) Software Mobile Apps (Web 2.0) Assests & Best Practices Support Search & Web Analysis 41
    42. 42. TIMETOACT has long Experiencewith Web Content ManagementMaintains its own Dominobased Web ContentManagement System‘TIMETOWEB’Hundreds of Intranetprojects, working withinternal communicationsHundreds of Internetprojects, working withmarketing departmentLots of Extranet projectsworking with line ofbusiness an IT 42
    43. 43. Thank youmore information: 2013 Pedestal #C37Felix Binsack, Felix.Binsack@TIMETOACT.DE, Tel.: +49 221 97343 10TIMETOACT GROUP, Im Mediapark 2, 50670 Cologne, Germany,WWW.TIMETOACT.DE 43