Part 47. The Goodness Of God


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In this article we make reference to ''A Prophecy Concerning His Love'' '' Age Lasting Retributive Judgement'' ''Damnation'' ''Sin'' ''Awake Oh Sleeper And Christ Shall Give You Life'' ''The Old Or The New'' ''God Manifest In The Flesh'' ''Only Two Together Can Enter Paradise'' ''For In Him We Move And Have Our Being''

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Part 47. The Goodness Of God

  1. 1. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death CHRIST THE ANTIDOTE REGARDING DEATH Part 47 The Goodness Of God! Or are you [so blind as to] trifle with and presume upon and despise and underestimate the wealth ofHis kindness and forbearance and long-suffering patience? Are you unmindful or actually ignorant [ofthe fact] that Gods kindness is intended to lead you to repent (to change your mind and inner man toaccept Gods will)? Rom 2:4. Amp. The thought that came to me very strongly early this morning is that it is the goodness, the kindness& the forbearance of God, which is the way He has planned to bring us to repentance, this is the intentionof the loving, beautiful, caring of the Holy Spirit to introduce us to a God that has loved us from thefoundation of the world or the disruption of the cosmos. Why? We every last one of us have been createdin His very image & we are intrinsically a very real part of Him. As we expound on this do not look atyour humanness, instead become aware of your godliness. It is my contention that contrary to theintention of Babylon & religiosity that the preaching of an eternal hell may get some to make a declarationin fear, yet it will not be an in depth lasting experience until they discover the love, the goodness & thekindness of a wonderful God. FOR GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD THAT HE GAVE . These are the wonderful traits of God that weneed to be thinking on & that includes a loving & caring creator which incorporates both a Father and aMother God aspect. Though in declaring Christ to the sinner......I may all men surpass, If love impassioned seal not the message.....I am nought but sounding brass, Though I have wisdom lighting all mysteries.....Though I may all things know, Though great my faith be, removing mountains....Without love tis empty show. Though I distribute all my possessions......Though as a martyr die. My sacrifices profit me nothing, unless love doth sanctify," Author unknown.This poem was written in the inside cover of a Bible Dictionary that a young lady - who was a SalvationArmy Lieutenant - gave me when I was 24 years old. I was full of zeal, but had no real clue as to the realexperience of the great love of God that is being revealed to us today in this Most Holy Place experience. A Prophecy Concerning His Love!The following is a part of a Prophecy given by Phillip Favalora - an Australian - who had joined a latterrain group who had come to Australia in the early fifties. I came to know our dear brother in the earlysixties when he was the Commonwealth prophet & evangelist for the Australian AOG. He had a ministryvery similar to the early William Branham but with much fire. We met again in the late 70s when hejoined another Pentecostal group of which I was a part. This was given personally to myself at aconvention in Melbourne. Incidentally this man did not have a clue as to what was going on in my life asI had not seen him for many years. Another very good friend of mine happened to have his tape recorderturned on & recorded all, this is the very end of the message. Therefore saith the Lord. Fear not for thy God that dwelleth, that dwelleth in thee is Almighty & Hisword is sure & His promise is secure. I Am the Lord thy God & behold, I change not. Therefore, fear not, 1
  2. 2. Christ The Antidote Regarding Deathfor the Lord has not come to condemn thee but thy God has come to draw thee with the cords of Hislove that thou may submit unto Him & in the submission of thy spirit, then, then saith the Lord shall thefruit of His love be made manifest through thee so that those who looked & have despised & havecriticised & condemned shall have to say, let me take of His fruit, & behold saith the Lord, they shall livebecause life abundant has come into thy spirit as thou hast trusted & believed in the will & way of thyGod. Please notice that it states that the Lord has not come to condemn thee but He has come to draw withthe cords of His love. I had been under so much condemnation over what someone had said & allowed itinto my heart. Notice again that the Lord made it quite clear that He had not come to condemn me. Inthe past the in part realm - part law part grace - or the Holy Place understanding some have been socondemning & have ruined peoples lives by their part law action in wanting to have their own way. Thisway of non-condemnation & love was to lift a great burden from off my life. This is Gods way. If thereis anything that will cause us to submit to the Spirit of truth it is non-condemnation coupled with love.We are not accommodating in this third day understanding the fact that in the time of Moses that thepeople were ruled by strong coercion because of their carnal tendencies, & the only reason that theyfollowed God was for the fact that their resources were in their obedience to following the Cloud. Do notconfuse the old law which is only a type for what we are now following, the only way that the two can bereconciled is to remember that these are simply analogies depicting the carnality of man. If we look closely at the last two lines which are, they shall live because life abundant has come intothy spirit as thou hast trusted & believed in the will & way of thy God this has now begin to come topass in a greater way than ever & will increase because life abundant which is none other than the love ofGod which is the true will and way of our God. Age Lasting Retributive Judgement!As Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities around them, in like manner to these, committing fornication,and going away after other flesh, laid down an example before-times, undergoing vengeance ofeverlasting fire. Jude 1:7. MJKV. This verse & many of the translations including the KJV leave a hard clear cut message of an eternalhell fire judgement. With a verse like this how do we reconcile the two, a loving God who knew thefuture before hand & is in actual fact allowing people in His foreknowledge to go into everlasting fire. Iwish to tell you that what happened to the original texts in the dark ages is utterly appalling even mostconcordances have been taking for granted the meaning of certain words from that which has beeninterfered with & passed down & have been horribly hoodwinked. I wish now to do a little probing intowhat is mainly accepted in the majority of the Church world which now consists mainly of the Holy Placeor pentecostal way of thinking in the world today. I would now like us to read the same above verse fromanother version. As Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner to these committing ultra-prostitution, and coming away after other flesh, are lying before us, a specimen, experiencing the justiceof fire eonian." Jude 1:7 Concordant version. Eonian is an age with a time limit, is it not sad thatwhen the carnality of the flesh is involved people want to think the worst & what’s more the most terribleworst. of fire AGE-DURING justice suffering. This is cited from Youngs who in my very strongopinion is very much closer to the mark. Meaning that they will be suffering true & fair justice for an ageor an eon. Which is actually retributive & with an end. Now we will look at the Greek from the Diaglott. as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the about them cities, the like to them manner having committedfornication, and having gone away after flesh of another, are placed before an example, of fire age-lastingretributive justice are undergoing. Jude 1:7 Greek Diaglott. Notice age lasting, this means that there is an end to it. The translation on the side of the page by thewriter reads. enduring the retributive justice of an aionian Fire. We are attempting to lift the cover onthat which has been hidden to the majority for many years & is now revealed to those who are listening. 2
  3. 3. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death Just What Is Retributive Justice!In the world of the justice system the understanding of many in the past has been that retribution waspunishment without any restoration. This has been because of the hardness of the carnality in man whichhas to a large degree been handed down to us. In a very interesting thesis written by Kathleen Daly at theSchool of Criminology & Criminal Justice at Griffith University N.S.W. she has related the following. Revisiting the Relationship between Retributive and Restorative Justice.This is a very minuscule quote. We should stop comparing retributive justice and restorative justice inoppositional terms. Such a strong, oppositional contrast cannot be sustained empirically. Moreover,seemingly contrary justice practices – that is, of punishment and reparation – can be accommodated inphilosophical arguments. The whole article is a very interesting, compelling & very convincing pieceof work. We wish now to look at another seemingly unchangeable verse & then we will endeavour toreconcile the two. Damnation! And shall come forth; they that have done good, unto the resurrection of life; and they that havedone evil, unto the resurrection of damnation. Joh 5:29. KJV. We are here taking another case in point,where another word damnation has been exaggerated & as we look at other translations of this day itshows us that it has been highly abused. This word damnation is from the Greek word krisis We are nowquoting from the Pathfinder. Contrary to popular belief, the resurrection of DAMNATION, as the King James Bible has it, is a verypromising subject and merits closer examination. Although this translation is classified as a work ofliterary art, it is not noted for its accuracy. It is therefore, not the best one to use for study. It certainly hasthe beauty and flare of that day, but this poetic style of writing does not constitute infallibility, as somemay suppose. The text is also written in the old English, which in itself makes it difficult to grasp attimes. To compound the problem, a large number of the words carried a different thought than what theydo today. The loyal translators of the king can be given credit for the wonderful truths contained betweenits leather-bound covers, for there are many, but we should also know they sanctioned approximately70,000 errors as well. Fifty thousand of those discrepancies have since been corrected, to a degree. Theabove word — DAMNATION — is one of the 20,000 remaining errors. Rather than "the resurrection of DAMNATION," it is more accurately translated, "the resurrection ofJUDGMENT." The Greek word is "KRISIS," from which we get our English word "CRISIS." The word inthe truest sense means A TURNING POINT. For example, when a persons body is racked with fever, andits highest temperature is reached, this is called THE CRISIS — IT IS THE TURNING POINT. StrongsExhaustive Concordance says the primary meaning for the word is "A DECISION." The word"DAMNATION" is very misleading. TURNING POINT, DECISION, or JUDGMENT are words much closer towhat KRISIS means. If we understand what "judgement" means, it is a good word to use; for judgementcarries the thought of A DECISION FOR OR AGAINST, and with THE ACTION APPLIED INITIATING ATURNING POINT. When a judgement is in a persons favour, rewards are generally given due to their goodworks (promotions, raises, etc.). Upon looking at the lack of evidence of an accused man, judgement canalso come as an acquittal of his guilt. But when the situation constitutes it, judgement is levied against aperson in the form of remedial punishment. This is the context that the word is most often used in theNew Testament. The other translators of the Bible commonly used JUDGEMENT for the word KRISIS,depending on to what degree they were influenced by church dogma or how daring they might have beento stray from the "Authorised Version." The King James version is not the only Bible containing discrepancies. The fact is, there is agraveyard of errors in ALL the translations of the Bible, and the mass of Christianity is basing their lives 3
  4. 4. Christ The Antidote Regarding Deathon the supposed "infallibility" of them. We have heard many errant people say, "Read your Bible, it is amatter of life and death." We should indeed read the Bible, for it is the greatest book ever written, andthere is a treasure of truth recorded therein; but we know that even the truth in the form of the letter aloneministers death (II Cor. 3:6). It is from beneath this grinding stone of biased translators that mostChristians believe their life comes; but life is not ground out from the letter, especially from mistranslatedfalsehoods, and it never shall be. Even at a time when there were few errors in the ancient scriptures, ifany, Jesus still admonished the religious rulers concerning where they were placing their trust. Forinstance, immediately after telling them that LIFE COMES FROM HEARING THE VOICE OF THE SON OFGOD, He said, "You search the scriptures, because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it isthese that bear witness of ME; and you are unwilling to come to ME, that you may have life" (John 5:39-40, New American Standard). Unquote. I wish to add it is most interesting to consider that when we look at the very same word krisis asfound in the following verse. "And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement.KRISIS. Or turning point. Hebrews 9:27: If we were to apply the same meaning of damnation to theword krisis here it would certainly throw things into confusion as it would mean that all men who diedwould be experiencing damnation which is certainly not true. We must also consider that when we arelooking to solve a seeming contradiction, usage is the great en-lightener when comparing where the sameword is used elsewhere. In returning briefly to the word eonian which really means age lasting & incorporates retributivejustice which also in fact entails restorative justice & comparing it to the word krisis - judgement - I seea distinct relationship to, as to how long that this judgement - no matter what interpretation we like to putupon it - is no doubt AGE LASTING. This has to do with anyone in Gods creation in the celestial sphere,on the earth & under the earth. Phil 2: 9-11. Isa 45: 23. All will be drawn back to their God who is boththeir creator & redeemer. What a wonderful, wonderful intelligent & glorious maker we have who hasdone ALL THINGS WELL. We do well when we truly worship Him in Spirit & in truth. Sin!In what we are now going to share we are going to take a step far, far past the very hard line of the outercourt, plus over step the limited understanding of the grace of God as perceived in the holy place. For as through the one mans disobedience THE MANY were made SINNERS, even so through theobedience of the one - Jesus Christ - shall the many be made righteous. Rom 5:19. ASV. Please notice very carefully that the many is an old English way of saying all or that all men wereMADE SINNERS. This concept is not perceived in many circles other than in the Third Dayunderstanding, the reason being that Paul also adds that this same group of the many or ALL shall bemade righteous. Praise God. This concept puts things into a whole different perspective, so we willproceed along this higher, growing, Godly understanding for this is after all is to where we areprogressing. For the creation (nature) was subjected to frailty (to futility, condemned to frustration), not becauseof some intentional fault on its part, but BY THE WILL OF HIM Who so subjected it--[yet] with thehope, Rom 8:20. Amp. Note that it was not something that was intentional on our behalf, but it was by Gods own will &intention that we were lowered, & this deep plan of God again & again is the lowering & the raising, weare reminded of Lazarus, Jesus deliberately procrastinated & let him die & be lowered that he might beraised from the dead. The prodigal son, was completely in the will of God. Consider Adam when Godput him into a deep sleep the word deep in Gen 2:21. is from the word Tardemah & it means lethargytrance, deep sleep & is directly connected to the word Radem which is to stun or stupefy – with sleep ordeath – be in a deep or cast into a deep sleep. The word sleep is from the word Yashen & means to be 4
  5. 5. Christ The Antidote Regarding Deathslack or languid or fig to die, also to grow old, stale or inveterate, old store, remain long, make to sleep.So the Lord God put Adam into a deep trance-like sleep where he could die, grow stale spiritually& remain in that state for a long time. So we, now the CORPORATE ADAM are hearing the call &now is the time to. Awake Oh Sleeper & Christ Shall Give You Life! Ill take you back to where you were in me, before the fall of man. Ill restore your soul Ill reconcile your heart, Ill give you back your true identity. Linda Musgrove. The Christ was lowered into a fleshly abodes, ourselves, so as to create multi faceted beings ofHimself, Christs, Christ the first fruits & afterward they that are – actually - Christs - or replicas ofHimself - at His coming. for He is in & part of all things. Who? The Christ who is love is in & throughall things & all things are in & part of His love. ALL THINGS! I BELIEVE IT! Now to repeat from the NKJV, the point that we are sharing is that. The creation was subjected tofutility, NOT WILLINGLY, but because of Him who subjected it in hope; Rom 8:20. NKJV. Gods free gift is not at all to be compared to the trespass (Adam’s) for if many died through oneman’s falling away (his lapse, his offence) much more profusely did God’s grace & the free gift throughthe undeserved favour of one man Jesus Christ abound & overflow to & for (the benefit of) man. Rom5:15 Amp. The lapse & trespass in the above is from the Greek word paratoma which means :- side slip, lapse,or deviation i.e. unintentional, fall, fault, offence, sin, trespass, or wilful transgress. One version says afalling aside. Once again this word, it seems, as many other words, have been somewhat overstressed &now in our search for spiritual truth, freedom & arising into the heavens, God is wanting us to be free inall areas of our past Babylonian concepts. To date the past realms or concepts that we were walking inhave always taken the hard line view on this word paratoma because of the hardness of mansunderstanding. I believe that at the time when Churchianity was in the dark ages that things became soaltered that even in most cases Bible dictionaries & translations eventually became infected with thesehard line concepts. Please notice that in verse Rom 5:16 when referring to Adams one sin, in the KJV it is sinned this isfrom the Greek hamartano in which the principle meaning is to err or to miss the mark, trespass. Please remember that God was far ahead of us in that contrary to the usual understanding the wholething was in the plan of God. Rom 8:20. 11:32. Let us now look at the amplified rendition of the nextverses. So I ask, Have they stumbled so as to fall [to their utter spiritual ruin, irretrievably]? By no means!But through their false step and transgression salvation [has come] to the Gentiles, so as to arouse Israel[to see and feel what they forfeited] and so to make them jealous. 12 Now if their stumbling (their lapse,their transgression) has so enriched the world [at large], and if failure means such riches for the Gentiles,think what an enrichment and greater advantage will follow their full reinstatement! Rom 11:11-12.Amp. Once again the Greek word for false step is paratoma, & as earlier shown is slide slip, lapse ordeviation. I would like to add here that a true Jew is not one outwardly but inwardly & has only One God. AGentile is one not inwardly but outwardly & has many gods. 5
  6. 6. Christ The Antidote Regarding Death Who was betrayed and put to death because of our misdeeds and was raised to secure ourjustification (our acquittal), [making our account balance and absolving us from all guilt before God].Rom 4:25. Amp. This word misdeeds is again from the Greek paratoma. BRETHREN, IF any person is overtaken in misconduct or sin of any sort, you who are spiritual[who are responsive to and controlled by the Spirit] should set him right and restore and reinstate him,without any sense of superiority and with all gentleness, keeping an attentive eye on yourself, lest youshould be tempted also. Gal 6:1. Amp. And again the words misconduct or sin is from paratoma. Confess to one another therefore your faults (your slips, your false steps, your offenses, your sins)and pray [also] for one another, that you may be healed and restored [to a spiritual tone of mind andheart]. The earnest (heartfelt, continued) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available[dynamic in its working]. Jas 5:16. Amp. Again the word faults is from paratoma. We are viewing this age old subject from the third day perspective which are the hidden truthscoming directly from out of the Most Holy Place. Some would maybe ask why are you addressing thiswhich is well known to most of us? On our Australian mailing list we have quite a number who are notonly new but others who are considering a step forward into the most Holy Place & that which has beenhidden needs to be opened up.We also add to this list where the original meanings have been contorted, for your perusal. Mat 6:14. Mark11:25. 2 Cor 5:19. Eph 2:1. Col 2:13. Amp. The Old Or The New! And no one pours new wine into old wine-skins; if he does, the fresh wine will burst the skins and itwill be spilled and the skins will be ruined (destroyed). But new wine must be put into fresh wine-skins.And no one after drinking old wine immediately desires new wine, for he says, The old is good or better.Lk 5:37-39. Amp. I am so thankful that in this walk that most times others can see our glaring weaknesses plus ourstrengths, better than we can ourselves. Without each other we would be a law unto ourselves. For thosethat have in the past drawn attention to – and I thank God for every one of them – our faults as well as ourassets, or our perfections in Christ. None of us have it all! A few days ago I was most definitely giventhis verse to write on. When this happens we must be careful that we do not let our own thoughts guide usin what the Spirit would want to say! There are circumstances that we may think that we have the answerto & that may not be what the Christ who knows all things would want us to address. So we will let theword speak. The wine-skins are represented by the perimeter of our understanding. If we have a biasedattitude in favour of the old way of thinking & we try to pour new wine or new truth into our old way ofthinking, it will not work for whenever God reveals a new truth He always wants us to move on & forgetthe old. We can never, & I say never, bring an old way of thinking into new revelation. If we do the freshwine will burst the old skins or our old way of thinking which is being mixed with the new & it will bespilled ruined or destroyed. These are words that Jesus Himself is speaking. But new wine must be putinto fresh new wine-skins. In other words we must completely give up ALL of our former outer courtfleshly carnal way of thinking & holy place soulical leaven infiltrated, in part understanding or aspilling will occur & there will be a terrible mixture which will ruin the pure Holy & Secret Placeunderstanding. Do we wish to gain the full understanding of the Kingdom of God? There are times whenwe think, - & this goes for all of us - that we have it made, but others can see what we cannot, Christ in &through others can be our very helpful critics. None of us yet have it all, not whilst we are in this house offlesh. Now please hear how Jesus closes these most important words of instruction. And no one afterdrinking old wine desires new wine, for he says, The old is good or better. It would seem that always 6
  7. 7. Christ The Antidote Regarding Deathsomehow that we will pick up something that should have been discarded & make excuses for it, & I saythis boldly & clearly none of us - have been, are, or will be exempt - myself at the top of the list, as each& every one of us are! God Manifest In Flesh!In the year 1970 I was given a tract called Harness Of The Lord written by Bill Britton. On reading it Iwas enthralled & hooked from that moment as the seed of son-ship was born into my spirit. In theAustralian group I that was with then there was not one other person at that time that had or could see it. Ibegan immediately to share it & not knowing it in depth I began to run into trouble & the more unpopularI became the deeper I dug. At this time I was a preacher but not a licensed one & so in one way, for awhile, I was not regarded too seriously. Eventually after lying low for a while & concentrating onwinning people to God a syllabus of people gathered around the word of the Lord, with both my wife &myself leading & guiding them. After we built a Church building & gaining some clout as it were amongour friends we began once again to sense the importance & seriousness of this wonderful understanding.We began to travel at first in Australia & then later overseas & where we went we would whereverpossible share as much as we knew regarding son-ship, which as I now realise compared to what we nowunderstand was very little. Many people were very excited as we were constantly planting the seed oftruth, just how far reaching this was I could only imagine, but knowing what our wonderful God has done& can do in the hearts of men only time will tell. In the middle of one of the periods of strife, we had an American Foreign Missions director by thename of Paul Cook preach for our convention, this man was a son of one of two brothers who were veryinfluential in the early pentecostal move in the USA. I always felt that this brother had much more to himthan what most preachers had. At this particular time at our Australian yearly convention our dear brotherpreached on 1Tim 3:16. And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest inthe flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world,received up into glory. KJV. To my amazement our brother began to share that Gods full plan was that He was going to manifesthimself in & through His body, His sons, exactly the same way as He did through His first born Son &that those sons of God who would allow themselves to be led by the Spirit & believe it would be in thiscompany. This was said in such a wise way in the Spirit & with his already high esteem among thebrethren, that it would be hard for any offence to be taken. I may be wrong but it is my opinion that ourbrother who had been fellow-shipping with the so called hierarchy or those on the church board had hearda story or two regarding ourself & a few others that were now seeing this truth. After the service when allhad died down I approached our brother & started to converse with him & he let me know in his own waythat it would not be wise for us to be talking as some could get the false idea of a conspiracy so we partedwith the understanding that at that convention at least it would be wise to stay separate. On later thinkingon this I realised that this very wise man had said his piece of encouragement & was not going to becaught up in anything that could be made more of than was necessary as the respect that he had with thebrethren could maybe be marred. This mystery of God once again manifesting Himself in the flesh in afullness not realised or known by many has certainly in the past been well hidden but verified as we areabout to read. The mystery of which was hidden for ages and generations - from angels and men,- but is nowrevealed to His holy people (the saints), To whom God was pleased to make known how great for theGentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is Christ within and among you, the Hope of[realising the] glory. Him we preach and proclaim, warning and admonishing everyone and instructingeveryone in all wisdom (comprehensive insight into the ways and purposes of God), that we may presentevery person mature (full-grown, fully initiated, complete, and perfect) in Christ (the Anointed One).For this I labour [unto weariness], striving with all the superhuman energy which He so mightily en-kindles and works within me. Col 1:26-29. Amp. Here we read that this mystery has been hidden for ages & generations but as Paul tells us it is now 7
  8. 8. Christ The Antidote Regarding Deathrevealed & it is for the Gentiles which is actually the realising that Christ has not only incorporated theGentiles into this wonderful experience, but has now moved on from the legality of the message of thepast & that the plan of God eventually incorporates every person. Also that his aim, & incidentally oursalso would be in time to present every person mature, fully grown, fully initiated, complete & perfectin Christ & this was the reason & aim of his labouring & remember he was being inspired by the one,Christ, who was the very author & finisher of this wonderful plan. The mystery is that God is once againmanifesting Himself in flesh. Now to Him Who is able to strengthen you in the faith which is in accordance with my Gospel andthe preaching of (concerning) Jesus Christ (the Messiah), according to the revelation (the unveiling) ofthe mystery of the plan of redemption which was kept in silence and secret for long ages, But is nowdisclosed and through the prophetic Scriptures is made known to all nations, according to the commandof the eternal God, [to win them] to obedience to the faith, To [the] only wise God be glory for-evermorethrough Jesus Christ (the Anointed One)! Amen (so be it). Rom 16:25-27. Amp. This is once again another witness saying that this was kept silent & secret for long ages but is nowdisclosed. The Concordant tells us that it was a revelation of a secret hushed in times eonian. What isthat revelation God has been hiding & is now once again manifesting? Himself in the flesh, our flesh ofcourse, I believe it! Only Two Together Can Enter Paradise!We were born to tread the Earth as angels-to seek out Heaven this side of the sky.But they who race alone shall stumble in the dark and fall from grace.Then love alone can make the Fallen Angel rise-for only two together can enter Paradise. Unknown. The above was brought to my attention quite recently, I am unaware of the author, it can beunderstood in several ways, I think it is especially appropriate if we apply the two as our true identity &our mistaken identity as being together as one.He sticks closer than any brother! Why? For in Him we live & move & have our being.What a statement, what a thought! No wonder we need to meditate & muse on these things, if we wouldunderstand this above statement we are well on the way to manifesting. Who are we really? Spiritualbeings made in the image of our creator. We were originally a part of God Himself & nothing less, whenwe were born again it was no less a rejuvenation to our spirits of our true originality as to who we reallyare!Once again Gods richest to you all.Written by Ralph Knowles, September 2012. For those who have enjoyed this article & are hungry for the deeper truths of “ Third day revelation” Please contact Ralph Knowles. Phone 07 38187875, Mobile 0448126882. The mailing address is, 47/13 Thomas St Goodna Qld 4300 Australia. <> Web < >If we have been prone to human error in this article it is not purposely, & I trust that a little kindness would allow for any fault, & that we will consider &imbibe the better or spiritual part of that which is presented & intended. RWK. 8