Part 14. i and my father are one.


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Part 14. i and my father are one.

  1. 1. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death” CHRIST THE ANTIDOTE REGARDING DEATH Part 14. I AND MY FATHER ARE ONESeveral years ago I was reading in Jn. 3:3. Except a man be born AGAIN he cannot enter into thekingdom of God my mind was directed to the word AGAIN, & the spirit of the Lord spoke to me & saidlook in your concordance regarding the word AGAIN, I said to myself, I know the meaning, it means fromabove & went on reading, the spirit spoke to me a second time & said check your concordance, once againslightly puzzled I ignored that inner voice, being probably a little lazy & thinking I knew better went onreading, then once again a third time & very firmly in what I would call an order of the spirit, go & openyour concordance, this time I acted immediately & I must say that I am very glad that I did. When I openedup to the word AGAIN I read in [STRONGS 509, anothen, an-o-then; from 507; from above; by anal. fromthe first; by impl. anew:-- from above, again, from the beginning (very first), the top.] As I began to realisethe significance of what I had just read I was astounded, elated & thrilled. Except a man be born - FROM ABOVE - FROM THE FIRST - FROM THE BEGINNING - FROM THE TOP.Now to begin to illustrate – from the top – today in music, means from the beginning of the song. From thefirst, means exactly the same as From the beginning In the beginning God created Except a man beborn – from above, or again – that is to experience what he - man - had in the very beginning & toeventually come to a realisation of who & what he was in the very beginning of time. for we had beenforeordained (chosen & appointed beforehand) in accordance with His purpose, Who works everythingin agreement with the counsel & design of His own will. Eph 1:11b. Amp. Created in Christ JesusEph 2:10b KJV, the Greek says formed. [STRONGS 2963 Ktizo to fabricate, make, found, create, formoriginally.] Even [in His love] He chose us [actually picked us out for Himself as His own] in ChristJesus before the foundation of the world Eph 1:4a. Amp. The Finishing Gable or HeadstoneIn Zech 3:7. Amp. We read. For who are you, O great mountain [of human obstacles]? BeforeZerubbabel [who with Joshua had led the return of the exiles from Babylon & was undertaking therebuilding of the temple, before him] you shall become a plain [a mere molehill]! And he shall bringforth the finishing gable stone [of the new temple] with loud shouting-s of the people, crying GRACE,GRACE to it. In the KJV The finishing gable stone is rendered the Headstone. It is from the Hebrew &is from the word ROSH & ROSHAH & it means beginning, chapiter, chief, chiefest place, man, everyman, ruler, sum, top. The great mountain of human obstacles is in the mind of man – his mistaken identity – which standsbefore him & the realisation of his godhood, his deity, or his true identity Christ. In the rebuilding of thetrue temple of God not the type or metaphor as mentioned above, this great mountain is now as we writebecoming a plain - a mere molehill - & people are with loud shouting-s now crying GRACE GRACE to thetrue Gable or Headstone, - Christ in His fullness in His body - & very soon as our crossing of Jordan isended, then the full understanding of what is now happening will become clear & the leaping of the playfulcalves will surely bring a grace, grace, of full reality from our lips as we become aware that theHeadstone, the full understanding of the fullness or completeness of being fully born - from above, fromthe first, from the beginning, from the top - begins to take place in every man. The fullness or maturity ofour growing up into the head will not & cannot take place in either the - Outer Court or Holy Place - inthe original feasts of each Passover, Pentecost & Tabernacles there was never any lap-over, each feast wascompletely separate in both dates & ceremony, COMPLETELY SEPARATED, there is & must be a separateexperience between Pentecost & Tabernacles that is if we are to follow the pattern scripturally. The timelapse between the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost, & the feast of Booths or Tabernacles was something likefour & one half to five months, whereas the period between Passover & Pentecost was approx sevenweeks. 1
  2. 2. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death” THE HEADSTONE OR GABLE STONEGod was manifest in the flesh also The fullness of the Godhead dwelt in Christ bodily This is not tosay that the flesh of Jesus Christ was God, as the man Jesus was the - last Adam - & was our perfect humanexample. At times we hear the term of God the Son or God the holy spirit we will not find these termsanywhere in the scriptures, but you will find the phrase GOD THE FATHER throughout the New Testament.The term The Son of God is totally different to God the Son or The Lord is that spirit meanssomething quite different to God the holy spirit. What are we saying here? There is ONE GOD who wasmanifested in three ways but remained only One God. Three manifestations, Not three persons! We findin Mark 12:29, “Jesus answered, The FIRST & principal one of all commands is; Hear O Israel the Lord our God is One Lord & HIM ONLY shall you serve.We being made in the image of God can manifest or reveal ourselves in many ways but still remain onlyone entity. i.e. Many of you reading this right now will, in one day, reveal yourself in at least three ways, asa husband, ONE. Then as a father, TWO. Then as a son, THREE, & still remain only ONE person. Anyonemeeting you that day will only acknowledge ONE person yet you may fill many roles during the day. OurWonderful GOD who is our Father is exactly the same, yet remains ONLY ONE GOD who is spirit. Nowthis one God revealed himself in one man, one body, namely Jesus Christ, He was the forerunner of thecorporate body or son or MANCHILD. Jesus taught us that I and My Father are ONE He also taught us Ihave given to them the glory & honour which you have given Me, that they may be one [even] as We areONE. Jn 17:22. Each & every one of us are exact replicas of Jesus Christ in every way. What He is weare also, I say ARE deliberately, for I no longer judge after the flesh or my mistaken identity which is adelusion. If Jesus Christ was the LAST ADAM what does that make you & I. In actual fact if Jesus wastruly the LAST ADAM this means that since the resurrection there are no more ADAMS only ChristsANOINTED ONES or SONS or those who are ONE WITH THE FATHER. What stands in our way? Our mind,a delusion, the mistaking of our TRUE identity. Which is also the VEIL.SONS OF GOD IT IS NOW TIME THAT WE BEGAN TO RISE UP & BELIEVE & UNDERSTAND WHAT IS ALREADY OURSWhen God begins to reveal a TRUTH to us, that is the time that He desires us to to possess theunderstanding of it. We cannot & must, not hear the message of TABERNACLES through Pentecostal ears.In the realm of Pentecost it is God & ME, in the realm of Tabernacles, it is God alone. His identity notmy mistaken identity. In Pentecost we were always trying to convert Adam, Adam will never beconverted. When Jesus made the statement I & my Father are One I do not believe for one moment thatHe was referring to His flesh; Why? He was still then the last Adam He was referring to who He reallywas THE CHRIST the Son who was given, not born. When Paul said It is no longer I that lives butChrist who lives within me he was referring to his true identity Christ, Adam was no longer living, Paulwas NOT TRYING TO CONVERT ADAM. To try to convert Adam, is the same as trying to convert ourmistaken identity which is not real but a lie or a delusion. Now having said that, we have been saying forsome time that our Adam mistaken identity is a delusion. The question is; are we ready to go a stepfurther? In this walk of Tabernacles, God is simply opening up & bringing us into something that alreadyIS, it is simply a revealing of something that is already ours, but a veil, our soulish fleshly mind hashidden it from us. Right now the wonderful grace of God is at work. I repeat what I said previously. IfJesus Christ was the LAST ADAM,The first man Adam was made a living soul; the LAST ADAM wasmade a quickening spirit. 1Cor 15:45. KJV, what does that make you & I. This includes every last one ofus. To know all this is very encouraging & as wait expectantly for His Coming or His unveiling of Himselfin us, these are those who God is soon about to quicken & change. Now we realise that the letterinterpreters will be on the job quick smart. But to those who are truly walking with God & who arehungering & thirsting after truth & righteousness they will be filled to overflowing with revelation, 2
  3. 3. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death”bless our Wonderful Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ. Furthermore through these that God is choosing nowevery eye shall behold Him & then he will appear to & in every man. In other words every knee shallbow & every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father Phil 2:10-11. The only solution to Death is Life.2Thess 2:8.Amp. And then the lawless one will be revealed & the Lord Jesus will slay destroy him withthe breath of His mouth & bring him to an end by His APPEARING at His COMING The Third depthor realm of understanding of this chapter is far more revealing & to the point of where we are today thanthe second realm concept. The life of His appearing shall destroy the lawless one, or the death conceptwithin us, & bring it to an end.For the LAW of the spirit of LIFE in Christ Jesus, HAS freed me from the LAW of sin & death. Rom8:2. Once again we see the word HAS, it is a done deal, this veil or our mind has deceived us. This what I am about share, some of you may not have even thought about or considered, But thetruth will set us free. My - or many of God’s own - people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. or lackof Truth. Hos 4:6. The Law or Legalism was passed down from Judaism & infiltrated into the earlyChurch. Paul the Apostle would have none of it, but it was a continual problem to him & the churches heestablished. In some circles it was tolerated, read very closely in Acts 15:24. Gal 2:3-7. Because it was notcompletely dealt with, it remained a thorn in the side of the early Church. Constantine picked it up & thenof course it infiltrated into the Dark- ages through into 1600s then right through into the 1900s. Our Fatheris now cleaning up the residue today among His chosen ones:- those coming into full son-ship or Theemerging Man-child. In other words He is taking off our Grave clothes. Then they in turn will take the pureword. in a pure attitude, to the world. Acts 15:16-17. Lk 3:6. So for this reason I submit what I am about to write for both your perusal & consideration. It is mystrong conviction that both Sin & Repentance have not been presented in their true pure meaning, buthave been strongly coloured by a legalistic Judaic & religious background. Let me present a question.When a person is convicted of God, is it the love of God convicting them? It most certainly is! It is boththe Grace & the Love of God that bring true conviction, not guilt & accusation. The word repent &repentance are except in one case translated from three words :- Strongs, metamellomai #3338,metanoeo #3340, metanoia #3341, which is related to noieo #3539. The compound meanings of thesewords are as follows :- regret, think differently, change, reconsider, reversal, reformation, to exercise themind, observe, comprehend, consider, perceive, think, understand. Not one word of accusation orcondemnation or of asking forgiveness. I once again in this article ask the question, WHY? Did the earlyChurch see something that we have not seen, or has God left it until now that the Salvation to be revealedpeople, would pick it up in the third Realm? I believe it is both!! The truth is, that at Calvary it was finished. As far as the East is from the West so far ARE OURtransgressions removed from us. They are already removed dear ones, gone, gone, gone. Beingjustified freely by His Grace. Rom 3: 24 We are no longer in the in-part realm understanding. Accusation, guilt & condemnation are of the same family & are in total opposition to the wordconviction. According to the Greek, the meanings of many words have over the years been very subtlychanged to meet the way of thinking of that particular time. I believe that if Paul was to arrive on the scenetoday he would be quite surprised. But lets not leave God out of the picture. Has He not always hidden Histruth’s & has he not always wanted searchers. For instance Prov 25:2. It is the glory of god to conceal athing: but the honour of kings to search out a matter.” & also is not God “in & through all things. He is worthy of our praise.When the true love of God convicts us & at the same time tells us that we have been under a delusion.Repentance will bring a time of rejoicing, A Jubilee as it were. A great realisation. Please keep in mindthe above true meaning of repentance which is simply a change of heart or mind. Or a realisation. Not theone of Churchianity which is one of crying out & begging, Please forgive me. 3
  4. 4. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death”Behold I am doing a new thing which includes new wine skins & stripping off the old grave clothes. GODS FREE GIFT THE REALISATION OF WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN ACCOMPLISHEDGods free gift is not at all to be compared to the trespass (Adam’s) for if many died through one man’sfalling away (his lapse, his offence) much more profusely did God’s grace & the free gift through theundeserved favour of one man Jesus Christ abound & overflow to & for (the benefit of) man. Rom 5:15Amp. The - offence & trespass - in the above is from the Greek word paratome which means :- side slip,lapse, or deviation (i.e. unintentional), fall, fault, offence, sin, trespass, or wilful transgress. The Young’sversion says a falling aside Once again this word, it seems, as many other words, have been somewhatoverstressed & now in our search for spiritual truth, freedom & arising into the heavens, God is wanting usto be free in all areas of our past Jezebel, soulish, good & evil concepts. For those interested I am listing anumber of texts to support the above illustration that the original meanings have been contorted. Rom11:11-12, Rom 4:25, Gal 6;1 James 5;16. Mat 6:14. Mark 11:25. 2 Cor 5:19. Eph 2:1. Col 2:13. Amp. When did God Ever tell You or I that we were a sinner?For all have sinned & come short of the Glory of God. Rom 3:23. We will consider this verse fromthree aspects.1. The word sinned in this verse is from the Greek word hamartano, [STRONGS #264. ham-ar-tan-o; tomiss the mark (and so not share in the prize), i.e. (fig.) to err, to sin, –for your faults, offend, sin, trespass].This word is also related & interchangeable with the word hamartia which was a favourite among theGreeks especially when describing one in an Archery match who had missed the target & it simply meansto miss the mark. Now interestingly the word mark in the Greek is charakter & means exactly the sameas our word character which describes ones identity. So missing the mark is to miss the character oridentity. So considering all things; In our idiom today, we would simply say mistaking our identity that iswhy you find so many Tabernacle writers using this term. “For all have mistaken their identity & COMESHORT of the Glory of God.” Mistaking our identity is simply believing we are someone we are not anillusion. We have missed the mark, in not realising who we really are. Our true identity is actually Christin you. Can we ever remember GOD telling us that we were a sinner?2. I would now like to look at & compare the term come short of the Glory of God. Another way ofdescribing to come short would be say to lack or to be a little lower, In Ps 8:4-5 Amp, we read, What isman that You are mindful of him, & the son of [earth-born] man that You care for him? Yet you havemade him but a little lower than God - Elohim, or heavenly beings,- & you have crowned him with glory& honour. The word Elohim in all other cases refers to God or gods which is referring to the corporateman. The Youngs translation says And causest him to lack a little of Godhead. To LACK, to COMESHORT or to be A LITTLE LOWER is not the same as being - damned sinners. To prove this turn to, Rom 8: 20, For the creation (nature) was subjected to frailty (to futility, condemned to frustration)not because of some intentional fault on its part, but by the will of Him Who so subjected it---[yet] withthe hope. In other words God deliberately LOWERED us & caused us to lack A LITTLE of Godhead, untilHis time to reverse it, which is happening NOW. that [we might arrive] at really mature manhood (thecompleteness of personality which is nothing less than the standard height of Christs own perfection),the measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ & the completeness found in Him.” Eph 4:13b,but then we read chap 2:6 “And He raised us up past tense together with Him & made us sit downtogether [giving us joint seating with Him] in the heavenly sphere [by virtue of our being] in Christ 4
  5. 5. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death”Jesus (the Messiah, the Anointed One. If He has already raised us up why are many still getting sick &dying? One word the VEIL. So in bringing many sons into glory there is now not only a need, but thedefinite will & working of the Spirit, that prophecy might be fulfilled right on time. I believe that God hashis own foreordained calender, which is one of perfection. We are right now also realising that the lastAdam is done away with, & all those being born into the world they are in reality, quickening spirits orlife giving spirits. Isa 25:7. And He will destroy on this mountain the covering of the face that is castover the heads of all peoples [in mourning], & the veil [of profound wretchedness] that is WOVEN &spread over all the nations. RIGHT ON TIME!!Now beloved please do not take this the wrong way as the last thought in my mind is to sound supercilious,but the facts are that in crossing Jordan the men will be separated from the boys I refer once again toNumbers 14. Oh God grant us that we would all have the - spirit of a Caleb. Where, did we first hear that we were Sinners?3. Let us now consider the setting. What I am about to write will be a similar reiteration of a portion of ourlast edition, but in a different setting. Now I well realise that what we are bringing here will be new to someof you & if you find it a little hard to grasp at first thats quite Okay, but give it a little time & meditationbefore you start stoning me. Remember this is TABERNACLE understanding. Rom 3:21-24. KJV. Butnow the righteousness of God without the law is manifested, being witnessed by the law & the prophets.22, Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them thatbelieve: for there is no difference: 23, For all have sinned & have come short of the glory of God; Beingjustified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus If the interpretation of sinwas what we have been taught for so long & not what we have said above in the 1st aspect, how could ourperfect & wonderful God tell us here that all are justified FREELY. What the KJV has written here is theexact interpretation of the original Greek, George Ricker Berry, the Concordant Literal NewTestament, the New KJV, the Diaglott, the KJV. All say exactly the same thing! Now in one sense itdoes not really matter, for all versions in their own way say that there is no difference, for all havesinned - missed the mark,or mistaken their identity - & have come short of the glory of God & are all arejustified freely by His grace. but quite a number of them omit unto all, and upon all them thatbelieve. WHY? The main reason is that they do not believe that the Gospel incorporates ALL MEN, & sowhat they are saying is, that what Paul wrote is wrong & they will not consider that he may be right, & donot want to know a thing about it & they dare to omit what is written in the original; Not a good position tobe in! The righteousness of God belongs to ALL MEN & in one sense, all are in the same category. WHY? ForAll have sinned, or have mistaken their identity. saint or sinner – but - as far as God is concerned THERE IS NODIFFERENCE, Why? For all are JUSTIFIED by His GRACE. That is Gods opinion on the matter! Theproblem is our in part, Holy Place, Pentecostal, Legalistic understanding. Our wonderful God is in onesense beginning to wipe away the tears of the in part Pharaoh, legalistic, even in some cases, despotic,Antichrist understanding. Jesus Christ tasted death for every man. our title is; I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE.Death is swallowed up with LIFE. 1Cor15:54. And God purposed that through (by the service, theintervention of) Him [the Son] ALL things should be COMPLETELY reconciled back to Himself, whetheron earth or in heaven, as through Him, [the Father] made peace by means of the blood of His cross.And although you at one time were estranged & alienated from Him & were of hostile attitude of mindor in your mind in your wicked activities. YET NOW has [Christ the Messiah] reconciled [you to God] inthe body of His flesh through death, in order to present you holy & faultless & irreproachable in His[the Fathers] presence. Col 1: 20-22. Amp. The KJV renders, Alienated in your MINDS or by &through our - mistaken identity - we mankind are affected by the MASS CONSCIOUSNESS of the 5
  6. 6. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death”unregenerate WORLD. That is why Paul admonished us that you henceforth walk not as other Gentileswalk, in the vanity of their MIND. Having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the life ofGod through the IGNORANCE that is in them because of the blindness of their heart. Eph 4: 17b-18KJV. If we could but realise that the truth is now, since Jesus the last Adam went to the cross & through Histrue identity Christ overcame His mistaken identity & is now a life giving spirit, we now are alsoquickened together with Him. In other words the last Adam is the LAST, if we refer to a FIRST there areothers to follow but in speaking of a LAST there cannot be, & there are not, any more ADAMS. And you, being dead in your sins - mistaken identity - & the un-circumscription of your flesh,HATH HE QUICKENED TOGETHER WITH HIM, having forgiven you all trespasses; Blotting out thehandwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, & took it out of the way,nailing it to His cross; And having spoiled principalities & powers, He made a show of them openly,triumphing over them in it. Col 2:13-15. KJV. Please notice that we are already - quickened togetherwith Him - & if you can receive it, since the resurrection there are no any longer any ADAMS. The culpritthat would deceive us is A darkened mind or a concept of DUALITY or better still a mistaken identity.Please allow me to repeat a verse that I quoted earlier. And He will destroy on this mountain the covering of the face that is cast over the heads of allpeoples [in mourning], & the veil [of profound wretchedness] that is WOVEN & spread over all thenations. Isa 25:7. WE ARE NOW LIFE GIVING SPIRITS As we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly. 1Cor 15:49.KJV. This passage of scripture is totally unconditional & refers to every man, for whom Jesus Christ tasteddeath. I will now say Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise the Lord & also Glory. THE GRACE OF GODNow having been thrilled at what God has accomplished for us, but we must not as many have in the past,presume more than what is meant. Many well meaning men of God in the past have been given genuinerevelations & then have become over excited & run ahead of God. Grace must not be excluded.For the GRACE of God that brings salvation HAS appeared to ALL men. Teaching us - to be - Lookingfor that blessed hope, & the glorious appearing of the great God & our Saviour Jesus Christ ; Who gaveHimself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, & purify unto Himself a peculiar people,zealous of good works. Titus 2:11-12a, 13-14. KJV. If there is one thing that ought to be promoted, realised, & spoken about it is the GRACE of God, Hiselection, or choosing by His grace, His drawing by His grace, His timing by His grace. There is seeminglya very fine line between God doing something for & to us & we doing it ourselves, but really they are veryfar apart. We do the responding, we are the obedient ones. The glorious appearing of our great God &Saviour who has come & is coming is now being revealed & glorified IN His saints - in the clouds -Heb 12:1, is the one who is making the tapestry. I am not the one controlling the universe, yes it is the sameGod who dwells in me, but I am a son of our Father, Shall we not much more cheerfully submit to theFather of spirits & so [truly] live. Now I realise fully that Jesus said Is it not written in your Law, Isaid You are gods? Jn 10:34, & I fully realise that he was addressing even the unconverted Jews. But thisdoes not mean that if I have red blood flowing through my veins that I can take liberties & claim to be amanifested son of God. I become very concerned when I hear that someone has stated, even in a meeting, -that you are looking at a manifested son - when blood is pumping through their veins, or that someone hasstated that a person is sick because they choose to be, when they, themselves, are carrying a sickness. A- mistaken identity - has spoken twice, & in both cases has lied. A manifested son will have a replica of thebody of the glorified Christ. No blood & no sicknesses. A true manifested son would never expressthemselves in the above way. I say this to make you all aware of any counterfeits that you may hear of.There can sometimes be a very fine line between confession & stupidity! I wish it go on record that wehave nothing to do with these sort of activities. Wisdom is justified of her children. 6
  7. 7. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death” Our Definition Of GraceIn considering the immediate above paragraph we could easily conclude that Gods grace includes onlycertain individuals, this is actually - in part - thinking & is far from the – all-compassing - truth. When weconsider the vast all encompassing grace of God, we must include the following verse. For it was in himthat all things were created, in heaven & on earth, things seen & things unseen, whether thrones,dominions, rulers, or authorities; ALL things were created & exist through Him [by His service,intervention] & in & for Him. Col 1:16. Amp. If we look carefully at this verse we will see that the all things includes any person or circumstance thatwe could possibly bring to mind. No matter who you are, reading this right now you are included in Godsplan, The often quoted concept of Grace as - the unmerited favour of God - goes far from doing our CreatorChrist full justice. Please read with me this verse. For God has consigned (penned up) ALL men todisobedience, only that He may have mercy on them ALL [alike]. Rom 11:32. Amp. As we move on inGod, our in-part hearing is expanded, as is our in-part vision also extended, & we begin to realise that theall things include any person or any thinkable circumstance no matter how awful or tragic it may be, areincluded in the plan of God, His immutability or un-changeableness is far above what we are able to thinkor imagine, for all things work together for good now we can put this verse into our particular theologicalniche if we want to, but without an enlarged vision we are - missing the mark - & are thinking in the realmof our mistaken identity. Paul the Apostle had a far greater vision than many believers realise listen, towhat he had to say in Eph 3:9 Amp. Also to enlighten ALL men & make plain to them what is the plan [regarding the Gentiles &providing for the salvation of ALL men], of the mystery kept hidden through the ages & concealed nowin [the mind of ] God Who created all things by Christ Jesus. Now to some who find it hard to reconcilethe two seeming different ways of thinking, 1. The choosing & election of the Man-child which may seemopposed to. 2. The salvation of all men. These following verses may help to throw some light on theseeming dilemma. We are reading from Eph 1: 9-11. Amp. 9.Making known to us the mystery (secret) of His will (of His plan, of His purpose). [And it is this;]In accordance with His good pleasure (His merciful intention) which He had previously purposed & setforth in Him.10. [He planned] for the maturity of the times & the climax of the ages to unify ALL things& head them up & consummate them in Christ, [both] things in heaven & things on the earth. 11. InHim also we were made [Gods] heritage portion & we obtained an inheritance; for we had beenforeordained (chosen & appointed beforehand) in accordance with His purpose, Who works outeverything in agreement with the counsel & design of His own will. Notice in verse 10. that God hasplanned to unify ALL THINGS that means what it says & you & I are part of the ALL, every last person whoexists now on the earth, who has dwelt, or shall dwell here on this planet is included. As Paul wasforeordained for his time so we are foreordained for this time, & also each & every one of you now readingthis issue have a time, YOU ARE FOREORDAINED FOR A CERTAIN TIME. Trust God be encouraged & walkin peace & it will surely come to pass. This is also part of the GRACE of God. GODS NEW DAY. I look towards the light, of the dawning new day, The darkness recedes, as the light sends it away; As I awake & welcome the coming of the dawn, From deep within my spirit, new life & hope are born. I rise from sleep; today I look around, Today I see new life spring forth, as I tread new ground; As Gods Spirit leads me on to higher ground. I reach out knowing, its Gods love that I have found. Awake now the dawn, Gods love now in bloom, Its light now is filtering, through the nights gloom; 7
  8. 8. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death” A new day is born, & its light fills my room, I am, that I am, in Gods love were in tune. Marjorie Stampa. 3 of 7 verses. Two Gods A Good god & a Bad god.Who would believe in such a thing? Yet sadly, not that long ago I was asked to attend a gathering & share,before it was time for me to speak a brother arose to share & began very vehemently, to extol the veryunattractive powers of a being called satan we were all warned that this one was on the trail of every oneof us, & that he was alive & well & that he actually was going to get more feathers in his cap than God, inother words the majority of souls were his for the taking. Yet we read that our great God had alreadydeclared that all souls are mine also that I will draw all men unto Me. This sorrowfully, what I washearing was a prime example of the - in part - concept that is understood in many circles today. Thisbrother was expounding the typical - tree of good & evil - understanding which is dual thinking. In eatingof the fruit of good & evil, those who are still partaking have personalised the good & made it a god; alsothe evil & called it a devil, but know this, they are still eating from the wrong tree, the in part realm.These are also affirming that this other so called god is going to lay claim to, & possess at least 90% of thepopulation, past, present & future. Incidentally I think it is very significant that if you take the E in evil &place it behind the V we now have the word VEIL. This concept actually espouses a good God, & a badgod. Now personally in eating from the tree of life which is tabernacles my eyes have been opened, alongwith many, many others who realise that there is only ONE GOD & we are to give NO place to the devilwhich is none other than our mistaken identity. Also we read in Heb. 2:14b-15, Amp.He [Himself] partook of the same [nature], that by [going through] death He might bring to nought &make of no effect him who had the power of death----that is, the devil.”-- or our mistaken identity thenature of which Jesus partook. “And also that He MIGHT deliver & completely set free all those whothrough the [haunting] fear of death WERE held in bondage throughout the whole course of their lives.This word might is from the Gk dunamai or dunamis & the main implication is, - miraculous power. Inthe original language & idiom, this word did not mean maybe. but will or would in power......The worddevil is from the Gk traducer & means - false accuser & slanderer - STRONGS # 1228. How did Jesusovercome this - false accuser - which is none other than our - mistaken identity or nature? Well bless GodHe partook of the same NATURE & brought to nought our mistaken identity which tries to accuse usbefore our Father - who is our - divine nature - within us – day & night, & has been cast out. Rev.12:10b. To the enlightened what this is simply saying is that our - mistaken identity - is accusing us beforeour - true identity - which both of course are within us. We must remember that there are three depths to tothe word of God - Literal, of the soul, & spiritual. In the Third Realm or Tabernacles we have come torealise that the word serpent or Satan, represents the carnal or natural mind. How or why? If you do asearch on the word serpent you will find that it is related to the Psuche man, or soul STRONGS, #5590,also #5315, #5172. While I am on the subject, the word Lucifer is from a word - light bringer or shiningone,- we have been taught by religiosity that this one is a fallen Angel, but if we look at verse 16 in the 14 thchapter of Isaiah we find that this so called angel is called a man who goes to the grave or the pit. For thosewho are interested in seeking further, consult the footnote at the bottom of Isaiah 14 in the Amplified bible& you will be wonderfully enlightened. Those who are not yet fully informed are our brothers & sisters &everyone of them at some stage of their existence, will be enlightened, by the LOVE of God & not thevindictiveness of a cruel despot. Of late I have been experiencing the love of God in a way that I have nothitherto known & I am persuaded that it is boundless. In finalising this little Two Gods resume, as we come to our spiritual senses & unequivocally begin topartake of the tree of life we will find only one entity, Christ in whom there is no duality or good versesevil concept & then it begins to come clear the saying The Lord our God is one Lord & HIM ONLY shallthou serve. Then, & only then, shall we begin to realise fully that. I and My Father are ONE. In Spirit & in Truth 8
  9. 9. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death”How do we come to know this ONE TRUE GOD in the way He desires us to know Him? “God is spirit, -or a spiritual being - & those who worship Him MUST worship Him in spirit & in TRUTH. Jn 4:24. Theonly true & perfect way of worshipping God is in the secret place of the Most High which is in the realmof Tabernacles or The Most Holy Place this is where the scripture begins to come to pass where He willAnoint the most Holy Dan 9:24b, which is within every last one of us, also then we begin to experiencefurther the truth of that which is already in us that we are a sharer in the glory (the honour & splendour)that is to be revealed (disclosed & unfolded): 1Pet. 5:1b. Which is happening right now! He takes away the First to establish the Second.In the Old Testament & also the Outer Court & Holy Place Realm God has been so gracious in meeting uson a lower level than Tabernacles in these Eras or Periods in the Churches experience; but know this theywere not the perfection that God had in mind & has now led us into. Quite a number of years back my thenwife & myself were heavily into the deliverance ministry & we were considered by some to have beenquite successful. There came a day when the Lord spoke to me & told me that there was a HIGHER WAY. Ibegan to seek the Lord as to what He meant by this. Not long after I was taken right out of the in partPentecostal scene. There had been a prophecy earlier by a well reputed prophet that we were to be pluckedup & uprooted & taken into a dry & arid place & there I will teach you the truths of God in place of thetraditions of men.... I chose to try to ignore this, as in our assembly were many lovely saints of God whowe loved dearly, but thank God, He would have none of my ignorance & virtually forced me out. As Ibegan to seek the Lord without any axe grinding hindrances, I began to see the truth of the differencebetween the Tree of Life & the Tree of Good & Evil. It was a marvellous revelation to me the day that Irealised that in the Tree of Life that there were no more OPPOSITES, no more enemies, no more of Goodfighting Evil which comes from partaking from the fruit of the tree of Good & evil. I then began to realisethe HIGHER WAY that I had known existed, but up to this point it was only a theory until I received arevelation which is the unveiling of the Christ who is already within us. Now God who is so good & sopatient with us will reveal this to those who He has ordained, before the manifestation of His sons. Therequirement of course is that we are willing to allow a change of new wine skins & not to think that theOLD WAY is better. It is not an easy thing to give up the - in part - PENTECOSTAL binding & loosing.Why? Well we or our mistaken identity like to be in charge or doing something. As we progress furtherahead we realise that in the third realm all Adam activity must die, in other words the activity of goodverses evil, or good overcoming evil must finish. Once we begin to realise that the war is finished & wetruly partake of the tree of life, CHRIST, then we truly begin to graduate into the HIGHER WAY orTABERNACLES. Some years later I was sharing this with Marj Stampa & she also had received the samewords from God on this same issue, a HIGHER WAY. Whenever Moses is read, a Veil lies upon their Minds & Hearts.If we insist on thinking in Old Testament terms as regards generational curses to the third & fourthgeneration such as in Deuteronomy & other O.T. references, we are denying the full extent of what wasaccomplished in the crucifixion & resurrection, namely there are no more Adams now we may immediatelytake a look in the mirror or look closely at the first person we lay eyes on & promptly deny what we arenow reading; but know this, this is not how we are told to walk our Christian walk, this is not faith we cancontinue to go on witch hunts & we can find a devil under any cushion, or in any vase with a questionabledrawing or logo, we can find needs to deliver people from former associations, Masonic Curses, etc, & itwill be never ending, but know this, this is not coming from the Secret Place of the Most High this is allcoming from an in part realm or in other words a delusion. Sure there may have been some successes,some genuine, some psychologically induced, in retrospect I now realise that some of this activity borderedon witchcraft. This In Part Realm is not for those who are hungering & thirsting for a HIGHER WAY, inthis way all ENEMY activity ceases for US, & we walk in a most wonderful exciting realm of peace.What do you mean by using this proverb concerning the land of Israel, The fathers have eaten sourgrapes & the childrens teeth are set on edge? As I live, says the Lord God, you shall not have occasion 9
  10. 10. “Christ the Antidote regarding Death”any more to use this proverb in Israel. Ezek 18:2-4. Amp.Sour grapes is really another term for unripe fruit. If our fruit of the spirit in us is not yet mature or not yetregenerated, - & may I say that it will never reach maturity in the second or the in part realm - we can havesour grapes toward those who are walking in that HIGHER WAY & will pick on anything we can find &this is simply a re-enactment of the attitude of the 10 spies against the 2 namely Joshua & Caleb. The 10influenced the whole of Israel until they all wanted to kill Joshua & Caleb, but thankfully God intervened& none, & I repeat none of them & that included the whole of the adult population of the millions of Israel,went into the promised land, excepting Joshua & Caleb & those 20 years old & under. Not so long ago Iwas saddened by the fact of one brother, who does not receive these writings judged another brother on hiswalk in Tabernacles on the fact that he had an illness, the reason for this brothers attitude is because hisfruit has not reached ripeness & is still sour & is judging in his own imperfection, & this unfortunately canset other body members teeth on edge. The scripture tells us very plainly that By their fruit you shallknow them. not by whether a brother or sister has an illness. For those of you who are interested Marj Stampa has done a very in depth study on this particularsubject & is very well informed on the truth of the annulment of generational curses even from the OldTestament, Marj also was at one stage very involved in the deliverance ministry & if any of you wish tocontact her I am sure that she would be more than pleased to share her knowledge with you, Marj is now inher eighties & what a wealth of experience & knowledge she has. In this wonderful calling we mustremember that the whole body is involved, none of us are interested in - or ought not to be - in building ourown kingdom. ONLY THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE And this will lead us to the realisation that, I and my Father are One.May the realisation of Gods grace be yours.Written by Ralph Knowles. April – May. 2010. For those who have enjoyed this article & are hungry for the deeper truths of “ Third day revelation” Please contact Ralph Knowles. Phone 07 38187875, Mobile 0448126882. The mailing address is, 47/13 Thomas st Goodna Qld 4300 Australia. <> Web < > 10