The Voice Of The Spirit. . Forgiving Love, Written by Marj Stampa.


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This is an accompanying article written by Marj Stampa, who God apprehended by one of the Welsh Revival preachers, Marj gave her heart to the Lord at the age of five. She is now into the latter end of her Eighties.

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The Voice Of The Spirit. . Forgiving Love, Written by Marj Stampa.

  1. 1. The Voice Of The Spirit THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT.FORGIVING LOVE. Forgiving love the expression of the Saviour, Who bled and died upon the cross for thee; He only saw lost sheep without a Shepherd, Poor wandering soul, His loves forgiven thee. We too must learn, that loving is forgiving, Our hearts out-poured, in love to every one; This is the message Jesus spoke on Calvary, Father forgive, they know not what they do. To know the Lord we must express His love Divine, For were reflecting His forgiving love; Our hands extended, hearts attune to hear each cry, Each lonely heart, that needs the Saviours love. What joy, what peace, what ecstasy beyond compare, Thy glory shared, with those who have a need, Each day, each hour, He softly speaks within my heart, Be still my soul, The Lord He loveth thee.This song which I wrote many years ago, is on my heart today as I consider theforgiving love of the Saviour, and the day our dear Lord appeared to me and spoke,saying; “ My daughter, I have removed your sins as far as the East is from the West,and I remember them no more, so why are you remembering?” Brother RalphKnowles has written recently an article on, “The End Of Sin.” I realised that thosewho know the truth, that sin was nailed to Jesus cross will not even recall those sinsthat others have committed against us, or speak about them, or recall them. If Christremembers our sins no more, having forgiven us we are exhorted in Scripture to dothe same. [James 5:14-16] says; “ Is any among you sick?” He should call in the churchelders-- the spiritual guides. And they should pray over him, anointing him with oil inthe Lords name. And the prayer [that is] of faith will save him that is sick, & theLord will restore him; and if he has committed sin, he will be forgiven. Confess toone another your faults – your slips, your false steps, your offences, our sins, andpray also for one another that you may be healed and restored – to a spiritual tone ofmind and heart. The earnest [heartfelt , continued] prayer of a righteous man makestremendous power available – dynamic in its working” Amp. 1
  2. 2. The Voice Of The Spirit Please understand that the above excerpt from James is an allegory only, We arenot advocating that this understanding of sin is for us today or that the church eldersshould be taken literally, but that this is how James understood it in his day. In realising our true identity as a child of God, and being in Christ Jesus how canwe not do as He did, not only forgiving those who had in the past sinned against us,but forgetting what they did, and never mentioning, or even writing about it, Jesusremembers our past sins no more so we too should do so to each other also. Thus wecarry no burden of sin, Hallelujah. When the High Priest went through the veil intothe Holy of Holies on the Day of Atonement, he took the blood of the sacrifice for hisown sins and the sins of the people, before the mercy seat and the Ark of theCovenant. Now we know the truth, and the truth has set us free from all sinconsciousness. On this third day awareness we have seen the need for ourselves to enter inbeyond the veil, into the Holy of Holies of which the priest acted out on the Day ofAtonement in the Old Testament, which was a shadow and type of what the Lordgave us as a pattern for us to do in this day of Grace, and that would bring us to fullsalvation, with no sin consciousness, as all is forgiven. No longer do we recall theoffences of others towards us, because Gods forgiving love has been shed abroad inour hearts, neither do we any longer make mention of the offences of others againstus. The way of the Cross leads home. We cannot possibly enter in through the veilif we have UN-forgiveness in our hearts, and as James says; “confess your faults oneto another, that you may be healed.” As it is written; “You shall know the truth, andthe truth shall set you free.” To be in Christ is freedom indeed from all sinconsciousness and remembrance, of UN-forgiveness for anyone, to forgive is to forgetand never even talk about what we have forgiven. We cannot enter into the Holy ofHolies with any UN-forgiveness in our hearts. Jesus words on the cross were;“FATHER FORGIVE THEM, THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO.” Also Stephens wordas he was being stoned to death in Acts, we can utter also. “Lord lay not this sin totheir charge.” We therefore lay this to heart. The nature of God is love, love that never fails, so to confessing as we do that weare in Christ Jesus, we let Him live His life in and through us. We are co-heirs withChrist and joint heirs of the Kingdom. The heart of the Gospel is forgiving love,without that, we have not the true gospel. Rejoice dear brethren in the truth, in theknowledge imparted, and walk in love qualifying to rule and reign with Christ in HisKingdom.I remain your sister in Christ Jesus, Marjorie Stampa.E-mail. 4/30 Vale Street, Otumoetai. Tauranga. 3110, B.O.P.New Zealand. Ph. 07- 5700513. 2