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Measuring Audience Engagement






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Measuring Audience Engagement Measuring Audience Engagement Presentation Transcript

  • Is your elephant
    Measuring audience engagementTim Elleston – Murdoch University
  • What an incredible opportunity we're faced with.
  • The internet is the most measurable communications channel there is.
  • It’s also fast becoming adisconnected channel
  • Not in the sense of... unconnected
  • No, in fact we've never been so connected
  • We wake in the morning,switch on our iPhones
  • have a quick check on our emails.
  • At the breakfast table we'll read the news
  • or update our Facebook status
  • On the way to work we'll download a podcast…
  • or watch the latest video news
  • At work we'll browse our favourite blogs,use Skype or IM.
  • Maybe at lunch we'll buysome stuff online
  • During the afternoon we might tweet about our day
  • On the way home, we'll scroll through our favourite RSS feeds
  • And then at home we might answer a few emails,
  • watch that YouTube video our crazy friend sent us (we all have one)
  • and then maybe we'll watch a movie ordered online.
  • All of this happened across multiple screens
  • All of this was fully connected
  • But all of this was disconnected
  • Disconnected from a single screen
  • Consumers today are demanding that the internet come to them
  • not them to their screens.  
  • They choose the time, place and device to interact with our content.
  • So the web is fundamentallychanging
  • X
    So the web is fundamentallychanging
  • It’s already changed
  • This represents an incredible opportunity
  • for us as marketers
  • for us as everyone
  • But it also represents an incredible challenge
  • One of the key measures for video is engagement
  • To understand engagement
  • we need to understandchannel success
  • And the channels are getting larger and more diverseeveryday.
  • In fact, there are now so many channels available to us
  • channels where our content isconsumed
  • repurposed 
  • redistributed
  • …faster than we can possibly keep up.
  • We need to know which channels work best
  • and which content works best for each channel.
  • So how we should be optimising our content?
  • Or we can get the elephant out of the corner fast
  • Luckily, we havea way to knowwhat to do…
  • We can nowcapture
  • millions of customer interactions
  • analyse them
  • apply insights
  • and make interactionsmore relevant andengaging.
  • It's analytics!
  • Web analytics is something
  • You know
  • But when
    you get it
  • Web analytics is not just about the numbers
  • It’s about
  • It’s about
  • Your goals
  • Your
  • And
    the gap
    in between
  • And you need to manage that gap
  • You can’t managewhat you don’t measure
  • If you don’t understand why you’re measuring it
  • You can’t improve it
  • You’ve spent hours creatingsomething that you’re passionateabout
  • You’ve toiled over it
  • You’ve immersedyour life in it
  • But you’re not measuring it’s effect?
  • Getting the elephant out of the corner doesn't have to be challenge
  • Ask yourself
    three questions
  • Why are you doing this?
    Who do you want engaged by this?
    What do you want them to do?
  • There’s so much
    you can measure
  • Measure things that deliver insights
  • Measure engagement
  • Take video
  • It's nice to know the number of times it’s been viewed
  • But how does that compare?
  • 78% have less than 2,500 views
    Source: TubeMogul Online Video Report 2010
  • Did they view all of it?
  • Source: TubeMogul Online Video Report 2010
  • Did they replay it?
    How many times?
  • Did they go on to view other videos?
  • How many of your videos does the average person watch?
  • Where are they viewing it?
    On their phone?
    On their iPad?
    At work or home?
  • Which traffic sources work best for you?
  • Source: TubeMogul Online Video Report 2010
  • Did they feel so engaged and inspired by your creation that they actually shared it with someone else?
  • Popularity insights:
    Number of sites linking to you
    Unique views Most popular videos Number of comments received Number of Facebook Likes
  • Engagement insights:
    Time spent viewing by source
    New vs. Repeat views Number of videos viewed
    Signups to something
    Number of shares (and their activity)
  • Channel insights:
    Most popular format
    Most popular platform
    Views by channel
    Completion by channel
  • If you knew all that, what could you do differently?
  • If you knew all that, what would you do differently?
  • Web analytics is nottechnical mumbo jumbo
  • It’s there to provideyou insights
  • so that you can improve your ROI
  • andoptimise for betterengagement
  • Answer your 3 questions
  • Define your strategy
  • measure accordingly
  • Unleash your elephant
  • replace“I think” with “I know”
  • Shameless plug
  • Tim Ellestonsenior manager – Digital Media
  • Any questions?